Knob A Problem At All

by BigBird

Manips by MadBird_CZ: D308, D309

Renata slammed the door to her apartment and flopped down onto her bed.  Letting out a groan, she tried to push her concerns about her still incomplete essay on Gothic Architecture out of her mind.

She lay there for a few moments, but realized that she was neither relaxing nor getting any closer to completing that boring assignment.  If she was going to procrastinate, then she'd need something a little more stimulating than staring at her ceiling.

She reached out to her bedside table and started rummaging through the top drawer.  Her hands picked up and discard various items in their search.  Lube, a purple dildo, beads - all useful stuff.  But just not now. 

She was looking for her newest prize.

And she found it: her Stimulatex panties.  She took them out and looked them over.  The black latex panties were a very unusual sex toy.  They had a battery operated, multi-setting vibrator built into them, as well as a powerful sensation enhancing chemical.   At the lowest settings the vibrator functions alone, generating its pleasurable sensations.  However, at the higher settings, the chemical is released.  The higher the setting, the more of the chemical is applied which results in a stronger and stronger effect.

Small doses of the chemical cause nerve tissue to become extra sensitive - at the expense of some motor control.  Intermediate doses allow for even more intense haptic responses, but completely block motor control.  The highest doses bring physical touch sensations to a whole new level, but cause physical changes to organic material.  Skin becomes latex like the panties.

A second chemical is applied to nullify and reverse the effects of the first chemical.  There are several fail-safes built into the toy.  A check is run that prevents the first drug from being released if there is insufficient stock of the second chemical.  A built-in timer releases the second chemical after one hour of use.

Renata looked longingly at the toy.  She'd used it before and loved it.  But did she have time to use it now?

"Oh, of course I do,” she decided as she slipped them on.  She stripped off her other clothing save for her black lingerie set.

She reached down and turned the knob to halfway.  The machine immediately hummed to life, and Renata lay back and let the toy work its magic.

She felt the sensations quickly growing stronger as the chemical took effect.  Deciding she wanted more, she tried to reach down and turn the knob a bit farther.  Her hand slowly began moving where she directed it, but froze before reaching the controls.

*Sigh* "I guess this'll just have to do," she thought as her body locked into place.  She enjoyed the inability to move combined with the sexual pleasing.  She'd always had a desire to be restrained during sex, but had never trusted a partner enough to go through any bondage games.  These Stimulatex panties provided the perfect compromise: Extreme pleasure, extremely restricted movement, and no chance of trust being broken.



Renata started coming out of her blissful reverie as the emanations from the vibrator seemed to be weakening.  They weren't, but the neutralizing chemical had been released and was desensitizing her while it restored her movement.

Breathing heavily, she sat up and looked at her clock.  "Oh shit, its one in the morning already!"  she gasped.  "Well, time certainly flies when your having fun.  Although I'd better start that essay, pronto. 

Hmmmm, I supposed that leaves no time to change clothes," she rationalized leaving her Stimulatex panties on.  She began typing away at her dry and boring essay, but her mind (and hand) kept going back to the wet and exciting panties.  After 3 hours of fighting to concentrate on her essay, she decided to give in to temptation.  She shut off her computer and leaned back into her big yellow chair.  She reached down and caressed the knob.

Then she turned it to MAX.

She'd done this before so there was nothing to be afraid of.  She just started to massage her breasts as the first chemical took effect.  The heightened sensitivity had rapidly spread to her entire body.  Determined to get maximum pleasure, she pulled down her bra and cupped her breasts as her movements slowed down.  She could feel her body changing.  Her legs already had seems running down them and a rubber sheen was slowly spreading upwards.  Her cheeks flushed as the transformation spread to her head.  She tried to bring her hands towards her face to feel the changes, but her arms stopped responding before they reached her head.  Her eyes froze in place as the paralysis completely consumed her body.

It was such a rush to be so helpless.  Naturally, receiving sexual stimulation helped too.  Looking into a mirror, Renata saw just how closely she resembled a love doll now.  Her latex body, rosy cheeks and painted on eyes eliminated all signs of her humanity.  Even her legs were spread open like a love dolls. Although that was of her own choice, since she wanted to receive as much stimulation from the toy as possible.  An intense orgasm rocked her world.  It was followed by another.  And another.  And another.



Renata had lost track of time, but she was coming back to reality as the vibrator was winding down.  "Hmmmm,  that's odd.  Usually the sensations slowly get less intense.  But this time they seem to be getting...slower," Renata idly observed.  Her mobility hadn't returned quite yet, so she just let herself enjoy the concluding process. 

She did, until it the vibrator abruptly stopped.

"What the hell?  That's not what it did the other times I played with it on MAX," she thought. Then her fixed eyes caught a glimpse of the clock.  It read 4:15 AM.  "Wait a minute.  I turned the panties on at 4:00.  It shouldn't shut off until 5:00!"  Renata panicked.  "Oh my God!  That's just it, it didn't shut off!  The batteries died!"

Renata tried to move, but found that she couldn't even twitch.  She was still in latex love doll form and completely immobile.  "Oh No!  I'm going to be stuck like this until the second chemical is released.  That's not for another 45 minutes!  I'm stuck sitting in this chair as an inanimate love doll with nothing to pleasure me for almost an hour!"

Renata was slightly perturbed by this notion, but she felt safe enough in her apartment, despite her inability to move.  She resigned herself to her temporary fate, and quickly fell asleep in her rather unstimulating condition.



Renata awoke, still sitting in her chair, still a love doll.  "What the hell?  No! NO, NO, NO!  NOOOOOOO!  IT CAN'T BE!  I CAN'T STILL BE LIKE THIS!" she wanted to scream as she realized her predicament.  The neutralizing chemical won't be released without the batteries in the Stimulatex panties getting replaced. 

Considering she couldn't move, this was going to pose a significant problem.  So she went back to her mental screaming.  "NOOOOOO!!!  I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK LIKE THIS FOREVER!  HELP!  Someone help me!  HELP ME!" she mentally wailed, alone in her single apartment.

Unfortunately for Renata, her cries went unanswered for a very, very long time.  Nothing entered her apartment, save for the occasional notice slipped under her door.



There was a knock on the door  "Miss Weathers, are you in there?" came a female voice from outside Renata's apartment.  Renata wanted to yell back that she was, but her open O-shaped mouth was designed for a specific function.  Sadly that function didn't happen to be "talking".

The dead bolt on the door scraped open, and Holly the apartment manager entered.  "Alright Miss Weather's, I've been waiting long enough for your rent payments.  You're evicted, and I'm keeping your damage deposit," said the manager as she scoured the area, looking for any signs of life.

Finding nothing, she whistled for the custodian to enter.  "John, throw all this stuff out, then clean the carpets.  I've got to find a new tenant for this place," Holly snarled as she continued canvassing the room.  Then she stumbled upon Renata.

Not recognizing the helpless girl, Holly picked up the doll and sneered with disdain.  "Looks like you were one kinky little bitch," Holly remarked to no one in particular as she looked over the doll.

"Please help me!" Renata desperately hoped Holly would figure out what happened.  "Just replace the batteries in my panties.  Let them finish their task.  I'll pay the rent back.  I just need to be restored!" thought the love doll.

Holly's gaze lowered and steadied on the Stimulatex panties.  "What have we here?" she asked out loud.

"Yes, YES!  That's them!  Change the batteries!  That's all you have to do," Renata willed Holly to hear her thoughts.

"Hmmmm, these looked very.....interesting," Holly said as she removed the toy.

"No!  No, NO, NOOOOO!  I need those to turn back!  You can't take them off me!" Renata panicked, but was unable to signal Holly in any way.

Holly slid the panties off the doll and stood admiring them for a moment, before stuffing them into her briefcase.  "Hey John, feel free to keep anything you like," Holly said as she turned on her heel and left the room.  John just grunted a reply as he started moving a table out into the hallway. "Great, all this stuff is tacky crap anyway," he thought to himself.


Poor nearly naked Renata lay discarded on the floor where Holly had dropped her.  Alone until John finally came walking by.  "Well, well, well.  Maybe there IS something worth saving in here after all," he commented as he reached down for Renata.

The love doll screamed mentally.  "NO!  This isn't fun anymore!  I don't want to be paralyzed like this!  It was fine when I was alone, but not with you guys treating me like this.  Treating me like an object!  I WANT TO BE TURNED BACK!"

"Since I'd be more than a little embarrassed carrying you around like this, I'll have to get you to a more transportable state," John said as he pulled out Renata's inflation plug.


"WHAT!  Oh God no!  I'm a real girl, not a doll!  Don't do this to me!  The change is.... reversible....if you'd...just..." Renata's mental screams stopped faded into blackness as her body deflated.



Renata felt lips pressing against her back.  Against her inflation plug.  A breathe entered her and inflated her just a little more.  "OH NO!  No, no, no!" Renata screamed. "Someone turn me back!"

John threw Renata onto his bed.  She lay with her legs spread, her hands clutching her fake breasts and her mouth in an O-shape.  John started removing his shirt and catching his breath.

"Whew, that takes a lot of huffing and puffing," exclaimed John.  "But now that I've blown you up, you can blow me up.  Know what I'm saying?"  John said his corny line with an expectant smile. 


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