by Immobilizer

Emma collapsed onto the bed and let out a huge sigh. She was exhausted after the flight and felt like the legs couldn't carry her any more. They had had to wait ages to get a taxi from the airport, and were then forced to walk the last two streets to the hotel because the taxi driver misheard their instructions.

The other girls were still struggling to help the porter get their many suitcases through the door. One by one they came in and flopped onto any available piece of furniture. Mandy was the last through. As she dumped her cases on the floor she turned to look at the young porter. He was the first Greek man that Mandy had a chance to check out, and she decided he wasn't a
bad start.

The porter too, was looking Mandy up and down. She was very attractive: of average height, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a cute, innocent looking face. Her nicely sized breasts pushed out from behind her T-shirt.  The porter had been walking behind her up the stairs and got a perfect view of her shapely buttocks, which rode up and down, behind tight jeans, all the
way up the stairs.

Mandy smiled flirtaciously at him, as she placed a generous tip in his hand. As he walked away from the room the porter decided to make sure that if anything was being taken to that room, he would be taking it.

"You're such a tart," laughed Kim, as Mandy closed the door.

Mandy smiled and grabbed a cushion from a nearby chair, throwing it at Kim, who ducked out of the way. The cushion hit Deborah, who was standing behind Kim, on the back of the head.

"Hey, watch it!" she exclaimed, throwing the cushion back at Mandy, as Emma sat up on the bed.

"Thanks for all the help with the luggage," Mandy said sarcastically.

"Sorry," replied Emma. "I was so exhausted."

The four friends, all 18 years old, had decided to come on holiday together in the summer, to celebrate the end of school, before they went on to college. They surveyed their room. The room was a decent size. It had two twin and one double bed. Two of the girls had agreed to share a bed to save money. Then their eyes fell on the door to the en suite bathroom. Each girl looked at another, each guessing the other's thoughts. For a few seconds no-one moved, then suddenly they all leapt up at once, dashing for the bathroom door. Tripping over each other, all four ended up in a giggling heap on the floor, a couple of metres from the door. Somehow, Kim emerged from it first, and leapt through, locking the door behind her. As she undressed, she could hear the other girls banging on the door behind her. She smiled as she stepped into the shower.

The warm water poured onto her long fair hair, and ran down her shapely body, over her full breasts, past her crotch and then down each leg. Kim sighed as she relaxed and her tiredness seemed to flow down the drain with the water.

In the bedroom, the other girls were unpacking, except Deborah, who was standing in front of the full length mirror. She admired her own reflection as she brushed her perfectly conditioned long, shiny brown hair. She had an extremely attractive figure, decent sized breasts and an ass that men would die for. Her cute face always made her look like she was in a daydream, staring into space. She turned to Emma and Mandy. They were sharing the double bed, and were unloading the contents of their suitcases on either side of the cream coloured duvet.

"So, what are we doing this evening?" she inquired. "I mean, I can't really be bothered to go out anywhere, can you?"

"No way," replied Emma, "but after we've all used the shower, we could go and have a few drinks in the bar downstairs."

She paused, "Yeah?"

"Sounds good to me," said Mandy. "Not too far to walk"

Deborah nodded in agreement.

"Great," said Emma, "if Kim ever gets out of the shower."

A couple of hours later, the four girls, refreshed from the shower and wearing casual but attractive clothes, walked into the hotel bar. It was large, and filled with people, some tourists, some locals.  As they approached the bar, the girls noticed a man standing talking to two attractive women. He looked up as the girls neared him, and, making polite excuses to the women he had been talking to, introduced himself.

"Good evening, ladies," he had a Greek accent, but spoke english well. "You are guests in the hotel, yes?"

At that point the two women who had previously held the man's attention made to leave. He turned to them.

"Good-bye ladies, you will visit tomorrow, yes?"

"Oh yeah, sure," said one of the women, in an American accent. "See ya."

The man turned back to the four girls, who were about to order drinks. "Sorry for the interruption. Let me introduce myself. I am Yorgos and I am very pleased to meet you. May I get your drinks."

Emma smiled at the man and thanked him. She had just seen the prices and was very grateful. Kim meanwhile, had clearly taken a shine to Yorgos. He was tall, dark haired and tanned and had an almost classical look about him. She also smiled, while surreptitiously moving herself closer to him.

With their expensive drinks, the four girls sat chatting to the man. He was very friendly and seemed eager to tell them all about the local area. The conversation turned to Yorgos's occupation.

"What do you do?" inquired Kim.

Yorgos' face lit up, like he had been waiting to be asked that question.

"I run a local tourist attraction. It is called the 'Labyrinth'. You have heard about it?"

The girls looked at each other, shaking their heads.

"No? I am surprised," said Yorgos. "It is very popular."

"What is it?" asked Deborah.

"The labyrinth is a very old maze, a catacomb of mysterious underground passages dating back to ancient times," replied Yorgos, sounding like he was quoting a tour guide. "You probably think that doesn't sound very interesting. But, you see, we have made it fun. We have mythical Greek monsters and legends roaming the labyrinth. You wander around and our monsters give you a fright. You have a good time, yes? It is like a ghost house."

The girls looked interested, except for Mandy who frowned and said, "Oh, I don't like scary things."

"I promise you will have fun," Yorgos reassured her, reaching into his pocket.

"And for four lovely girls like yourselves, I will give free entry."

Kim and Mandy smiled at each other over the Greek man's apparent unawareness of the innuendo he had just made. He pulled four tickets out of his pocket and handed them to the girls.

"I am afraid I must be leaving soon, but I will see you tomorrow, yes?"

The girls looked at each other, and nodded.

"Excellent!" said Yorgos.  "There are directions on the back of the tickets."

"OK, thanks. You've been very kind," said Emma.

"It is my pleasure," said Yorgos, smiling rather self assuredly. "I will see you soon."

With that, he smiled, turned and walked out of the bar.

The girls didn't stay much longer. They all felt tired and decided to go to bed. Soon afterwards, they were all fast asleep. Except for Mandy. She was finding it difficult to sleep. She had often suspected that she might be bisexual, but recently she had started to have strong feelings for one of her friends, Emma. Now she was sharing the double bed with her, and her feelings were getting even stronger. Mandy knew she couldn't tell Emma, or her other friends. They would be nice about it, but things would be too difficult. She was well known for flirting with men, but this would be too much of a shock to everyone.

Mandy looked over to Emma, who was lying on her back, sleeping. Unaware of her admirer lying next to her. The hotel was quite warm, and Emma had pulled the quilt down almost to her waist. She was wearing a flimsy negligee and her large breasts rose up and down as she breathed in and out.  Mandy imagined what it would be like to suckle them. She longed to touch them, but knew it could never happen. She looked into Emma's pretty face, and her shortish fair hair. She imagined passionately kissing that face or  running her fingers through Emma's hair. Lying back on the pillow again, Mandy closed her eyes and fell asleep, dreaming.

Next morning the girls awoke, refreshed from their long sleep. It was a scorching hot day and they decided to head for the beach. All four clad in skimpy bikinis, they walked the short distance to the beautiful stretch of sand described in the holiday brochure. They received many lustful glances from passing men. Emma enjoyed the attention her curvy body was attracting, unaware that she was receiving extra attention from an unsuspected nearby onlooker.

The beach was huge. Golden sand stretched into the distance in both directions. It was packed with people, tourists and locals alike, all enjoying the spectacular weather. The girls eventually found a spot where they could lie down and sunbathe, but the sheer overcrowding on the beach made it impossible to relax. After a few hours, Deborah was complaining about getting sand in her face and Kim was thirsty, so they decided to leave.  The four walked off the sand onto the road, devoid of cars but full of people.

"What do you wanna do now?" asked Emma, looking at her three friends.

"Lets go shopping," replied Deborah promptly.

"Nah, its too hot," said Emma.

"Well, what then?"

"We could go that 'Labyrinth' thing," Kim chipped in. "It'll be cooler there, and I liked that guy," she smiled.

Kim looked at the others and they nodded.

"Yeah, OK, we said that we would. Its not far anyway."

Their destination agreed, the girls set off to the labyrinth. It was not far, and with the directions that Yorgos had given them, they found the place easily. The appearance of the entrance to the labyrinth surprised them.   Yorgos had told them that it was a popular tourist attraction, but it certainly didn't look like one.

Set in a very old looking stone wall, a small doorway was carved. A sign was fixed above it, with the words "The Labyrinth" printed in large letters.  A few metres away, a man stood behind a small ticket kiosk. He looked up and smiled as the girls approached. He looked about the same age as Yorgos.

"Good day to you, ladies," he spoke just like Yorgos as well.

Kim was disappointed to find that her favourite Greek man was nowhere to be seen.

The man held out his hand and the girls looked at him blankly for a few seconds, before realizing that he was waiting for them to hand over their tickets.

"How did he know we had tickets?" said Deborah, taken aback.

"Yorgos must have mentioned us," whispered Kim, excitedly.  Luckily, Emma had remembered to bring the tickets in her bag, so she handed them over.

"Thank you very much," the man said politely. "You will have to leave your belongings with me, for safe keeping."

Emma looked at him suspiciously, but realizing that he had no reason to steal anything and that, as he worked here, they could find him easily, she handed her bag over. The others did likewise.

The man opened a drawer in the kiosk and deposited the items inside, then locked it.

"Have a good time ladies," he smiled again.

The four girls ventured through the doorway. They were immediately in a wide passageway. The walls on either side were stone, as was the ceiling and floor. The way the walls curved suggested that the passage had been carved into the stone.

As they walked further along the passage got darker as the light from the doorway grew fainter. They also noticed that they seemed to be going further underground. As well as that, the girls were beginning to notice a fall in temperature. They were all still clad only in bikinis, ideal for the stunning weather outside, but in here, they were starting to feel slightly underdressed.

It grew dimmer and dimmer, until they could hardly see their way forward.  The corridor had, until then been in a straight line from the doorway, but suddenly it seemed to bend sharply to the left. As the girls rounded the corner, they were no longer in a direct line with the light outside and found themselves pitched into total darkness.

Emma had been leading the way, and she stopped. The other girls behind her, unaware of that, carried on and crashed into her and each other.

"Watch out," came Emma's voice from the blackness.

"I don't like this," complained Mandy.  "Lets go back."

"What are we supposed to do now?" asked Deborah.

She was answered in the most spectacular fashion as the corridor was suddenly bathed in light. Torches, lining the walls on either side burst into flame, lighting up the way.

"Wow," breathed Kim. "Nice special effects."

Cautiously, the four followed the corridor as it continued sloping downwards. The flickering light gave the place a wonderful atmosphere, but it also made it slightly eerie. From what Yorgos had said, the girls had been expecting something scary to leap out at them at any moment, but as they continued further and further, no such thing appeared. The corridor was getting narrower though, and the torches seemed to be further apart. The respite they had provided from the cold was beginning to wear off, and the girls found themselves, every now and again, shivering. Mandy couldn't help noticing Emma's nipples had become erect with the cold, and were poking out from behind her skimpy bikini top.

The passageway wound one way then the other, all the time a gentle slope taking the girls further underground. They were starting to wonder if anything was ever going to happen, when suddenly they turned a corner and found themselves facing two entrances. The passage split into two adjoining ones. Carved into the stone above the left passage, were three snakes winding around each other. Above the right passage, a simple crown was carved.

Deborah looked at the others, "Which way do we go?"

"Why don't two of us go left, and two right?" suggested Kim.

"But that's what they do in horror films, and then they all get killed," Mandy argued.

"Yeah. But this is just a game. Maybe we're supposed to split up here," replied Kim.

Mandy relented, "OK, I suppose so."

"Right," said Emma. "Mandy and I will go right, you two go left."  She looked at Kim and Deborah.

Just then, they were interrupted by a voice coming from the right hand passage.


It was a female voice, and American. It grew louder.

"Hey. Is that you Claire?"

The four girls looked at each other.

"Hello. Who's there?" Emma shouted back.

The owner of the voice emerged from the right hand passageway. It was one of the American women who had been talking to Yorgos in the bar the previous night. She was young and quite attractive, with long brown hair.  "Hi there. I'm Louise... ," she paused. "Don't I know you?"

"We saw you in the bar last night at the hotel," Emma answered.

"Oh yeah. I remember. You're staying in the same hotel as us. Speaking of 'us', have you seen my friend Claire anywhere? You saw me with her yesterday... blonde hair, quite tall..."

"Sorry, we haven't seen anyone except you," replied Emma.

Louise explained, "We were being chased by this guy dressed up as a monster, and I went one way, she went the other.  I've been looking for her since then, and this place is starting to piss me off.  Its like a goddamn maze."

"Are we the only people in here?" asked Kim, incredulously.

"Well I sure ain't seen anyone else."  Kim noticed Louise's clothes. She was better dressed for it than they were, but only just, in her skimpy T-shirt and tight denim shorts, which showed a lot of her long legs.

Louise turned to the other passage.  "Well, I'd better go and look for her down there. Maybe I'll see you later." She smiled at the girls, and before they'd had a chance to say anything else, she had disappeared into the left hand passage.

"Hang on. We're coming too," shouted Kim after her. There was no reply.

"Listen," said Emma. "If we haven't found each other again in an hour, we'll all go back to the entrance and meet there."

"OK, see you both later."  Kim and Deborah walked in to the left passage.  "Have a good time! Don't get too scared!" Emma called after them.

Meanwhile outside, at the entrance, a man looked over his shoulder, making sure there was no-one around. Just inside the entrance, a printed sign was leaning against a small ticket kiosk. The man pulled a strangely shaped key from his pocket. Inserting the key into a small hole in the wall, he turned it. There was a clicking sound, and a stone panel slid slowly across the entrance, blocking it completely. It blended in perfectly with the rest of the wall. Checking up and down the street again, the man wandered off, smiling.

"This place is huge," said Kim.

"Yeah," Deborah agreed. "Which way now?"

The two girls had been wondering around a maze of tunnels for about five minutes. They hadn't seen Louise again since they had split up with the other girls. They hadn't seen her friend either. In fact, they hadn't seen anyone or anything at all.

"I thought this was meant to be scary."

"I know. Nothing's happened."

"Let's just go ba..." Deborah was interrupted by a chilling scream. It sounded like it was quite far away, but must have been loud. It ended abruptly.

"Sounds like someone's getting scared. Come on. I don't wanna miss out on the fun."  Kim pulled Deborahs arm, and the two ran off in the direction of the scream. As they tried to find a way through the maze of passages, the girls heard a voice.

"Where are you girls? I'm coming to get you."

It was strangely distorted. The gender indistinguishable. Kim and Deborah stopped and looked at each other.

"I know you are there," the voice spoke again. It was getting nearer.  Cautiously, the girls crept around a corner and found themselves at a four-way conjunction of passages. They looked carefully down each one.

Suddenly, there was a flash, and a stream of light appeared to hit the wall just beside Kim's head. They both jumped with shock, just as a figure emerged from the passage opposite them. It was clad in a dark robe, which nearly reached its feet. A gray mask covered its face, and it wore a headdress of unrealistic looking plastic snakes. The figure spoke loudly.

"There you are, my pretty ones. Now you will find out the power of Medusa!" Its eyes glowed and two beams of light shot out, narrowly missing Deborah.

"Wow. Nice special effects," whispered Kim to Deborah.

The figure appeared to hear her comments.  "I assure you this is very real," it spoke menacingly.  As its eyes started to glow again, the girls ran. Kim going left, Deborah right, both giggling and screaming as they went.

Kim ran down the passage, then cut into another. Glancing over her shoulder to see if "Medusa" was following her, she nearly ran into the figure in front of her. Kim found herself staring into a face she recognized. A motionless nude figure, made of stone. On the ground lay a pile of torn clothes. Its mouth was open in the act of screaming. Kim backed away from the frozen form of Louise, the american woman she had met earlier. She couldn't believe her eyes. The smile on Kim's face was replaced by a look of horror.  'This must be part of the show,' she thought. 'That can't really be...'  But the statue was so lifelike, perfect in every detail. It -was- Louise.  'I've got to find Deborah and get out of here!' she thought, starting to run again. At that moment she heard footsteps coming from the direction she was running in. Panicking, she turned and ran the other way, back past the statue of Louise. As she turned the corner she caught a glimpse of a dark robe behind her. It was catching up with her.

Turning another corner, Kim found herself back at the intersection of four passages. At the same time Deborah came racing out of the opposite passage. She skidded to a halt, grinning with excitement.

"RUN!" Kim shouted, "We've got to..."

As she said it, she saw Deborah's eyes glance past her. Kim spun round, to see the robed figure emerge from the passage behind her. Its eyes began to glow, and two beams of light shot out. Instinctively, Kim leapt to her left and avoided them.

Deborah was not so lucky. She had been standing directly behind Kim and the rays struck her full on in the midriff. She was still grinning as she looked down at the point where the light had hit her.

"NO!!!!!" screamed Kim, turning to face her friend who had received the shot meant for her.

Deborah felt a tingling sensation.

"What the..." she started to say as a gray colour appeared where the beams of light had hit. It spread rapidly in all directions across her body. It passed under her bikini, which didn't change. Before she even had time to finish the sentence, the gray stone had reached her face. It had already changed her feet and her fingertips as her brown eyes glazed over with gray.  The stone reached her hair, and swept down through the long brown strands.  Then it was over. Deborah stood, transformed from head to toe into an perfect marble statue. It had taken only five seconds from the moment she was hit.  Kim looked on, horrified at what had happened. She didn't dare look round, expecting at any moment, to share her friend's fate. She couldn't bring herself to move anymore than Deborah could. But the robed figure didn't fire.  Instead it spoke.

"Now do you believe me, my pretty, that this is not a game? I think your lovely friend knows it."

Kim didn't reply.

"Run, run," the figure shouted.

Kim wondered if it was letting her go. She didn't wait to find out. With one last look at the newly inanimate girl in front of her, she found her legs, and ran. She didn't want to leave Deborah, but knew there was nothing that she could do for her now.

The masked figure waited until she was out of earshot, before speaking again.  "I enjoy the chase."  Smiling cruelly, the figure walked over to the statue that was Deborah.  Raising a gloved hand, he tore off her flimsy garments, leaving a completely nude statue. He admired her pretty face, frozen forever in a expression of total shock. Then he removed one glove, revealing a normal human hand underneath. He touched her cold, hard breasts, then ran his hand down, feeling the smooth, rigid contours of her body. His hand caressed the perfectly formed marble buttocks, and he spoke to his captive.  "You make a beautiful statue. I'm sure you would agree."  He knew that she couldn't hear him, and that she couldn't have responded if she had, but he enjoyed speaking to her anyway. He noticed her mouth, which was half open in the act of speaking. Placing a finger over her stony lips he whispered to her, "Hush now, my pretty."  Then, remembering Kim, the robed figure replaced his glove, and started to walk in the direction Kim had gone. Looking back at Deborah, he shouted "Don't go away," before running off, laughing.

Kim had no idea where she was going. She was completely lost in this maze of passages. For all she knew she could have been running back straight into "Medusa's" hands. All the passages looked the same. She was dreading the moment when she might hear that voice again. She suddenly remembered Emma and Mandy. Were they OK? Did they know? She wanted to find them, but she couldn't even find her way out. The fear was stopping her from thinking straight.  Eventually she had to stop to catch her breath. She leant against the wall, checking in every direction nervously. Then she heard it.

"I'm coming to get you," it said.

Kim recognized the evil distorted voice. It seemed to coming from all directions. Terrified, she backed off.

"Boo!" shouted the voice, suddenly behind her. Kim spun around to find the masked figure standing right behind her. She screamed and fled in the opposite direction as the eyes started to glow behind the mask. As she dived into another passage the beam of light flew just inches past her head. The figure gave chase.

Tearing around the maze of torch lit corridors, Kim kept looking over her shoulder. The figure was gaining on her. Her legs could hardly run any more, but somehow she kept going. As she ran, the straps on her bikini top started to slip over her shoulder. She didn't have time to stop and pull it up, and was forced to watch it fall from her body, leaving her topless. Her pursuer was catching up quickly, and any moment would be able to see her, and so turn her into stone.

Kim reached an intersection of two passages. She couldn't decide which way to go, and stopped, looking from one passage to the other. As she did so, the robed figure emerged behind her. Knowing that she couldn't afford to wait, Kim chose the left hand passage and dived into it.

"Wrong choice," shouted the voice after her.

As Kim rounded a corner she realised her mistake, and the consequence of it. The passage was a dead end. Ten metres in front of her, a solid stone wall stood, trapping her. As she reached the wall, she banged her fists against it in desperation. Then, hearing the familiar footsteps behind her, she turned to face her pursuer for the final time.

"Ah. Now you are mine," said the figure, menacingly.

Kim stood, with her back against the wall, her chest heaving with exhaustion and fear. She wanted to try and fight the robed figure, but couldn't bring herself to move.

"You came here to be scared. Did you ever think you would be... petrified!"

The figure laughed cruelly, and Kim managed to speak.  "W-W-Why are you doing this? Who are you?"

"That is for me to know, and you to wonder..... for eternity!"  As he said it the figures eyes glowed. Two beams of light shot out and hit Kim's feet before she could even think about avoiding them. The transformation was swift. The stone emanating from her feet, traveled up her long legs. It disappeared under her G-string and reappeared at her waist.  Kim's now naked breasts succumbed to the wave of stone, before her arms simultaneously followed. Kim could not watch her own supple body becoming rigid. She had continued staring at her captor the whole time, and her face froze in that same position. Kim was no longer flesh, but hard smooth marble.

The figure approached his latest victim. He tore the last remaining item of clothing from her crotch, and admired the gray thighs and small hardened area of pubic hair. He teased the slightly erect nipples and nicely sized breasts, now solid rocky mounds. He knew that she was powerless to prevent him from touching her. Kim's eyes were now just blank gray discs. They stared into nothingness, wide open with abject fear.

"Don't look so frightened," he said to unhearing ears. "Being made of stone forever isn't so bad."  The sounds of laughter echoed through around the labyrinth.

Emma and Mandy wandered through the maze of passages.  "Can you hear him?" asked Mandy.

"No. I think he's gone," replied Emma.  The two girls had been walking aimlessly around the labyrinth for nearly twenty minutes. Unaware of their friends' stoney fate, they were getting slightly bored. For a while, a man wearing a crown, and a light coloured robe had chased them around, but he had disappeared. Their own echoing footsteps on the stone floor were now now the only sounds they could hear.  The flickering light from the torches was becoming irritating.

Mandy felt a bit uncomfortable, being alone with Emma. She had to constantly stop herself staring at Emma's body. The bikini's they were wearing left little to the imagination.

"Do you think anything else is going to happen?" Mandy asked.

Emma shrugged. "It wasn't very scary was it? One bloke dressed funny, shouting at us in a deep voice. That can't have been -it-!"

"Let's just find our way out of here, and wait for Debs and Kim. I wondered if they're having a scarier time."

Arriving at yet another junction of corridors, the girls stopped briefly, deciding which way to go.

"I don't think we've been down there before," said Emma, indicating a passageway on the left.

The corridor was quite narrow, and full of twists and turns.  "Yeah. This is definitely different," agreed Mandy, as they walked down the passage. Turning a corner, to their surprise, they found themselves facing a large wooden door set in the stone face. Above the door, some strange symbols were carved into the stone. There was no other way to go apart from back, so Emma tried the door. At first it wouldn't budge. Emma vainly turned the handle, pushing with her whole body.

"Do you wanna give me a hand here?" she looked at Mandy.  Mandy placed her hands on the door and together they pushed. The door didn't move an inch. After two unsuccessful attempts they gave up.

"I can't be bothered with this any more," said Emma.  The two girls turned away from the door, and started to walk back. They had not taken two steps though, when they heard a creaking sound. Mandy and Emma spun round, startled, to find the door open. There was nobody on the other side of it.

"Hello?" Emma shouted.

There was no answer.

"Spooky," said Mandy. "You coming?" she asked Emma, as she walked straight through the door. Emma followed cautiously, half-expecting something to jump out at them suddenly. As she walked through the door she found herself surrounded by darkness. The only light was from the torches in the passage they had just left and it only illuminated a few feet in front of Emma.

"I can't see a thing," she called to Mandy.

"Nor can I," Mandy answered.

Emma took a few more steps into the darkness. As she did so she heard a familiar creaking noise. Spinning round, she watched the door close, seemingly by itself, and everything went pitch black.

"Correction. NOW I can't see a thing," Emma said. She moved forward a bit more, and could just make out the shape of a figure to her left, which she took to be Mandy.

"Oh, there you are."


Emma jumped, startled to hear Mandy's voice coming from the right. Before she even had time to wonder who the figure to her left was, they were suddenly bathed in light. As in the passages earlier, torches burst into flame in every direction. As her eyes accustomed to the light, Emma saw that they were in a huge cavern, about 200 metres long, and 100 wide, with a high ceiling. The light from the torches seemed to be reflecting off everything in the room.  Everything was shiny, and sparkling. Emma heard Mandy let out a gasp, and suddenly remembered the figure beside her. Turning, she too gasped.  She was looking at a life-size golden statue of a female. In fact, as she noticed, the whole cavern was filled with golden statues, everywhere she looked. But this one... this one she recognized. It was a perfect likeness of Claire, Louise's friend who they had seen in the bar the night before. The statue had a shocked look on its incredibly detailed face. What made it even more disturbing was a pile of ripped clothes on the floor beside the statue.  Emma took a couple of steps backwards. Mandy walked over to see what she was looking at, and gasped again.

"It... it looks just like..." she began.

"What is going on here?" Emma interrupted her.

Before Mandy could answer, another, much louder voice cut in. It was a male voice, deep and majestic. It said, "You are about to find out."

The girls jumped, looking around for the source of the voice.

"That statue you are looking at -is- who you think it is... or at least it was... until a short time ago."

Emma and Mandy spun round, hearing footsteps on the stone floor behind them.  The owner of the voice stepped out from behind a group of statues. It was the white robed man who had chased them through the maze before. The robe extended over his head, so they couldn't see his face. A golden crown was perched on top of the white cloth. He continued speaking, "You see all these golden statues in here. They are all real women, transformed by my touch. You are soon to join them."

This was a lot for the girls to take in. They were getting quite scared. Emma backed off towards the door. She tried to pull it open, but to no avail.  "There is no point resisting. Just accept it," said the robed man, advancing slowly on them.

"RUN!" shouted Emma, and Mandy leapt between two statues. Emma followed her.

"Why must they always make it so difficult?" the man sighed, before giving chase.

Mandy led the way, dodging statues, with Emma close behind, and the robed man, surprisingly quick, in hot pursuit. Every time the girls thought he was dropping back, the man put in a burst of speed and closed the gap again. They went on like that for a few minutes, and for a while it seemed like the girls might evade their pursuer. But then Emma made the mistake of looking over her shoulder to see where the man was. When she faced the front again she found herself heading straight for a statue. As she attempted to sidestep it, the golden woman's outstretched hand caught the side of her bikini top, tearing it from her body. She tried to carry on running, regardless.

Mandy had looked back and seen her friend's accident. Normally, the sight of Emma topless would have embarassed her, but she had other things to worry about. Emma was lagging behind though. She was very well endowed and her large breasts were bouncing up and down, making running very difficult. The man was catching up with her.

"Emma, come on!" she shouted desperately.

The robed man realised he was closing on her, and waited for the right moment. It didn't take long. As Emma was about to dive behind another statue he seized his chance and dived at her. Mandy stopped, seeing the danger.  "Look out!" she screamed, but it was too late. The man had grabbed Emma's trailing ankle. His gloved hand sparkled momentarily.

Emma, looking back, managed to stay on her feet. She shook her leg, trying to free herself. Surprisingly, the man let go, and she staggered forward a few steps, off balance. The last step was greeted by a metallic sound, as her foot hit the stone floor. Emma looked down at her leg. It felt heavy, and she could no longer lift it. She watched, horrified, as a golden colour started to spread up her long, smooth leg. Mandy saw it too, and came running to her friend. She stood open-mouthed. Emma's other leg was changing too. They were both rooted in place on the floor. A sparkling effect followed the wave of gold sweeping up Emma's body. As it reached the G-string, it swept underneath leaving the garment unchanged, and started on the torso.

Emma was still looking down in disbelief at her body, which was now solid gold up to the navel. As her breasts became golden mounds, Emma felt the tingling spread to her arms. She lifted one and stared at it in horror, as it too took on the same golden hue, freezing into position. Just before the gold reached her neck, she looked back to Mandy, who was still standing, powerless to help her friend, and tried to speak. The gold was too fast though, and had frozen her mouth into place. The rest of her face followed, and, just as her eyes glazed over with gold, Emma saw a longing look in Mandy's eyes. The last thing she heard before drifting into immortal sleep, were the words, "I love you."

Mandy didn't know if Emma had heard her or not. She would never find out.  She stared at the solid gold statue for a few seconds, contemplating what had just happened and what was probably about to happen to her. Suddenly, she realised that the robed man who had turned Emma into gold had vanished. She looked around, and couldn't see him anywhere. Returning her gaze to Emma, she approached the gilded figure before her. It was perfect in every detail, like someone had covered Emma's body with gold paint - except that she was completely motionless. Mandy could almost see her reflection in the shining metallic body. She was both horrified and fascinated by her friend's transformation, and felt compelled to touch her. Placing her hand on Emma's shoulder, Mandy gasped - half because of how cold and hard Emma felt, and half because she realised that she was getting turned on by her friend's immobile state. Before Mandy could never have touched Emma's body, but now she was made of gold, she couldn't even react, let alone resist.  Mandy was shocked at herself, but couldn't resist. She brushed Emma's face and gently kissed her on the lips. Then she moved to Emma's large golden breasts, noticing that the area around the nipples was slightly darker gold than the rest, and that they were still well defined. Mandy rubbed her hands over the solid golden tits, getting more and more excited. She ran her fingers down Emma's gold body, all the way down to the crotch, which was still covered by the G-string. Mandy wasted no time in tearing it off, and tossing it aside, exposing the small area of shaved golden hair underneath.  In a frenzy, Mandy ripped off her own bikini, and stood completely naked, fondling her own exposed breasts with one hand while the other started to feel Emma's crotch.

From behind a nearby statue, a man watched her, fascinated by the display.  Slowly, quietly, he crept out...

Mandy rubbed Emma's golden pussy. It was hard and unyielding, but still gave her tremendous pleasure. She pressed her own soft, warm body against the cold hard metal of Emma's. Mandy didn't notice the eyes watching her. She didn't hear the footsteps behind her. She didn't even feel the hand brush against her leg. She was lost in her own world as the transformation began.  Not until the warm tingling sensation spread to her crotch did she realise that she too was changing. She could feel her body becoming solid gold, and could hear the man watching behind her. But she didn't really mind. Being a gold statue wouldn't be so bad. Her beauty would remain forever, and she would be with Emma. Mandy could not move her lower half now. She embraced Emma, her own breasts pressing against Emma's already golden ones as they hardened. She felt the warm tingling in her arms, and then it spread to her neck and face. Her final thoughts were lost in a haze of passion and lust.

Yorgos stepped back, satisfied with the end result. With one final look at the golden couple, he turned and made for the door, his work done.