Here’s one for the ladies (sort of) -Lenny5

The ad on the internet was too good to be true as Lisa read it. Pictured were several studly looking men posed in various positions and attire. "ASFR Robotic and Mechanical Servants. Whatever your need, we can accommodate them." Lisa had scrolled to the ‘Male Android’ section of the website and saw what they meant. She had always been shy and felt uncomfortable in singles bars. Lisa was not unattractive, but she did not relish approaching unknown men (or having them approach her) and striking up a conversation out of the blue. It had been a long time since she had spent an intimate evening with a man.

Lisa read on - "If you are not sure, rent one for a while." That was the ticket. It was almost like prostitution, but the sex would be with a machine, therefore it was legal and moral, right? She packed her overnight bag and headed for the big city that night.

The following morning, Lisa arrived at ASFR and walked into the most modern-looking building in town. Seated at the receptionist station was a stunning blonde female secretary-type. "Welcome to ASFR, how may I be of service?" Asked the blonde.

"Uh, I’m here to look around." Replied Lisa nervously, her face blushing.

"That’s quite alright," Said the receptionist, "Please have a seat and I will arrange for an escorted tour of our facility." As Lisa moved to the cushioned sofas of the waiting room, she noticed that the receptionist suddenly acquired a blank stare as if she were being hypnotized. Then the receptionist resumed what would appear to be a normal look and began to move again. "I’ll be damned," thought Lisa, "She’s an android."

Lisa began to look around the room and noticed catalog-style books on the coffee tables. She picked one up and noted the name ‘ASFR’ on the front in big, bold print. On the cover were a man and a woman dressed professionally, standing in front of the very building she was now in. Lisa thumbed through the cover and the ‘President’s message’ inside the first couple of pages. It appeared to be the usual corporate mumbo-jumbo that she did not appreciate or understand anyway. She got to the table of contents and saw some of the headings - ‘robotic servants’. Under this she saw ‘domestic’, ‘industrial’, ‘retail’, etc. She took a look farther down the page and saw the main heading, "Androids". This got her attention, thinking of the strapping males she saw on their web page. Under that heading was also ‘domestic’, ‘industrial’, and new headings - ‘companion female’ and ‘companion male.’ Now Lisa got a little warm under the collar. Again her mind turned to the svelte men in the web page. She had even saved one of the pictures and put it on her bathroom mirror the night before, like a school girl pinning up the picture of the latest fad teen rock star.

Lisa was just about to turn to the ‘companion male’ section when she noticed two people approaching her from her right, the direction of an unmarked hallway. She looked up instinctively and she immediately noticed that they were a blond man and woman. The man spoke to her, "Welcome to ASFR, I am Eric and this is Erica. We will be your escorts for today’s tour. Lisa stood and extended her right hand in greeting, "I am Lisa. Nice to meet you both." Eric and Erica both smiled politely as they shook her hand. Lisa noted a kind of rehearsed smile on both of them. Still smiling, her guides turned toward the hallway that they came from. "Please follow us, Lisa." She complied and they all walked out of the room and down a very sterile looking hallway.

"Before we get started, I am compelled to inform you that both Erica and I are androids," Eric said, with the same grin on his face. Lisa did not know how to respond to this. She had never been in this position before. She was just about to say something silly and unintelligible when Eric spoke up again, " I am model ER434 and Erica is model ER435. You will find us both in the catalog under ‘Androids’ and the corresponding ‘companion’ section." Lisa said that she did not have an opportunity to look at the catalog and Eric said that she would be given a complimentary one upon her departure.

"Also, before we get started, I need to know what your interests are. Would you like the full tour, or would you prefer to see a specific section?" Lisa thought for a moment and her curiosity then took over, "I’d like to see everything that you can show me." Lisa thought that may have been a partial Freudian slip, since she found Eric to be physically attractive. "Very well," responded Eric, showing no sign of wavering composure. "Our first stop will be our production facility," said Eric, opening a door bearing the same words.

Lisa could not believe her eyes. She had never seen such a large room. There was machinery and computer equipment everywhere. Robotic arms and conveyor belts bore components of robots that looked like nothing more than R2-D2 from Star Wars. There were small soldering arms, assembling different pieces and placing circuit boards into cannister-shaped robots and mechanisms. "Without getting into the proprietary information of our manufacturing plant, I can tell you that this is where our robotic servants are assembled. They are built here from the ground up, involving only mechanical assembly and no human intervention. This is the only mechanical, self-sufficient plant in the world."

Lisa tried to appear interested, but it was all too technical in appearance. She did not know a servo from a positronic brain, from a 1/4" inch socket driver. She was basically overwhelmed. "What else is there to see?" She asked her two still smiling guides.

Eric and Erica led her to a door marked ‘A section. Authorized Personnel Only’. "This is our Android production section," said Erica, "This is where we make all of our androids. This is where Eric and I were assembled, as well."

"Before we enter, Lisa, I have to advise you that some of what you are about to see may be disturbing to some people. There are uncovered parts and unclothed males and females in here. If you find any of this objectionable, please inform us immediately. None of the uncovered figures in here are human, neither are the body parts, of course."

Lisa again was a bit surprised and flustered by her host’s words. She was VERY curious by this time. It was like covering your eyes at a horror film and looking through your fingers. "Okay," she said meekly, "Let’s proceed."

Nothing could prepare Lisa for what she saw. There were bins filled with severed android body parts. One area had female legs protruding from large bins, another had torsos coming in on a conveyor belt. Lisa immediately noticed that some were anatomically correct, while others had voids where the genitals should be. Noticing Lisa noticing the torsos, Eric spoke about them, "Not all of our androids come equipped with genitalia when they are first manufactured. For example, Erica and I are not so equipped." Lisa was dismayed to hear this, since she had fantasized about Eric’s equipment since she met him.

Her eye was next caught by a nude female android laying face up on a table. The female had been opened up and a male technician was digging around inside her abdomen with what appeared to be a small tool for minute tasks. The female had the same blank stare that Lisa had seen on the receptionist. An empty gaze into nothingness as if she were switched off..

Not far from the female’s table, a nude male was on his stomach. His upper back was all torn apart, with wires and circuit boards protruding. A technician was also working on him in the same manner as the female android. Lisa noticed the ass on the nude android and thought to herself that it was the nicest that she had seen on any man. She noted that there was no disgusting hair or any imperfections whatsoever. "Can hair be put on their bodies?" she asked Eric, to her surprise.

"Yes, hair can be omitted or placed wherever the purchaser wants. We can customize any android for your desires." He replied, matter-of-factly.

She then was awe-struck. Standing not far from the table where the other male was being assembled, there was a nude male at attention. His arms down to his side, eyes gazing forward, unmoving. What caught Lisa’s attention was the technician sitting on a physician’s stool in front of the android, working on the android’s penis. It was apparent that this one was going to be equipped for sex, since the limp penis was at least 8" in length! The technician then straightened up and reached into his labcoat pocket. He produced a remote-control looking device and depressed a series of buttons. Nothing on the male android moved except the penis which almost immediately went erect. There was no pulsating of arteries as blood flowed into it, because there was no blood. It was the quickest flaccid to erect transition that she had seen. The male android still made no other movements and his eyes still gazed forward as the technician depressed additional buttons, causing the penis to return to limpness.

Lisa watched the technician as he spoke to the male android, "Program mode." The male android answered in a monotone voice, "acknowledged." The technician placed the remote control back into his pocket, and reluctantly, but business-like said, "Respond to the following stimuli." The android answered, "acknowledged." Much to Lisa’s surprise, the technician then grabbed the android’s penis and began to stroke it up and down. The penis immediately became erect as before and the android spread his arms in an attempt to embrace the technician. The technician quickly said, "Stop, resume program mode." The android froze and went back to the attention stance, "Acknowledged." The penis again went limp and the mechanical man resumed his gaze into nothingness. The technician then grabbed a large sheet of clear plastic and placed it around the android, only his head protruding from inside of it. The technician then picked up a small cardboard tag and fastened it to the android. He then pushed a button on a console nearby and a large forklift-looking robot scooted to the area. It deftly picked up the male android and carried it out of the room through an automatic sliding door down another hallway.

"Where did it take that one?" Lisa asked Erica (still smiling).

"To our warehouse facility, on another floor." She responded kindly. Lisa couldn’t resist but to watch a technician stick a hose WAY too far up a female android’s vagina. What appeared to be cleaning fluid passed through the hose into female, who showed no sign of movement or any response for that matter. Lisa grimaced at the procedure, thinking of how painful that would have been for a human woman.

"Next, we’ll show where our androids are programmed." Said Eric, leading Lisa from the room to an elevator. Lisa gazed one last quick glance into the room, taking in a final experience of its surrealism.

The elevator shot up to the next floor or two and came to a stop. As the door opened, it appeared that they had entered a movie theater. There were figures seated in rows facing away from them, maybe 100-150 in all. Male and female alike. All nude. All completely still. The whole scene was again nothing like Lisa had ever seen. Wires led from huge consoles on the walls to each of the androids, interfacing into their left ears. "Humans have their brains in their heads, so our androids’ brains are also placed there, although they are much more compact and not as sophisticated as a human brain," said Eric, indicating the seated group of machines before them. "That is where their programming comes from?" asked Lisa, pointing to the wall console. "Yes, for the most part. Additional modules are available after market to upgrade our models, but this is where the basic programming is entered," replied Erica.

"Can I see the warehouse?" asked Lisa, now showing more genuine technical interest than ever before.

"By all means," replied Eric, leading her back into the elevator.

Again, the elevator shot up to another floor. When the door opened, Lisa was surprised to see rows of shelves stacked almost to the ceiling. Large automatic machines rolled in front of the rows moving all sorts of machines around. There were mechanical looking robots like Lisa had first seen, and there were all kinds of androids here. Every conceivable shape and size of android. Some white, black, latin, young, old, large, small, you name it. All that was visible were their heads through their plastic wrapping. Near Lisa were also some android animals such as dogs, cats, horses, and birds. None of them moving, frozen in their places of storage. "Some people want a pet that they can just deactivate when they leave town," Erica said, waving her elegant hand toward the pet area. Lisa looked up at all of the androids, in plastic, with the empty stare that she had come to know so well and thought of how erotic it was. All of these naked bodies, wrapped in plastic, awaiting to be commanded by their future human masters. She began to perspire, her temperature rising.

"What’s over there? " Asked Lisa, pointing to a door marked ‘R&D area, restricted,’

"That is our research and development area," replied Erica, "We can’t take you in there."

"Oh, please," begged Lisa of her guides. They both froze for a moment, looking off into empty space. Then Eric spoke. "We can at this time, due to the nature of the research. It is unclassified."

As they approached the door, Lisa asked what would be there. Eric replied, "Today, they are researching sexual techniques. That is not proprietary information. Therefore, we can show you this area today."

Lisa immediately became wet. "I can’t wait to see this."

Upon entering the area, Lisa saw a row of rooms with glass fronts facing the walkway. Inside each room that she could see were various types of android combinations - men, women, men with men, women with women. some were clearly deactivated, standing at attention, nude. Others were partially dressed with various types of clothing ranging from business attire to sexually provocative accouterments such as lycra and lace. One had a male, nude from the waist down, wearing a leather bomber jacket. Next to him was standing a clothed female, holding a bottle of champagne and a glass in one hand with a riding crop in the other. "What the hell?" Lisa thought, gazing at the strange scene. Neither was moving, awaiting commands to commence with whatever it was their creators intended. Lisa and her guides approached the center of the room where two technicians stood holding remote control devices, looking in at two nude figures standing at attention before them.

"Well, should we try her new enhanced vibra mouth?"

The other technician indicated in the affirmative. The first technician pushed a series of buttons on his controller and the male sprung to life. His penis immediately became erect and he regarded the female standing next to him in the ‘off’ position.

"Here goes." Said the second technician, pushing buttons on his controller. The female also sprung into activation and immediately dropped to her knees, taking the male’s penis into her mouth. Her whole body began to vibrate and she fell away from the male. To Lisa’s (and the technician’s) surprise, she fell back with the male’s penis in her mouth, severing it from his body! The technicians swore and frantically pressed buttons on their controllers. Both units stood at attention, blank stares on their faces. The female looked especially strange with a portion of the penis protruding from her mouth. Where the penis was on the male, a dark goo oozed out of the gaping hole. "I guess that one failed the test." Lisa exclaimed, attempting not to show too much delight in what just transpired before her eyes.

The next room held a male standing alone, nude. A female technician regarded Lisa and said to her in a quiet voice, "Let’s have some fun, shall we?" Lisa nodded, looking at the frozen male. The technician pulled out a controller and pressed a series of buttons. Immediately, the male moved. His right hand went to his penis and he began to stroke it vigorously. The penis went erect and the male continued to pull and pull. This went on for a few moments and then, to Lisa’s surprise brown semen shot out of the penis. The technician hit some buttons again and the male deactivated. The technician reached into the room, and, to Lisa’s disgust, collected some of the semen on her finger. The technician then licked it off of her finger, "Mmmm, chocolate. Most like the vanilla flavor, but chocolate is my favorite." Lisa just could not bring herself to do the same, something about that she could not handle.

The three continued down the hall to the end and Eric turned to her. "This is where we part our ways. You may browse the showroom if you like, or just view our products in this catalog." The android handed her a catalog that he had been carrying all along. Lisa was too distracted to notice. "How do I get there?"

"The showroom is located through this door, down the hall, on the right. you cannot miss it." Erica answered for Eric.

Lisa did as she was told, walking down the sterile hallway, past office doors to a clear glass door cleverly marked, ‘showroom’. She entered back to the world of the rated ‘G’ after being in a decadent atmosphere with a sigh. In the showroom on pedestals were all sorts of robots and androids. One android near her was designated as TR3 (Trina). It was a female tutor for children. Across the way was a maid android that looked and dressed like Alice from the Brady’s.

Lisa approached the counter and asked the receptionist, a twin to the front receptionist, "How do I go about renting or leasing?" The receptionist asked her what type of mechanism she wanted and Lisa said that she definitely wanted a male companion. The receptionist handed her a laminated form with pictures of various males. "This is what we have in today," she said. Let me know if any of these interest you. Lisa gazed at the sheet. It was full of pictures of gorgeous men. They were in all shapes and sizes. Athletic, thin, muscular, large, small, medium, black, white, asian, latin. She immediately found her passion when she gazed upon a blond, tan, athletic one, designated LN5 (Leonardo). His picture showed him shirtless, wearing a pair of levi’s, thin, lean, and muscular. His long, blond hair flowing over his light brown skin. "How about this one?" Lisa asked the receptionist. The receptionist directed her to go through a pair of double doors marked, ‘Rentals’.

When she entered this room, Lisa saw two huge glass cases that ran almost the length of the room. There was a conveyor belt inside, on which stood numerous androids. One side had males and the other had females. A technician approached Lisa. "Can I help you?" He asked intently. He had way too many imperfections to be an android. "I’m interested in a male companion to rent for a few days," she said, showing him the laminated form. "Leonardo, he’s our most popular male." Said the man, "You are lucky, we have one left in stock." The man pushed some buttons and the male androids began to revolve on the conveyor belt. The belt stopped when Lisa’s dream machine came to the front of the line. A door opened and the man pressed a series of buttons on his remote control. Leonardo came to life and smoothly exited the display case. The perfect male walked toward Lisa and the technician.

"Hello, I am Leonardo, nice-ice-ice-ice to meet you." He said, with a grotesque stutter. "What the hell?" Asked the technician. Lisa shrugged, not knowing what to say. The technician froze the android with the push of a button and opened his abdomen. "Must be the speech circuit relay," he said, deftly working on the android. "I don’t care. He does not have to talk much." Lisa said lustfully, gazing into the deactivated android’s blue eyes. She cleared her throat, "If he fails to uh, perform in any other way, can I get my money back?" The technician said that she could and he filled out a form, stating the speech problem was present when Lisa rented the unit.

"Please fill out the form and pay up front. I’ll have Leonardo come out once we dress him." Lisa just then noticed that Leonardo had on only a pair of athletic shorts.

Lisa walked out, stars in her eyes, contemplating the fun things that she was about to have her android perform for her. When she approached the front desk, she whispered something into the receptionist’s ear and the receptionist froze for a brief moment with that very familiar gaze. When the receptionist rejoined Lisa, she said, "Chocolate it is, ma’am."

-To be continued...