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"The Ladies' Man"
Part II

By: Dr. Robo

        Months have passed since Maria the robot came to be. Dr. Steve took his time experimenting with his new slave, figuring out every little intricacy of its programming. Man, it could do everything. Downloading those adult videos was a stroke of genius on his part, because it knew every position, movement, and touch that drove him wild. He never had to worry about Maria getting tired, or being cranky or becoming boring like a human would in a real relationship. He could have whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He had also programmed the robot to serve other functions, such as doing household chores. This left him more time to pursue his studies, and work on the next phase of his project.

        This next phase would be his masterpiece. He was very pleased with Maria, and his ego told him that no one else would even come close to creating something this spectacular. Steve was not satisfied, though. Maria was sexy, obedient, unbelievable in the sack, and perfect in nearly any other way imaginable. There was something missing, though. A
personal quality was missing from his creation. Maria' body was cold to the touch. Not cold in temperature, but unfeeling. The robot's plastic skin made the sexual encounters, though quite erotic, feel like they lacked a human quality. It's inability to speak left him longing for even the slightest sounds of a human voice. It's not like he was looking for conversation, just someone to answer him when he asked a question or made a statement. Also, Maria's programming, no matter how detailed and precise, could not cover all aspects of life. If there was a situation that was unfamiliar to the robot, he had to explain it step by step.
This could be very annoying when he was horny and ready to get down. He needed a way for the robot to be able to draw on past experiences to handle new situations. He needed his slave to be able to make some elementary decisions for itself. In short, he needed a more human robot.

        As I said, after months of preparation, Steve was at last ready to try it again. Like before, he went out to the clubs and bars, looking for the right subject. He frequented the local strip joints, mainly because no one would think anything of him sitting and staring at the women for hours on end. He also liked the fact that he could get a look at them without their clothes on. He knew that he was lucky to find such a good-looking model the first time, and he didn't want to screw this one up. One night he found what he was looking for. She was a well-built, dark blonde-haired woman who went by the name Laura. It probably wasn't her real name, but he didn't care. She was a stunner, with a ripe, natural 36D chest, hair down to the middle of her back, smooth, supple skin, and a fit but not anorexic body. Steve timed his exit so he met her in the parking lot as she was leaving. He walked up to her and said hello. She looked at him strangely as he began gushing about how pretty she was and how he would like to take her out for a cup of coffee. Just when Steve thought he had blown it with his excessive yapping, she agreed to go with him. She said that she usually doesn't go out with patrons for obvious reasons, but she was new in town and didn't know her way around. Steve was shocked. She said she wanted to drive separately for safety reasons, and he said he understood. She said that she would follow him, and away they went. What a dumbass.

        Over a few cups of joe, the stripper told Steve about herself. She was 24; out on her own, trying to make a living. She never went to college, and had been on her own for a few years. She rarely saw any family, who lived in Iowa or something like that. She had hoped to make a career out of modeling, but that never happened, so she went into dancing as a way
to make ends meet. She was from a small town but had come to the city because she had heard that the money was better in her 'profession'. That was all he needed to hear. At the coffee shop, he pulled the old drug-in-the-drink trick again, when she was in the restroom. When she complained of getting lightheaded, he helped her out of the shop and into his car. She passed out right there. He then got into the car and sped off toward the lab, which had been relocated to the basement of his house.

        One he got to his house, he carried her in the front door, and laid her on the couch. He activated Maria, and commanded the robot to carry the woman to the lab. He then went downstairs and began preparing. Maria laid Laura on the table. "Gently remove her clothes", he ordered. Maria carefully peeled off her layers, revealing a sexy bra and panties. The robot then pulled off the underwear, placing it all in a pile on the floor. Laura began to awaken, to the horror of the doctor. He frantically searched the lab for more sedative, and started to panic when he couldn't find any. Laura raised her head woozily and looked
around in amazement. "Where am I?" she breathed, still unsure of herself. Something caught the corner of her eye. It was Maria, standing at attention as she always was. She stared at the robot for a second, looking up and down the hottest woman she had ever laid eyes on. She had always liked the sensuality of the female body, and had even switch-hit a couple of times. "Laura, meet Maria." Steve said rather coyly. She found herself staring at Maria's perfect body, checking out its firm legs, supple thighs, and fit stomach. Her eyes trained on those giant breasts, mesmerized by their size and the large, pert nipples sticking out underneath the metallic-silver brassiere. Maria turned and walked toward the table, its bust bouncing with every robotic step. Laura could feel herself being drawn to the shiny orbs, as if she was falling into some sort of trance. The robot stopped in front of Laura, ran its hand up her thigh and leaned over, giving the woman a full view of its massive cleavage. Laura leaned forward a bit to get a better view, half in curiosity, and half in arousal. The doctor circled around the table and came up behind Laura, who was distracted by the sexy robot woman. Maria ran one hand over Laura's round breasts and erect nipples, and the other into her anticipating sex. The robot lowered the nude woman onto the table with a deep, passionate tongue-kiss, and positioned her for what was about to come.

        "Now!", Steve exclaimed. "Wha.....?" is all Laura could say, before the doctor grabbed her by the shoulders and held her down on the table. "Maria, restrain her legs!" he ordered, as Maria grabbed the woman's ankles and held them firmly in place. As Laura tried frantically to kick and squirm free, Steve managed to push a button on the table, activating the steel straps. They clamped firmly down on her ankles and stomach, which here already in place. He then forced Laura's shoulders and head to the table in one firm thrust, and another strap locked over her neck. Maria then grabbed a wrist and held it in place with little
resistance, while the doctor did the same with the other. Both were soon properly secured. "What are you doing?!?!" She cried, as a wave of terror swept over her. "You are to be my latest creation" he replied. "I had hoped that you would be asleep for this, but no matter. The end result will be the same." With that, he pressed a few buttons on the computer, and the room jumped to life. A hum emanated from the equipment on the walls, as lights began to flicker on and off. The table, the same
table that was in his lab at the office, began vibrating slightly as the robotic arms made their way from underneath. "Creation? What do you mean?" she asked. "For the last couple of years I have been in search of the perfect female robot, a sexy droid which would obey my every command, and serve me without question. Maria has served me well, but you will be the final step in that journey." She turned her head slightly and looked at him. "You mean...." she gasped. "Yes, Maria is a female robot, my slave. Soon, you will join her. Good-bye, Laura."
        With that he pressed another button on the computer. The noise from the machines nearly drowned out her cries as she begged him to stop. The arms descended on her, much like the woman before. A metal helmet was placed on her head, and small sensors attached to wires moved from the helmet to her forehead, temples, and spine. She could feel a slight pricking sensation as a needle injected her at the base of her neck. "What was that?" she demanded. "That will remove any discomfort
from the procedure". He replied. "You will still feel sensations, but no pain". Three more arms made their way to their destinations. Two of them, with bowl-shaped devices, mounted her large breasts and began fitting themselves to her globes. Another arm, with a phallus-like probe on the end, expertly entered her warm, juicy vagina and began pumping in and out. This caused her to give out a soft moan that she was neither aware of nor could she control. Another arm attached a small, computer-chip like apparatus to the back of her neck, which then attached itself directly to her spinal cord. This would serve as the base of the computer's control over her.

        The next phase was set to begin. Steve pulled a lever on the wall, and a surge of electricity rushed into the woman's body. Her eyes opened wide, and her body stiffened as the energy flowed throughout her. Her heaving bosom shook from the vibrations caused by the electricity. Two needles on the inside of the cups on her breasts attached themselves to her erect nipples and pushed inside ever so slightly. The phallus moved into her sex, as far as it could go. Two hoses extended from the helmet and entered her ears. Steve again pressed a button on the computer, and thousands of nanites were injected into her. They entered her brain through the hoses in her ears and the opening at her spine. They were also injected into her breasts through the needles in her nipples. The phallus spewed them into her pussy in a stream of hot juice, and they began attaching to the walls of her vagina and sex organs. "Oh my God!" she wailed. "Those are the nanites, tiny computer chips which were just
injected into your body." He said, matter-of-factly. "They will serve many purposes. The nanites in your sex will attach to your ovaries, suppressing their functions, and therefore your ability to become pregnant. They will also attach to the walls of your love canal, tightening it and robotically enhancing the muscles for my maximum pleasure. The nanites in your breasts will attach to the mammary glands, which will stimulate growth and milk on demand. They will also strengthen the muscles and skin so your bust will have a natural firmness, lift, and general bounciness.Finally, the chips in your head will attach to your brain, readying it to be reprogrammed with new data. I will then command your newly robotized body". Laura was left speechless by this devious plan, save for an occasional moan as she was still being fucked by the heartless machine.

        Laura could feel the effects of the nanites as they began their work. Her vagina began to close in around the phallus, squeezing and caressing it between her legs. Her breasts started to lift up higher onto her chest, as the skin firmed and expanded. Her brain was tingling from the tiny microbes attaching themselves to the cells. Foreign thoughts entered her mind for the first time, thoughts of logic, obedience, and sex. The data and power flow steadily increased and the chips demanded
more input. "I.....must.....fight....." she whispered, exhausted from the mental and physical battle. She tried to fight, but found it
increasingly hard to concentrate both from the nanites' effects and the distraction of being mechanically molested right on the table. More information repeatedly entered her mind, pushing out old memories, thoughts, and emotions. All she could think of was serving her master, obeying his every wish, being the perfect robot. The computer downloaded all the sexual data that Maria had, every position, every movement, and every response. It also told her how to be a robot, how to talk, how to
answer, how to think, and how to obey. Slowly, a mantra started, and was repeated over and over again for a number of minutes:

        Soon, it was obvious that Laura had lost. Her lips moved ever so slightly as she repeated the instructions endlessly. Now fully unaware of what was happening, Her computerized brain was a blank slate ready to be filled. She had lost the battle for her will, and was now eagerly processing the data. While this was happening, Steve ordered Maria to return to the recharging chamber. Wires sprang from the wall and attached to ports in its head, and two cups mounted Maria's famously bountiful breasts. The robot was being downloaded with new information culled from Laura's human brain; data that Steve hoped would make Maria a bit more life-like. He had grown attached to the robot, and did not want to abandon it entirely after Laura was finished. He also needed a model for Laura's tits, for they would grow too large without the computer having some sort of concept of what the right size is. (Author's note: There is such a thing as too big, I think.) The cups gauged the dimensions of Maria's gigantic peaks, and transferred those proportions to the nanites in Laura's melons.

        The process was nearing completion. Another arm, with another dildo-like device, entered her mouth. It began sliding in and out, as the computer relayed more information into her robotic brain. She was now being programmed to give the perfect blowjob. Steve deemed this very important, and made sure that it was a part of the process. The dildo pumped back and forth, as Laura tightened her lips around the rod, massaging it with her tongue. A shot of nanite-filled goo exploded into her mouth, and she downed it all as ordered, licking every last drop from the apparatus. The arm then removed itself and she lay still on the table, her only movements the vibrations from the electricity. The arms at Laura's sex and tits removed themselves from her body, and returned as well. The last bits of data were entered into her mind, and the power flow slowed to a bare minimum. The metal restraints unstrapped, and Laura lay there motionless on the steel slab.

        The anxiousness overwhelmed Steve. It had all gone according to plan so far, but now was the moment of truth. As good as Maria was, Laura was going to be that much better. He commanded Maria to come to him, and the robot did after being released from its chamber. He told it to clothe Laura, and gave Maria an outfit to put on her that matched its own. A giant silver bra, and silver lycra shorts. He pulled the lever again, and the power shut off completely. The helmet removed from her head, and receded under the table. There she was, the perfect human robot. His very own, programmed to obey his every command without question. He stood over the table, feeling quite powerful as he inspected Laura's body. She lay perfectly still, eyes wide open, awaiting her orders.

        Now it was time for the test. "Sit up." He commanded. "Yes.Master. I.will.obey." the woman answered in a monotone voice. She sat up, much more smoothly and effortlessly that Maria ever did. "What is your programming?" he asked. She repeated the mantra she had heard over and over in the programming. "" "Good." He replied, wringing his hands with glee. "Stand" he ordered, and she did so obediently. He glanced at Maria, who stood emotionless at attention. They were now sisters, twin sex slaves awaiting his commands. "Your name is Laura, and you are my perfect female robot. You are programmed to pleasure and serve me." He declared. "" she answered. He was overjoyed. He reached out and felt a breast. She stood there stone-faced as he fondled her tit, rubbing the rock-hard nipple with his thumb. The mound had become quite firm, and he lifted the bra to feel the smooth skin come in contact with his own. He groped her with both hands, removing the bra and watching as her bust jutted out into the air as firm and perky as he could have possibly imagined. She must have grown to a 40FF, at least that's what he thought. He wasn't very good at judging these things.

        Then came the moment he had been waiting for. He ordered her to turn and position herself for rear-entry. She stepped back, slowly turned around, and bent like a hinge in front of him. Her shiny silver ass was a sight to behold. He pulled her shorts down, exposing her round behind and tight canal. She spread her legs ever so slightly, as he moved forward to enter her. He pushed into her juicy vagina, and began pumping with abandon. Her robotically enhanced pussy massaged his rod as he bucked himself into her. It felt as if she was rubbing the semen right out of him. Luckily, he had plenty of practice with Maria and had built up some stamina, so he wasn't about to go that easily. He grabbed her hips and thrust in and out, their bodies gyrating in rhythm as if they had become one. He alternated for a while between grabbing her hips and cupping her tits, while she stood there obediently allowing all of this to take place When he felt is was about time, he pulled out of her, and ordered her to turn around. "Kneel" he said. "Yes.Master." she answered. Laura lowered herself to the floor in front of him, and awaited his next command. "Give me a blowjob. I want to come in your mouth." he commanded. "Yes.Master." she replied. She slowly pulled down his pants the rest of the way, and lifted his shirt. She then grabbed his cock, and began massaging it thoroughly. "Suck on it." he ordered. She swirled her tongue around the head, over and over, and then fully engulfed his wooden member. She began pistoning up and down, her mouth creating a vacuum just as she had been trained. She deep throated him, relaxing her throat so he would go all the way in. Thousands of bytes of data flowed through her computerized brain, as she read her programming and pleasured him expertly. She sensed the pressure building within him, and prepared to receive his gift. His body stiffened as he quickly unloaded his goo into her mouth, and the hot flow splashed down her throat. She sucked on him like a Popsicle, not wanting to miss a drop. After a couple more shots,
he pulled out of her mouth, and ordered her to lick him clean. She did so, using her tongue as a mop to clean up his liquid mess. He then ordered her to dress herself, and stand at attention as he put his clothes back on. He commanded both Laura and Maria to return to the recharging chambers, with Laura's having an addition of a biological interface that injected nutrients into her bloodstream which kept her living parts alive and functioning properly. They both stood there, side by side, eyes closed absorbing the energy they were being given. Steve looked at them in amazement, thinking about all of the different situations he could put them through. He smiled at the thought, turned off the lights, and went back upstairs.

        Steve would have countless more nights like this, with both Laura and Maria pleasuring him tirelessly. He sometimes longed for a real woman, a family, but knew that his work was much too time consuming for a real relationship. Besides, he had everything else a man could want: money, a good job, and two perfect female robot sex slaves. What else could a guy ask for?

The End


Part II inspired by and dedicated to Laura
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