The Ladies' Man

by Dr. Robo

Dr. Steve Johnson was your average, middle-aged guy, or at least so he thought. He was was O.K. looking, with a decent personality and a sense of humor. The truth was, he was kind of a square. He had spent his whole adult life in school, working on his numerous degrees, then later teaching at the local university. He would spend a great deal of time in the library or the lab, researching, studying, and writing. The man had no social life to speak of. Oh yeah, his main interests were neurology and electrical engineering, naturally.

One night a week, he would go out to the clubs and try to relax. Being a guy, he would try to pick up women. Being a dork, he would fail. Spending all that time in the lab left him with no real social skills.Week after week, he would try out his best lines on the ladies, and he would be turned down every time. He started to get angry. "What do all of these other guys have that I don't?" he lamented. He felt like he was going to explode. Since he was 'above' call-girls or 'other' forms of gratification, in his mind there was only one alternative. He'd have to make himself a girlfriend. Why not? That's what any of us would do, right?

He started right away. He took time off from teaching, telling the school he was going to concentrate on his research. He had all the necessary parts in his lab, from all of his other electronic inventions. A store mannequin was used as the original body. Certain parts were removed and replaced with softer rubber materials to give a more 'natural' feel. The inside was loaded with all sorts of mechanical apparatus, which allowed the robot to move on its own. The robot was connected by remote control to a computer in the lab, which could recognize voice commands and move the robot accordingly. Soon it was finished. It was a homely looking piece of work, with bolts and transistors sticking out all over the place. You would hardly be able to tell that it was supposed to be a woman, save for the long-haired wig, misshapen rubber breasts, and obnoxiously red lipstick.

He placed the robot on a table in the middle of the lab, and hooked it to a power source. "This is it" he said, almost prayerfully. With the pull of a lever a surge of energy hit the machine. A low humming sound could be heard coming from the robot as he turned off the juice. Steve turned to the computer, and picked up a microphone. "Rise, robot", he ordered. The robot's 'eyes' jerked open. A rush of adrenaline hit Steve. His pulse quickened, and his throat became dry. The robot sat up clumsily on the table, staring blankly into space. "Come to me" he beckoned, and the robot stood on the floor. Like a child taking its first steps, the robot lurched slowly, clunking across the floor, over to him, looking like any step could be the last. It stopped directly in front of him, still staring off into space. Steve took time to inspect his creation. He had hoped for something better, but was limited by the rigidity and inhumanity of the plastic mannequin shell and rudimentary equipment. He ran his hands up the robot's legs, across its breasts, and into its plastic vagina (which he purchased at the local adult novelty shop). "Kiss me", he commanded. The robot leaned forward, and he locked lips with it. It was very disappointing, he thought, because he had to do all the work. The robot just stood there, mouth open, waiting for its next command. He had spent weeks of hard work and determination, and had nothing really to show for it. It was depressing. He had to come up with something better than this.

He decided that the problem was two fold. First of all, the robot wasn't really sexually appealing. It was too rigid, too plastic, too mechanical. He didn't even refer to it as a 'she'. Second, it had a limited amount of very basic functions. He decided that he had to build something better, but he could not do it alone by hand. He needed a computer's help. Only a computer could make the precise calculations and build the parts necessary to create a more lifelike model. First, he designed a table that was actually an assembly line without the conveyer belt. This table had many sets of mechanical arms, all holding some sort of tool or other device, and was controlled by the computer. This would allow the computer to build the robot using the specifications he designed. He then hooked his VCR to the computer, and began downloading videos of all sorts of women into it. The computer analyzed their movements and physiques, and designed a blueprint which would give the robot more fluid, lifelike motions. He specifically played a number of adult films for the computer, because they showed the women without clothes (to get all of their minute moves and curves), and they showed the women performing specific sexual acts. It was getting to the point where the doctor was getting pretty frustrated with his lack of success at the club scene, if you smell what I'm cookin'.

One night, he had a brainstorm. He was watching the movie "Metropolis" when he came upon the scene where the robot is made to look like the woman. He got so excited he fell out of his chair. "This is it!" he cried, "This is how I will create the perfect female robot!" Only one problem existed with his theory: how would he get a woman to be his model, when he couldn't even get one to have a drink with him? Hmmm.

Steve was getting desperate. He went to the club as usual, but with a different agenda this time. He made sure to go a bit earlier in the evening, when there was hardly anyone in the place. He spotted a good-looking, young woman who happened to be sitting alone at the end of the bar. This is the point where rational thinking started to leave the good doctor, and hormones started to take more of an active role. Being the regular at the bar that he was, he knew the bartender well. When the bartender needed a break, Steve stepped right up and told the guy to take it easy and go in the back for a few minutes. The idiot did just that. Then Steve took it upon himself to offer the woman a drink on the house. She accepted, not knowing she was about to be drugged. Before the bartender could get back Steve had taken the 'intoxicated' woman and left through the side entrance. Luckily for him, no one was around, so there was nary a witness to be found. He quickly laid her into the back seat of his car, and sped away toward the lab. At a traffic light, he turned and got a better look at her. He was quite pleased with what he had found.

Once Steve got the woman (he had no idea what her name was) into the lab, he took a second to compose himself and get a good look at his prize catch. What a catch she was. He slowly removed her clothes, and piled them neatly on a chair. She was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed marvel, with a perfectly fit figure, long sexy legs, and two large, round, magnificent globes. He took the opportunity to get a good look and feel for his subject, before remembering that time was of the essence. He laid her on another table (one with far less machinery than the first), and turned to the computer to begin the process. Slowly she began to stir, as the drug was beginning to wear off. He gave her a shot of a stronger sedative, saying "That will put you out for the rest of the night, sweetheart. Don't need you waking up and causing any trouble." He made sure not to kill her, just put her to sleep for a while. He was a scientist, not a murderer.

He commanded the original robot to lay on the mechanized table. It did so, but not without some difficulties. He looked at the motley invention, let out a sigh, then set his plan into motion. At the push of a button, both tables lurched into action. A humming sound enveloped the room and lights began to flicker as equipment started to move. Steel braces strapped across the woman's naked body at her ankles, wrists, stomach, and neck. A video camera above the table began sweeping up and down, capturing every square inch of her magnificent beauty and loading the information into the computer. A metal helmet on the end of a mechanical arm rose up from underneath the table, and placed itself on her head. Sensor pads came out of the helmet and attached to her temples, forehead, and the back of her neck. Two more arms rose from the table, each with a bowl-shaped device on the end. They each cupped a breast, expanding until each was covered snugly. The cups expanded and contracted, massaging the mammaries, until the nipples were swollen and hard. Then two hose-like devices extended from the cups to the nipples, connecting with them and extending tiny probes inside. A fourth arm, connected to a phallic device, expertly entered her sex. It pushed itself into her as far as it could go without harming any of her tissues. It too had a sensor on the end, and began pumping in and out in a rhythmic fashion, stimulating her female organs into a state of great arousal. For all intents and purposes, she was being mechanically masturbated right on the table, without a clue as to what was going on. The camera began concentrating on her face, copying it exactly and storing its information in the computer's files. All the while, the table continued pumping and probing her, a mass of flesh and metal intertwined on the hard steel slab.

When this process was complete, the second phase began. The helmet began reading her brainwaves, probing her mind for any images and thoughts of what it was like to be a woman. The idea was to try to give the robot some sort of intelligence, so it could react to certain situations on its own. The cups gauged the size and shape of her mounds, creating a 3-D model in the data banks. They also judged the breasts for firmness and bounciness. The phallus probed the inside of her box, taking samples of the various fluids and mapping the size and shape of the canal. The computer converted this information into a virtual copy of her body on the video screen. This process continued for a number of minutes.

As this was going on, the second table suddenly activated. The robot was stripped of its outer layers, leaving only a mass of wires and parts. A computerized 'brain' was installed, this would replace the remote control and allow the robot greater functional capacity. The mechanical body of the robot was improved, with smaller, more fluid parts replacing the larger, bulky ones. A cover lowered onto the table from the ceiling, and molded itself to the shape of the robot. The sounds of construction could still be heard underneath. Then, the sounds stopped, and the arms withdrew from the robot. A liquid plastic/rubber substance began flowing into the cover from tubes at both ends. It enveloped the robot and began to mold to the shape of the cover, which in turn was molding to the shapes of the woman in the computer banks. Every last detail was converted, from the firmness of her buttocks to the suppleness of her thighs, to the perfection of her melons. The computer, as ordered by Steve, then added more size and roundness to the breasts, increasing them from 34D to 40DD, and more tightness and firmness to the waist and ass. As the substance cooled and took form, other liquids began flowing in, everything from oil for the motors to synthetic milk for the breasts and other lubricants for the vagina and mouth. When finished, the tubes pulled back, and the arms attached a very realistic looking blonde wig to the robot's scalp. The rest of her body remained hairless. The arms then fastened a brassiere onto the robot's ample bosom, and pulled a pair of lycra shorts up onto its sensual frame. This was a special part Steve implemented, he did not want to spoil his surprise by seeing the robot naked right off the bat.

Suddenly, everything stopped. Steve sat in a chair, soaked with sweat and breathless from anticipation. The arms disengaged themselves from the woman and returned under the table, and the steel braces unfastened. The naked woman lay there, still unconscious, having no idea what had just happened to her. The cover lifted off of the robot's table, and back to the ceiling. Steve went over to the computer terminal, purposely not looking the robot's table.

The final phase began. A helmet, similar to the one that was on the woman's head, arose from the robot's table and attached to its head. A wired interface slid out of the back of the helmet and plugged into a port on the robot's nape. A noise commonly heard coming from a modem came from the helmet, and streams of information and data were downloaded from the computer to the robot. All the information that had been gathered from the VCR tapes and the woman's brain (among other places) was included, plus copies of the computer's own files on such topics as vocabulary, voice recognition, and the doctor's personal tastes, preferences, and dislikes. This was important, because he did not have the patience to deal with an inexperienced robot. After the information was downloaded, a surge of energy flowed from the helmet into the robot's body. Again a buzz filled the air, as the robot's voluptuous bosom quivered from the voltage, and its hands and feet twitched ever so slightly. An aura enveloped the droid as it soaked up the powerful electricity. When the transfer was complete, the helmet withdrew as expected. While this was going on, the doctor lifted the still unconscious woman off of the table and laid her on a couch in his office, covering her with a blanket.

Finally, it was complete. Steve could not wait to try out his creation, the fulfillment of years of rejection, frustration, and embarrassment. He gazed at the machine, inspecting every inch with his eyes. "I hope this one works" he muttered to himself. "Rise, my robot" he commanded. The robot's eyes snapped open, causing him to take a step back in surprise. The faint sound of whirring and clicking could be heard as the robot sat up onto the table and faced him, arms outstretched like a zombie. It still had the same expressionless face as the old robot, but much, much sexier. "Come to me" he said, this time more confidently. The robot stood on the floor, and with a much lighter step (albeit a stiff one), it slowly made its way over to him, arms still extended and expression still blank. He was so happy, he could hardly contain himself. Just as he did before, he caressed the robot's body with his hands, fondling its beautiful tits over its shiny satin bra, its silky smooth thighs, and it firm, supple behind. He was so horny, he thought he was going to burst out of his pants. "You need a name" he said, thinking of a good name for a robot. "Of course! Maria, the woman from 'Metropolis'!" he exclaimed. "Robot, your name is Maria, do you understand?" The robot blinked once, as it was programmed to do when it understood a command. Steve had not yet figured out how to give the robot speech, but it wasn't really a necessity under the circumstances.

He could not wait any longer. "Kiss me, Maria" he commanded. The robot put its arms around him, and began tonguing him with fervor. Its tongue probed his mouth, then the robot kissed his neck and cheeks, as it had 'seen' in the videos. "Slave, begin sex program part 1" he ordered. Maria slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and tossed it onto the floor. It then did the same with his pants, brushing against his rock-hard member just enough to drive him wild. It then began caressing itself, fondling its own perfect body with the sole purpose of exciting its master even more. Its tits bounced up and down with each pass of a hand, and the nipples became visibly hard underneath the sensual undergarment. He reached out and cupped a breast with his hand, fondling the sapphire-like nipple with his thumb, amazed at what he had built. It was so lifelike, you be hard pressed to tell that it was silicone and rubber instead of flesh and blood.

"Begin sex program part 2" he said. This was going to be great. Maria dropped to its knees slowly and seductively, kissing and licking his body on the way down. It drew out his cock from his shorts, and began to stroke it expertly. Small droplets of lubricant seeped out of the pores in its fingers, making the experience even more pleasurable. When he was good and ready, he ordered the start of part three. The robot brought its head close to his crotch, and began to lick his shaft with its superior tongue. Up and down it went, and then it completely engulfed his rod. Its head was like a piston, moving up and down on the stick in a rhythmic motion like the machine it was. Back and forth it went, its mouth creating a vacuum which made the experience even more enjoyable. He had never had a blowjob, and was now doing this 'woman's' face with reckless abandon. Naturally, for someone who hadn't gotten any in a long time, this wouldn't last long. He unloaded his juices into its mouth for what seemed like an eternity. Maria, as programmed, didn't miss a drop, and licked his cock clean. Exhausted and thirsty, Steve commanded Maria to stand, and he unfastened the strap on its bra. The giant bust sprang free, as perky and lifted as with the holder in place. He stood back to admire his work, then lowered his head and began suckling on the bountiful mammaries. Maria cradled his head with one hand, and stroked his still solid member with the other. The synthetic milk flowed freely after a small amount of coaxing, and his thirst was adequately quenched.

Steve could take no more. Even a veteran of the bedroom would have trouble sustaining much longer than he did with a sex machine like Maria working away. He replaced the lingerie, and ordered the robot to return to the table. Maria blinked once, and silently (except for the ever-present whirring and clicking) obeyed the command. Soon he would have a lab at his home built so Maria could be kept there and not at the office. It was imperative that no one find out about this, lest he be thrown in jail for kidnapping among other things. That reminded him about the woman in his office. He would have to dress her and take her back to her car before she woke up. She wouldn't know what hit her. He reattached the power supply, and began recharging Maria. A night's worth of charge would give the robot a week's worth of energy. He sat down to dress and reflect. He had created the perfect female robot slave. He would have many more opportunities to test out Maria's other 'functions', most (but not all) of which involved his pleasure. Yet, he could not shake the feeling that something was missing, something basic, that could not be recreated from metal and plastic. Something which escaped him. That something was........

To Be Continued?

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