Living Dolls Take Tina.

By M.P.

Tina was taken back by boss for the necessary alterations and after another month she was ready. Boss sent word to the "Conglomerate" and Tina was sent in a large crate to them. Mr. Sears the local representative of the conglomerate, was the first to open the protective case." Well Tina welcome back." Said Mr. Sears. "I have someone that I think you will like to meet." Tina stood in her case dressed only in a sheet of fine red silk surrounded by the small packing peanuts that you would find in a large crate. Her eyes held the distant look that of any mannequin. But inside she was aware of her change of habitat. From a corner of the room sat another figure, Tina could not see who it was but after a moment the figure spoke. "Hello Tina." The figure said. "My name is Mitch, and you're very lovely." The man who called himself Mitch came into the light and Tina could see that he was an older man, probably in his early fifties. He was quite handsome and Tina felt deep inside that growing feeling of lust that she had only felt a few times in the past. " Tina, is that your name, I am a photographer and a recent member of the conglomerate." He continued. " Mr. Sears here has told me of your special talents." "I have some friends that I think you will like to join." Mr. Sears then spoke. "Mitch would you like a little demonstration of Tina’s talent?"

"Sure why not, this should be interesting." From the other wall a whirring sound could be heard as a panel in the wall opened. Through this opening two guards in black uniforms with their faces covered by masks, entered the room. Between them stood a young girl, a small black hailed girl dressed only in a short kimono robe of gold silk. Mr. Sears turned to Tina and said. "Hubot unit Tina, access program 1 RSC 444965." Tina’s mind went into a strange mixture of senses, first she could sense her human side but then it was quickly replaced by the cold calculations of her computer self. Program initiated, Process will require 56 seconds till completion. "Ready subject for transformation." Inside Tina could hear the strange mechanical voice of her computer self and saw the look of terror in the young girls face. The two guards put on protective gear as well as Mr. Sears and the man Mitch. One guard proceeded to untie the robe that covered the lithe frame of the girl. She started to make whimpering noises she knew that the men in the room could see most of her body. Turning slightly red from the embarrassment and also she had a growing fear that this may be the end. "Do not look so afraid girl." Mr. Sears said. "Look your best because it is how you will look for the rest of eternity." Tina turned to the young girl and said, "The unit will cooperate and look into my optical sensors." The girl now began to struggle harder, her breasts rising and falling from her quick breaths, but it was to no avail because the guards were much stronger than her. Her young graceful body was bathed in perspiration and had a luster to it under the hot lights of the chamber. Mitch seeing the young girls struggle was shocked but at the same time aroused. The guard on the girls right grabbed her head and held it front of Tina’s face, the girl screamed from the sudden pain, blinked and tried not to look but she could not resist for much longer. It took only one quick glance into Tina’s eyes and the program started. The girl only saw a flash of light in Tina eyes and she felt the life being drawn from her. The young girl stopped struggling and stared deeply into Tina’s eyes. It was then that Tina spoke to her. "You are to be the finest mannequin I have ever created." "Raise your left arm and place it straight out with your hand open." As Tina was giving her direction the girl mindlessly obeyed. Then Tina continued. "Next place your right arm on your right hip and slightly spread your legs." "Now show me how beautiful you really are." Then she made a small whimpering sound as she came slightly and began to harden. At the last moments the young girl took on a look of pure joy. Her expression was a mixture of a smile, and a look of hungry lust. As she transformed her skin took on a pale sheen, as the sweat began to dry off her. After several seconds she was totally solid, forever captured beauty, like a fine sculpture or work of wax, but nothing that any mere mortal could ever produce. "Excellent my dear." Mr. Sears said to Tina "Another perfect mannequin." Mitch was dumb struck. As he went over and joined the others, he turned to Mr. Sears and said. "That was amazing Mr. S." "This has our current method of making our models beaten by a mile." He continued. "But with this method its irreversible isn't it?" Mitch asked. "Yes Mitch, But we needed a permeate line of mannequins for many of our stores." "And this was the best way we found to fill those orders." Mitch walked over to the new mannequin which until minutes before was a real live girl. He looked into her now vacant eyes and saw his own reflection in them. Her pose was perfect, the look on her face sexy, yet innocent she was the perfect choice for a mannequin. Mitch then approached the lifeless girl and opened the robe, he felt her firm body, he traced a circle around the a role of the small round stiff and pointed breasts that turned upwards slightly. As his gaze went further down her body, he noticed that even her pubic hairs had turned to fine strands of plastic filament, as well as the rest of her bodily hair. He reached down and felt where her sex was, her little pussy was now also plastic hard and pink like a butterfly of plastic. Mitch wondered if she was still a virgin, but that was something that he would never know. Closing her robe he then turned to Sears. "She’s magnificent, Sears, Perfection in every detail." "But in a way I feel that it is all a waste." "Don't worry about that girl Mitch, she was only some hooker that we picked up off the street." Mr.Sears said. "In about a month or so she probably would have been dead anyway." "This way she is now a fine work of art, something for us and the rest of the world to savor." Mitch thought this over and realized that Sears was probably right. Then the two guards came over and picked up the new mannequin and placed her on a pedestal that rose from the floor. A bright blue spotlight came on and bathed her body in its soft rays, adding an almost angelic glow to the already perfect figure. The men now turned their attention back to Tina. "Well done my dear." Mr. Sears said. "Please deactivate Tina, I'll call you when I need you again." "All systems now activating stasis mode." Tina said. And with that, she struck a pose one hand on her left hip the other at her side, stiffened and grew cold, just another lifeless mannequin like the girl. Mr. Sears turned to Mitch and said. "Well Mitch would you like to borrow Tina for a few days and show her to the other girls?" "I think that they may find her familiar." "Why do you say that?" Asked Mitch. "Mitch do you remember those crated mannequins that Ramsey sent you for that layout back in January?" Mitch recalled the Ramsey girls very well it was one of the few times that he really enjoyed the look of real mannequins over his flesh and blood ones. "You're not telling me that those mannequins were..." "Yes." Sears interrupted, "Tina made those mannequins from shop girls that worked for Ramsey." "I'm surprised that you couldn't tell the difference." Sears continued. "Tina here has been working a long time for us Mitch." "But recently we sent her back to her creator for some more improvements." "So, do you want her or not?" "Sure." Mitch said. "The girls will get a kick out of her."

Chapter Two:

It was Tuesday when Mitch arrived back at his studio, And Amy was extremely happy to see him home. "Hi lover, you'll never know much we missed you." " Yeah, I can imagine." He said as he playfully pinched her on the ass. "Have you and the other girls been good while I've been away?" Mitch asked? "As good as can be expected since most of the time they have been in storage mode." Amy continued. "I only left myself awake to tend to things around here." " So what’s in the big box?" Amy asked. Mitch had almost forgotten about the box with Tina inside. "Its something new that the boys in the conglomerate have been toying with." Mitch said. "Its very special but can be dangerous." "Here put on these glasses, and I'll show you. "Mitch then put on his protective glasses and opened the box. For the trip Tina had been dressed in a skin tight spandex suit of gold with a large belt also gold but of a lighter shade then the rest of the suit. Over her eyes was a visor made of gold tone plastic. The all over appearance made her look like something from a scifi movie. "Very impressive." Amy said, as she walked up to Tina. "What’s it, , she, called?" Amy asked. "She’s a Hubot, Amy." Mitch explained. Half human ,half machine, but you can call her Tina." "She’s alive?" Amy asked. As she looked a little closer. "Yes Amy, but at the present time she’s in what they call stasis mode." Mitch said. "It is something like our storage mode but she is isn't aware like we are while in it." "O.K." Amy said. "lets see what she can do." Mitch then turned to Tina and said. " Tina please reactivate." With a start Tina began to move first she turned her head to the right then the left. After she had scanned the room and familiarized herself, she responded. " All systems appear to be running at optimum efficiency." "Hubot Tina ready for first instructions." "Does she always sound so, you know like Robby the robot from "lost in Space?" Amy asked. Tina turned to Amy, and in a more normal tone of voice asked. "Does the units vocal inflections disturb subject Amy?" "Wow!" Amy said. "No, the voice does not bother me I was only trying to be funny." Amy said. "Oh humor." I had almost forgotten that." Tina said, and then continued in her computer voice. "The subject Amy will make a fine addition to our collection Master." Tina said to Mitch. "Negative Tina!" Mitch said quickly. "The subject Amy or anyone else in my home are my guests and not for transformation." "Is that understood?" Mitch asked. " Information received and correlated." Tina said." The subject Amy and others are not to be assimilated." "Tina, please deactivate until further notice." Mitch said. "Affirmative." And with that Tina resumed her pose went quiet and shut down. Mitch removed the glasses from his eyes and turned to Amy. "Well Babe?, What do you think of our latest toy?" "She’s scary as hell Mitch." Amy said. "What’s all this bologney about subject Amy, assimilation, the collection?" "What does it all mean Mitch?" Amy asked. "And what’s with the shades?" "We are indoors you know." "Amy, Promise me one thing, as long as Tina is with us, always wear the protective glasses." Mitch said. "In about a week I'll explain." "But for the time being you and the other girls must never look at Tina without these glasses." "Okay, but it just doesn't make any sense." Amy said. Later that night another box came from the conglomerate a smaller one. Inside were more of the special glasses that Mitch had ordered, and a note from Mr.Sears. Dear Mitch, the note said, Here are the extra glasses that you asked for. If you do not feel comfortable with Tina there you may send her back now and we will not hold it against you. But if you want to learn about the process come to New York on Friday. We will send a car to the airport to get you and then you can meet with Tina’s creator.