Letter to the Editor

by ASL

Author's Note: This is way different than anything I've tried before; it's the first story I've written from a woman's perspective, so any and all feedback would be appreciated. Needless to say, to be in Jack's shoes is a favorite fantasy of mine. BTW, the video mentioned in the story is real, it's called 'Voyeur' and was released in 1985. It has, IMHO, one of the best statue scenes available. -asl

I'm a 27 year old woman who really enjoys being the object of men' s desires.

I'm not sure exactly sure when this started, but I think it goes back to when I was about 16 and was able to watch a boy I had a crush on masturbate to a dirty magazine. He had absolutely no idea I was watching him. I guess I knew then that was the kind of attention I wanted men to give me.

For years I did whatever I could to make men look at me the way that boy looked at those pictures that day. I danced professionally, I modeled; the more I was the center of attention, the more exciting it was for me.

I'm married now. My husband and I have a very predictable sex life, certainly not one you'd call passionate. We have sex about once a week, and I mange to c-- about half the time. We really don't do much else sexually and I often missed my old scene. Sadly, it seemed that I wasn't destined for that kind of excitement and attention anymore except in my fantasies.

But that's changed now. My husband's firm transferred him and we moved to a small town in Northern California. There are quite a few Internet start-up firms outside of town and for some, housing is hard to come by. We ended up taking a graduate student as a tenant in the basement apartment downstairs. His name is Jack and I never really thought about him sexually, although he's pretty good looking.

About a month ago however, something happened that made me look at Jack in a very different way: I had come home from work on my lunch hour. I never do this but that day I had to grab some files that I had left at home. I went to the home office and got the files when I heard what I thought was a man moaning in ecstasy. I went around the back and carefully peeked in the basement window. To my shock and surprise, I saw Jack sitting on his couch slowly stroking the biggest, fattest c--- I had ever seen! He was intently jerking off to a porno movie. His huge c--- was covered with some kind of lube and looked all slick and shiny. The fingers of his left hand were tracing lazy circles across his balls while his right hand stroked his glistening shaft in a slow rhythm.

I stood there mesmerized by the sight, hypnotized by the sight of this man and transported to that day, so long ago, watching the boy with the magazine. At first, I focused on Jack's c--- and slippery hand; I grew wet at the sight. I continued to watch and grew wetter as his hand kept pumping up and down on his huge dick. As he applied even more lotion to his hands, I could see his c--- throbbing in anticipation. Again he took himself firmly in hand and began to masturbate.

Very soon he began to grind his hips as he continued to f--- his hand. The amazing thing is that his c--- seemed to grow even larger as he stroked. He seemed close to an orgasm. At that moment, I would have done almost anything to have him looking at me and seeing how wet I was while he was going through those same erotic motions. Suddenly the pace of his masturbation changed and he really started to jerk off fast. I felt a surge of nervous anticipation and waited for him to c-- when he suddenly stopped. This time he pointed the remote control at the VCR and rewound the tape for a few moments.

Until that moment my attention had been focused on exclusively on his masturbation, but now I watched the video, curious as to what was so compelling to him. I wanted to find out what scene it was that he wanted to c-- to. As the tape began again I saw what appeared to be a statue and a man inspecting it closely. Again Jack started jerking off that beautiful slippery c--- with his right hand while tickling his balls with his left. I watched the video as the actor began to masturbate, staring at the statue, when suddenly it dawned on me that it wasn't a statue he was masturbating in front of, it was a real woman painted and posed to resemble a statue! My heart fluttered for a moment as I imagined being that woman, posed for this man's pleasure, my motionless body so compelling to him as to drive him to need sexual release. My pussy was drenched at the thought. . .

I knew right then that if I were in that room with him, posed as a motionless statue only inches away from that magnificent cock, Jack would lose control and immediately ejaculate all over everything, just as the man on the video was doing at that instant. I knew I stumbled onto Jack's fantasy. Again I watched as he rewound the tape. He put the remote down and began to get into some serious masturbation.

I watched as he slowly pumped his cock, the head grew red and his cadence slowed. I could see him prolonging the moment by stroking more slowly when suddenly a spurt of cream shot from the tip and landed on his stomach. Jack moaned loudly as I saw another spurt land on his shoulder and another larger spurt cascade across his neck and chest. After a few more short spurts Jack relaxed. He was breathing heavily and I knew that was my cue to leave before I got caught.

I was wetter and more excited than I ever remembered being. I had to masturbate, find my own relief, before I went back to work. All I could think about was if that video could get that kind of reaction from Jack, what would he do if he saw me instead? The thought of him looking at me while teasing himself into a frenzy just about launched me into orbit. I started to touch myself when an idea struck me. Going into my bedroom, I retrieved my video camera. I put the camera on it's tripod and aimed it at a corner of the bedroom where my husband had hung an original McKnight litho. I took the picture off the wall, turned on the pinspots and had the perfect backdrop for my "show".

I stripped naked. At this point it was all I could do to not touch my clit. Trying to control my breathing, which was shallow and rapid, I stood against the wall and struck a pose for the camera. I stood facing the camera at a 45 degree angle, my legs together, my right arm hung at my side while my left had was on the top of my head, as if I were running my fingers through my hair. I posed with my head tilted up and to the left as I fixed my eyes on a point across the room. I froze in that position, imagining myself as a statue in a museum. I didn't move, I stood motionless, listening to the whir of the video camera. All I wanted to do was to give him something very special to jerk off to!

After about five minutes I had to change position. More confident now in my ability to remain motionless, I tried a more dynamic pose. I turned sideways to the camera, bent my knees and thrust my butt out a bit. I placed my left hand on my butt, arched my back, placed my right hand on the side of my head and then looked upward and froze. I could imagine what I looked like as a statue, breasts thrust out, nipples erect, blond hair cascading down. I could barely contain myself.

Finally, after several minutes, I broke my pose. My stomach was fluttering in anticipation as I rewound the tape and put it into the bedroom VCR. I lie on the bed and watched the tape. I was a statue! My positioning was perfect. My frantic hands played with my sopping wet pussy and I came in waves thinking about Jack stroking that huge c--- while looking at me!

It took me a few days work up enough nerve to continue on to the second part of my plan. I was going to leave the tape of me, posing as a statue, in Jack's mailbox. Then I'd then watch his reaction from the window.

A few days later, I put the tape in his mailbox and waited for his arrival. I could see a puzzled look on his face as look on his face as he unwrapped the package and put the tape in his VCR. His puzzlement turned first to surprise and then to lust as he watched me rigidly posed on the screen. I watched as he unfastened his pants, releasing his swollen cock. He started to masturbate.

I watched in delight as he stroked while admiring my motionless figure. I was excited, but I knew that I needed more, I wanted a live audience. The tape was just a tease. I went back inside, put on my robe and went and knocked on Jack's door. I heard a hoarse, "Who is it?" It was obvious from the sound of his voice that I had interrupted something and I smiled. He opened the door, his face flush and asked me what I wanted. I said, as calmly as I could, "I think that you may have gotten something of mine in the mail by mistake." He hesitated, unsure of what to say. Feeling very bold, I looked straight at his crotch and said, "Well, it certainly looks like you know exactly what I'm talking about." Before he could answer, I asked, "Aren't you going to let me in?"

In his apartment, I sat on his couch and said, "You know, what's on that tape is very private. Did you watch it all?" Again, poor Jack didn't know what to say. I forged ahead, taking full control of the situation, "Did you jerk off looking at me?" He nodded. "I like it when men jerk off looking at me," I said, "Take your c--- out and let me see what you were doing."

He mumbled something. I cut him off and suggested that he just sit back and enjoy the show. I gently pushed him back onto that same couch he gave me such a great show on last week. "Now show me what you were doing," I said while slipping out of my robe. He started to stroke his c--- as my robe dropped to the floor and I stood before him completely naked. "You like this, don't you?" I asked. He nodded and stared at my body. "Good, I like to be watched" I said. "You just keep doing that while I go over here. You know, you've got quite a tool there, just keep doing what you're doing and show me just how much you like what you see."

With that, I got up, stood in front of the couch and froze for him. His dick hardened noticeably and he began to jerk it even faster. I was in heaven as I stood, legs apart, my left leg slightly bent. I placed both hands on the front of my legs and positioned my head so I was looking down and to the right, staring directly at his cock. My blond hair fell just across the top of my breasts, my nipples were almost painfully erect. I stood there frozen, a nude statue in the middle of his living room.

Standing motionless, showing my body to him, I was amazed at how large his c--- really was and hard he was breathing. I stood frozen, distant, although I was on the verge of orgasm the entire time. I was a statue, posed for his pleasure and I watched closely as his c--- strained. He was stroking quickly now - it seems he was very pleased with his new statue. I imagined myself made of marble, standing on a pedestal in a gallery, posed nude, admired by hundreds of men and women. I was distracted briefly by the tickle of a drop of my juice trickling down my leg.

Jack was groaning loudly now, and I felt that he was about to come when suddenly he stopped. He got up and began to walk around me, admiring my frozen figure. He circled my slowly, as he crossed my vision, I could see his rock hard c--- aching for attention. He came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "You're the most beautiful statue that I've ever seen, I want to put you on display for everyone to enjoy." He ran his fingers lightly across my face, down my neck and ever so lightly across my nipple. I almost had an orgasm right there. He then stood in front of me and began to masturbate furiously. I held my pose, wanting to be the perfect statue for him.

Suddenly, a flood of warm c-- splashed across my stomach and breasts. He moaned with ecstasy as large thick gobs erupted from his c--- and covered my body. I remained a statue for a few moments longer as he fell back onto the couch, exhausted. I broke my pose and retrieved my robe. He asked if he could lick my pussy, to make me feel as good as he did. I could see he was dying to please me but instead I just winked at him and said, "Maybe some other time. . . it'll give you something to think about."

With that I left him, leaving the video tape for his continuing enjoyment. I made a mad dash to my bedroom and in no time at all fingered myself to several exquisite orgasms.

I love to watch men masturbate while admiring me. Jack and I have reprised our adventure on several occasions, sometimes he gets to choose my pose, some times I just surprise him. He tells me he has some friends on the Internet that would probably enjoy me as a statue as much as he does. My new fantasy is to pose as a statue for a small audience so I can enjoy their complete and undivided attention.

Anonymous in California

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