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Northern Chill

Chapter 2


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          “Huh...huh...that was quite...mmm...quite the workout...didn’t think it’d ever end...,” Bri thought as she entered the room assigned to her, unaware of what was transpiring elsewhere in the building. Without a moment of hesitation, Bri stripped off her clothes and went into the washroom for a hot shower. As the hot water streamed down her body, Bri mentally flashed back to her time in the exercise area with the other women and how sexy they looked stretching and jogging in place.  Almost instinctively, Bri let her fingers wander downwards and she started stimulating herself as erotic visions filled her mind.

          “That was quite a shower....odd to feel so...horny while I’m still at the work place. OK, that’s strange....,” Bri mused as she stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her midsection and saw what looked to be a package of new pantyhose sitting atop her bed that she never put there. The blonde haired woman stood still for a few seconds as she tried to mentally figure out how the hose got there and who slipped it in without hearing them.

          “Hmmmph...I could stand here all day thinking about this and never get anywhere...may as well look this over....,” Bri mentally decided as she moved to the bed, sat down and started looking at the package. There was a large ST logo on the package and a smiling beaver image in the center, for some reason Bri couldn’t fathom. Noticing the size was the one she usually had for stockings, Bri slipped the hose out of its package and held it in front of her for a second two. Bri proceeded to slip the hose on over her legs and stood to pull it snug over her legs.

          “Mmmm, feels nice...I should ask someone here at ST if I can get a bunch of these for wearing at home and work.....mmmmm....,” Bri thought as she turned and pivoted in front of a nearby mirror. Feeling a sudden weakness going through, the lithe woman sat down on the bed and stretched out to regain her composure. However, this attempt was short lived as waves of pleasure started to flow through Bri’s legs and waist and, as odd as it seemed, emanated from her pantyhose.

          “Oooooohhh...mmmm....uhhhhh....,” the young woman moaned as the pleasure intensified with each passing moment. Bri’s eyes fluttered as she tried to deal with the pleasure and images that were flooding her mind. She envisioned multiple sets of hands belonging to faceless men and women caressing her nude body with particular attention paid to her legs. As the seconds passed, the pleasure increased steadily for Bri and she moaned a bit louder in response. Bri was so preoccupied with the erotic sensations flowing through her that she was oblivious to the fact that her skin was starting to take on a glossy, artificial appearance.

          As Bri continued to moan, her movements started to slow considerably even as the gloss spread outwards from her waist down through her legs. At the same moment, Bri’s arms started to shrink noticeably in length with her fingers disappearing followed by her hands and upper arms. Ordinarily, such a bizarre event would cause great alarm to the affected person but Bri seemed oblivious to it. As seconds ticked by, the artificial gloss spread rapidly over Bri’s legs and sex area with all imperfections disappearing completely. If these changes weren’t strange enough, the alterations that followed were truly bizarre as Bri’s head and torso started to retract inwards rapidly. In a matter of moments, Bri existed only as a shiny pair of legs clad in pantyhose with her sex having vanished like the rest of her body.

         “I!!...THIS a form...I display pantyhose for Owner...NOO...YESSS!!!...MMMmmmm...,” Bri thought as her human thinking mixed with the simple direction of an inanimate pantyhose form. Time, and everything else associated with human thinking, was slowly dissipating in Bri’s mind as her new form took complete control of her.

          The form laid on the bed for some time before the door to the room slowly opened and a man slowly entered the room. Glancing over at the bed, the man nodded slightly in approval before looking around the room in a way that made it obvious he was looking for anything out of the ordinary. Satisfying his curiousity, the man took out a cell phone and punched in a series of numbers before holding it up to his ear.,” Boss? Gordon here. Another item is ready for delivery. Want it wrapped, or delivered as is? Uh huh. Uh huh. OK. Closet? No prob. I’ll take care of it. Be with you shortly,” the man intoned before closing the phone and making his way to the closet.

          “OK, sweetheart. Get you packaged up and take you off to the boss. Not sure why I’m saying all this stuff out loud, to be honest. You’re just a display form, can’t hear or understand what I’m saying. Ah, well, as long as you make the folks happy.  Got the legs for it, I’ll say,” the man muttered as he briefly ran his right hand down the smooth hose covering one of the form’s legs.

          “OOOHHH...I’M BEING TOUCHED..IS IT..OWNER...MMMMM..I HOPE OWNER LIKES ME...I EXIST,” Bri mentally exulted as the form felt itself being lifted and carried a short distance over to a nearby box. The form’s thinking started to dissipate as it was set inside the box and as its thoughts faded, the memories of her life as Bri started to fade away as well. With the cover placed over the box, the form was in darkness and content to remain until taken out and used by owner for the purpose it was made.

          A purpose that was the form’s reason for display and nothing more.


            It’s quiet around here...too quiet...I think it’s time I started checking things out as THE MIGHTY SPECTRA!!!!,” Lara thought as she slipped on her blue and silver outfit with her traditional red visor. After a quick check in the mirror to make sure everything was covered just right, Spectra moved to her room door and peered out into the hallway. The only thing the heroine saw was a burly security type heading towards the elevators with some sort of box under his right arm. Figuring the best course of action was to avoid unnecessary conflicts until needed, Spectra quietly moved down the hallway, opened the door to the stairs and went inside.

            “So far, so good. I’d rather be busting heads than skulking around like some sort of detective in a goofy suit. Hmmm....,” Spectra thought as she climbed the stairs until she reached the top floor. Cracking open the door and seeing no one nearby, the buxom heroine made her way down the hallway towards the CEO’s office. Spectra was puzzled to see the reception area was completely deserted with not even a receptionist nearby. Figuring this was a lucky occurrence, Spectra strode towards the big, oak double doors at the opposite end of the room and pushed them open with ease.

            “Ahhh, come in, my dear. I had arranged for our meeting to be a private one but I had anticipated your arrival some time ago. No matter, though. We have all the time in the world,” Walter said from behind his massive desk as he idly tapped on his cell phone while talking.

            “Look, Mister Beaverton, I want to know what’s going on here. Clearly, there’s something going, huh, going on here. What’s that smell? It, hmm, it smells pretty good,” Spectra started to proclaim with her right hand pointed towards Walter for emphasis. However, her words trailed off as the heroine smelled an aroma that stimulated her senses and, inexplicably, started to arouse her senses as well.

             Walter smiled as he saw Spectra hold the back of her right hand to her forehead.“Oh, that? That is something I had added to the ventilation system and released when you entered my office. If you find it’s disorienting you in a way, take a seat and relax until you get your bearings,” Walter replied smoothly and gestured towards a black leather coach that dominated the right side of the room.

           “Ummm, I, uhhh, want you to, oohh, explain what is, mmmm, what is going on here,” Spectra sputtered as she staggered towards the indicated couch and slumped onto it as if she was on the verge of collapse. Moments after this, the busty blonde heroine started to utter soft moans of pleasure and her hands started to slowly caress her body.

              “Here? Well, my dear, ST Limited produces a wide variety of products on a worldwide basis. For one particular product line, though, the items are tailor made to the buyers’ request and very expensive. Some of the items are one of a kind, others are the basis of a product line we sell to a, ahhh, limited client list. I’ll help you get your boots and gloves off. You seem to be a bit distracted right now,” Walter said as he went over to Spectra and helped to remove the garments in question.

              “Mmmm, did, did you, oooohh, plan to trap me all along? OOOOOHHHH!!!,” Spectra moaned as she writhed more on the couch with each passing moment. After Walter gently removed her gloves, the heroine pressed her hands firmly against her sex and breasts and pushed up and down with some force. She knew that she was in a serious predicament but the ecstasy Spectra was experiencing seemed to be washing across her mind in waves that were growing in strength and frequency.

              Walter chuckled softly as he gently tugged slightly at the top of Spectra’s costume only for his hands to brushed aside by the heroine, who wriggled out of the silver costume in mere seconds. “Mmmm, something like that. We combed through the applications that are made to our corporation for legitimate job openings, selected the women closest to what the buyers desired in terms of appearance, made sure there were no, ahhh, unexpected relatives and moved to the next phase. Part two was to double check all the info provided, plan the day and time for optimum proficiency and get to the final part. The fun part,” the executive murmured.

               Spectra writhed more as the words sunk into her consciousness. Her vision was clouded by an erotic haze and this pleasure distracted her from the fact her body was changing in appearance as well.  Blemishes and other imperfections were disappearing from all parts of her body as if they were being wiped away by an invisible eraser.

               “,” Spectra gasped as her movements started to slow noticeably. At the same time, an artificial look started to become visible around her feet and sex under the pantyhose that were still pressed against her body.

               “With you in particular, it was fairly easy. We learned through research you have a weakness to pink primanite, something that ties in directly to our plans for you. The primanite was synthesized in our Canadian affiliate, purified and infused into the pair of pantyhose you are wearing now. Oh, and the Stallion device you used recently primed your body even more for what is to come. You see, the hose has been altering your physical look on a molecular level as well as preliminarily changing your mental outlook. To be blunt, my busty babe, you are being transformed into an inanimate sex doll. Nothing cheap, mind you. A very realistic sex doll. Some may even call you a Real Doll, or something like that. You’ll be a prototype for a line the company can sell throughout the world,” Walter said as he leaned in close and looked directly into her eyes.

               “You...can’t...can’t...can’t do hose...the could he...ohhh...feel so horny...ohhh..can’t...must fight...,” Spectra sputtered briefly before her ability to speak, and move, vanished completely. Looking around as best she could manage, the heroine saw that an artificial look was starting appear in areas around her ankles, thighs, sex and abdomen. Spectra figured that whatever the demented executive spouted, she would find a way to emerge triumphant in the end. Despite this thought, the heroine’s mind and body were reacting to wave upon wave of intense pleasure that led to orgasms interrupting any attempts Spectra tried to muster to oversome her situation.

               “Now, I know that on some level, you’re enjoying your transformation rather intensely but I want to make sure that you experience the full life of a pleasure giving doll. Once I’m done, well, things are going to be much more mundane for you, my dear. Instead of spending your days and nights fighting ferocious foes and battling bombastic beasts, you’ll be sitting in a box or a conveyor belt of some sort. Think of what I’m about to do as a sign of appreciation, hmmm, or something like that,” Walter said as he stood and swiftly removed his clothes. Once naked, the company head sat on the couch, grasped the dollified Spectra around the waist and pulled it onto his lap in a manner that clearly identified what he had in mind.

               “Wh...what..what’s going on...OHHHH!! that...mmmm...owner..owner touching...ooooohh...can’t..can’t think...I...I..I am...a...a heroine..a..mmm..busy...busty....mmm...OHHHH!!!...OWNER IS USING ME!!!!...OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!......,” Spectra thought as her focus started to shift back and forth suddenly. Before regaining a singular outlook, the doll experienced the sensation of Walter’s cock entering her sex. In that instant, an orgasm of an intensity stronger than anything Spectra had ever experienced ripped through her mind and body. The heroine would have screamed in exultation at that moment but her new existance as a realistic sex doll caused her to mentally react differently.

               “Sorry that I can’t use you any longer, my sexy doll, but this business doesn’t allow for excessive personal time even for me. So, it’s time to straighten things up and get you ready for the future,” Walter said while simultaneously lifting the dollified Spectra off his cock and setting her next to him on the couch. Without so much as a glance at the newly dollified heroine, Walter took a towel from a nearby cabinet and cleaned up quickly. After redressing, the executive obtained a second towel and proceeded to wipe down Spectra thoroughly, paying particular attention to the doll’s sex opening and surrounding area.

            Finishing his work, Walter went over to his desk and started talking to someone outside his office. Spectra couldn’t hear everything that was being said and as her new body was embraced by her mind more with every passing minute, she was finding it difficult to focus on anything beyond base needs.

           Some time afterwards, two men entered the room and went directly towards the dollified Spectra and her costume scattered on the floor behind her. One man took the oversized plastic bag draped over his right arm, bent down and started scooping up the costume one piece at a time. Brushing off the items somewhat gingerly, the man placed the outfit and boots inside the bag before sealing it up.

           “That wraps up this matter. Take the doll with the other items for processing and disposition. Make sure any and all personal items are accounted for and the plans for each product are followed precisely. If there are any unforeseen complications, day or night, contact me right away. Understood?,” Walter intoned to the bag holding man as well as the other men entering his suite.

           “Yes, sir. Right away, sir,” the men said as they gathered up the indicated items and headed out of the office in a hasty manner.

           Once the door to his office was closed, Walter settled into his office chair once again. Reaching into a desk drawer, the CEO pulled out his personal tablet and started tapping away for several minutes before setting it down and swiveling around to his office window. Standing up, Walter gazed through the window and could see a number of beavers working steadily to build a dam that looked to be the size of a SUV in the river.

           “A fine day...everything going as I planned...and tomorrow is only going to be better for me and my newest acquisitions,,” Walter thought to himself before sitting down at his desk and restarting his work on plans for his new items.

Some days thereafter…..


           “….say, this place is more impressive than I was led to believe in the pictures. Exquisite architecture and a fine blend of modern materials. That, and the delightful choice of items you have on display in the lobby, make this a sight to behold!,” a well dressed man carrying a briefcase in his right hand remarked with a distinctive British accent as he entered the main lobby of ST Limited.

           An energetic young woman dressed in a pink and blue jacket/skirt combination with a HI, MY NAME IS CANDI tag attached to her jacket beamed upon hearing the praise. “Thank you for the praise, Mister Smythe. Here at ST Limited, we take great pride in everything we present to the public. You’ll be interested to hear that many of the items you see on display represent products we are putting into the manufacturing line this week,” the guide said in a sweet and bubbly voice.

            “Splendid to hear that! Say, would you mind if I took a closer look at some of your displays? There’s several items that I might be interested in acquiring for my, ummm, personal collection,” Smythe asked as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

            Candi smiled and nodded “No problem at all, sir. Just remember not to put anything against the glass cases when looking. We have do have sensitive alarm systems in place to discourage undesirables,” she said somewhat solemnly.

           “Perfectly understandable, young lady, and quite sensible. Sensible and prudent,” Smythe said as he ambled over to the nearest display case. The case contained a pantyhose form with nude hose covering it sitting atop a red and gold pillow. A card attached to the glass covering detailed the composition of the item and plans for marketing/production. What the card didn’t mention, though, was the source of the form in the display.

                 “I am a pantyhose...form...I….am...a form...I…..” the form formerly known as Bri thought as it slowly turned inside the case. All thoughts she had of her life as a woman were fading away with each passing day and replaced with the simple desires of a pantyhose form.

                 “Splendid looking stuff! Simply splendid! I do have a question though about the interactive item that is walking about,” Smythe asked Candi and gestured towards the lifesize wind-up doll that was walking back and forth in front of the elevator area. When a person walked up to the elevator, the doll would stop, salute and welcome the person to the headquarters.

                  “Ahhh, you’ve noticed the Toy Kelsea interactive display. We’re not sure whether we’ll be producing that unit in large quantities or in smaller amounts,” Candi said sweetly.

                  “Oh, I understand that. My question, though, relates to the outfit she is wearing. It seems apparent to even this old duffer that your toy isn’t wearing, ahhh, enough undergarments and is showing a bit of, ahhh, leakage, if you know what I mean,” Smythe said quietly as he nodded towards the red and black uniformed doll with nude pantyhose clad legs.

                  Peering in the direction of Toy Kelsea, Candi saw there was a thin stream of fluid of visible beneath the surface of her pantyhose. Glancing upwards, Candi saw that the fluid was flowing from an area normally covered by panties and realized there was a problem with the outfit.

                 “Oh. We’ll take care of that minor issue right away,” Candi said softly as she pulled out what looked to be a cell phone, pointed in Toy Kelsea’s direction and depressed the red button. Less than a second later, Toy Kelse froze with her hand raised to her head in a salute and a bright smile etched on her face.

                 “Security. Issue with greeter in lobby. Remove for immediate correction,” Candi said to an unknown person via her cell before closing her phone and tucking it away. Grasping Smythe around his right elbow, Candi steered the man towards another display in the lobby. As she did, two well dressed men wearing sunglasses rushed into the lobby, picked up Toy Kelsea and carried her to a nearby elevator.

Elsewhere at that time…..

                  The production floor for ST Limited was busy on a typical weekday but on this day, output had been altered due to the addition of three new products to the lines.

                  On the silver conveyor belt, the computer was busy scanning a single item in a methodical manner with several machines buzzing nearby. The item in question was a fully inflated love doll lying at a 45 degree angle atop a metal table. Next to the doll was the box it normally resided in with LUSCIOUS LIA stamped on the box top. Inside the box, a bra and panty set were affixed to the bottom in a manner that framed the doll when deflated and stored.

                 As the scan completed, a machine next to it hummed and buzzed with a doll matching the original emerging onto the conveyor belt and rolling towards waiting company workers. The workers briefly checked the doll for any imperfections or punctures before sending the newly created love doll onto the final station. At that station, the newly created dolls were lifted by robotic arms, folded into a neat pile, slid into a clear plastic bag and deposited into open boxes at the end of the belt. The boxes were picked up a worker, sealed and placed into a large cardboard box for shipping or inventory purposes.

                “ good..dolly….hope...owner….uses...Luscious..Lia….dolly...needs...fucking…” the doll formerly known as Lia thought as the simple wants and desires of a sex doll became more prevalent seemingly with every computer scan.

                 On the conveyor belt next to the Lia love doll line, another inflatable doll that was new to ST Limited was in production.DOUBLE D DENISE was the love doll that was being produced on that conveyor belt but unlike the Lia doll, the boxes contained more than the doll itself. Several workers could be seen holding bags of clothing that were placed inside the boxes and attached via twist ties to the interiors. These bags had labels with TEACHER, CHEERLEADER and LIFEGUARD written on them and various articles of attire inside that seemed suitable for the tag in question.

                   As for the doll that was being copied, the transformed Denise sat securely in her new home. Although her body was now nothing more than a pile of deflated latex and plastic, her mind was still active although her thinking was jumbled, to say the least.

                   “Dolly is so horny...dolly wants to be used...make owner happy...NO!!’m Denise...Denise...Double D Denise….need to please...owner...where is owner...NO!!!...I..I..mmm...need...need to fuck,” the dollified Denise thought as her thoughts as a normal, vivacious women became secondary to the simplistic desires of a blow-up sex doll.

                    On the third belt dedicated to new product production, a real doll sat under a scanning device as nearby machinery waited to produce a number of copies of it. For Spectra, this was humiliating on many levels. First, the heroine had been transformed into a silicone Real Doll that would not be recognized by any person who happened to see her in her current state and was unaware of what had happened to her. Another concern Spectra was experiencing was that despite her lengthy list of times that the heroine had escaped perils such as this one, this one might be the most difficult for her to extract herself from at some point. The person responsible for her current state had accounted for her powers by including pink primanite in the clothing she was now dressed in. Even if that attire was removed, Spectra could feel traces of primanite bonded to her hair that rendered incapable of changing her fortune and emerging triumphant as always.

                       “This can’t be...I’m the Mighty Spectra...not some sex doll...doll...doll wants to be used...give pleasure to purpose...NOO!!...I am a crimefighter..a hero..not something to be toyed with…” Spectra thought as her mind bounced between what was her normal heroic tendencies and the simple desires of a realistic sex doll. As the computer scanned the heroine’s body from head to toe, a molding machine next to the belt started to rapidly copy the Spectra doll schematics.

                        In a very short period of time, the machine shut down followed by the discharging of a newly created Real Doll that mimicked Spectra’s appearance right down to the blonde hair, large breasts and eyes that seemed frozen in a moment of passion.

                       All three belts continued to roll out replicas of the dolls they were based on and these were packaged and placed into boxes for shipping all around the world. For the workers, it was a fairly routine shift with no problems handling the new products. For the three who were women and now existed as synthetic sex dolls, the new routine was to be founding parts of the company’s product line. If they were fortunate, the owner might choose to avail himself to their inanimate bodies that ached constantly for pleasure.

In the CEO office…..

                         “...say, I didn’t expect to have this kind of thing to happen so soon after initial installation and launch of the new products. From what was reported to me by the lobby guide, it seems you, my lovely dolly, are more physically, ahhh, aroused by your new state of being than I anticipated. I think I’ll have to make some personal adjustments to ensure there are no future incidents with you, Toy Kelsea,” Walter intoned as he walked around the motionless doll, who had been temporarily stripped of all garments.

                         Moving over to a wooden box Walter had brought in at the same time Toy Kelsea was delivered, the CEO pulled out what appeared to be a flesh colored bra and panty set.

                          “To start, these garments should help to prevent any incidents like the one you experienced this morning. They are designed to absorb and dissipate fluid leakage of any amount during an average day. Let me just slip these on you and you’ll be all set,” Walter said as he stepped forward and started to slip the garments onto Kelsea’s still form.

                           With that task, Walter went back to his desk and retrieved what looked to be an odd looking remote. Pausing in front of Kelsea, he leaned forward so that he was looking directly into Kelsea’s eyes from an inch or two away.

                           “Now, to make things a bit easier for your transition, and to answer a question I have about you personally, I’m going to restore your ability to think and talk on a minimal level temporarily. Once this is done, I’m going to ask you what can be done to enhance your enjoyment of your state and perhaps lesson the chances of, ahhh, incidents like today,” Walter said smoothly as he depressed the red button on the remote.


                          Walter leaned in close and listened as Kelsea talked at a voice barely above a whisper. As she talked, a smile appeared on Walter’s face.

                          “Well, well, well. That’s interesting to know, and helpful,” Walter said as a plan started to form in his mind.



Just over nine months later…..

                           The main lobby at ST Limited was a busy area at the office tower with more well dressed men, and a few women, circulating the vicinity. The various items on display were drawing attention, particularly the new items.

                        “….for...ummm….owner...I…….name….I…….a...hose...form…..” the form that used to be Bri thought in a manner that showed the simple desires of its current inanimate look were increasingly the only thoughts it was having. The pantyhose form slowly rotated inside the glass cabinet with light shimmering off the new hose adorning its legs. Next to Bri’s showcase, there was a torso form wearing a black silk bra and panty set and a panty form with white panties adorning it in showcases on either side.

                         Nearby, in showcases lining the right wall of the lobby, there were three amazingly realistic love dolls on display. For the showcase marked DENISE, the doll inside was wearing a red and white cheerleading outfit with blue ties in her hair and red high heels. The doll’s left arm, supported by pegs, was positioned straight holding a pom pom in the air. The doll’s right arm was bent at the elbow with the hand resting on her hip. Whether the doll on display was the transformed Denise or one of the many copies made by the company since her “joining” the company was a secret known only to Walter.

                    To the left of the Denise doll was a display showcase with LIA stamped on its plaque.  Inside that showcase, the Lia doll was seen wearing a black and white latex bra top and high cut panties with red high heel shoes adorning its doll feet. The doll’s left hand was posed behind her head with the right hand resting on her hip.

                    To the right of the Denise doll was a showcase with THE MIGHTY SPECTRA stamped on the name plate. The doll was garbed in Spectra’s silver and blue uniform with cape and red visor over its eyes. More than a few people that journeyed through the lobby had told the guide Candi that the Spectra doll looked exaggerated in the chest area.  Whether that fact was real, extra padding built into the doll’s costume or some sort of technological illusion was unclear but it, along with the other dolls, made for a breathtaking display.

                     “Splendid looking products on display, my dear. I see by my watch that it’s almost three o’clock.  I gather the usual performance is going to be taking place here today, yes?” Smythe asked Candi as he reached into a vest pocket and looked at his pocket watch.

                    “You’re correct, Mr. Smythe. They’ll be coming out to perform by those doors any minute now,” Candi intoned as she gestured towards two gold doors with brass handles located at the far end of the lobby.

                    As if the talk could be heard by unseen folks, the lights in the lobby dimmed slightly. Moments later, accompanied by the sounds of music from March of the Wooden Soldiers, the doors swung open and five lifesize wind-up toy soldiers marched out. Each soldier was garbed in a red latex tunic with silver buttons and matching sash running from the left shoulder to the right hip. Nude, tan colored pantyhose and black thigh high boots adorned their legs that swung in perfect synchronicity to their swinging arms. Small black furry hats sat on each doll’s head and held in place with a gold chin strap.

                    For the dolls themselves, they each had bright red dots on their cheeks and bright smiles adorning their faces. Each doll had a silver and gold jewel encrusted key jutting out of their back that slowly wound down as they moved. The five dolls proved to be an enchanting display for the onlookers, who murmured in appreciation of their looks.

                    As all five wind-up dolls became fully visible, the discrepancy in their individual looks was the only hint that the dolls were originally real women and not artificial constructs built by the company.

                   The first life sized toy to emerge had a name tag with Erythia written on it. The tallest of the five, the blue eyed blonde haired doll marched at an even pace with no trace of thought evident in her face, which was true in fact. With her platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, Erythia was quite a striking doll figure and caused more than a few folks to talk about her quietly.

                     The next wind-up doll after bore the name tag Allison on her uniform. The shortest of the five dolls but definitely the most well endowed, Allison marched in lock step with her fellow dolls.With her bright blue eyes and flaming red hair tucked under the cap all five wore, the Allison doll drew more than a few nods of approval from the male observers and more than that.

                     The third doll to march in the procession had Dawn etched on her tag. The olive skinned doll marched like the others in the line as she proceeded towards the center of the lobby. Dawn swiveled her arms and legs as she marched along in accordance with orders all five dolls were given before the performance.

                      The fourth doll in the line had a tag with Petra emblazoned on it. The fair skinned woman had blonde hair that hung past her shoulders Judging by her face, some in the crowd of onlookers might mistake her as a young woman dressed for fun times at an upcoming party. However, the crowd figured it was just amazing realism and knew that Petra was just a wind-up doll that marched with the others in a routine requiring no independent thought.

                      The last wind-up doll to emerge had two notations on its uniform just above the right breast. The doll had Captain etched on the top nametag and Kelsea on the tag below it. A fact known only to Walter and a few others at the company was that Kelsea was the first individual acquired for their lifesize wind-up doll product line. After her addition, the executives tweaked a few details for additional wind-up dolls that were to come. Namely, they added plastic covers to certain areas of the dolls to hide any unwanted liquid discharges. Also, to make the transition from living woman to living windable doll, Walter had Kelsea assume control over the other dolls for performances to the public. Walter was also planning to allow Kelsea a small measure of free will to command her fellow dolls in future performances.

                        With all five dolls out, they marched in a line followed by a circle and a slow moving pinwheel formation, to the approval of the onlookers. After that, the five went through another set of doors on the right for a brief spell only to emerge with cymbals clutched in their hands. As a marching tune played through speakers above them, the five marched in high lock step and banged the cymbals together every two or three seconds. The audience noticed the cymbals had soft rubber lining the interior of the cymbals to lessen the noise generated.

                          Finally, after several more formations, the five dolls stood in a line next to each other. With saluting gestures that indicated their keys were nearly done energizing them, four of the five stood and smiled for the crowd.

                         “Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoyed the show. You can, CLICK, buy dolls like us through the, CLICK, online store. We will, CLICK, be performing again, CLICK, in two, CLICK, days, CLICK, at the same time,” Kelsea intoned for the audience before her key wound down completely. As it did, all five wind-up dolls slowly bent over at the waist in a motionless pose.

                          The crowd applauded enthusiastically as company personnel emerged to lift up the dolls and take them away for maintenance and preparation for the next public appearance. For the onlookers, more than a few were tapping away on their respective cells to place orders for the wind-up dolls with looks that appealed to their respective tastes.

                        Watching all this activity via close circut monitors atop his office desk, Walter smiled as he leaned back in his chair. Glancing over at another monitor, he saw sales projections for the new dolls, pantyhose forms and lifesize wind-up dolls and his smile broadened as a new thought entered his mind.

                         “Might be time to do some more hiring. Positions need to be filled, after all,” Walter thought before chuckling out loud.

                        “Got to fill a demand for quality products,” Walter muttered as he started to initiate the hiring process once again. For some, it would be the job of a ways they would never expect.