A Linda Doll

by DX

A chubby Rolls Royce of metallic bronze rolled its way slowly and quietly down the rain washed street. Crawling gently over the spring cracks in the old asphalt, it slowly made its way parallel to the old vine encrusted wall and up into the driveway, the wrought iron gates almost magically swinging open in welcome.

With the lightest of touches, Linda steered her Rolls down the wavy red brick driveway, slowing to a stop at the steps of the manor. It was every bit as impressive as she had imagined.

She bowed as she stepped from the door, her wide brim sun hat catching the morning sun, blocking out the skin aging rays. She glanced at the gardener working in patch of white popping flowers dropping a sack of peat moss from his shoulders and Linda marveled at how the sun rippled across his glistening back. She could not imagine a wrinkle on that body.

"Good morning Mrs. Abrams. The doctor will be right with you."

Linda turned and looked up the short steps, her near opaque sunglasses saving her from squinting, hoping to avoid crows feet in the corners of her eyes. Nurse Magilacutty (why did that name sound so familiar?) stood in the door way. Her crisp, starched uniform was a brilliant white. Simple, stoic, yet it emphasized the shape of her body. Her heaving bosom and wasp waist billowed into curvaceous hips. Her micro-skirt ended there, covering nothing yet hiding everything. Her white stockinged legs pouring like cream into her white 4" pumps.

Linda made her way up the short steps carrying her bubble of regality about her. Nurse Magilacutty bowed slightly in a submissive gesture. "Is there anything I can get you? Some light breakfast perhaps?"

Linda looked at the nurse's porcelain face framed by escaping wisps of hair, black and shining like wet tar, spilling from her tiny cap. Her deep brown eyes and long, long waving lashes blinked attentively. Her lips of ruby posed in a delicate bow.

Linda snorted. "Yes. A rusty scalpel and five minutes alone with your face."

Her tiny ruby lips smiled politely. "Will there be anything else?

Linda sighed and looked back at the gardener working in the sun. " Yes. I want him on a large silver tray with a bottle of Bosco syrup."

Nurse Magilacutty blushed scandalously. "What would Mr. Abrams say?"

Blushing? Linda thought. What a pure and wonderfully honest reaction... she should have brought her own scalpel. "What would I care? I have his Rolls, I have his money and I have his undying love and adoration; what do I care what he has to say. Next you'll have me in the same room with that slug." She looked up at the nurse's perfect face. "A bourbon in a highball glass, splash a ice cube in, swish it about for thirty seconds, not twenty eight, not thirty two, then rescue it and bring it here. The drink that is. Do as you will with the ice cube. I'll be watching the flower show." Linda looked out to the garden and marveled how his jeans could cling so tightly.

"Excuse me Ma'am." The nurse said. "But alcohol is not advised before the procedure. We do have some fresh squeezed orange juice."

Linda looked back at the nurse and her so damned pleased to serve you smile. "Throw two fingers of vodka in there and fail to recuse the ice cube."

The nurse smiled and with a bow and a turn, went inside.
Linda watched her hip sway down the hall. The nurse had been one of the deciding factors to get the procedure done. Her mind reeled when the doctor told her the nurse was forty two.

"Let me guess," She asked skeptically. "Transplant her brain into a sixteen year old body and the trigger got stuck on the silicon gun?"

But the doctor took out her high school year book from 1972.

Linda's eyes grew wide and the doctor only smiled. "No brain transplant."

Linda wandered into the long main hall of the manor and looked at the mannequins that stood like statues of armor. There were six of them. Six different ones than what were there when she first saw the doctor but no less amazing. They were perfect, almost like humans frozen in time. Four women, two men. Gowns, tuxedo's, nightgowns, bathing suits. They were perfect humans in every way.

She looked up to the first one. Poised on her pedestal, her hands in her scarlet hair, ready to open it to a spring breeze, her expression of joy was almost inspiring.

She heard the doctor enter, but she could not look away from the face before her. The deep green eyes shone like a wet jungle leaf.

Her skin, ivory smooth and without blemishes. Her lips, looked tasty and inviting.

She turned quickly at the doctor's approach. "That's what I want doctor. I want perfection. I want to be the fantasy of every male. I want to be irresistible. I want to be an object to be fought over in silly boyish wars like Helen of Troy. I want to be on that pedestal. I want to be worshiped as Cleopatra or Katherine the Great."

The doctor looked so young and blonde with a male model's casual stance. Like a Ken doll, fresh out of the plastic. He smiled. "You are already that Mrs. Abrams."

She tightened her fists. "I want it to last. I don't want to worry about sleeping on one side of my face too long or smiling to much or hiding from the sun like a vampire. I don't want to grow old. I want immortality or as close to it as possible." She looked up at the exquisite mannequin.
"And I want bigger breasts."

"You don't need bigger breasts."

"Can you do it?" She looked at him.

"Breasts, yeah, that's easy."

"I mean... you know!"

"Mrs. Abrams. I can take years from your body and then let you keep them for the rest of your life. My process has shown to extend life beyond the average span and let you keep your beauty. Better than Russians in a Dannon Yogurt commercial."

Nurse Magilacutty silently entered the room with a glass of glowing orange juice on a silver tray. Linda scooped it up and took a gulp like it was a shot of whiskey. She glowered at the nurse. "Next time you pour vodka, take a half step closer to the glass." She looked to the doctor. "Lets go."

She followed the doctor through the long maze halls to his office where Mrs. Ratchett greeted them (another familiar name). Linda didn't look up at the majestic beauty and her historical victorian nurses uniform, she only handed her the orange juice, headed to the examination room, stepped behind the curtain and stripped her clothes, donning her hospital smock. While Nurse Magilacutty folded and hung Linda's clothes, Nurse Ratchett escorted her to the operating room and sat her up on the white covered table.

"I'm sure Mr. Abrams will be pleased at the new you." Ratchett made small talk.

Linda looked at the demure face of Nurse Ratchett and could only think of War posters with a black cloaked nurse maternally cradling one of the injured boys as the American flag rippled behind her. She was a pin up girl in white.

Linda became cross. "Why does everyone want me to please my husband? He and I have an agreement. He gives me money and I let people call me Mrs. Abrams to my face."

Any snappy retort would have crashed Nurse Magilacutty's little brain but Nurse Ratchett only smiled. "Then why are you doing it?"

"For me of course, who else? If I can divert the funding that feeds a small African Nation so construction workers can break their necks gawking a second look at this face and body then I'll do it in a heart beat. Me, me, me... and perhaps my new boyfriend."

"I see. If men have mistresses, what do women have?"

"Escorts, and I'll be opening up a service with very exclusive clientele, mainly me." Linda scooted a little on the table to peer out the window. "And I think I see my first employee now."

"Well, he does like working with his hands."

"Honey, Its not his hands I'm after."

The doctor coughed politely as he entered the room. "Lets get this show on the road." He said stepping behind Linda. "Look forward please. You'll feel a slight pinch." There was more than a slight pinch at the base of her neck as a shard of ice pushed in.

"Ow! How would you like a slight pinch." Linda went to rub the growing ball of cold on her neck, but Nurse Ratchett held her hands and placed them in her lap.

"Hold still for a moment."

Linda glared at her. "You hold still Miss Red Cross. Why don't you duck out and get us some doughnuts and coffee. Make mine a 'Kahlua'.

The Doctor stepped in front of her, quickly shinning a light in her eyes "Just keep looking forward." He turned off his light and held out his hands. "Squeeze my hands."

Linda took a grip still staring ahead. She could see part of the garden , and the Bronze skin of her Rolls pealing out of the driveway with Nurse Magilacutty behind the wheel.

"Where is she taking my car?"

"She is going to wreck it." The doctor answered matter of factly.

"I know that, but where is she taking it?"

"Squeeze my hand. To some cliffs up the coast."

Linda's anger flared. "Not funny. I don't like people driving my car."

"Squeeze my hand."

"I Am Squeezing!"

Without effort, the doctor slipped his hands out of her limp grip. Nurse Ratchett and the doctor eased Linda down onto the table, laying her flat on her back. Linda could only barely mumble, "What is going on?

"I'm sorry about your car Mrs. Abrams, but it was the best way to explain your 'death'. You should not drink and drive."

Linda could feel cold, wrapping around her neck like a strangler's hands. She felt her limbs relaxing and ignoring her commands to move. "I... I'm paralyzed!"

"Something like that. The shot I gave you arrests a section of the synaptic gaps in the dorsal cortex canceling out voluntary movement. That's the group of nerves in your spine that allows your brain to give orders to your body. Soon, this area of nerves will die completely." He took a sharp probe from the tray at his side. "Reflexes..." He poked her in the bottom of her foot and her leg jerked slightly. Still work. Your breathing and heart rate will slow to an almost catatonic state."

"I don't lige...like dis...this." Linda's heart began to pound as real fear began to set in.

"You won't be able to talk in a moment which, I feel, is no great loss. You see Mrs. Abrams, the procedure is a bit more encompassing than we led you to believe. You wanted to become an object of desire, and you will."

"No..." Was all she could mumble weakly.

"After that takes full affect, you'll be injected with an engineered bacterium which will selectively bridge that gap of dead nerves. This new Bacterium is more accepting of outside stimulus which allows us to place artificial and cybernetic components inside your body. With enough research, I can eventually use this technology to help everyone. Right now I am funding myself by selling...dolls."

Linda's eyes grew as wide as plates as she realized that all the statues , the mannequins in the hall were people, frozen stiff like she was. "You can'd do thiss. My usband will resgu, rescu, get me."

"I don't foresee a rescue Mrs. Abrams. Who did you tell? What weakness did you admit to when you told someone that you were going to see a plastic surgeon? It was going to be your little secret, wasn't it? Only your plastic surgeon would know. And his staff."

Linda felt her heart slowing from its pounding as the rest of her relaxed against what her brain wanted to do. She felt her jaw unclenching as her ability to talk faded away. She glanced about but saw only the bright light of the operating theatre as the doctor continued the procedure.

"Okay, things are going as planned. First the hardware..."

"The breasts?" Nurse Ratchett spoke up hopefully.

"She has lovely breasts. She doesn't need bigger breasts."

"What man could resist a woman with 44 double-D breasts?"

"Oh god! Her frame is not suited for that!"

"42, then."

The doctor leaned over Linda, searching her face. Her eyes were still moving, looking about in desperation. "Well, you said you wanted bigger boobs, honey." He looked at his Nurse. "Get me 38C saline."


The doctor sighed. "Alright, 40D. While we are in there, we can add the new sensors in her nipples."

Nurse Ratchett pulled back a cloth covering a tray. "Sensors and saline right here."

The doctor looked at the tray and the packets of saline that would give Linda bigger breasts. "Am I that easy? Alright. Smock up, put her under and lets get to work.

Time passed for Linda in a hazy state. When they were working on her, she seemed alert to what was going on although she was unable to move in the slightest way. The doctor briefed his nurses before each operation, the first was removing some muscles from her legs to allow a computer component with a battery pack that would probably out last them all. She remembered the doctor placing plastic shields over her eyes to keep them from drying out since she could not blink at a normal rate. Nurse Magilacutty shaved off all of her body hair, then treated her body for a skin cover. The doctor tsk'ed that the Plaskin had no other real purpose because the normal wear of a moving body would cause it to break apart so it could not be used as replacement skin, but for a doll, it should do well. The doctor quipped that Linda would save a fortune never having to buy Nair again. Nurse Ratchett attached a scalp cover with a fungal resin that would bond itself to Linda's scalp and then grow quickly to a full, voluptuous head of hair. A retardant would then be added to keep it at a fixed length.

Her fingernails and toenails were painfully removed, roots and all and replaced with plastic. Other bits of sensors and plugs were planted in different places. An electric muscle stimulator to prevent atrophy of limbs. A waste storage area and a glucose supply reservoir was implanted in her abdomen after several yards of intestine was removed. The replacement access would be though her vagina.

The doctor poised about to inject the bacterium into the tiny, newly installed radio shielding box at the top of Linda's spine. "This is wrong. He mumbled. "Here we are, with technology on the verge of being useful, helpful to mankind and I am hoarding it to build a private fortune, hoping to stumble upon the solution myself. I should be sharing the data with the rest of the scientific community, pooling our vast wealth of knowledge and intellect to use this science to make the lame walk, the blind to see! And we the world, would share in the Nobel Peace Prize as a newly formed alliance of science heading into the future!" He looked at his two nurses then shrugged his shoulders. "Naaaaa!"

Nurse Magilacutty gasped. "You scared me!"

Nurse Ratchett handed him the Bacterium syringe. "I thought for a second you were gonna start singing "Kum Bye Ya."

Linda barely felt the needle in the back of her neck. They covered her inert body with a sheet, dimmed the lights and left her alone on the table. Like a child's doll put down to rest, her eyes closed. Alone, unfettered, and very helpless, Linda felt herself drift off to a sleep without dreams.

- - -

Linda's eyes opened and with her peripheral vision, she could see Nurse Magilacutty leaning over her, checking a monitor and marking their numbers on a chart. She could not move at all.

"Oh." Magilacutty noticed. "Your awake." She seemed almost apologetic as she made a quick note on her clip board. "Well. I'll let you know that everything has exceeded our expectations." The nurse lifted the mounded bed sheet and peered under. "And I mean everything."

Linda could feel the tiny breeze curl around her nipples and they responded in kind. She seemed very alert, more than ever before. Her nose caught a faint and gentle scent. Was it Magilacutty's perfume?

The nurse only looked and marveled. "Oh my." She whispered. "Seems I've gone and done it." She pulled the sheet back and with a feather touch, stroked Linda's quickly swelling nipple.

Linda suddenly felt her eyes flutter and warmth rise to her cheeks. Was she blushing? She could feel her chest begin to move as her pulse quickened. The scent was getting stronger and it seemed to wrap itself around her brain like a warm, fuzzy scarf.

The nurse leaned forward and their lips brushed. Linda felt herself wanting more, her lips beginning to push forward. Linda's eyes closed as the nurse leaned forward and their lips met, parted and to her astonishment, their tongues leapt out and danced playfully together.

Linda had never before kissed a girl and now there was nothing in the world she wanted more. Her mouth was animated as their lips moved together.

Linda was intoxicated by the nurse's scent. Her eyes flung open as Magilacutty pulled away with a gasp. "I'm not letting this go to waste." She hiked up her short skirt and climbed up on the table, straddling Linda's head.

The smell was strongest here and to Linda it was sweet as spring blossoms. Her head lifted slightly as her tongue shot out with sudden urgency, a delicate flicker that sent shudders through Magilacutty.

Linda felt it growing within her as Magilacutty gripped the table tighter. It was a spark she could feel within her own body, as if a soft tongue played with her clitoris. She knew the sheet still covered her but with each groan of pleasure that the nurse gave, she felt it was her own pleasure too.

Suddenly Nurse Magilacutty jerked up and way. Linda felt the scent drifting away, her ability to move, however slight, was fading. Her head, slowly settled back on to the pillow.

Linda could still look about and there was Nurse Ratchett, holding clean linen in her hands. The two nurses stared at each other silently. Nurse Ratchett only smiled her noble smile and set down her sheets. She cupped Magilacutty's face with her hands and kissed her gently on the lips.  Don't stay out too late." She whispered as she left the room.

Magilacutty lowered herself down again and the scent returned. Linda went back to her licking, her strength returning, almost picking up where they left off. Quickly, Linda was almost screaming, biting her hand to stifle her cries as her body began to tremble. Linda could hear herself panting and grunting as her lips suckled and her tongue teased. She drove her face into the nurse's body as an orgasm locked into both of them simultaneously.

Panting, sweating, Nurse Magilacutty laid on top of Linda until the shaking slowed down and she could climb off without falling to the floor. Linda felt wonderful, not remembering when she ever had climaxed so intensely. It was so good.

Quickly, Magilacutty wiped Linda off with a wash cloth and changed the linen. She made a few notes on her clip board, brushing an errant curl of hair from her forehead, and dimmed the lights. She leaned over, bushing lips again with Linda before leaving. As the scent faded, Linda became motionless and rigid once more.

Linda felt herself fading to sleep without dreams but very happy with herself.

Linda eye's sprang open as she awoke to the sound of her husband's voice. She was in the hallway, standing on the very pedestal that she had looked at longingly only a few... days, weeks, months ago? It didn't matter. She could only look ahead and listen. She was stiff as a statue.

"I loved her." Her husband said. "You know I didn't mind that she had a lover. I mean, I figured that one man would not be enough for a woman like Linda. It's just that, that, there where so many lovers."

"Yes Mr. Abrams, I understand." The doctor nodded, not really caring.

"She filmed herself once and accidentally left the tape in the VCR. It was her doing the entire bridal party on our wedding night. She said she had a headache and wanted to sleep in the other room of our hotel suite."

"Yes Mr. Abrams, now there..."

"And there was the time when she converted three gay men and a Llama..."

"That's quite a bit more information than we need at this time. The doctor interrupted him. "Everything is taken care of. Because the Bacterium in her system is susceptible to radio frequencies, you have to keep her away from power lines, microwaves and stuff like that. Every six months or so, one of my nurses will stop by to replace her supply reservoirs and any other maintenance which should be minimal to none. The last thing that we need is for you and her to interact. We'll put you two alone in a room for a bit and you guys can do anything you like; watch t.v., talk sports. You can talk sports and she'll listen intently which would be a first, I imagine. She is already programmed to respond to your voice. We just want to get any other factors to make her, 'Your's'. Now there are no cameras or anything like that. We will just see some boring numbers and make adjustments accordingly. Now, if you'll just take care of this bill..."

Linda felt herself being lifted, then strapped to a handcart. Nurses Magilacutty and Ratchett took her to a lovely sitting room. They sat her on the couch, casually crossing her legs at the knee. Nurse Ratchett touched up Linda's hair that did not need touching up. She needed no makeup. All of that was surgically taken care of. She even had a new resin gland that made her lips a shiny, dark ruby red.

Ratchett stood up, then pinched Magilacutty's fanny to get her attention and the two nurses stepped out.

Alone Linda felt herself start to fade into limbo, but she came back the moment her husband came in the room. He sat beside her on the couch looking like a nervous teenager on a first date. He nudged closer and touched her arm. Linda only stared forward. He looked for a reaction and getting none, he kissed her very gently. 'Not bad' Linda thought. 'But no Magilacutty.' Although the reaction was not as strong, she felt her breathing deepen.

He kissed her again and Linda conceded that he was improving. Her eyes blinked and her cheeks grew warm.

"There is something that I have always wanted, but you never gave me." He suddenly announced making a decision. He stood up and took off his pants and pulled down his boxers and then sat back on the couch. She suddenly smelled him, rich and masculine like a wood shop and her eyes fluttered. She could look down and she saw his penis, small and wrinkled, but cute in its own way.

He gently placed his hand at the back of her head, his fingers brushing against her peach-fuzz still growing hair and guided her down. Her tongue moved slowly, licking slowly, and as his little member began to stir, she felt herself also stir. Her tongue flashed faster, more supple. Her tongue, almost tasting his smell, circled the head and ran along the shaft. He was hard as a rock as her lips enveloped the head and she slowly took him in, like a constrictor having her dinner. There was no hesitation.

Mr. Abrams leaned back, amazed that this was what he had been missing. Hook his hands and gripped into the couch, letting Linda do her work. Linda could feel her legs uncross so she could lean more easily. She felt that she could move her arms. Her hands felt like mittens, but she could use them to support her as she began to rhythmically pump her husband. She placed one hand on the couch, the other on his thigh.

She was amazed at the intensity she could feel, almost like breaking chains of repression. She suckled him and licked him then pushed her head down until he tickled her throat. She felt each stroke within her and it felt like lightning. She took her hand from the couch and placed it on his chest to hold him down as he panted and squealed. She could feel herself grunting, snorting as she drove down on him. She had dragged out the pleasure as long as it could go and when he came, it was in a seizure. She felt her self contract as it hit her as well. His cum exploded in her mouth and felt like gobs of hot butter against the back of her tongue.

She licked him clean. Feeling her limbs stiffen, she sat back up, placed her hands in her lap with a very pleased smile and a curling tongue like a cat getting every bit from her lips. Her expression froze.

Mr. Abrams only panted. "Don't bother wrap it, I'll wear her home."

Linda's new home as a large padded cedar chest at the foot of their spacious bed. Consuela the maid would unlock the chest, lifting the lid and folding down the front, and give Linda her sponge baths and then dress her in some sexy lingerie for Mr. Abrams. Consuela was always very professional much to Linda's dismay for the lovely Mexican maid had a wonderful scent that could start Linda with only minimal prodding.

One early morning her eyes popped open. She found herself in the library room where her husband had left her. He had taken to screwing her in different rooms of the house and she could remember being bent over the computer desk taking it from behind.

She had to brace her hand on the wall to keep from going through it!

She blushed as she remembered how much fun that was and was ready for a second round.

There was no one in the room. What had activated her?

This had never happened before. Confused she looked around and found that she could move her head! Only when stimulated could she move at all and now, alone she could move. She felt her voice squeak within her and realized that speech was not going to happen.

She then realized the computer was on. Beside it, the printer scrolled out a fax. Quickly her mind added it up. The computer monitor was on standby and when the fax came in the monitor clicked on and it was interfering with her Bacterium thing.

Her mind reeled with the idea. She could be free! Her eyes scanned the screen as knew she didn't have much time. With her foot, she could nudge slightly closer to the desk and felt it easier to move. Her arms, stiff and awkward and her hands like lobster claws fumbled for a pencil. She could leave a note for Consuela; "Help! I'm not a doll! Its me Linda! Take me to a hospital and call the police to arrest my husband!"

The pencil slipped from her stiff hand, the note unwritten. She could imagine Consuela reading the note slowly, translating it into Spanish. Then looking away and ripping it to shreds. Linda remembered all the horrible things she had done to her maid, most of it just to be mean. Worst of all, Consuela would not turn her employer over to the police, not after the soft hearted fool sponsored her son to go to school in the States and helped her get her citizenship. "Citizenship?" Linda had said. "Next it will be the cousins, then the chickens and dogs."

Linda closed her eyes and tried to shut out the memory. The Linda of before was mean, cruel to those who loved her and spiteful to everyone.

She looked at the monitor. The fax was done and the screen would blink out any second. With her hand, she nudged the mouse and opened up the note screen. With slow and awkward hand she typed a note: 'Tel thee doctort thaty the Bactriuum shielding must be strongert. Meanbwhile, I mustr be kept away from the monitor. Love, Linda.'

She didn't bother to correct her mistakes. She only kicked they chair away from the desk, letting the wheels roll. She felt her body suddenly relax and she was no longer able to move.

She sighed, and with a slight tilt of her head, she could see herself in the antique mirror. She was ten years younger with rosy cheeks, gleaming red lips and still growing, but still beautiful hair. Her face was perfect with a delicate smile of content and she realized that she had gotten more than what she asked for.

She was lovely outside, and now was lovely inside.

The monitor clicked off and Linda drifted off to sleep and had perfectly wonderful dreams.

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