Lisa's New Job (Her Work Will Never End)

by D

Lisa keeps flipping the channels as she wonders just how she is going to deal with her situation... She still loves Steve but she isn't in love with him. She has been with him for the last 3 years and she hasn't had to work any on her own during that time. She feels trapped. She wonders if there is anything left that she can do by herself.

{If I leave him what will I do?}she says to herself. To take her mind off of her worries she looks at her nails... {Hmmm. They are getting a little long ... I need to tend to them.} She grabs a file and the polish. {I haven't worn anything on these nails in a while... I am lucky to still have all ten in this good condition.} She files them just to shape them and leaves them about the same length, about one half inch past the tips of her fingers. She then applies a nail base coat and blows them dry; she then applies a nail strengthener and last a quick dry top coat. After all that she laughs out loud. "Three bottles of clear; that's a lot of work just to polish them clear." Just as she starts to place all the bottles of polish on the coffee table, the phone rings.

She carefully picks up the phone and answers "Hello?"...

The voice on the phone asks, "Does a Miss Lisa Morgan live at this number?"

Lisa responds, "This is her."

"Miss Morgan? My name is Cindy Johnson... I represent a company that is contracted by local retailers to provide visual merchandising for their stores and we are currently looking for several candidates to do modeling for our company."

Lisa remembered as a teenager and a young adult she had modeled. She didn't make very much then, but it was an easy job ... but she couldnt afford to do that and move out on her own. Lisa began by saying," I used to model years ago and though I could use the money but I couldn't afford to do that particular type work at typical..."

The silky voice on the phone interrupted... "We pay our qualified models $150.00 per hour, Miss Morgan."

A brief moment passed... Lisa shouted "$150.00 an hour?" She had only heard of photo models earning that much or more.

Cindy calmly replied, "Yes, that is our standard rate. Also, we will need people on a full time basis, starting immediately."

Lisa's only last Question was," Where do I apply?!" She was sold...

Cindy informed her that they had a slot today for an interview after 2pm and asked if she would be interested in coming in.

Lisa looked at her watch [12:30] and tried to remember if she had any appointments in the afternoon.

Cindy continued... "We are conveniently located in the upper most floor of the South End Mall, room 330."

Lisa quickly replied "I'll be there!"

"Ok, Miss Morgan, we'll see you at that time then. Good day."

Lisa went quickly to her walk-in closet and picked out a simple summer dress to compliment her slim figure. She was 5' 7" tall at 130 pounds, with a 34c breast and a 24 inch waist, mid-back length brown hair with large curls that bounced when she walked. She didn't want to dress up too much... she didn't want to seem overdone - or desperate. She left in just enough time to get to the mall by 1:45 and she lived 30 minutes away. She parked her car close in and followed Cindy's directions to get to the office.

The uppermost floor had a lobby and the far wall was actually made of large windows with huge curtains that were drawn shut. So Lisa went to the door and pulled it open, found the opening in the curtains and went inside. Cindy was at that time coming out of a room at the far end of the office - if you could call it an office. The main room was about 40' by 40' square and curtains were draped all along the walls like in a movie theater. Several empty desks were clustered at the front by the door.

Cindy asked, "Miss Morgan?"

"Yes," Lisa replied, "but you can please call me Lisa."

" I sure can," Cindy replied with a dazzling smile. "Well, I am Cindy; you probably guessed that..."

"Nice to meet you Cindy," Lisa said, with a nervous nod of her head. Interviews were always so intimidating to her.

Cindy continued... "This is one of our workshops in the area... This is where we meet, interview, and demonstrate our unique form of display modeling."

"Unique?" Lisa asked.

"Yes," Cindy responded, "We concentrate mainly on static living mannequin modeling here."

"I know what that is," Lisa stated; she wasn't some bumpkin. "But, it is kinda hard isn't it?"

Cindy continued, "Usually, yes. We have developed a very unique way in which anyone can perform this type of modeling with virtually no effort at all..."

"No effort!" Lisa exclaimed. "I can remember doing freeze modeling when I was younger and it was pretty hard then; plus I got so nervous with everyone staring at me."

"We have solved all of those problem," Cindy stated simply.

"How?" Lisa asked, intrigued.

"Well, we have developed technology that bypasses... you... completely."

"Me?" Lisa asked, not sure she had heard properly. "What are you saying?"

"Yes, we avoid all those problems via a small electrical device that uses what we term as 'neural mapping and manipulation' or 'NMM' for short. The system alows us to place you in a pose and then it keeps you perfectly still with no effort on your part."

"I don't believe that what you are talking about is possible." It sounded like something out of a SciFi show on TV.

"Well," Cindy continued, "that is what the interview is all about... To see if we are right for you and you are right for us. Let me start by saying this technology is completely safe. The NMM sends electrical impulses to to all of your voluntary muscles and when we do that you are rendered totally immobile; you will remain perfectly still. Even if you try to relax you will be held in the exact position you were posed in." Cindy nodded at Lisa's disbelief. "It's actually quite restful - I've used it myself."

"That's crazy..." Lisa blurted, "You can't keep me from moving with all that techno stuff!"

Cindy continued unsurprised, as if she had expected the skepticism. "We have the technology operating here today. Lisa, you are a very beautiful woman. You take care of yourself from what I can see, and present yourself well, so my first impression is that you are right for us. So, if you will allow me to show you now what we can do, then you can decide if we are right for you."

Being so cocky and determined to prove Cindy wrong, Lisa said "show me" without a second thought. Besides she was getting intriqued by the whole concept.

Unruffled, Cindy then proceeded to show Lisa to the back room. As they went into the other room Lisa noticed a large wardrobe and a makeup mirror with lights all around it. She hadn't seen one of those since her amateur theatre days.

Cindy had Lisa to put on a charcoal grey sweater dress with a wide black waist band, shiny dark stockings, matching shoes with 3 inch heels, and then had her sit at the mirror. After telling the candidate she was getting her ready for a test, Cindy continued to work on Lisa's face. She applied an opaque base makeup, eye liner, blusher, eyeshadow, and a glossy dark cinnamon lip color onto Lisa's full lips. Then Cindy looked at Lisa's nails and said, "You have some of the nicest nails I have ever seen; they look very classy with that clear polish. I think I will leave them just as they are." She continued to roll up Lisa's brunette hair, which originally went to just below Lisa's mid-back, into a loose bun on the top of her head. Loose strands dangled down to frame Lisa's oval face.

At that moment she dabbed a small amount of hair remover on Lisa's neck right at the hairline, wiped it clean, and then placed a 1cm by 1cm metallic device to her skin where it adhered immediately. "Almost done, dearie," she soothed as she felt the young woman jump at the feeling. "Let's get you standing now, right over there..."

Then Cindy had Lisa walk to a raised platform about 2 feet square in the center of the room that was elevated about 1 foot above the carpet. Lisa was instructed to stand on the platform, which she did, feeling a little self-conscious. Then Cindy proceeded to walk over to what looked like a podium and touched some controls lightly. She told Lisa to place one hand on her hip and hold the other with the index finger on her lips as if she is saying 'shhhh' and to actually say shhhh as she did so.

Lisa though this was a silly way to apply for a job, but she went along. Just as Lisa shushed Cindy she felt a slight tingle go through her entire body. Lisa quickly asked what that feeling was and Cindy replied "I just told our system to record the precise position you were in so that at any time I can recall it and have you resume the position exactly as you were.

"What!" Lisa spouted.

"Yes," Cindy continued, "I can use this system to have you take that last position..."

"YEAH RIGHT," Lisa shouted, becoming agitated to mask her uncertaintly.

"Hey Lisa -- just relax," Cindy said as she reactivated the system at the zero setting. "Let me show you."

Lisa felt a slight tingle all over but didn't say anything as Cindy moved the setting to the first level. Just at that point Lisa felt her arms shift slightly upward she and made an effort to keep them from moving by holding them by her side. She was able to do that until Cindy increased the setting up 2 levels and then Lisa's arms began to move very slowly but surely despite her determination not to cooperate. Soon her left hand was resting on her hip but Lisa did manage to prevent her right hand from continuing to her mouth, stopping it about waist high. However, her index finger was now pointed out. Lisa struggled to say "Sss-sseee I- I ttoollld y-you y you ccaaantt..."

At that moment Cindy made a very significant increase in the power of the system and Lisa watched helplessly as her hand continued up unheeded to her lips and before Lisa could muster another sound Cindy increased the power a little more and Lisa was then positioned exactly as before with her hand on her hip and her finger up to her lips with her lips posed as if saying "sshhhh". Cindy noticed the light reflected of of Lisa's nails shaking slightly, indicating that Lisa was still trying to move, so Cindy quickly increased the power another 7 levels; then all movement ceased. The reflected glints of light were rock steady.

Lisa felt all her muscles lock solid; she tried to move her foot ... nothing. She tried to look to the side... but her big blue eyes were locked into position along with the rest of her body. She couldn't even blink. After struggling uselessly for a few seconds, she finally just relaxed and thought {well it isn't painful -- and I am comfortable -- although I'm completely helpless.}

Cindy walked over to where the motionless model stood posed and said "We can do many things, too; this is just a taste of where our technology has progressed. You can see now that, yes, it does work." All Lisa could do was think {Yes it does work ... it works like crazy!} Cindy then continued, "We already have some other pre programmed poses. Let me demonstrate." Cindy then moved back over to the control panel and made some adjustments. At that moment Lisa felt her arms and body move on their own as she continued to assume the position of a store mannequin. She stopped with her left hand out and cocked back with fingers bent; her right hand was in the same position but up higher with elbows bent. Her feet were about shoulder width apart and her shapely legs bent slightly at the waist. At that moment Lisa felt a big smile spread over her face as her head tilted slightly to the side. Then everything -- stopped -- once more.

{I... I-I cant move!}Lisa thought as she was mysteriously posed by the system. She felt her body once again lock into place.

Cindy walked back over to her and says to Lisa, "We can actually do much more than just Immobilize and pose someone, but more on that later. I must release you now because you have not been fully prepared for an extended pose. Cindy then returned to the control panel and played her fingers over the console again. Lisa felt her ability to move on her own wash over her. Speechless for a moment, she looks at her arms and hands and moves them. There was no sign that seconds before she had been as stiff as a board.

Taking a step off the raised platform, she then looks at Cindy and says "I couldnt move a muscle! I mean, I was like a Mannequin... a living mannequin. It didn't hurt, but I just couldn't move."

Cindy smiled and said, "See, Lisa, we can do all that we say we can; but there is much more to consider for you to take a position with our company.... take your time."

Lisa thinks for a minute..."Tell me, Cindy, how can your company afford to pay so much for the mannequin modeling?"

Cindy replied, "Well, we don't pay you without our clients paying us. You see, we contract not for just one store but many stores. For example, a mall may have many stores; some deal with the same product or merchandise we have room on your immobilized body to tastefully market many things... For instance: clothing: makeup; wigs; shoes; jewelry; other cosmetics; hosery; nail polish; and even perfume. Let me see. Eyewear;" she continues, "Color contact lenses; teeth whitening services; hair salons. If there is a product or service that you can wear or accessorise with, then we can get money for it."

"Wow," was all she could say. A whole scad of products...

"Lisa... I dont mean for this to sound bad, but even though we would potentially make more money than you could as a normal freeze model, we have much more invested in the technology and the marketing of our special model. However, people with a certain look are the key to success in this business. I believe you have that look, Lisa, and I hope you can find a way for us to be right for you."

After a brief moment Lisa said quietly, "Ok, I want to work for you."

"What?" Cindy asked, "Are you sure? Do you feel doing these sorts of things are right for you?"

Lisa said calmly, "Yes," then cracked a smile. She had a job at last!

Cindy said, "I want you to realize that while you're not working, the NMM remains in place. We'll not only control your actions when on display but we also control your look. From now on, when you go out you'll always look your very best from head to toe. Some of that will take more effort on your part too, but like I said we will manage all of those things. So.... are we still right for you?"

"Yes!" Lisa said, more convincingly.

"Good." Cindy said. "I want you to meet some of the other girls who will become your team mates." Cindy walked over to the podium, pressed a button, and a small section of the curtains to her left opened. Behind them, in a little alcove, stood an attractive woman; 5" 9 and about 135 pounds with a curvy figure and about a "c" cup brassiere. She was wearing Black sturrip pants, red flats, and a Red Blazer with paddes shoulders over a large white button up shirt. Her hair is brunette, rolled and pulled back on each side so that in her ears can be seen nice simple pearl studs earings. She has green wide-set eyes, a clear complexion; Red lips and red nails complete her stunning appearance. Posed stiffly, she is standing with her right hand held as if it was grasping a glass and her left posed with the index finger pointed up as if she is about to make a statement.

Cindy says "Lisa, I want you to meet Jennifer.."

Lisa pauses for a second. "Wait a minute... can she see us and hear us?"

"Yes, of course," Cindy answers, "but as you can see she is as immobile as you were. Except in her case she has been that way for several days. I'm sure you have lots of questions now; why not let her answer them for you?"

Just then Cindy released Jennifer . she blinked once ... twice and breathed in and moved.

Cindy said "Jennifer ... meet Lisa"

" ummm ..". smiling she said 'nice to meet you Lisa and held her hand out' ...

Just as Lisa and Jennifer clasped hands Cindy froze both Girls awkwardly smiling at each other in a polite hand shake .

"I can't move ... I can't let go" Lisa thought ... "and from the looks of it neither can Jennifer."

Cindy walked over to both of them .... "Remember when I said that there are many things that we can do besides immobilizing and posing?... well now is a good time to show you!" She presses one last button and watches as it takes effect.

As consciousness fades Lisa wonders what is going on?....

As consciousness washes back to her she notices she isn't immobile any longer. She is lying comfortably in a room on a table Quickly she sits up and looks around... she feels her eyes are kinda sluggish and before any questions can surface to her mind Cindy walks in...

"Hello Lisa she says ...

Lisa asks ... "How long have I been here?"

Cindy responds, "Not long Lisa; just a little over an hour. We've been busy while you were switched off... See, we had to prepare you for an extended pose and to do that we had to make a few changes to your body... not anything to get worried over. I mean if you were posed and couldn't blink, your eyes would dry out so we had to place the optical covers on your eyes. These are not contact lenses but instead covers and even have a filter to cut down on the bright lights you will be exposed to at times. Plus, we can now change your eye color to an endless variety or just change the whole lens color at will. And we have made changes to your nails ... they are still yours but we have coated them with a pigment enhanced resin that is rock hard and can also be changed to an infinate variety of colors at will ... see this saves time!"

Cindy turns towards the door, saying "Come with me, Lisa." Together they go out of the room and out into the large room they were in before . There the find Jennifer rigidly posed as she was before .. hand out as if Lisa was still there and she hasn't moved an inch the whole time. Cindy walks over and releases Jennifer.... and with a large breath she resumes moving . "What happened ?" she asked.

Cindy replies ... "We had to do the preparations to Lisa as we did to you" ...

"Oh," Jennifer responded, but then her voice seemed to fade. Just then Cindy caused Jennifer's nails to go from red to a french manicure before Lisa's eyes. Lisa just watched in amazement of all that could be done with this system.

Cindy then told Lisa to stand behind Jennifer and Lisa walked over, wondering what was next as Cindy made some adjust ments to the box and Jennifer virtually collapsed into Lisas arms; limp like a rag doll. Lisa gently laid her down on the carpeted floor when she felt her own ability to remain moving fade away as well. Her muscles went limp and she fell in a heap over Jennifer like she was also a rag doll...

Walking slowly over to both of them, Cindy moved Lisa off of Jennifer. Both girls eyes were wide open and they could feel and hear everything.

Lisa just thought I am paralyzed -- I cant move a muscle!. Lisa could feel her hand resting on Jennifer's leg; she tried to move it but couldn't even cause the slightest movement. It was as if she had been disconnected from her body.. "Now what" Lisa thought.

Just then Cindy made an adjust ment to the system and Lisa watched Jennifer sit up. She seemed to be moving with a sort of mechanical precision ... strangely, like a robot. When she did move it was smooth and then she would just stop still for a moment, frozen, but it seemed she could move by her own will, but only in the manner which was described.

Then Lisa could feel her ability to move return.... she made the effort to raise her left arm... nothing happened at first then after a 2 sec delay her arm moved just as she wanted it to just 2 sec earlier. But then stopped in place and would not budge... Lisa made the effort to open her hand and after another 2 sec delay the movement was made and then she stopped again, staying perfectly still until she tried to move again... This time she made herself sit up and then stop.... She could see herself in a large mirror in front of her and then she noticed her eyes looked as if they were totally made of chrome. No color or anything, just shiny chrome marbles. Her nails were that same metallic color too. She realized her eyes were stuck wide open and she couldn't close them at all... even to blink! After a pause, she awkwardly managed to get to her feet. moving... stop .. moving ... stop. Jennifer was doing the same; both looking like some awkward windup dolls . This just gets stranger and stranger, Lisa thought. She tried to speak the words "what has happened to me," but nothing came out till the 2 sec delay and then she said what she tried to say but it sounded monotone and choppy.. "wwhaat. haass. haapp.penned. too.. meee..?'' and she continued "Wwhyy aaammm III mmoooving lliike thhiiiss..."

Cindy grinned at them as they ratcheted around then room and said, "That is because the system is modifying the signals you use to move in a way to cause the robotic movement... You control what you do, the system controls how you do it... do you understand?" At that moment Lisa felt her mouth open and heard voice say ... "Yes Ma'am..." She thought I didn't try to say that!

Cindy continued, "The system can also cause the automatic response to my voice that you have just now witnessed ... do you understand?"

And as much as Lisa tried to keep quiet she automatically said "YessMaa'M". Next, Cindy simply said "Lisa" and at that moment Lisa felt her body snap to attention and lock into place as her robot voice once again said "Yes Maa'aM." Now she could only stand there as Cindy commanded, "Place your right hand on your hip and the other behind your head." At that moment, with out hesitation, Lisa's hands moved just as she had been directed while Lisa replied "YesMa'aM" once again. "Smile..." Cindy commanded and as it would be Lisa did and the "YesMa'aM" followed automatically. "Storage mode - commence!" Cindy finished with; Lisa felt her body lock rigidly in place and her lips fall silent. She felt really strange, not simply that she was only frozen and couldn't move, but as if she had forgotten what it meant to move. Her body was posed the way it had always been, and Lisa knew of nothing that could change that. She saw the rippling shadow of the curtains as they closed in front of her alcove and was plunged into darkness at the same time her mind forgot that there had really ever been anything else before. Placed into a short-term memory purge state, Lisa knew nothing of her past or future, only an endless moment of 'now'. Time could pass, but she would not be able to comprehend it.

I'll do much more of the motionlessness, since it is what I like the best but I am trying to include many things that may appeal to other readers .
Later Lisa and Jennifer meet some new friends and Lisa manages to take a smaller version of the system with them when they leave ...

It will be fun... "D"

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