STAR WARS: Hope Lost

by Loganov

Author’s note: This story takes place approximately twenty-six years after STAR WARS, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, around the time of the events depicted in the Edge of Victory duology.


            “Errant Venture, this is shuttle ST38 requesting permission to dock, over.”, the shuttle pilot called into the ship’s comlink.  Through the shuttle’s viewport, a blood red Imperial-class Star Destroyer ever so slowly, but continually, loomed larger and larger.  Two starfighters, an XJ-variant X-wing and an aging Y-wing, took up escort positions to either side of the newly arrived shuttle.

            “Shuttle ST38, this is Errant Venture.”, a voice replied trough the comlink.  “We are confirming your code clearance now.  Do not deviate from your present course.”

            “Understood.”, the shuttle captain answered.

            Just behind the shuttle’s pilot and co-pilot stood two dark hooded robed figures.  Jedi Knight Michael Loganov and his Padawan apprentice Mhrrgan were the shuttle’s primary ‘cargo.’  Michael Loganov was a powerfully built rugged looking human.  He wore his long dark hair pulled back to keep it out of his face and to allow others to see another of his physical assets, his piercing dark brown eyes.

            His Padawan apprentice Mhrrgan was a Farghul, a felinoid species from the planet Farrfin.  Her body was covered in reddish-bronze fur with a long similarly colored mane-like head of hair.  Her face, which was incredibly attractive by Farghul standards, was even more so to the human eye due to its exoticness.  The yellow irises of her eyes with their flecks of green and vertical slit pupils were almost hypnotic in their beauty.  Long pointed ears atop her head and a prehensile tail completed her felinoid appearance.

            “Captain.”, Loganov’s soft announcement seemed to echo from within the dark recess of his hood.  “Tell them to inform Master Skywalker of our arrival.”

            “Yes sir.”


            C-3PO, Master Skywalker’s protocol droid who had been guiding the pair of Jedi through the labyrinthine corridors of the Errant Venture, abruptly stopped at a pair of sliding doors and pressed the comm unit next to them.

            “Master Luke.”, the droid said tentatively.  “Knight Loganov and his apprentice are here to see you.”

            “Yes 3PO…”, a voice answered from the comm unit.  “Show them in.”

            The droid walked into the sparse room just ahead of the two Jedi.  Aside from the two humans already in the room, it contained little more than a desk, chairs, and a computer terminal.  The middle-aged human behind the desk, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, rose from his seat to greet the newcomers.  The other figure remained seated and virtually motionless.

            “Michael.  Mhrrgan.”, the Jedi Master began.  “It’s good to see you both.  Thank you 3PO.  That will be all.”

            The golden protocol droid quickly, and without hesitation, turned and left the room.

            “Master, why have you summoned us here?”, Michael asked immediately after the doors to the room had closed and he had lowered his hood.  Mhrrgan lowered hers as well.  “We were preparing the defenses… of…”

            Loganov’s words trailed as he detected, or non-detected as the case might have been, the void-like presence in the Force of the man seated in front of Master Skywalker’s desk.  The Yuuzhan Vong, the extra-galactic race that the Jedi and New Republic were embroiled in a costly and losing war effort against, all cast non-presences in the Force like a staining shadow over life itself.  As his mind raced, Michael Loganov could not envision any scenario that would put Master Skywalker in a meeting with any representative of the greatest threat the galaxy may have ever known.

            Mhrrgan, to her credit, had sensed the same non-presence too and slowly looked to her Master for guidance.  If he had the same misgivings as she did, his face did not betray them and her mastery of the Force was still too imprecise to detected the emotions of her Master.

            “Michael.  Mhrrgan.”, Luke called out with a smile, obviously realizing what the other two Jedi must be sensing.  “This is not what you think.  Lemmet.”

            At the sound of his name, the other ‘human’ finally stood and turned to face Michael and Mhrrgan.  The first impressions of both Jedi toward the man were quite similar.  He seemed ordinary, very ordinary.  His body and face seemed to be of perfect textbook proportions.  His clothing consisted of little more than a formfitting dark blue body suit.

            “Ambassador Lemmet, this is Michael Loganov and his apprentice Mhrrgan.”, Master Skywalker introduced.

            “Greetings.”, the ambassador offered slowly with a slow nod of his head.

            “Now, I know what you’re thinking.”, Luke began quickly before anyone else could speak.  A smile crept onto the Jedi Master’s face as he spoke again: “Lemmet is not a Vong.  Quite the opposite in fact, he’s an android.”

            Michael and Mhrrgan’s eyes grew wide.


            “An entire planet… an entire race of androids?”, Michael Loganov asked incredulously.  “How can something like that remain undiscovered for nearly a millennia?”

            “It is rather quite simple, Jedi Knight.”, the android ambassador answered.  “Aside from us, our star system holds little that would be of interest to the various governments of the galaxy.  Our system is also quite distant from major spacelanes, which was a factor in the original crash landing that began our…‘existence.’  Those factors coupled with our sensor masking technology combined to ensure that we would not be discovered unless we wished it.”

            “Very well.”, Michael said after a brief pause.  “What do you need from us?”

            “Michael.”, Master Skywalker spoke before the ambassador could.  “I need you to be my liaison to Lemmet’s people.  As desperate as times are, it is quite likely that the revelation of there existence would be a shock that the Republic just doesn’t need right now.”

            “Yourrr people havvve been amongst us for many years, haven’t they ambassador?”, Mhrrgan interjected in the melodic and rhythmic purring voice common to many Farghul females.

            “Yes we have, young Padawan.”, the ambassador replied.  “You are quite perceptive.  Through an elaborate clandestine network we supported the Alliance and the New Republic.  As Master Skywalker pointed out, we never revealed ourselves directly for fear that the shock would be too great to the galaxy’s population at large.  It is only with the coming of the Yuuzhan Vong and the threat that they pose to all life, organic and inorganic, that we decided that more direct action on our part was needed.”

            “I want you two to accompany the ambassador to his homeworld.”, Master Skywalker stated as he rose from his chair.  “Your are to meet with the planet’s Administrator and coordinate our efforts with theirs against the Vong.  I don’t need to remind you of the gravity of this mission.  May the Force be with you.”


            “What did you say?”, Yuuzhan Vong Commander Ruun Varik angrily asked his subordinate.

            “Our contact on the infidel planet called Coruscant informs us that the infidel Jeedai…”, the words got caught up in the subordinate’s throat as he began repeating his report.  “…are attempting to ally themselves with an entire planet of the hated mechanicals.”

            Ruun Varik seethed with anger as he paced in his quarters.  He’d known that these infidels, and especially the Jeedai, were an infestation to the galaxy promised to the Yuuzhan Vong by the gods and needed to be wiped out, but he never would have expected this level of depravity even from them.  It was utterly amazing to Ruun Varik how far the infidels would go to taint themselves with unclean machines to avoid glorious sacrifice to the gods.

            “At every turn these infidels demonstrate the necessity for their extinction.”, Ruun Varik said to himself in a guttural voice.  Turning to his subordinate, “Prepare my ship.  We will deal with this ourselves.”

            “Yes, Commander.”


            Shuttle ST38, now occupied only by Ambassador Lemmet, Michael Loganov, and Mhrrgan, streaked through hyperspace en route to the android homeworld.  Ambassador Lemmet and Mhrrgan were seated in the pilot and co-pilot’s seats respectively, while Michael Loganov meditated in the passenger cabin.

            “Ambassadorrr, what is yourrr planet like?”, Mhrrgan asked, cutting into the silence that had pervaded through the cabin.

            “It is quite beautiful now.”, the machine answered.  “Perhaps even idyllic by the standards of most sentient organic humanoid lifeforms in the galaxy.”


            “Yes.  We finished terraforming our world nearly three hundred years ago in anticipation that we would one day have to facilitate a day like today.”, Ambassador Lemmet explained.  “Our world was once quite brutal.  That’s actually what caused the deaths of the organics that survived the initial crash landing.”

            “It is quite fascinating to me that an entirrre society, an entirrre rrrace of machines, could come about from drrroids that continued to function afterrr the crrrash of a starrrship.”, Mhrrgan remarked naively.

            “Please, do not think that I take offense Jedi.”, the android ambassador began with a concerned tone.  “But, I believe that you proceed from a false assumption.  To use an analogy; myself and all of the androids on my planet are to the droids that you are familiar with as you are to the many felines that inhabit the myriad planets of this galaxy or that your master is to primates.”

            Mhrrgan immediately reflected on the ambassador’s remarks.  Until that very moment she had only seen Lemmet as a droid, a machine.  Sophisticated yes, but a machine none-the-less.  Now it finally occurred to her that she should consider him as any other sentient.  He might have been inorganic, but he was still a fully self-aware entity.

            “Yes, ambassadorrr.”, Mhrrgan said after a moment of silence.  “You arrre corrrrect.  And, I am sorrrry even if I did not offend.”

            “Not to worry.”, Lemmet told her with a smile.  “It will be a big adjustment for everyone.”


            Slave I drifted slowly and serenely in space several kilometers from the small Yuuzhan Vong fleet.  Boba Fett had been waging his own personal one-man war against the extragalactic invaders.  His newly installed, and heavily modified, stygium crystal cloaking device was now the legendary bounty hunter’s best defense, and best offense, against the Vong.

            Until that point, Fett could only cause minor harassment damage to the Vong and their fleets.  With his cloaking device, and its apparent effectiveness against Vong detection methods, he could plan and execute strikes to maximum efficiency.  He was doing just that.

            Unlike the ineffectual fools in the so-called New Republic, Fett had taken the time to analyze his foe’s strange biotechnology and found many of its weaknesses.  He had considered the tactical merit of sharing his revelations with the New Republic armed forces.  Fett was certain that there was a traitor in the New Republic, perhaps as high up as the Senate itself.  Making contact with the Republic would most likely lead to his being the prime focus of the Yuuzhan Vong and that possibility far outweighed any benefits he might receive by openly allying with the Republic.  Such alliances had already nearly destroyed the Imperial Remnant and the Hapans.

The fact of the matter was, however, that the New Republic had the best and largest force with which to combat the Vong.  And, although he had no love for the Republic, the enemy of an enemy was most likely a friend.  At least in times of war. For life under the Vong would be hellish, if not short.  Unfortunately, ineptitude and indecision were threatening to defeat the New Republic far swifter than the Yuuzhan Vong ever could.

Perhaps Fett’s greatest innovation was his ability to track Yuuzhan Vong ships through hyperspace.  Normally when a ship makes the jump to lightspeed its last known trajectory could put it on course to any one of dozens of possible destinations.  The nature of the Yuuzhan Vong’s Dovin Basals, organic creatures that manipulate gravity, causes a great ‘wake’ between hyperspace and realspace.  It is that wake that is tracked precisely to the Vong’s destination.

And now, the Yuuzhan Vong fleet he was stalking was preparing to move.  The preliminary trajectories Fett was analyzing were all significantly outside of the invasion corridor.  There was an obvious deliberate reason for such an unorthodox move.  Boba Fett would discover that reason.  When he did, he would strike back, hard.


            Shuttle ST38’s boarding ramp had just touched the ground as the small delegation of androids walked up to it.  Ambassador Lemmet, followed by Michael Loganov and Mhrrgan, proceeded quickly down the ramp.  The glimpses that Mhrrgan had captured as the shuttle approached the planet and its landing area we just as the ambassador had described.

            The android homeworld was a verdant paradise of brilliant blues and greens.  It was quite unlike many of the world’s the Farghul Jedi had visited.  Rampant industrialization had caused many worlds, most notably on planets like Duro which had recently fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong, to become almost uninhabitable.  It was very odd to her that machines that had no need for a planet habitable to most lifeforms in the galaxy would take the trouble to create such a planet, while those that were in need would so readily despoil theirs.

            Two other items of interest gave the young Jedi pause.  Firstly, was the elegant and beautiful architecture of the buildings throughout the city and in the immediate area surrounding their landing site.  The apprentice Jedi was still finding herself falling back on preconceived notions and prejudices against the androids.  She was fully expecting to see a very sterile and geometric style of architecture.  What she was greeted with, however, was architecture that could easily fit with, or be copied from, many of the most beautiful buildings in the galaxy, such as Naboo’s capital city of Theed.

            The other item was the delegation of androids she and her Master were rapidly approaching as they descended the ramp.  The four mechanical people were everything that Ambassador Lemmet was not.  They appeared to idealize the human form.  All four were unique, but both men were extremely handsome and both women, amazingly beautiful.  Their bodies had the appearance of the ultimate in human physical perfection.  Their clothing, unlike the bland bodysuit the ambassador wore, was the height of galactic fashion, a detail that a Farghul was not likely to miss.

            “Administrator Aimee.”, Ambassador Lemmet spoke to one of the female androids as the two groups came together.  “This is Jedi Knight Michael Loganov and his apprentice, Mhrrgan.”

            The Administrator had the appearance of a very young very gorgeous human woman.  Her long dark blonde hair was done in a single three-strand braid interlaced with what appeared to be thin strips of leather down the center of her back.  The sun reflected off of her artificial, though no less beautiful, green eyes with remarkable brilliance.

            “Administrator.”, Michael began softly after both Jedi had bowed.  “It is an honor to meet you and to be the first galactic representative to openly visit your world and greet your people.”

            “As am I to meet you.”, the beautiful blonde female android replied.  “Please, you must be tired from your journey.  I have business to attend to just now, but I will meet with you again in three hours.  Until then, we have prepared quarters for both of you.  My attendants will show you the way.”

            “Thank you, Administrator.”, the Jedi Knight said with another bow.  “You are very gracious.”


            Mhrrgan looked around in wondered awe of the magnificent quarters she had been assigned.  Art, of a type she had never before encountered, hung on the walls, rested on pedestals, or even comprised the luxurious furniture.  Everything in the suite was absolutely beautiful and seemed masterfully crafted.

            The male android attendant that had shown her to the quarters stood quietly with his hands clasped behind his back just inside the room’s door.  He waited patiently as the young Jedi slowly walked around the main living area of the suite.

            “Ulin, it’s amazing.”, the Farghul Jedi told her escort.  “Everything is so beautiful.”

            “Much like its occupant.”, Ulin began with a smile.  “Everything here was crafted individually by an artisan somewhere on the planet.”

            “Thank you.”, she said in reply to the compliment.

            “May I take your robes?”, the android asked.

            Much like the others from the delegation that met the Jedi at the landing platform, Ulin was a model of human perfection.  His exquisite features and perfect complexion appeared to be based along Corellian lines.  And like many of the Corellians he was ‘designed’ to represent, his hair was a dark chestnut brown and his eyes an icy blue.

            “Yes.”, she answered as she took off the heavy brown robes and handed them to the android.  “Thank you.”

            Ulin was somewhat shocked by what stood in front of him.  He knew that the Farghul concept of modesty was significantly different than that of humans, but it seemed as though he might have to alter the information in his memory systems.  The lovely felinoid’s clothing consisted only of knee high brown boots, a leather bracer on her left forearm that held her lightsaber, a beautifully crafted necklace, and a very tight brown shirt.  The shirt, however, was only a shirt in the academic sense of the word.  Although it was long sleeved, the shirt’s neckline showed off an almost excessive amount of cleavage and the bottom ended just below, and wrapped under, the Farghul Jedi’s ample breasts.

            Mhrrgan’s tail gently waved back and forth as she watched the android slowly look her over several times.  She was very surprised by his reaction to her almost nude form.  She would normally expect that sort of response of an organic humanoid.  If she didn’t know better she’d have thought that Ulin was looking at her sexually.  Maybe she didn’t know better?

            “I’ll take your silence as a compliment.”, Mhrrgan finally said.

            “As well you should.”, the android replied immediately.  “You are very beautiful.”

            “You and your people certainly are intriguing.”


            “Will there be anything else?”, the female attendant from the Administrator’s delegation asked Michael Loganov.  The Jedi Knight’s suite was as equally well appointed as that of his Padawan.

            The attendant was an amazingly attractive female.  She was nearly as tall as Loganov, who stood at just over two meters.  Her facial features were sharp and her body was far beyond the perfection that any athlete could ever hope for.  Her crimson dress uniform was formfitting and very reminiscent of the combat jumpsuits worn underneath the robes of the Emperor’s Royal Guards.  Her posture was similar to that of a soldier standing at attention.

            “No.  Thank you.”, the Jedi Knight answered as he took off his robes and draped them over a large chair.  Under his robes, Michael wore a simple loose fitting beige tunic and pants combination with black boots.

            “Maeshiel?”, he called out even as the other was turning to exit the room.

            “Yes.”, the female android replied as she turned back around and resumed her earlier pose.

            “You’re the security minister, correct?”, he simply asked.


            “Do you agree with your Administrator’s policy of revealing yourselves to the galaxy?”

            “There is great risk in her choice.”, the beautiful android woman began her answer.  “But, if you are asking if I believe that combating the Yuuzhan Vong is worth that risk?  Then my answer is yes.”

            “This war has caused so much destruction.”, the Jedi said, his tone lowering significantly.  “And, it shows no signs of ending any time soon.  You and your people have created something very near to paradise here.  I don’t want to see it become another victim of the Vong.”


            The conference room was a large ovoid shape.  The outer perimeter wall was one continuous transparasteel window providing an amazing vista of the android homeworld’s capital city.  Dominating the center of the room was a large beautifully crafted wooden table also ovoid in shape.  Administrator Aimee sat at one end of the ovoid.  To her left sat Maeshiel, three other android ministers, and Ulin before ending at Michael Loganov’s seat at the opposite end of the ovoid.  To his left sat Mhrrgan, Ambassador Lemmet, and three more ministers before returning to the beginning.

“Obviously, our support cannot be an overt combination of forces.”, the Administrator announced.  “We can and will strike on our own, but we will need advanced tactical knowledge of New Republic moves to make them effective.”

“As you know, the Jedi are not held in terribly high regard right now through much of the Republic.”, the Jedi Knight stated.  “Information on New Republic military moves might not get to you as early as you like.”

“We will deal with those problems as they arise.”, Maeshiel interjected, her tone deadly serious.

“Of course, the Jedi…”, Michael started.  “…and the people of the New Republic appreciate any assistance you can offer.”

“But, therrre may not be much of a Rrrepublic left to defend.”, Mhrrgan added, seeming to continue her master’s thought.  “The Vong arrre prrreparrring to move on Borrrleias.  If it falls, Corrruscant will be theirrr next tarrrget.”

The lovely android Administrator paused to process the statements she had just heard before stating, “Then we must be united in our purpose and quick in our response.”

“In dark days like these I am often reminded of a Mon Calamarian proverb dealing with unity.”, Michael Loganov began at a low tone.  “If a great wave is to fall, then it shall fall upon us all.  Administrator, I believe the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong to be that great wave.”

Only moments after the Jedi’s statement, Maeshiel’s face went blank and her head twitched sharply to the left.  A soft beep, emanating from the gorgeous female machine, seemed to fill the deathly silent room.  Her pause lasted only seconds before the android regained her composure and turned to look at the Administrator.  Another soft beep, this time from both mechanical women, filled the room before Aimee turned to Michael Loganov and spoke.

“It appears that your great wave has fallen.”, Aimee said with an eerie calm.  “They’re here.  They’ve found us.”


The organized evacuation of the android homeworld was slowly degenerating into a rout.  Although the android’s weapon technology was superior to much of the rest of the galaxy, it was obvious that they were not yet prepared for a war, especially in defense of their homeworld.  The android’s defensive strategy had always been one of stealth.  Now that that was apparently compromised, the Yuuzhan Vong were taking full advantage of their inadequate preparedness.

The one positive of the android defense of their homeworld, and in stark contrast to many of the other planetary defenses during the invasion, was that every inhabitant was taking part in the resistance.  There were no great masses of refuges to deal with during the evacuation.  When it was necessary, every android was capable of becoming a defender.

All of the androids throughout the city had fallen into a multitude of redoubts surround the landing areas where starshuttles were being loaded as quickly as possible with androids and equipment.  The greatest advantage the Yuuzhan Vong had was air superiority.  The android starfighters, although they were giving a very good account of themselves, were no match for the sheer weight of numbers of Vong coralskippers, rock-like biotech fighters.

Chazrach, a bio-engineered race of reptilian humanoids used by the Yuuzhan Vong as shocktroops and fodder, fell by the dozens from blaster fire and lightsaber strokes.  Wave after wave they mindlessly assaulted the fortified positions of the androids.  It was, however, the reinforcements of Yuuzhan Vong warriors that were beginning to strain the defenses to the breaking point.

Mhrrgan chopped at a Chazrach, nearly slicing it in two, even as she ducked and spun her leg around to knock another off its feet.  The violet energy blade of her lightsaber dispatched the prone reptiloid before the young Jedi turned completely around to face her next opponent.  However, rather than a Chazrach, her lightsaber’s blade came in contact with a Yuuzhan Vong warrior’s amphistaff, a snake-like creature that was the invading race’s main weapon.

Michael Loganov cut a swath trough a line of Chazrach before coming upon two large Yuuzhan Vong warriors.  The Jedi Knight calmed himself, leveled the dark green blade of his lightsaber, and attacked.  The warrior to his right easily blocked the incoming strike.  The other, thinking he had no reason to consider a defense, raised his amphistaff to deliver a blow.  Loganov, however, was attacking both opponents simultaneously.  The realization of which unfortunately came too late for the one Vong warrior.  His lack of insight was rewarded by a solid kick to the chest that sent him reeling backwards and off-balance.

The sudden loss of numerical superiority seemed to unfocus the warrior and Loganov took full advantage.  The Jedi Knight’s green energy blade blazed in a dizzying array as he landed a flurry of blows that the Vong warrior desperately parried.  Loganov’s domination was so total that he was able to back attack a warrior in nearby melee with Maeshiel.  A final terrible swing of the lightsaber blade severed the amphistaff and the warrior’s torso.

Mhrrgan fought skillfully, but the Yuuzhan Vong warrior was superior.  As she moved into a defensive stance, the warrior’s attack came.  However, instead of being a rock-solid staff-like, the amphistaff instantly became supple and whip-like.  The tail of the creature wrapped around the exposed hilt of the Farghul Jedi’s lightsaber.  The Vong warrior tore the weapon from her hands and sent it skittering across the ground.  Pulling his weapon back and making it staff-like again, the warrior prepared a final blow.

The beautiful felinoid was not beaten however.  Concentrating upon the Force, Mhrrgan used her superior agility to dodge the assault and grab hold of the other’s weapon.  The young Jedi had gained a temporary reprieve, but a struggle over the amphistaff was certainly to be won by the vastly stronger warrior.  As his terrible strength bored into her she felt the Force and trusted it to guide her actions.

Nearly to her knees, Mhrrgan let go of her conscious self and allowed the Force to flow through her.  Moments later, her lost lightsaber sailed through the air and was grasped by her prehensile tail.  With lightning quick speed, she lifted her tail above the Yuuzhan Vong warrior’s head.  The lightsaber still held there was pointed straight down at his skull.  Recognition of what was happening to him came to late as the violet energy blade exploded from the handle and down the warrior’s spine.  An eerie purple light backlit the Vong’s eyes as Mhrrgan watched him slump to the ground.

“Michael, Maeshiel, Mhrrgan come on!”, Ulin shouted to the trio from his position near the starshuttle.  He was wounded with several gashes in his chest of exposed electronics belying his true android nature.  “We’ve got to go now!”

The android security minister and two Jedi had created something of mobile defense line.  They were slowly backing towards the shuttle, all the while fighting off Chazrach and Yuuzhan Vong warriors alike.

Administrator Aimee was leading a defense at the mouth of the main thoroughfare leading into the landing area.  It was the landing area’s last real defense and was the only thing holding back the Vong advance.

“Maeshiel, are you in contact with the Administrator?”, Michael asked the lovely machine as he plunged his lightsaber into the chest of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior.

“Yes.”, was her simple reply as she blasted two Chazrach.

“Good.”, he said with another slash of his weapon.  “Tell her that on my mark both our groups should make a break for the shuttle.”

“Understood.”, again with another simple reply.  The beautiful blonde android wirelessly relayed the message to the equally beautiful Administrator.

“Mark!”, the Jedi Knight yelled.  The trio turned to run.  Unfortunately, an amphistaff, thrown like a spear, pierced Maeshiel in the lower back, the snake-like creature sticking halfway out of her abdomen.

Michael Loganov, seeing his injured comrade, turned and unleashed a massive flurry of hacks and slashes that momentarily stunned his multiple opponents.  During the infinitely brief respite, the Jedi Knight picked up the damage android and with an inhuman burst of speed was back on his way to the starshuttle.

“Administrator, let’s go.”, Loganov yelled, his voice seemed to be amplified beyond any normal human ability.

Moments later, Loganov was at the boarding ramp of the shuttle.  His Padawan and a group of androids lead by Ulin continued to cover the area.  The Jedi Knight handed Maeshiel to those already onboard and then turned back to Aimee’s position.

“Administrator!”, Loganov screamed.  “Come on!”

“Take off.  We’ll be there.”, was her quick reply.  The Administrator must have been in contact with the shuttle’s pilot, because with her statement the shuttle’s engine roared to life and the large ship slowly began to move.

“Aimee!”, he yelled again. Turning to his Padawan as he backed onto the ramp, “Mhrrgan get onboard.”

“Ulin, let’s go.”, the felinoid Jedi called.  The male android made little attempt as the shuttle began to lift higher and higher.

“Aimee!”, the Jedi Knight yelled once more.  His voice seemed to be almost desperate in its tone.

“Ulin!”, Mhrrgan cried out.  Her voice also held a hint of desperation.  Although the male android made an attempt to jump to the boarding ramp as the last of his group fell to the onslaught, his fingertips barely grasping the edge.  Mhrrgan lunged to grab him.

“Aimee!”, Loganov cried out one last time.  With the realization that the beautiful android was not going to voluntarily leave her doomed position, the Jedi Knight pulled deep within himself and focused on the Force.  He could feel the Force all around him, especially between himself and the android Administrator.  With great might, born of the desperate situation, Aimee was hurled from her position at great speed towards the starshuttle.

A deafening sound.  A bright light.  Darkness.


to be continued…

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