Living Statues ? Art Scene

by Q, edited by dmuk

Mitch was looking up at the clouds, daydreaming on his third brew of the afternoon. The photo shoot he'd just finished was intense and this was one of his favorite ways to unwind. Most of his models were on a break as well; they knew not to disturb him while he 'recharged his batteries'. Letting his mind wander, he began to see interesting shapes in the clouds that always seemed to resemble some part of the female anatomy. A bounteous bosom here, the sinuous curve of a toned derriere there. It was a pleasant enough diversion, though the clouds kept changing with the wind and never seemed to hold still for long enough for his choosing.

That isn't a problem for my girls, maybe Allen will come up with a gizmo that immobilizes clouds next, he mused, thinking of the marvelous electronic device that allowed him to stretch out a moment of time by freezing all motion, turning his models into what he liked to call his living statues. Over time he'd found several young women who were willing to be placed into this suspended animation while he photographed them. In fact, a few liked the sensation enough that they stayed that way even afterward forming an impromptu sculpture gallery in an unused corner of his studio.


Glancing outside through the anteroom window, one strikingly beautiful young lady with asian features, a favorite model and frequent 'statue', saw Mitch in the yard as he crumpled up the empty and tossed it aside, then as his eyes closed. At the same time, a tall blonde crept up beside her and whispered, ?I thinx Mitch deserves a show, don?t you?? Susan asked with naughty grin on her face.

Nat smiled back. ?He?s been good to us, so he should get a reward.? Natalie knew what Susan had in mind. ?Should we tell him the same way??

?Why not?? Susan agreed. Both women kisssed each other and laughed. They pulled off their clothes and dropped them in a pile in front of the Suspensor controls. Then they grabbed each other and headed off to the spare bedroom just past the studio where Mitch did his photoimaging and the frozen models usually stood around when he wanted to get them out of sight. The two already knew how they would pass the time.

Mitch awoke in his lawn chair. He looked at his watch and saw he must been asleep for a couple of hours. He got out his chair and picked up the empty beer cans from the grass to toss in the recycling bin next to the back door. He stood back a good twenty feet and made his best hanging lob. The can fell into the bin. ?..and the Celtics win the championship!? Mitch laughed at that.

He walked into the kitchen to get another beer. The delivery service would pick up the latest photos in the morning and he had nothing to do until then but wait. He wondered if Nat and Susan might have wanted to take some more photos but they should already be out on the town, for he given them the day off after their last set. So maybe Karen or Tasha are up for a little fun, he thought. Tasha had a fine body and Mitch wondered why she had never tried to be a model. She surely had the statuesque look down cold. Maybe he could get her some chance for more exposure...

Mitch walked into the studio and stopped, looking over his gallery of living statues. He saw that remaining girls were posed like always, with Jen?s look of surprise truly wonderful. Nat and Susan weren't in the medley of motionless models but he had expected that. But what's with the clothes on the floor next to the Suspensor controls? he wondered.

Then he heard their cooing sounds of pleasure and smiled. He tiptoed to the door of the spare bedroom and peeked into the door. It was open only a little way but he could see everything and everyone on the bed. What he glimpsed was like his wildest fantasy. They must have been in there for some time but Nat and Susan were still going at it like they were on speed. He wondered if they knew he was watching, because they were really putting on a show.

It didn't take him more than a few moments to figure out what he was going to do — exactly what the two lovemakers had hoped would happen.

The girls had given Mitch prearranged permission to freeze them during sex, and he decided not to wait any longer. He kicked their clothes into a corner and stepped to the Suspendor controls. Mitch also turned on intercom system to the spare bedroom to listen to the girls? sounds as they made love. He set the control for Nat's earpiece first, waiting for right moment to freeze the girls.

He figured Nat would orgasm first, as she always did, while Susan would have hers as soon as he froze Nat at her peak. From what they said before, freezing during sex just when they climaxed was the greatest high anybody could get. Mitch wanted to make sure they enjoyed this freeze as much as they had hoped for.

The gasp and cries of the girls were getting louder and faster. Mitch listened to Nat as she started her orgasm. It was an exciting thing to hear. Nat always started her orgasm first but she took longer to climax and was quieter. Susan took less time but she was louder. It was fun listening to the two contrasting ecstasies.

Then Nat really started going and Mitch waited with his hand on the control. When Nat screamed out ?Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!,? Mitch rapidly turned the dial. Nat's exclamation faded off immediately and Mitch knew he timed the freeze exactly right.

He quickly turned the dial to ?Susan? which was good, because Susan went into hers right afterward. ?Oooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!? she yelled a few seconds after Nat froze. Just as Susan hit her climax, Mitch spun the dial to full power and her scream echoed to silence. Then he ran for the spare bedroom and opened the door like a flash. What he saw was an incredibly erotic tableaux.

Nat had been frozen at the head of bed. Her legs were wide apart, one straight, the other bent slightly at the knee. She was face up, her torso and back in an arch from her reclining position. A dancer by trade, Nat was a very flexible young woman; her torso arched back in a curve with her firm breasts at the crest. Then her head dropped straight down on the bed?s pillows. Her arms were pulled back at her shoulders and bent at the elbows, which kept her body and head upright. Her hands were behind her upper chest. It improved her already wonderful bosom. Her eyes were closed with her mouth open in a wide smiling cry of pure pleasure.

Mitch smiled too. Somehow Natalie always found a similar pose like the one she had taken when she joined his gallery as a statue. It always showed her best appearance and looked very sculpture-like. It only took a little reposing for him, straightening out the bent leg and changing her arms a little, so he could put Nat on pedestal and not have her resting on her head. He then turned to Susan.

Susan was posed at the foot of the bed, stretched out, showing her tall body to best advantage. She was laying on her chest and her head was buried deep in Nat?s crotch. Her arms were up behind her back and stretched straight to each side at angle. Her hands were on the top of both of Nat?s feet. Susan?s legs were up from the bed, high in the air. They were spread apart but not as wide as Nat?s and high enough to show a little of her waist.

Mitch dragged Susan away from Nat, but not enough to ruin her pose, and looked at her still face. Her eyes were open and her mouth was open. Mitch gave her mouth a little smile, raised her legs and arms up a little, and made small changes to both girls. Time was short; before both girls would become frozen hard and could not be reposed, Mitch had finished perfecting their positions. Then he moved them back together again.

Gazing down at Susan, Mitch thought she looked like a flying bird. He ran his hands down her solid legs and butt and over to Nat?s ample chest. The two girls looked like an erotic artwork for sure — he knew they had to be put on display, if only for a short time.

He managed to move both frozen models out of spare bedroom, despite their stiff poses. He could find only one long pedestal (The latest shoot left a mess covering most of his stuff) but after he placed Susan on it he found another square pedestal a little bigger then the ones his models usually stood on. He put Nat down on the small pedestal and found he had done well reposing her. She did not wobble at all. Susan rocked back and forth a little but he could solve that with some sculpey.

Mitch stepped back and saw the golden afternoon light fall on the two immobilized nude girls. Natalie and Susan both made beautiful artworks. He knew he had to keep them like that for a while; at least until he could take some photos of them. They would not mind as he was becoming inspired. He looked across at his other living statues and decided what more living sculpture art he wanted to create...

To Be Continued??

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