Mannequin Special

By Rotwang


The man watched Lynn run the track. Her lean, athletic body glistened in the light of the setting sun.

She stopped and put her hands on her legs and breathed in deeply.

"Hi, you're Lynn ?" The man with a suit and briefcase said.

"Yeah, do I know you ?" She said panting and rubbing her body with a towel.

"I'm from the Dream Agency."

"So it's not a joke ?" She said a bit surprised.

"No, you tell us what your dream is and we fulfill it !"

"And no questions asked ?"

"No questions asked." He reassured her.

"Well, I work in a bridal shop with a large window display and there's this thing I've always had since I was a little girl..."

A few days later Lynn got a phone call.

"Hello ? Yes, it's you ? You're ready ? Great, I'm coming."

Lynn hung up the phone and grabbed her car keys and ran out of the door.

A few minutes later, she parked in front of a warehouse. The man from the Agency stood outside waiting for her.

"Are you ready for it ?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Inside, a corner had been cleaned up, organized as a workshop. Lynn could see two people were waiting for her.

Richard, the guy with the beard spoke first.

"Do you want us to go through it beforehand or make it a surprise ?"

"Make it a surprise !" Lynn said joyfully.

"Okay, first we have to make you wear this." Marla, the woman with the dark braided hair said.

"It's an exoskeleton made of memory-titanium." Richard said.

"It's inert at the moment." Marla said. "And to get in, you'll have to strip !" She added.

Lynn hesitated for a moment "All of it ?"

"Everything !" Marla said smiling wickedly, clearly enjoying it.

Lynn hesitated for a moment to think it over. And then smiled and said "Okay !"

"I gotta warn you, Marla's my wife." Richard said.

Just as Lynn slipped out or her panties, Richard picked up the frame and held it before him, gauging Lynn through it.

Lynn, clearly beginning to relax smiled. "Is this fine ?"

"You look good ! You work out ?" Marla said.

"Yeah, every day. Most of my family tend to be 'big-boned'."

"That's not what can be said about Dick here !" Marla said, while looking back at her husband who quickly tucked in his stomach.

"What ?" He asked with an innocent look.

Both women began to laugh.

The incredibly thin strips of metal fit over her body like a glove covering her entire body from head to toes in this strange framework. Magnetic straps held the whole thing in place. The metal was thin and flexible enough not to impair movement.

That's when Marla pulled out a flesh-pink thing which resembled a bodysuit.

"Put this on."

The suit was made of thin, but incredibly elastic material. There was only one way in, through the hole for the neck in the hood. Marla began talcuming Lynn and helped her into the suit.

"One leg at the time and then pull the suit up, over the knees and then pull the whole thing up until the feet are in the legs." Lynn did as she was told and stuffed her legs into the hood. Marla then stretched the neck and pulled it over Lynn's hips. Lynn pulled the right leg over hers. The elasticity made it an almost perfect fit. She rubbed her now plastic leg, while Marla pulled the other leg on. The tightness of the suit over her legs made her feel quite sensuous. Only when the crotch part touched her vagina did she feel a slight rush. Marla rubbed the suit smooth over her body, caressing Lynn at the same time, which sent pleasure messages to her brain. Then came the hardest bit. Lynn stuffed one arm into the suit between her breasts and forced it in. "It's not going to burst or something ?"

"No, It's high-tensile space-age rubber polymer. You could get this suit round Godzilla without harming it." Marla reassured her.

Lynn fumbled in the folds of the suit until her hand reached the shoulder. Her skin rubbing against the suit's smooth interior made her quiver with pleasure. She then pulled the hand into the glove. Her long fingers entered the glove's fingers and Marla pulled the suit further up her arm. The skin between her fingers touched the rubber, giving her an intense feeling. For a moment she looked at her smooth and featureless hand.

Marla pulled the shoulder up and Lynn forced her other hand into the suit. She then pulled the suit over her shoulder until her entire body was covered, except for her head. Marla gathered Lynn's short brown hair together and pulled the hood over her head. Then came the smoothing out and adjusting. Marla's hands run over Lynn's body, who shuddered under her caress. She rubbed her hand over her new slightly glossy-pink skin and went to her pussy, covered up by the rubber skin pushing on it, with the tension going straight from her shoulders to her crotch over her breasts. It was as if her body was in a permanent caress.

"Now watch !" Marla said, pulling Lynn out of her reverie.

She hooked up a tube to a socket in the suit at the base of her back which coincided with a hookup on the exoskeleton underneath. The black tube was covered with several electric wires and Marla plugged it in. She activated the generator and Lynn felt a strange sensation. Then she felt what was left of air being pumped out of the suit and pulling even tighter onto her body.

"Wow ! This feels ..."

Just as she opened her mouth, the skin itself began to pull even tighter in a single contraction all over her body. Her already firm body was pulled even tighter. Waves of pleasure ran through her body and it felt as if the rubber suit was merging with her skin. By now the tension became so great that she could actually feel things right through the suit. She rubbed over her clitoris which seemed even more sensitive than before. Her eyes popped wide in surprise and her mouth opened into a stunned smile. She looked down at her smooth plastic body and gasped at what she saw.

Next, she felt her body become tense and move against its will. The memory-titanium slowly became rigid and reshaped her position into a mannequin pose, slowly becoming hard, until she was completely immobile. Marla ran her finger down Lynn's back who cried out in pleasure.

"Oooh, this is heaven !" She groaned passionately.

But then she slipped into another deep groan as Richard showed her the mask. He pulled it over Lynn's head and zipped it down. The mask also became rigid, hugging her face tightly. She felt herself being picked up and could almost feel the fingerprints on their hands, so sensitive had she become. Looking through the transparent eyes in the mask, she could see a beautiful naked mannequin standing before her. But then she realized it was a mirror she was looking at...

Next came the dressing up bit. Marla pulled the small, delicate white lace panties over her hyper-sensitive legs and adjusted them over her crotch, deliberately caressing her. Her vagina pulsated in response. Then Richard put on the garter-belt and long white stockings and hooked them on the garter-belt. A delicate lace bra covered her nipples, making Lynn gasp in her mask. Inside her paralyzed body, she felt the first wave of an orgasm and reveled in it, completely incapable of even twitching the slightest muscle.

Then came the exquisite wedding dress. She was slowly laced into the bodice and felt her mind drift off. She no longer associated the svelte, athletic Lynn with the beautiful mannequin being dressed before her. She was no longer Lynn, but beauty, made of plastic and white lace. The lace of the wedding gown radiated in its pristine white glory. Lynn had to clench her teeth as the delicate long lace gloves were pulled over her arms. With her plastic green eyes, she saw how the long blonde wig was placed over her head and topped off with a veil. Finally, Marla placed a white lace choker with a golden medallion over the seam where the mask met the suit.

"VOILA !" Marla said triumphantly.

Lynn felt her second orgasm, pumping the muscles in her vagina and letting the wave of pleasure die out through her body and closed her eyes. When she opened them again a few moments later, she saw the beautiful mannequin she had secretly wanted to be, ever since she saw one in the bridal shop as a small child. Her new body, radiant and beautiful was put on display in a shop for the remainder of the day. People would flock to the window to admire the beautiful dress and delicate mannequin in the window.

The hours passed as she stood motionless in the window display until the shop closed. A mix of relief and sadness went through Lynn as Richard stepped into her limited field of vision.

She felt two more orgasms as she was undressed. Then the exoskeleton was turned off freeing her body. Her muscles ached, but after a few moments of stretching, she felt better. Finally came the time to remove the suit itself. Richard started off by removing the mask. The rush of fresh air on her face soothed her. She ran her hand down her smooth plastic skin, just after Marla released her. The uncanny tension she had felt faded as her own body was returned to her. With sadness she struggled out of the tight skin she had been one with. The feeling of air rushing over her own skin felt strangely unfamiliar. Blemishes and spots had now reappeared on her body. Marla smiled compassionately at Lynn. Just as the exoskeleton was removed, she felt odd, as if the experience had changed her in more ways than she expected.

"It was so incredible !" Lynn said, while Marla and Richard smiled knowingly.

"Well that's it, you'll get our bill next week." Richard refocussed his attention on Marla. "By the way, when's Brenda due, Marl ?"

"Seven... ? Yeah, seven." She said thinking hard.

"I'll get her suit." Richard said, while opening one of the lockers.

"Wow !" Lynn gasped as she looked inside the locker.

Richard pulled out a bright chrome gynoid mask, with a visor for eyes. Lynn took a step towards it.

"May I have a look ?"

"Sure, why not ?"

Lynn rubbed the shining metal mask and saw her own, still a bit unfamiliar face reflected in it. The metal felt cool under her fingers. She peered inside it. Richard popped it open and put it over her head.

"Hey it's dark in here !" Said a muffled voice.

She waited for some time, when suddenly, the two LCD screens in front of her eyes, flashed to life and began to transmit a picture. Overlapping the external view were computer readouts telling her in which direction she was staring, how much power was left, or even what the exterior temperature was.

Lynn smiled when Richard removed the helmet.

"Wow ! That's even cooler than the Mannequin Spe..."

Lynn's words were cut short when she caught sight of the rest of the suit Marla was prepping up.

She smiled as she ran her fingers over the generously endowed chrome breastplate, while inadvertently rubbing the other fingers over her panty.

"Say Marla, get the second suit out, perhaps Lynn and Brenda may want to share this..."

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