The Magician's Revenge

by Angelcrow24

               It was a beautiful day. My wife and I  had an easy day.  Mainly because we only had one show tonight.  It was a good show everything well.  I did have a little problem with a certain little reporter by the name of Ms. Thomas. Well, to be quite honest, she has been a pain for long time.  It seems like every time I turn around she is there hounding me.  Anyway, tonight my wife and I have the big plans. We have been asked to attend a party be held by David Copperfield.  All of the big-name magician's like Lance Burton, the Pendragon's, Harry Anderson, and many more or supposed to be there.

                My wife and I went and got all nice and dress up. As we were starting to walk over to our limo. Ms. Thomas decides to show up.  She started asking questions about our show. I told her to get lost as my wife and I hopped into our limo. She kept on asking questions as our driver proceeded to drive off. When we arrived at the party, we were greeted by David Copperfield. He asked how we were. I replied, not bad and thank you for inviting us to your party. David says, heck, with the way that ya'll performed. I have to invite ya'll.

                Now I must say, I have been in the magic field for many years, but you and your wife are outstanding. Ya'lls show looks so real it's amazing. Well, what can I say?  I have learned from the best.  Yet watching you and many others over the years perform. The work that I do in my opinion can't compare to yours or Harry Houdini, or Harry Blackstone. Ya'll are the best. David asks, Eric could you do me a favor? Sure, what's that, I ask. David says, I was wondering if maybe you and your wife could maybe do a little magic?

                He announces to everybody that Eric Draven and his lovely wife Shelley is going to put on a little show for all of us.  David looks over to me and asks me if I may need anything? I replied, sure um, umm, uh do you have a cardboard box about the size of my wife's head? David thinks for a second, and says, yes I do.  I'll be right back.  David leaves the room and about a minute or two later he returns with the box.

                He hands me the box. I walk over to the table and pickup a chair and a hand towel and I walked back over to the center of the room.  Okay honey why don't you have a seat in the chair.  She sits down on the chair and I rip two parts of the box off so that her face and the back of her head will be showing. I take the hand towel and put it around her head and box like it was a headband. OK folks now I know everybody here well with the exception of the caterers.  We all know Magic. Yet as you all can see I'm not using anything extra. I place my hands on the sides of my wife's head. I slowly move it to the left. Just in normal head range. Now here is where the fun begins and as I said that.  A pulled hard to the right. Bring my wife's head to where it is almost 180 degrees around.

                Basically, you can say all Shelley has to do is look down to see her own butt. Everybody huh and oooo at the sight of Shelley's head.  She just looked about like nothing was wrong.  I go on and bring her head the rest of the way and remove the box. Hey David, do you have two metal cookie sheets and some duct tape and a bed sheet? David replies, yes to do. I'll be right back and David walks out of the room. A few minutes later he returns and hands me the stuff.  I hand David one of the cookie sheets and ask him to hold it.  He does and I place the bed sheet around the sheet and tape it. Okay now honey would you please take off your shoes and step on the cookie sheet that I have placed on the floor. She takes off her shoes and steps on the cookie sheet.

                Okay David, I want you to help me place the sheet around her with the cookie sheet above her head.  David and I do that.  Okay for what David and I are going to do next is to compress Shelley here. Are you ready Shelley?  Shelley replies, I'm ready when you are.  Okay, here we go.  David and I start to lower the cookie sheet.  When we reached about half way, I ask Shelley how are you doing?  Shelley says, well it's getting kind of crowded in here. David and I proceed on until we reach the floor.  Okay David would you please raise the cookie sheet a little and open the bed sheet.  David does and I reach in and pickup Shelley.  She is now as flat as a record but in the shape of the cookie pan.

                When you look at Shelley on one side you see her face and the palms of her hands.  When you turn her over you see the bottom of our feet. Everybody wow and cheered for us.  Okay, I place Shelley back onto the cookie sheet and brought the bed sheet around so that you couldn't see in. I take the cookie sheet from David and place it directly on top of Shelley.  Then I slowly start to raise it backed up.  I open the bed sheet and there stands Shelley.

                Hey David, could you get me ten towels and ten rubber bands and do you by chance have a sword?  David replies, yea I do have a sword.  David leaves and goes and gets the materials.  When he comes back into the room he hands me the stuff.  Okay since I don't have the proper materials for this next illusion I am asking everybody to take one last look Shelley, because since I don't have the proper material.  I am going to have everybody turn around and not look until I tell them to.  Everybody takes one last look at Shelley as she lies down on the coffee table and then they all turnaround.

                I pickup the sword and bring it down across Shelley's neck.  Completely severing her head from her body.  I put the sword now can pickup Shelley's head and place a towel around Shelly's neck and place a rubber band over the towel.  I lay Shelley's head back on the table and do the same to the portion of her neck that is apart of her shoulders.  A pickup the sword. Shelley raises her right arm and I with my left hand holds her right hand.  I raise the sword and bring it down on her bicep.  The sword passes right through her.

I put a towel and rubber band on it and the partial arm connected to shoulder.

                Then I do the same to her left arm.  I moved over to where her thighs are and told her to bring her legs together.  I lift the sword up and bring it down across her thighs.  Slicing right through her thighs.  I put the sword down and put the towels and rubber bands on her.  Okay everybody you may turnaround now.  Everybody wow and cheered. Okay David you get to hold Shelly's head and I pass over Shelley's head to David.  I gave some of the others her arms and her legs to look at.  But nobody can touch the main body, that is on the table.  Now David is that Shelley's head in your hands?  David says, yes it is Shelley's head.  The others all agreed that all the pieces were Shelley's.

                I went and took all of Shelly's pieces and laid them back on the table. I had everybody turnaround again.  Then I went and put Shelley back together.  Everybody was amazed. Then all of sudden we hear a crashing sound at the window.  David and I and others went to window to find Ms. Thomas in the shrubs.  Apparently she fell from the tree.  David and I when downstairs to confront for. When we got down there security had her in custody.  David had her arrested.  David and I went back and then we party away into the night.

                The next morning Shelley and I had went to the theater to start rehearsal.  We were in the back room when low and behold that stupid reporter sticks her nose where it shouldn't belong.  I tell her to get lost and slam the door in her face.  Shelley and I go on to the stage and start performing.  We get done with an illusion when that darned reporter Ms. Thomas starts down the aisle and starts asking questions.  I look over to Shelley and say that's it. Ms. Thomas, now I have asked you more than a dozen of times. Please leave us alone, but you still persist on!

                Now, I am a very nice and a humble person.  Yet, you won't leave us alone!  So I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Come with me.  Shelley and Ms. Thomas followed me backstage.  I walked over to my suitcase and open it up. I said to Shelley, please encase Ms.Thomas. Shelley jumps on top of Ms. Thomas and wraps her body around her like a very tight body suit. The only portion of Ms. Thomas that you could see is her eyes and nose.  I pull out a syringe with some stuff in it.  Okay Shelley roll Ms. Thomas over to where her butt is facing me and to where her clothes are not on a piece of her butt cheek.  Shelley does it and I give Ms. Thomas an injection.

                Sorry Ms. Thomas but you are going to learn a valuable lesson.  Too bad it will be your last.  You have been hounding us for to many years to where I am sick of it.  Your probably wondering what that was that I injected you with.  Well, I'm going to tell you.  My third cousin Joyce, her father created an invention call Nanites. To break it down to where you would understand it.  It's a tiny little bug that can do any number of things from performing life saving surgery to morphing chemical makeup's and DNA.

                The only difference is that Joyce has to use a remote control.  I changed that. I made it to where after the first initial use it is prompted by my voice control.  I turnaround and reach into my bag and pull out a remote control. Well, let's see. What should I do first?  Well, that's take away your voice.  I push a button on the remote control.  Now, I want you to stand up.  Shelley let's go of Ms. Thomas and Ms. Thomas stands up.  I bend down and put the remote control back in my bag.

                Oh, what's wrong?  Wishing that you didn't stick your nose in our business.  Well, honey, it's too late for that.  Ms. Thomas what is your first name?  She replies, my first name is Beverly.  Okay Beverly, I want you to lift up your right hand.  Beverly lifts up her right hand.  I am going to show you just a little bit of how much pain you showed me over the years.  I want you to give me the finger.  Beverly's right hand starts to move on its own and gives me the bird.  Now Shelley show Beverly just how far you can turn your finger around when you don't feel pain.  Shelley takes hold of her right middle finger with her left hand and twists it a full 360 degrees around.

                 Okay Beverly, I want you to do the same but, you are going to feel everything.  Beverly looks down and sees her left-hand coming up and taking hold of her finger in disbelief.  Beverly thinks to herself "God this is going to hurt."  About that time her left-hand twists her finger around all the way.  Shelley and I can see that she is in a lot of pain.  Just by the look on her face.  Oh what, does that hurt.  I'm just starting.  Beverly, are you flexible?  Beverly answers, a little.  I look over and say to Shelley, would you go and get to chairs for me.  Shelley goes and gets chairs. I place the chairs facing each other.

                Okay Beverly why don't you take off your shirt, your shoes, your socks and your jeans.  Beverly takes them off and Shelley goes and picks them up and sets them to side.  Okay Beverly, I want you to stand between the two chairs.  Beverly walks over and stands between the two chairs. Now I want you to bend over and put your hands on the floor.  She does.  Now I want you to put your right foot on the chair to your right.  She lifts her foot and puts it on the chair.  Now I want you to put the other foot on the other chair.

                Well, Beverly, your almost in a full chinese split.  Let me help you.  I walk around behind her and put my hands on her lower back and butt.  Now Beverly, I'm going to help you into a full over split and I push for to the floor.  What's the matter?  Does that hurt?  Awe poor baby.  You should have listened to me when I said stay away, but you didn't.  Shelley, come over and take hold of her left foot.  Shelley comes around and takes hold of her left foot and I do the same to her right foot.

                Now Shelley, what we are about to do is.  I'm going to have you push her foot up and over to me.  I'm going to do that with this one, okay?  Shelley nods OK.  Well, then push.  Shelley and I start pushing until we have her feet together.  Shelley, hold her feet for me.  I want to see her face.  Shelley holds onto her feet and I come around and look down at Beverly face.  Beverly I want you to show me fully how much pain you are feeling in your face.  Her face comes completely on frozen and I can see a her face all to contorting.

                Shelley release her feet and remove the chairs.  Shelley let's go of her feet and moves the chairs off to the side.  Beverly put your legs back together and stand up.  She goes and stands up.  Now I want you to take and slide your right foot forward but, I one you to leave your left foot there.  She starts to slide forward until she is in the full front split.  I walk over and neil down and put my left hand on her by right next to her knee.  I, with my right hand pickup her foot and pull it to where it is directly above her knee.  I lower it back down and walked over and pickup the sword.  I walk back over to Beverly and tell her to lift both arms up to where both arms are straight across from one another.  I raise the sword up and cut off her right hand, then her arms at the elbow and then I did the same to her left arm and hand.

                I walk around behind her facing her left leg and cut off for foot at the ankle.  Then I chopped her leg at in the knee.  I walk around and did the same to her right leg.  Shelley would you put the sword away for me?  Shelley said yes, and took the sword and put it away.  I walked over and pick the piece of Beverly's arm and put it to her other piece at the shoulder and they went back together.  I pick up her hand and put it to her forearm and they went back together.  I walked around and did the same to her left-hand and arm.  Then I went and fixed both of her legs.

                Okay now Beverly I want you to stand up.  Beverly stands up.  Now I want you to go and get that chair and bring it over here and sit down in it.  She goes and gets the chair and sits down in it.  I walk around behind her and put by right hand on her chin.  I put my left-hand on the back of her head.  Okay Beverly, what do you think I'm about to do?  Beverly says, I think you're about to break my neck.  You know what, you're right and at that I yanked her head and turned it completely 180 degrees around.  Well, Beverly, why don't you stand up and checkout your butt.  She stands up and looks down at her butt.  Wow!!!!  I didn't know I had such a cute butt.

                I reached up and twist her head back around.  Now what I want you to do is shrink until I tell you to stop. Beverly started to shrink.  I finally stopped her when she was about two inches tall.  I reach down and pick her up.  I looked over at Shelley and said Shelley, I want you to stay here.  I'm going to go with Beverly to grab some clothing and stuff.  Then we'll be right back, okay?  Shelley says, go on ahead I'll be here getting things ready and gives me a kiss.  As she was kissing I grabbed her butt, and she jumps and says, Honey please, wait to later.  Okay sweetheart, I love you!  Shelley replies back, I love you too Honey.

                I said to myself change into Beverly's look.  I automatically change into her size, shape, an exact twin.  Then I said myself my voice to match hers.  Then I realized I was still in my clothes.  I walk over to where Beverly's clothes are and put her clothes on.  I put Beverly in my left front pocket.  I reach down and pick up my cigarettes and lit myself a cigarette.  I put them in the pocket with Beverly and picked up her purse and started for the door.

                I went outside and opened the door to her car and got in.  Okay Beverly I want you to direct me to your house.  She did and when we got there.  We went inside and I enlarged Beverly back to her normal size.  I instructed her to go and pack.  She went and packed all of clothes.  Okay Beverly I want you to write down your account number on this withdrawal sheet and sign it.  She does like I ask.  I shrink her again and we then leave and go to her bank. I pull up to the drive-through window and put the withdrawals slip and then receive all of her money.

                I put the money in my pocket and drove off.  When we got about three blocks from the theater.  I stop the car and we walked the rest of the way there.  When we got there.  I put the suitcases in my dressing room.  I walk back over to the closet and got some clothes and change myself back to normal and put some clothes on.  Beverly, I want you to grow back to normal size and she did.  Okay Beverly put your bra and panties back on.  When she was done, I said to her come with me.  We walk back into the main stage area.

                Beverly go get that box looking like thing over their and bring it here.  She goes and gets it and brings it over.  Now I want you to step into a box.  I help Beverly into the box.  Now in case you don't know what this is.  It is called "The Wringer Box." What is going to happen is that you start here and then you will be sucked through those metal wringers and come out completely flat.  I reach down and push the button and she started to come out the other side.

                When she was finally through, I pick her up and then run her back through and restored her back to her size again.  Okay Beverly I'm going to let you talk but, I just want to hear your response.  I don't want to hear anything else, understand.  Beverly says, yes.  Okay let's do a little modification to how you look.  Well, lets change your eye color from brown to green.  Now your hair, from around to a reddish color.  Okay let's make you a little bit taller. From your mere 5 foot, 4 inches to 5 foot, 10 inches.

                Wow Beverly you're starting look really good. So what do you think? Well, besides the pain, I can't believe it's me. Eric, can I ask you a question?  I said, sure, go for it. Beverly asks, you're not going to kill me, are you?  I replied, I don't know yet.  Although I must say, you have one or the other options you can do.  Options one is you will do everything I tell you to do forever.  Or option two is I can erase your memory and have you as somebody totally new.  In which everything you know.  Every memory, everything you hold dear including your life is gone.

                I'll let you choose and if I see it.  I may let you have your choice.  So think about that.  Beverly starts to think.  A few minutes past and Beverly says to me.  I choose options No. 1.  Eric, quite frankly I would rather be a slave, rather than dying right now.  Now I will tell you right now, from this day forth whether you like it or not your body will automatically say I applied for a job from you.  Beverly says, okay.  Okay Beverly I want you to return to how you normally look.  Beverly turns back into herself again.

                Beverly I am going to change a little bit on how you look.  So please take off your bra.  She takes it off.  I'm sorry but those small little tities that you have got to go to uh mum. Let's have them grow to a size C cup almost a D cup, and they grow to that size. Now come with me. Beverly and I walk into the back where Shelley in I sleep and wake up Shelley. Shelley, I want you to get Beverly a shirt and take her out shopping for some new bra's and some outfits for her, because she is going to be in our show.

                 Beverly before you leave.  Now remember everything that Shelley or I tell you to do.  You better do it because, if you try anything you're dead.  Beverly says, Eric trust me.  I want to live and I know what you and Shelly can do to me if I try something stupid.  Shelley says, okay you guys.  Beverly let's go. We have some shopping to do before tonight's show because you're in it.  Beverly and Shelley left and I went and laid down and when to sleep.

                Later on when they returned.  Shelley came in and woke me up by giving me a kiss and said, it's time to wake-up and get ready for the show.  Shelley and Beverly went to one dressing room and got ready as I did in mine.  The show was a success.  At the end some of the reporters asked me when Ms. Thomas had started up with us.  I said to them, she started up about two weeks ago.  Her and I had a talk and decided to hire her.  Another reporter asked why did she want to leave the journalist position that she had to become a magician's assistant.

                I said to them, she had asked if I could perform an illusion on her because she has always wanted to see what it was like.  So I perform an illusion called "The Wringer Box" illusion on her.  Which was the one she had saw and wanted to try.  So I perform the illusion and she loved it and asks if I would hire her.  Well, what can I say.  I saw that she would make a good assistant because of her curiosity and love for magic and her love for being in front of the camera. So I hired her but, I hate to say, I have to go.  So I hope you all enjoyed the show and good night. I turned around and opened the door, step into the room and closed the door.


The End

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