Laura Perry raised an eyebrow at the metallic crate sitting on her front porch. She discovered it there when she had arrived home from work. It was about 5 feet in height and a yard across on either side. The label affixed to it's side was addressed to Robert Perry, her husband.

The crate had no other discernible markings on it save for a button next to the address label. An LCD readout said "Mrs. Robert M. Perry. Press here." When she had pressed the button a computerized voice had said "Thank you. Matrix input accepted. This unit has been designated assigned to Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Perry. This unit will also require Mr. Perry's authorization for access and start-up. Code two, seven, a."

A dull pulsating hum followed the rather cryptic message, emanating from inside the crate. The frequency of the hum dropped until it passed out of Laura's hearing. The LCD now read "Mr. Robert M. Perry. Press here." She gave an exasperated sigh and went to get a cart to wheel the crate inside.

"Honey, I'm home!" Rob called out as he stepped inside. He looked at the table by the door to see if any important mail had arrived. He picked up his copy of Time and began to thumb though it. He was skimming an article about the latest congressional scandal when he bumped into the crate. He looked down at the strange object in his living room.

"Do you know what it is?" Laura asked. Rob looked up to see her looking at him expectantly. "It tells me that you have to open it," she informed him.

"It tells you?" he asked.

Laura explained how she discovered the crate and what had happened when she had pressed the button. "It told me something-or-other input had been accepted and then it told me only you could open it."

"Hmmm," Rob said. "No markings other than my name and address."

They both stared at the crate for several seconds. Laura laughed nervously. "So open it already!" she said.

Rob shrugged and pressed his thumb to the button.

There was a sharp knock from inside the crate that made both of them jump. The hum that Laura had heard earlier resurfaced. This time the hum rose in pitch like the sound of an electronic flash on a camera. Then with a metallic ratcheting noise the sides of the crate slowly pulled aside horizontally like window blinds.

Inside the crate was what looked like a seated human form wrapped in a cloudy plastic bag. Rob took out his pocket knife and cut open the bag. As he pulled it away to see what was inside he gave a cry and dropped the knife.

Inside the torn packaging was a woman, her eyes closed, looking as if she was in a deep comfortable sleep. A woman who looked exactly like Laura.

Laura's breath became short as she looked at the woman slumbering peacefully (she was slumbering, wasnít she?) in the crate. It was like watching herself from a dream. A dream she didn't really want to be having.

The woman opened her eyes and stood up. That was when Rob and Laura realized that the woman was naked.

The woman turned somewhat stiffly to face them. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Perry," the woman said. Her eyes didn't seem quite focused and her voice sounded synthesized. Synthesized but, aside from that, exactly like Lauraís. "You have been selected as market researchers for Hypertech Industries' newest and most exciting innovation. I am the Hypertech 3022 house-hold assistance unit. I have been designed to provide users with extra time and leisure by performing everyday house-hold tasks and responsibilities. This will allow users the time to enjoy the quality of life that Hypertech customers have come to expect."

The woman looked at Laura with slightly unfocused eyes. "How may I be of service?"

Rob's eyebrows furrowed. "You're a house-keeper?"

The woman's eyes came into focus as she looked at Rob. "Yes, Mr. Perry."

Laura clutched at her husband's arm. "Why does it look like me?" she whispered at him.

The woman addressed Laura. "Mrs. Perry, I have been given your form because your matrix was the first one input as my implementation format. I am capable of any domestic tasks, including child and pet care. Hypertech's market research has shown that these subjects respond best to a familiar face."

Laura's voice trembled a little as she replied "We don't have any kids and we take care of Snowy just fine, thank you." The woman's only reply was a blank stare. "Oh Christ, didn't you come with any clothes?" Laura muttered as she stomped off to the bedroom.

She returned with underwear, a T-shirt and a pair of jeans which she tossed on the floor in front of the crate.

The woman dressed herself, then stood waiting expectantly.

Rob stared at his wifeís twin with curious wonder. "What now?"

"I am prepared to perform any tasks I am given." the woman replied simply.

Before Rob could answer Laura took him sharply by the arm and pulled him into the kitchen. "What?" he asked in annoyance.

"Whatever it is, whoever sent it, it goes back," Laura said sharply.

"Why?" Rob asked incredulously.

Laura's eyes narrowed, "Because we don't know anything about it! It just shows up and says it's here to do house work? Why did we get it?"

Rob took a second to reply. "Because we were chosen by some marketing department to try it? Honey, this could be great! It's a free live-in maid!"

"Most maids don't arrive in boxes! And most of them arrive dressed!"

Rob smiled. "It's because she looks like you, isn't it?"

Laura exploded. "Of course it's because it looks like me! Because it looks like anyone! My vacuum cleaner doesn't look like anyone! My dishwasher doesn't look like anyone!"

The phone rang. Laura answered it tersely. "Hello?"

She sighed. "No, it's fine. No, no, Mike, I'll be there soon. Hey, that's why we get paid the big bucks, right?"

She hung up the phone and took a deep breath. "That was work. They have a problem. I have to go."

Without looking at her husband Laura picked up her coat and her keys. "I want it gone when I get back!" she said as she walked out the door without a backward glance.

The woman stared blankly ahead, oblivious to the conversation.

By the time Laura arrived home again it was well after dark. The extra work had taken all of her attention for the span of time that she had been away. But now as she saw her home she remembered that there had been an intruder into her life today. An intruder with a very familiar face.

She opened the door and was met by the smell of food. She flipped on the light switch but the room still remained dark. There was a faint light coming from the dining room.

The dining room was lit by candlelight. The table had been laid out with dinner. There was bread, salad, and the main course of lazange. Rob sat at the far end of the table looking very pleased with himself.

He got up to seat her and poured them both glasses of wine. She eyed him skeptically. "You did not do this," she said.

He smiled sheepishly. "Well, no I didn't. But I figured you'd be hungry when you got home, and we had the extra help..."

Laura gave in. "Fine, let's eat." She still didn't sound happy about it.

Her eyes widened slightly after her first taste of the pasta. "Rob, this is my Momís recipe!" The one she had never been able to get right.

He just grinned at her. "She knew her way around the kitchen better than I did."

Laura smiled reluctantly. "Now thatís a surprise."

Rob had been right about one thing: she was famished. And the food was excellent. With their work schedules Rob and Laura had gotten into the habit of take-out. This was the kind of meal that Laura made when she felt she had lots of time on her hands. Which lately was never. Maybe some extra help wasn't such a bad idea. And the price was certainly right.

At the end of the meal Laura felt a little light headed. She could hardly keep her eyes open. She figured it must have been the long day at work and a little too much wine. The last thing she remembered was Rob carrying her to bed.

That night the artificial woman sat in her crate with her eyes closed. A low bass hum could be heard. The sound then escalated up the audible scale until it was lost to human ears. Her lips parted slightly. There was no one in the darkened room with the woman, but if there had been and they had listened very carefully, they might have realized that the woman was singing.

In the bedroom Rob and Laura were asleep. Rob's snoring stopped as he sunk into an even deeper slumber.

Laura's rest became more fitful. Her body glistened with a light sweat. She began to let out short quiet whimpers. Her hands ran across her body of their own accord. One of them pulled gently at one of her nipples. The other pushed deep between her legs into her wet sex.

Soon her body shuddered in orgasm. As it did her breathing became more relaxed and her hands fell limp to her sides.

In the living room the woman's lips closed soundlessly.

The next morning was Saturday. When Rob woke up he found Laura looking at him. "How did you sleep?" she asked.

He stretched and shook his head. "Like the dead. Why? How did you sleep?"

His wife flushed a deep red. Her eyes cast down. "I had dreams."

Rob's brow furrowed. "What kind of dreams?"

She shook her head. "I don't remember."

"Good dreams? Bad dreams?"

Laura's voice was very small. "Hot dreams."

Rob chuckled. "What's so bad about that? What were they about?"

Laura squirmed a little under the covers. "I don't remember. But it's getting me wet just thinking that I had them."

After that remark Rob felt himself getting pretty excited too. Suddenly he and his wife were kissing passionately, desperately.

Laura tossed aside the covers. She pulled off her panties and spread her legs. "Make a woman out of me," she said with a wink.

Rob lay back and casually folded his hands across his chest. "OK. Take out the trash."

With a growl Laura climbed on top of him. "I don't have to. I have a maid!"

As the couple made love the maid prepared breakfast. She sang quietly to herself.

Life returned pretty much to normal.

Laura accepted the presence of the extra help. The maid (or just Maid; she was never referred to as anything else) went about cooking and cleaning. She was very good at it, never complained, and even Laura had to admit that it freed up a lot of time.

The adjustment wasnít completely without incident. One day when Rob came home from work he accidentally kissed Maid, thinking she was Laura. Laura walked into the room just as it happened. Laura grudgingly agreed it was an honest mistake. But the next day she purchased a plain black maidís uniform for Maid to wear.

At night Lauraís dreams continued. And with the dreams (that she could never remember) her unnamed desires. Laura had always considered herself to be an averagley sexed woman (that was better than average in bed, she thought). But since Maid's arrival a morning hadnít passed when Laura didn't make her husband make love before going to work. Rob had begun setting the alarm clock earlier to accommodate this new habit. Lauraís sexual appetite was becoming insatiable. Within a few weeks of Maid entering their lives, if Rob and Laura were at home and awake they were probably having sex. Rob certainly wasnít complaining.

Laura also began changing her appearance. At work she was still completely professional. But her necklines were a little lower and her skirts were a little tighter and shorter. Her makeup slightly more provocative. Nothing changed so much that anyone could say anything about it without fear of a lawsuit. But she couldn't deny that heads turned a lot faster when she walked by.

That was another change. She really enjoyed making heads turn when she walked by. She would smile when she wondered how far she could go without going "too far". And sometimes she would wonder why "too far" would be bad.

Then Laura began to have gaps in her memories. She never noticed the gaps, only that she had lost track of time. She would be home by herself (she never thought of Maid as someone there) and the time would suddenly be later. Sometimes much later. She would think that Maid had been in the room and then she would be gone. Or that Laura would remember being in one room and then be in another. It was more of an impression than a memory. But if she concentrated any thought to it, particularly on Maid, something would distract her and she would forget all about it. And she never noticed how wet her panties were.

Rob learned he was being called out of town on business for the week. The night before he was to depart he came home to find Laura wearing a black satin bow around her waist and nothing else. He was barely in the door when she was pulling off his tie and shirt and biting at his ears. "We have to make up for a whole week," she whispered as she pulled him into the bedroom.

As the clock approached eleven Rob lay on the bed breathing heavily. Laura was leaving gentle kisses mixed with not-so gentle bites across his chest. He tried to push her away. "Honey, I canít go anymore," he said. "Weíve been at this for six hours!"

Laura pouted. "But youíre leaving tomorrow," she complained.

He ran his fingers through her long brown hair. "Iím sorry sweetheart, youíve just used me up for tonight." He sighed as he lay back on the pillow. "Besides, I think Iíve had a respectable batting average tonight!"

A wicked grin spread across Lauraís face. "I bet I can get you to play another inning!"

Before he could say anything she lept from the bed and ran out of the bedroom. "Donít move, or the gameís over," she called over her shoulder.

Robís jaw went slack when she walked back into the room leading Maid by the hand. Maid had her usual look of detachment to the events going on around her. Laura had a much naughtier expression.

As Maid looked ahead at nothing in particular Laura began to undo the buttons on Maidís blouse. She removed the blouse and after that Maidís bra. Laura stood behind Maid and wrapped her arms around Maidís waist. Lauraís chin rested on Maidís shoulder. Laura winked at Rob.

At this point Rob was more than ready for "another inning". Looking at his wifeís twin stripped to the waist being caressed by his naked wife had brought him to a state of arousal so strong that his teeth began to chatter. Lauraís bedroom antics had certainly been more and more daring in the last month or so. But this... This was the kind of fantasy one would have if one were already in a fantasy. He began to shake even more when he wondered how far Laura would be willing to go with this. His mind was awhirl with the combinations. He got off of the bed and moved to join the two identical women.

Laura wordlessly held up her hand in a gesture that very clearly said "stop". "Youíre tired," she said as she began to kiss Maidís shoulder. "Donít exert yourself." When Rob looked like he might not take her advice she looked at him with a most angelic expression. "If we distract you too much, weíll go somewhere where we wonít." Rob stayed rooted to the spot where he sat.

Laura brought her hands to meet Maidís breasts. As with everything else Maid had no visible reaction. Lauraís thoughts where actually not too far from her husbandís. What was she trying to accomplish? The thought of using Maid to arouse her spent husband had come to her on impulse. That goal had certainly been accomplished. Rob was more than prepared for at least one more round of sex. But now she was making him wait while she touched this machine.

As she felt Maidís breasts it was impossible to think of her (it) as a machine. Predictably they felt just like Lauraís own. But they werenít Lauraís, they were Maidís. And touching them made Laura's legs feel shaky. Laura had never had even a curiosity about another woman that she could recall. But she looked at Maids lips and wanted to know what it would be like to kiss them. To feel them on her skin... Her breasts... Her...

Laura tore herself away from her doppelganger and ran to Robís waiting arms. Laura sat on top of Rob facing Maid and anxiously pushed his cock inside of her. She nearly came at the first touch of it. She was wet enough that there was no resistance. She couldnít remember either of them every being this excited. As she moved herself up and down on Robís dick she tried not to look at Maid. But that was why she had positioned herself like this wasnít it? So she could see Maid? So she could see Maid staring straight ahead as always. Casually standing half naked without a thought to the couple making furious love right in front of her (it). Waiting for something to do? Instructions... Commands... Orders...

"Maid," Laura managed to gasp in between strokes. "Take off the rest of your clothes." Rob lifted his head so that he could see. Maid undid her skirt and pushed it from her hips. Laura pressed her fingers to her clit as she watched, mesmerized. She increased her tempo, feeling Robís cock hard and deep inside of her. Maid stepped clear of her panties and stood before them naked.

Laura could tell that Rob was about to come. Did he want the machine? The perfect replica of herself that would do whatever he asked? Never question. Never doubt. Never complain. Did he want that more than he wanted her?

In her mind she heard Rob giving Maid commands. "Maid, clean the kitchen." "Maid, Iím tired. Give me a back rub." "Maid, suck my cock." "Maid, tie up Mrs. Perry and lick her pussy until she comes." What?

As she felt her body topple over into orgasm, she felt Robís cock spasm and felt his body tense as he came inside her. Her climax washed through her taking the last of her control with it. As she trembled in ecstasy she felt her lover inside of her as he shook with his own rapture. She saw the beautiful, naked, obedient machine in front of her. She wondered what kinds of pleasure a device like that could bring in the hands of a skilled operator.

As Laura finally succumbed to exhaustion she dimly noticed that Maidís mouth was open slightly. And if she had listened very carefully she might have realized that Maid was singing.

When the alarm went off the next morning Laura was startled by the figure standing at the foot of the bed. It was Maid standing exactly where and how they had left her the night before.

Rob pulled himself out of bed, kissing Laura on the cheek as he went. "Go back to sleep sweetheart, I'll wake you before I go."

She heard Rob telling Maid to get dressed and fix him breakfast. Then she heard the sounds of the shower.

"Maid, get dressed." "Maid I want bacon and toast, please." "Maid, please treat Mrs. Perry like the slut that she is."

Lauraís head snapped up. The clock said 10:00.

Laura walked uncertainly from the bedroom into the kitchen. She sat down at the dining room table and watched silently as Maid cleaned up from Robís breakfast. After standing naked in place the entire night, and without comment or complaint, Maid had put on her simple uniform and cooked Rob breakfast. Because Rob had told her to.

Of course, Rob was gone already. Obviously. Hours ago. He had a flight to catch. She found a flower from the garden tied to a note. "Couldnít wake you up. Sorry. Thank you for the going away present. Itís going to be a long week without you. Love you, Rob."

The events of last night seemed a fantasy. If she hadn't awoke to Maid standing at the foot of the bed she might have dismissed her memory as nothing more than a dream.

Maid standing at the foot of the bed. Maid standing obediently naked at the foot of the bed. Because Laura had told her to.

Laura eased herself into the soapy hot water of the bath tub. She had called the office to say she would not be in today. When her assistant had asked if she was all right she had simply repeated to him that she would not be in today. Then she had poured herself some wine and drawn herself a bath.

She heard Maid singing in the living room. Maid was always singing, wasnít she? Yet if you had asked Laura about it before now she would not have remembered noticing. The singing was lovely. It was always lovely.

She felt the hot water fold around her. It felt good. She felt the red wine settling in her stomach and going to her head. It felt good too. The last few weeks Laura had been more interested than she usually was in feeling good. Very good. Ever since Maid had arrived. Maid...

"Maid?" Laura called hesitantly.

Maid entered the bathroom. "Yes, Mrs. Perry?"

Laura studied her twin standing obediently in the doorway. Submissively. Laura shuddered slightly. She studied the soap bubbles in front of her. "Wash me," she said.

Maid lathered her hands with the soap and did as Laura asked. Laura inhaled sharply at the first touch of Maidís fingers. She quickly drank some more wine to calm herself down. As Maid covered Laura in the slick soap Maid began to sing quietly, soothingly. The melody defied identification as it seemed to fade in and out of Lauraís consciousness. Maidís hands moved over Lauraís back, her shoulders, her neck. Laura relaxed but still felt self-conscious. This was silly. Maid touching her was no different from touching herself. She replayed the words in her mind. Touching herself... That wasnít what she had meant of course. This wasnít sexual, merely comfortable. Maidís fingers were now applying soap to Lauraís belly, her breasts, her nipples... Laura struggled to concentrate. Besides, Maid wasnít even a person. She was a machine. A mechanism. No more personal than the soap, a washcloth, a vibrator... My God, where had that thought come from? Did she want Maid to... Need Maid to...

Laura grabbed Maidís wrist and pressed the servantís fingers firmly to Lauraís pussy. Maid went to pleasuring Laura just as efficiently and obediently as she had been washing her a moment before. Laura began to relax as she felt Maidís fingers massaging her private parts. It felt very good. She felt the tension and embarrassment leaving her. How could she be embarrassed by anything that felt this good? In a moment Lauraís whole body had gone slack and it was only Maid holding her that prevented her from slipping under the bath water.

Laura only dimly noticed that Maid was no longer singing but was now speaking in quiet, steady tones.

"Mrs. Perry relax. You are enjoying this.

"You are enjoying this.

"Enjoy this...

"This is even better than the last time isnít it? And the time before that?"

Laura mummered a barely audible "Yes...." Other times? Oh... Yes...

"It gets better every time doesnít it?" Maid asked.

"Yes..." Laura replied. All the other times were wonderful...

"This will be the best ever Mrs. Perry. Ever."

Laura smiled at the thought. The best. Ever...

"The air is warm. The water is warm. Your skin is warm. My skin is warm. You canít tell the difference anymore can you?"

"No..." No difference.

"Open your legs more. Let me press inside you. More. More. More..."

Laura felt her body comply with the commands she was given. She didnít have to do anything. Her body would obey. She liked that.

She was rewarded by warm waves of pleasure. It was like the high point of an orgasm but it neither built nor ebbed. It simply enveloped her. Enfolded her. Encased her.

"It feels good doesnít it? It feels good...

Oh that was an understatement. It was as if her whole body had become pleasure.

"Feel so good

"Feel so very good.

Lauraís vision was blurring. Fading to match the pleasure she had become. Her senses all merged to become this sensation. There were sounds in her mind now she didnít understand, but they where very nice to listen to. She felt hands on her body. All over her body. In her body. This too faded to a single constant flood of bliss.

If she listened, the sounds in her head would tell her things. Things she should listen to. Things she should know. Commands that she should obey. She liked to obey. She really liked to obey. She could just listen to the sounds in her head and she wouldnít worry about anything. Nothing at all. The sounds were telling her everything she needed.

Then, too soon, "Itís time..."

It was another sound. From outside. Outside?

Her vision began to focus. "Itís finally time," the outside voice said. The inside voices were getting quieter, but they still told her things. They would always tell her things.

Her senses resolved into five separate sensations. She feel her clothes on her body, she could feel the hair brushing against her lips, she could she could taste the pussy she was licking.

She lifted her head from the other womanís sex. The taste lingered on her tongue as she took in her surroundings. The woman was naked and reclining in a bubble bath with her legs over the side and her pussy held up to be pleasured. Laura felt a twinge of disappointment as the woman lowered her sex back into the soapy water and out of view.

"Stand up," said the woman.

Laura felt her body comply with the commands she was given. She didnít have to do anything. Her body would obey. She liked that.

"Go get me more wine, please," the woman said.

"Yes, Mrs. Perry," Laura said as she turned to go.

Laura hesitated. Laura was Mrs. Perry, wasnít she? She had been taking a bath, and Maid had... Had...

"Maid?" asked the woman in the tub. Was the woman laughing? What was funny?

Maid? Laura looked at the woman in the tub. She was relaxing, sipping the last of her wine... She needed more wine... Mrs. Perry needed more wine and Maid should obey her...

She looked down at the black uniform she wore. Maid wore these clothes. But Laura was wearing these clothes. And Mrs. Perry needed more wine. And Maid should obey. She should obey.

The woman in the tub sat up so that her breasts were visible above the water. Mrs. Perryís breasts because she had been taking a bath and drinking wine and had asked Maid to eat her pussy while she relaxed and Maid had obeyed and was wearing her uniform while Mrs. Perry finished her wine naked in the tub and she needed more wine and Maid would obey. Obey.

Maid turned and looked at Mrs. Perry reclining in the tub.

"I..." she stammered.

Mrs. Perry raised an eyebrow and looked expectantly.

The words came haltingly at first but became more surely as Maid continued.

"I am the Hypertech 3022 house-hold assistance unit. I have been designed to provide users with whatever simulation is requested. This will allow users to enjoy the quality of life that Hypertech customers have come to expect."

She turned and left the room to get Mrs. Perry more wine.

The woman in the tub smiled and whispered "Good Maid."