Makeup Makes the Woman
by AmishNightmare

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people, living, dead, or about to be living, is purely the result of your over active imagination.

The following story contains adult themes including sexuality. If you are under aged for your location, or these themes disturb you, please don't continue.

She was a pretty woman, at least when she had her makeup on. Truth be told, she was plain when she didn't. The only time she felt that she was truly beautiful, is the one time she splurged on going to a shop that specialized in makeup and esthetics.

That was an expensive trip, one that she couldn't afford more than once a year, but one that she had felt was worth it that night. Every woman in the club that night had green eyes when looking at her.

The drudgery of every day life had put her in a rut that she couldn't seem to shake out of. It had been more than a year since she'd been to that shop so receiving a gift from them was a surprise. Even more surprising, it was a gift to ‘a valued client.’ Evidently, she had made an impression on someone.

Sometimes you need a surprise to get out of ruts, and this was exactly what she needed. It was Friday and she was determined to try out this new product and hit the town. Maybe she'd attract the eye of a new guy and finally get back in a relationship.

The product was a spray that instructions said would enhance and protect your makeup. Heavy makeup was supposed to look and feel lighter. Not to mention, virtually smudge proof. ‘No more makeup stains on clothes, and lipstick that lasts forever’ it claimed.

After slipping out of her work clothes, she ran herself a hot, luxurious bath, and had a light dinner.

Refreshed, and anxious to get the night going, she laid out her favourite dress, a black crocheted piece. It had a twist halter neckline that gave it a keyhole effect and was bare in the back to the waist. Knee length on her, it had an attached slip that stopped at the middle of her thighs. Rhinestones had been attached like a light dusting of starlight and made the dress sparkle wonderfully under most lighting. Her shoes were black lace up sandals with four–inch heels.

She removed the robe she had been wearing while styling her hair, put on her nylons and black lace panties. She tied a towel around her waist to keep them from getting dusted with makeup powder, and proceeded to do her makeup.

Her makeup this night was a little more inspired than her usual attempts at evening makeup. Perhaps this was from the excitement she finally felt at going out. Still, she was only at the high end of pretty, not quite head turning beautiful. To fully test the spray, she had decided to take the foundation further down than she normally did, and even used a shading trick she had heard of to make her cleavage look deeper.

Finally, she was satisfied and reached for the finishing spray. Closing her eyes as the directions indicated, she sprayed the entire area that she had applied makeup to, and a little beyond. She felt a cooling sensation over the area, and instantly felt the heaviness of the makeup disappear. Her eyes were now a brighter, truer blue and actually larger. The lashes were longer and fuller. Her eyebrows were slimmer and perfectly arched. Her cheekbones were higher and perfectly highlighted with blush. Her nose was the perfect size and shape for her face. Her lips were fuller and shone like a candy apple.

There were other changes. What she hadn't noticed was the flawless complexion that she had created with the illusion of makeup spread to cover her entire body. Her breasts no longer sagged with the weight of her thirty-nine years. She dismissed using the self-adhesive bra with out a second thought. Her waist was slimmer, her tummy flatter, and her hips a slight bit wider. A perfect manicure now graced her toes, and her fingernails were a half an inch past the tip of her fingers.

The under clothing also had changed. Instead of nylons, she now had an expensive garter belt holding up equally expensive stockings. Her panties were also crotchless now. She dropped the towel and started to admire herself in the mirror. Annoyed that the bathroom mirror didn't show her full body, she moved to the full length one she had in the hallway. Her smile returned, and her nipples hardened when she saw herself. The panties showed off a now totally hairless cunt that begged to be fucked. Quickly, her hands found their way between her legs and after a short while she had a leg weakening orgasm.

When she had finally decided that she was going out, she had phoned a cab company to arrange for a car at 8:30. It was 8:25 now, so she quickly got dressed, grabbed a clutch style purse, and headed for the apartment lobby.

Promptly at 8:30, the cab was at the front door and beeped the horn once. Not unusual, but definitely not common, the cab driver was a woman. She looked like her cab driver id, and looked like a soft butch.

“Night on the town, girl?”

“No, a private engagement. Here's the address.” She handed the cabbie a slip of paper that seemed to appear magically out of her clutch.

The cabbie was a little surprised by the address, as it was smack dab in the middle of a light industrial section of the city. It seemed odd that a lady as dressed up and beautiful as her fare was going there for a ‘private’ engagement. She had learned as a cab driver that bringing something like that up would spoil her chances of a tip, so she kept it to herself.

The drive was a short twenty minutes, but the cabbie had time to make small talk. “I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of you. I'd give nearly anything to look that good with nearly no makeup.”

The fare giggled, “I look more plain than you are now, without some makeup. The secret is a new spray that goes over your finished makeup to prevent transfer. It makes any amount of foundation light as a feather.”

At the destination, the cabbie received payment and a bottle of the fixer out of the same slim clutch. “Not a bad tip,” she thought, “if it did half of what she claimed.”

The front door opened for her as she approached, and the cabbie made sure she got inside before driving off.

Inside was what looked like a richly appointed high–class women's clothing store. A large number of very realistic mannequins were set on low round plinths dressed in expensive looking clothes that ranged from classy day, and evening wear to sexy club, and intimate wear. The look and fit of the latter was not trashy, so it fit in with the classier clothes. Rich, dark marble was used on the floor, the walls done with a lacquered walnut and had gold leaf accenting on the panels. Each of the plinths was also embellished with the gold leaf and each in a unique pattern. One empty plinth, set up in the evening dress section, was also bare of the embellishment.

This ‘store’ was a little odd. No change rooms to try on any outfits. No sales counter to buy anything. No racks stuffed with anything the mannequins were wearing. The one door at the back of the display area did not give the impression that it lead to private dressing areas, or clothing storage. Lastly every one of the mannequins was as unique as the pattern around her feet. It might have been a couturier, but even they have sample fabrics tucked in all over the place and generally stick to one or two types of clothing, like day/evening wear, and rarely do club wear.

Around the display area were one or two women, just as gorgeous as the mannequins, and the new arrival, but instead of sales staff, they held the air of technicians as they busied themselves examining the displays.

Ignoring the technicians, she proceeded to the empty plinth. Once on top of it, she turned away from the back of the display area and posed to show off her outfit, and her looks. With in moments she appeared motionless, but not stiff. At that moment the blonde technician turned and approached the new display, and the redheaded technician turned towards the inside door.

Before the redhead could reach the door a tall woman, five foot ten inches to be exact, entered from it. “I know, the last display piece has arrived.” Her dark brunette hair was loose curls and shoulder length. Tonight, her hair was done up with the curls falling in a main down the back of her head. The dress she was wearing had a ruffle collar that extended down about a foot from the neck. It buttoned all the way down the front and had a halter neck. The v-back was open to the waist and she was wearing a matching cream coloured shrug. On her feet were open toe five-inch stilettos in Mary Jane style. Her face was her most striking feature. Ageless, it had an exotic Eastern European look, with thin eyebrows, large hazel eyes, thin nose, and a small, pert mouth.

She approached the new display piece and opened the black leather bag she was carrying. Inside was sex toy that combined a dildo with a butt-plug. It looked to be made of a dark wood and was engraved with a pattern that looked similar to those around the base of the feet of the other displays. After examining the new display, she kissed the tip of the dildo. The engravings came alive with gold. Carefully lifting the dress to reveal the smooth cunt, she then slowly slid the dildo in and carefully inserted the butt-plug. Once fully inserted the gold engraving of the device was reflected on the plinth. Smoothing the dress back into place made a final exam of the display and then moved on to check a number of the other displays.

The woman who was the display had her internal world explode into constant sexual bliss. While her body now appeared to be a high-end display mannequin, she was experiencing in her mind the full range of erotic stimulation of her body. It was not a constant orgasm but a varied experience that cycled from sweet sexual tensions through climax to release. Each experience was different but equally satisfying.

Done her tour of the displays, the owner turned to the technicians. “Lockup please, girls.”

“Yes Araxie.” they said in unison. While they were locking the front doors, Araxie exited the display area and moved to her private bedroom. Finished with their daily work, the technicians moved to plinths of their own behind the door to the back area and became as motionless as their sisters out front.

The End, part one.