Michelle at the Mall

By Rotwang

"Done !" Michelle thought and put the silvery fabric down. She put the needle aside and put the piece she had been working on with the other pieces on the bed. She felt a knot in her stomach as she looked at two years of dreaming and hard work.

And yet, she felt apprehension, like the anticipation had seemed more exciting than the actual completion.

She looked herself in the mirror. At 24, she was a fairly fit young woman with average, unassuming features. She wore glasses and had a little belly, she could easily tuck in. But the more she looked at herself, the more she yearned. She began to remove her clothes and went over to the bathroom where she grabbed a large can of talcum powder, which she began to rub over her body.

She spent some time rendering every inch of her skin as smooth as silk and the talcum gave it an extra paleness.

And then she took a deep breath and picked up the silvery suit, made from a mix of latex and mylar. The latex gave it elasticity and the mylar an unequaled silvery quality. She laboriously rolled up the legs and slipped her left foot in first. The way the rubber clinged to her leg made her groan faintly.

With a bit of pushing and shoving, she'd gotten the suit onto her legs. Then she began to slip it over her hips and most importantly her crotch, which procured a delightful sensation.

Michelle took great care in smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles on her legs, wishing it to be as perfect as possible.

Once everything looked smooth, she continued getting into the suit, pulling the suit over her waist. She'd taken care to take the suit in a bit so that it would pull her belly in, which it did admirably. Next came the breasts, but not before she'd talcumed herself again.

Finally, the arms came in sight and she stuffed her left arm in, pulling the long arm over her hand, ending in an integral glove. She slipped the fingers of her right hang between her fingers and pulled the glove tight over her hands. Finally the cowl and her medium-length brown hair vanished under glossy silver, leaving only her face bare.

Now draped in silver, she had to recognize she looked better than she had thought before. The sensation of rubber draped over skin, rubbing over more rubber-draped skin added more knots to her stomach and her heart-rate went up another notch.

Next came the boots. Long, thigh-high leather boots, properly studded with metal plates, anatomically curved. She slipped her leg into the boot and did the zipper about halfway up her thigh, then she would clasp the pieces of metal together, making it all fit snugly. Then came the other boot, and she did the other clasps.

Getting up, she balanced on top of heels she'd normally would never be seen dead with, she felt taller, more imposing. She avoided the temptation of looking into the mirror. Not as long as she was unfinished.

Next came the breastplate. Cast from her own body, it fitted snugly, giving more definition to about average breasts. Another piece fitted over her crotch. That part had been fitted with a bulge in a strategic place on the inside, enabling her to rub it, by twitching some muscles in that area. Extra pieces made the junction between the legs, the hips and torso.

Extra pieces fitted over her shoulders, giving her a more athletic look. Then turning to the carefully crafted gloves, that had taken so long to put together with their articulated fingers. But she ignored them for the time being, just picking up the mask waiting for her.

Michelle had searched high and low for the proper mask. It had to look and feel right and after several failures had found a straight forward plastic mask which she cast and enlarged so that it covered most of the face. Lines and holes had been made in it to make it more robotic. Contact lenses in, she slipped the mask over her face, her eyes hidden by transparent silver-coated foil. And then she turned to the wig-stand and picked up the long-haired silver wig. Again, like so many things, it had taken time to find a good quality wig with silver hair, but this one fitted almost perfectly over her head. Finally the gloves and some final adjusting, she was ready to face the mirror again.

Michelle froze. She wasn't the Metropolis robot, but she looked absolutely incredible. When she resumed moving, it was with quick robotic moves, slow and precise. She played a robot, once in a while stroking the area between her legs. And just when she made an about turn, she noticed the time.

The wig almost flew off and she dropped the mask.

"I have to meet Julian at the Mall !" She said, realizing she was awfully late.

Passers-by in the central plaza noticed an out-of breath woman looking around her.

"I missed him !" Michelle said to herself and cursed herself. She dumped herself onto the edge of a fountain to catch her breath and happened to notice a large gathering of people. And once in a while caught a glimpse of metal. Intrigued, she got up and went to see.

Surrounded by an admiring crowd was a pair of performing robots. Male and female, silver and gold.

"And they're not even using Lycra !" Michelle just remained in awe.

They danced, mimed and played with the spectators.

Michelle became moist just by watching them. And her face was as red as a lobster.

"Are you allright dear ?" A kindly old woman had noticed her.

Michelle's fascination burst as a bubble.

"What ?" She looked at the woman.

"You look like you were going to have something ?" She said.

"I'll be fine." She said and noticed the robots where moving off.

Michelle followed them, watching their metal clad bodies. But when a man in uniform punched in a code and opened a door for them, he asked her to step back.

"I just wanted ..."

"No, I'm sorry this area is off limits."

"Just tell me who ..." But she was speaking to a closing door.

Michelle sighed deeply and just dumped herself on a stone bench by the fountain.

"Feeling better, dear ?" The old woman smiled.

Michelle smiled sourly back. "I'm fine." Keeping an eye on the door.

"May I join you, my legs aren't as good as they used to." She seated herself. "But few older people's are..." She added.

Michelle smiled and looked at the door.

"I'm waiting for my granddaughter to come and take me home. I don't get to see her often."

Subconsciously Michelle wanted her to leave, but she was so sweet and gentle...

"I'm Rose." The woman said.

"I'm Michelle." It was hard to resist her warm smile.

"I hope they don't drag on too long, I'm hungry." She chuckled. "And I can eat like a horse !"

There was a lot of spirit in her left, Michelle thought.

"Are you waiting for something." Rose asked.

Michelle didn't answer right away, but noticed the door opening and saw a black man come out wearing coveralls.

"I'm sorry, I was distracted." She smiled at Rose.

"Are you waiting for someone ?"

"Yes, no, a friend..." She desperately wanted the robots to come back.

She began tugging at her keychain from which dangled a little wind-up key she'd salvaged from an old clock.

"My granddaughter has one just like that." Rose said.

"Pardon ?"

"Your chain, she has also wears a key, she's a technosexual."

Rose sounded quite proud of her.

Michelle looked with her eyes wide at the woman. "What !"

"You know the two robots, that's her and her husband. In costume of course." She said like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Michelle wanted to grab Rose and give her a big hug, but Rose suddenly got up waving at somebody.

Following the direction she was looking, Michelle noticed a couple walk smiling towards Rose.

The woman wore jeans and a white high-necked sweater. The man, jeans as well and a plaid shirt and just hanging over his T-shirt Michelle could see a key.

The couple and Rose greeted each other and wanted to leave, when Rose turned and pointed out Michelle who just didn't know what to do.

"Hi, I'm Shanna and this is Derek." The woman said. "Granny told me you had a chain like this ?"

"Michelle." She nodded sheepishly and reached for hers.

"You know what that means ?" Shanna asked.

Michelle nodded.

"Feel hungry ?" Shanna asked.

"No, I can't just barge in on you ?" Michelle wanted to walk away but saw the eagerness in Shanna's eyes.

"It's not every day we meet a kindred spirit."

"Wait till you see this." Shanna grabbed Michelle by the shoulders and had her close her eyes. They opened a door and Michelle could hear tiles under her feet.

"You can open your eyes now."

Michelle was flabbergasted.

Rose alongside her grandchild walked up to the seated figure.

"I guess this is the only part that still fits." She picked up the mask and slipped it over her face. "I probably spent a good part my life in there." The feisty old woman said.

"Is it the original ?"

"Heavens no !" Rose said. "My husband, God keep his soul, was a sculptor. I remember back in 1935, we saw the picture for the first time and he just wanted to sculpt me into her."

Michelle just stared at the Metropolis robot replica and then at Rose.

"I think Granny is the oldest ASFR member, with the possible exception of Brigitte Helm, but since she's dead, we'll never know the truth..." Shanna said.

"Have you tried it ?" Michelle asked Shanna.

Shanna shook her head. "Mine are too big." She cupped her breasts. "And Derek won't allow me to have surgery." She nodded over to him.

"I just like her to remain natural."

"Everybody thinks I had mine enlarged !" She turned around, visibly taunting Derek.

Michelle just wanted to touch it.

"Here try it on." Rose said smiling at Michelle.

Michelle's hands shook as she reached out to take it.

"Let's try it on her. What size do you have ?" Shanna asked, putting her hand to her breasts.

"A B-cup ?" Michelle said.

"She might actually fit !" Derek said.

"Just take another deep breath and we try again." Derek said, holding up the breastplate.

Shanna pushed the back, and Derek pushed the front.

"Hold it, it fits, Rose said and slipped a metal hook into the shoulder.

Michelle just didn't dare to move. She didn't even dare to breathe.

Shanna eyed her up. "It fits !" She squealed in delight.

Rose's eyes glazed over.

"I'll get my camera !" Derek said and dashed off.

"And now for the piece de resistance." And picked up the mask.

Inside Michelle still thought she was dreaming or something.

"God knows how many times I tried to get into it. We even cracked it trying ... here !" She touched Michelle's armored side and ran a finger over the crack.

Shanna just kept on rubbing the dark surface and winked at Michelle who still looked befuddled.

Derek returned with his video-camera.

"Okay, we fit this over her head, now." Rose said bowing to pick up the mask.

"Ouch, my back !" She said, getting up.

"Let me do it !" Shanna said.

"I'm not an old person, you know." Rose said and winked at Michelle who smiled like she had almost forgotten how to.

Derek shook his head behind the viewfinder. "We waited so long for this !"

"You'll be Rotwang and I'm Fredersen." Shanna said to Rose.

"You be Rotwang. I'm standing here already."

Michelle inside the mask suddenly remembered how to relax and just accepted the fact that one of her deepest fantasies was becoming reality ! She wanted to jump and scream and make a scene !

"Get up !" Shanna said, raising her hand.

Michelle lifted her hands from her lap and put them besides her.

(Author's note : My fingers hurt, it's late, you know the scene ... And if you don't, SHAME ON YOU !)

"I'm hungry !" Rose suddenly said.

Round the table Michelle felt more and more at ease.

Derek was going over the film on the VCR.

"This is nearly the right angle." He said. "Look at it ! Metropolis in color !"

Michelle just watched, fingers entwined and her chin gently resting on them.

This is you ! She kept telling herself and began to bite her finger and desperately wanted to rub herself.

And then she noticed Shanna was actually doing it.

Sitting behind them, and Rose nowhere in sight, she slipped a hand under the table and tickled her favorite spot.

"This is the thing !", she heard Derek moan and Shanna got up to him and squeezed into his chair. Michelle felt out of place and just wanted to leave.

Shanna leaned her head back over the chair and stared upside down.

"Hey, Michelle wanna join us ?"

Michelle blushed hard. "No, I think I'd better get home, it's getting late..."

"It's Friday, half past seven... Do you have to get up tomorrow ?" Shanna rolled over, while Derek was tugging at her pants.

All of a sudden, Michelle didn't feel at ease anymore and wanted to get up and run away

Shanna saw it in her eyes and she smiled as warmly as she could.

"You don't have to be scared ..." Shanna said, getting up. She wore nothing except her T-shirt.

Michelle saw her bare, shaved crotch and blushed.

"We're friends." Shanna looked so ... so inviting. And Derek was quite good-looking as well.

She felt her hand being gently grabbed and Shanna smiled so warmly. And her hard nipples and ample bosom just looked so damn kinky !

"As you're the guest, you choose, meat or metal ?"

Michelle tried to think it over, but felt a bit confused.

"We didn't show her, honey..." Derek said, getting up as well.

"Oh forgot !" Shanna slapped her forehead and grabbed Michelle's limp hand.

"You thought Maria was cool ? Wait till you see this !" Shanna pulling at her hand and Derek pushing her by the shoulders they took her somewhere at the rear of the house.

Shanna opened a door into a dark room and nodded at Michelle to get in.

Derek closed the door behind them and light flickered on.

Michelle slapped her cheeks in surprise and let go an excited squeal.

They were surrounded by about ten robotic figures.

"These are our suits !" Shanna pointed them out proudly.

"Tell me I'm dead and this is Robophile heaven ..."

Shanna and Derek laughed. "Just pick a suit !" Shanna went over the female designs.

The first was a straightforward copy of the archetypal Sorayama gynoid. With chrome skin and a yellow visor.

Besides it was a large-breasted version of Maria, over which Shanna lingered for a moment.

Next came a shiny black dominatrix-like robot with silver studs all over her body. "Feel bad, perhaps ?"

Michelle just smiled back at Shanna and eyed up the designs with great eagerness.

The next design was styled after Japanese live action shows, a well shaped body with large black eyes.

The last was the model she'd seen at the mall, looking like a golden woman with a long tail of hair coming out of the back of the head.

Shanna just looked hungrily at Michelle while she tried to make up her mind.

"I want them all ..." She finally admitted.

Shanna laughed and looked at Derek who had made his choice.

Michelle looked back and saw he had chosen a male version of Maria.

"Let's stay with the Metropolis theme." Shanna said to a dreaming Michelle. "You take the one we stuffed you earlier and ..."

"No, it's priceless ! It's a collector's item !"

"And it only fits you." Rose's voice suddenly came up behind her.

"You can have it." The old woman said with a melancholic look in her eyes.

"I can't accept that !" Michelle said. "I just can't !"

"She's been gathering dust for fifteen years. Look at me !" She put her hands on her belly and shook it.

"And with my arthritis ... No, you have it." Rose punched her in the arm.

And so Michelle found herself in a room along with two similar robots.

"Clever Rose..." She thought, discovering her husband had made one single addition the original didn't have...

Shanna came up to her looking like a close twin, except for her larger breasts. She guided Michelle to a table and picked up a double dildo and inserted it into the small hole that just popped open.

She turned around in that calm precise manner and walked up to Michelle who just took a step back and felt something behind her.

Shanna closed in and Michelle felt the dildo enter her though the slot in her crotch.

At the same time she felt the world shift and discovered they were being moved to a horizontal position.

They were on some kind of bed-like construct similar to a model seen in countless S-F movies.

With Shanna on top of her, Michelle just underwent her pumping, but quickly found out she could also shift it with her own pussy, and so they took alternating turns at pleasuring each other while maintaining a steady rhythm.

The whole action had a strong trance like quality and Michelle couldn't remember all the times she came over the ... hour, day, year ? they were together.

The bed shifted again and she could vaguely see movement behind Shanna. She felt pressure and Derek joined in. It took a few minutes to find the proper cadence again, but again Michelle felt like being eased into a new identity and wished it would never end.

Shanna slowly slowed down and went to be on her own, leaving Michelle with Derek.

She couldn't look down and hoped that they practiced safe sex.

Michelle tipped over to see the large articulated member.

She felt it enter her and wowed at the size. Again he picked up the proper rhythm and continued with their mechanical love-making.

Michelle felt both relief and sadness when Shanna came to demand Derek back.

Relieved to get a rest and sad because she felt so mechanical she wanted to fuck him all night.

But when she saw the light peek through the blinds, she knew it was day already.

She struggled to get the mask off her face. The air tasted cold when she breathed it in. Shanna and Derek had also ground to a halt.

Sitting on the couch, wearing a borrowed bathrobe, Michelle sipped her coffee.

"Did you enjoy our little get-together ?" Shanna came up to her, hair still wet from her shower.

Michelle smiled. "I've never been with another ..."

"Woman ?" Shanna said and frowned. "Neither have I..." She whispered.

Both women laughed.

"Look, I've been thinking ... was Rose serious when she gave me..." She glanced at the mask on the table.

"Rose was dead-serious." Shanna said. "She was so disappointed when my mother called her a perverted bitch ... and I didn't fit. She really wanted to find somebody who would enjoy it as much as she did."

Michelle still felt guilty. "Look, I can't just accept it, it belongs in a museum or something."

"Can you imagine it going to a museum ? With all that it's been through ?"

"I guess not."

"Well see you next weekend." Shanna hugged Michelle and Derek waited in the car.

"I'll call Dan and ask him to make a bodycast of you and we can start making something you'd like, okay ?"

"You've mentioned this Dan before, is he ?"

"He's one of us, and he bunks up with three women who just happen to own some keychains."

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT !!!! ;) Just check out my other story : The More, The Merrier

Michelle sat down besides Derek and just had to look inside the gigantic carrier bag she was holding on to.

"And I used to think lycra couldn't be beat !"

Derek just laughed.