Male on Display

by StatusStatic

I had been in my first year at college when the following evens occurred. I was a young guy struggling to pass my biology and physics papers. My situation became so bad that I decided to seek help from my lecturer , a one Dr Petra Stavanov. She was a somewhat domineering woman in her forties ,though slightly stocky she had an amble bosom and an alluring beauty under the studious efficacy of her spectacles.

"Dr Stavanov " I said upon entering her office ,"My name is Antony, I'm a student in your class.I was wondering if you could help me a bit with my studies as I'm falling behind".

"I am sorry " Dr Stavanov replied curtly, " I do not tutor students outside of lectures. My time is devoted to my bio-physical research and any spare time remaining I indulge myself in my pursuit of art".

"Please Dr Stavanov , I absolutely have to pass my papers otherwise I'm going to drop out. I'll do anything , I can't go home if I drop out the shame will be too much , I'm begging you , anything."

"Anything " Dr Stavanov replied. Suddenly she began to notice the young man for the first time, looking him up and down. "He is beautiful" she thought to herself. A knowing smile passed across her lips. "OK then , anything you said. Here's the deal , I will help you but first you have to help me. Next weekend I am hosting a gathering at my residence for the opening of my private gallery. You are to be my waiter , serve drinks is all I want you to do. If you are lucky you may even play a key role at the unveiling."

"No problem " I replied . " I shall have someone pick you up about 6ish on Saturday , and another thing" retorted Dr Stavanov , " do not tell anyone about this , as the university frowns upon lecturers helping students off campus".

As Antony walked away Dr Petra Stavanov gave a sinister smile and she thought " I can't wait for the unveiling at my gallery".

Come Saturday Antony arrived at Dr Stavanov's spacious residence as prearranged. He was instructed to serve drinks clad only in a Roman toga . " In keeping with the unveiling theme " Dr Stavanov informed him.
He thought it a bit risque but nothing untoward. Similarly he realised that the guests were all middle aged women. Dr Stavanov explained to him that " they were her closest girlfriends whom she epecially trusted for their discretion not to mention their taste in fine art".

As I served the drinks to the ladies they continually complimented me on my appearance and whether I was excited to be part of Petra's gallery opening.
"Yes I am quite looking forward to it" I replied.

After a couple of hours Dr Stavanov addressed the ladies informing them " now if you please ladies the unveiling will take in the gallery room , follow me please".

Inside the galley was a low platform with a boxed object covered over in black velvet. Strangely however it sat on a conveyer belt that trailed off the wall and appeared to come out almost to the same position in an elongated U-shaped track.

"Dr Stavanov " I asked , "what's the conveyor belt for , and why does it lead out to the wall and back almost to the same position". "Quiet Antony , soon you will know " abruptly replied Dr Stavanov .

Dr Stavanov addressed her crowd of a dozen or so girlfriends " Ladies tonight I unveil a rare masterpiece of art blended with science . But first a toast to Antony who is giving up his time to cater to our indulgences". "To Anthony" they chorused.

From somewhere in the crowd a buxom plain woman of about 50 years produced a glass of wine. "Drink my dear" she spoke with a knowing look in her eyes. " All the way " she said gently. All eyes were on me as I drank it down , it was too sweet and heavy to be wine ,I thought. As I finished Dr Stavanov said "thank you Elizabeth" to the buxom lady.

Suddenly Dr Stavanov was removing the black velvet cover from boxed exhibit. I couldn't believe it , it was only a rectangular glass cabinet standing not more than six and a half feet tall and three feet squared. "I know I don't know much about art but that sure just looks like a glass cabinet to me and not an art exhibit" I said.

"You are absolutely correct " replied Dr Stavanov , "you are the art exhibit". "Wha..aat " , suddenly I felt very strange like I couldn't move.
I could not move! "Relax" said Dr Stavanov "relax and enjoy my dear". She was injecting a needle into my arm .I felt myself becoming increasingly compliant to Dr Petra Stavanov.

"Shall I remove your clothes ?" she asked. "Yes , do" ,I said. In seconds she had untied my toga which fell effortlessly to the ground leaving me naked in front of the admiring ladies. "He has a beautiful cock Petra " said Elizabeth. "Yes he does Elizabeth " said Dr Stavanov.

Gently she fondled his member in her hands and cupped his pendulous testicles in her other hand. She ran her hands across his buttocks inspecting him as if a prize stallion.

Then from Elizabeth she was passed another needle the contents of which appeared gel-like in consistency.
"To accentuate the positive" ,then holding the needle to my testicles she asked, "may I ?". Unhesitating I replied "as you wish Doctor".

"Ladies please observe the process , this is a result of years of faithful research". Gently she inserted the needle into my balls inserting the gel substance into me."Oh , oh " I moaned in extacsy .I felt a deep welling in my groin area , which increased tremendously with Elizabeth gently pulling down on my testicles while pulling my cock up and down rhythmically.

"Careful Elizabeth don't take him all the way" Dr Stavanov directed. "Now Petra you know I love playing with them" she cooed smiling diectly into my eyes. I looked down and my testicles appeared to hang even lower than before ,a good 2 inches lower ,and my cock was flacid and distended like it had increased in length.

"Perfect" said Dr Petra Stavanov. "Antony you look superb ,don't you wish you could stay looking and feeling like that forever". "Yes ,I would give the world" I replied. Dr Stavanov grinned "no , you need only give me your life. I shall turn you into a living statue for the viewing pleasure of myself and my friends.All that is required is that we place you within the glass cabinet and commit the transformation process".

I was shuffled into the cabinet with the help of several woman ,not least Elizabeth who kissed me passionately just before the door was closed by Dr Stavanov. The doctor then flicked a switch on the wall ,the conveyor belt started sending me slowly towards the wall exit.The ladies visibly excited with proceedings ,Dr Stavanov glowing with satisfaction and delight.

Through the wall I passed ,the cabinet upended then I felt a strange tingling sensation over my body as the cabinet became engulfed in luminous spray . Seconds later I felt different almost distant within my immobile body . The cabinet rose again to a standing position then separated and disappeared as I continued out along the conveyor until I was met with the sight of Dr Petra Stavanov receiving the applause of her female friends.She took a bow ,then flashed an smug look deep into my unblinking ,unmoving eyes.

Elizabeth and the other ladies crowded around me.

"Oh ,he's even more beautiful than I imagined ,look his skin almost looks like its real it feels so soft but it won't move , and he's lost all his body hair below the neck. It's like we shaved his balls ,let me touch them, oh,oh my god they just moved ,and his cock. But how ?"

"Remember I injected his testicles with a bio-gel substance ,it not only enhanced the appearance of his cock and testicles but kept them from transforming like the rest of his body. Basically they work just like before but better ,his orgasms will be satisfaction enough for him in return for my taking his life away. Oh, and Elizabeth please exercise some discretion before you suck him off ,he is after all a work of art to be displayed for discerning women".

And so my eternity as a living statue began with the women complimenting Dr Petra Stavanov on her intellect and cunning in putting a man eternally on display. Did I consent to this or had she tricked me ? By the end of the night when the party ended and the lights were turned off I couldn't be sure.I was alone on the gallery pedestal listening thinking until the sounds of footsteps revealed the form of the buxom bespectacled Elizabeth standing eye level with my pendulous genitals.

"I've just got to have you for myself" she squealed ,popping my member into her mouth and sending me into instant ejaculation.

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