“The Man Who Loved Mannequins II” -  Submission

by Disman

This story continues the scenario begun in "The Man Who Loved Mannequins", which you may want to start with or refresh your memory on the events leading up to this part.

In the days following my surprising Matt by laying on the bed, covering up my top and pretending to be a pantyhose form and my reading the magazine article on men’s fantasies I was just plain confused.  It seemed like Matt wanted my body, or even just a part of my body, and not me.  I seemed to turn him on the most when I played to be a fixture.  Interaction wasn’t important and the experience was unfulfilling to me.

I really loved Matt and liked doing something special for him but I wanted something out of it for myself.  The author of the magazine article would encourage me to give myself to him and not worry about myself.  But I did worry.  What if this type of sex became the only thing that aroused Matt?  So far we still had normal sex.

I sent an email to May asking her opinion.  She responded within the hour:

Hi Peggy,

I understand your feelings.  I also think you are doing the right thing.  In our case we still have normal sex (whatever that is).  However being frozen does turn me on to some extent.  So I don’t mind it too much. 

I don’t know what to say.  I wonder if it would grow on you if you did it more.  With some creative thought you might find something that would enhance it for you.

Keep me informed,


All May’s response did was make me feel guilty for not wanting to do this.

I ended up being by myself at lunch that day and walked down the street from the store to a trendy new restaurant.  Normally I wouldn’t have gone to this type of place alone, but they had a great Pad-Thai noodle dish that I was craving.  Besides I needed to think this trough.

While I waited I picked up a local tabloid newspaper.  This was kind of an alternative rag that had tons of personal ads in the back.  Some of the ads were pretty kinky which made for interesting reading.  On the inside back cover there was an ad that intrigued me.  The ad was for a hypnotist who offered to help with sexual issues.  The first visit was free. 

I had never been to a hypnotist and I wondered whether she could help.  Maybe she could hypnotize me to enjoy the whole experience more.  I called to make an appointment.

The woman who answered was herself the hypnotist.  She asked what I wanted from the experience and I just couldn’t tell her over the phone.  I did tell her it was a “sex thing” between me and my husband.  She asked if I could come in at 3:00 this afternoon.  Sure.

Coincidently her office was located just above the restaurant.  It was nicer than I expected.  The waiting room was comfortable with a small water feature on a corner table.  There was no receptionist, instead there was a sign that read: Please be seated. Tanya will be with you shortly.

After a few minutes Tanya came out of her office and another woman exited.  The woman was in her late fifties.  I wondered why she was there.  Tanya gave me a warm welcome.  She was in her thirties; very thin with pale skin and blonde hair.  She was dressed in earth tones and loose clothing.  She invited me into her office.

I sat down and Tanya sat in a chair across from me.  “Well,” she said after a pause, “what can I do for you?”

“I don’t know,” I said as I glanced around her office.  I think was looking for some type of crystal pendant.

“Well you must’ve thought hypnotism could help you with something.  This is all very confidential, you can talk to me.”

I was shy at first but once I started talking it all came out.  Every detail: about Matt, his fantasies, May and even the magazine article.  I apologized to Tanya.  I was treating her more like a psychologist. 

Tanya had the most understanding eyes.  She paused and then offered a quick solution . . . “so you’d like me to hypnotize you so that you could be aroused by the thought of being a mannequin for Matt.”

“I guess that’s it.  Can it be done?”

“Sure.”  Then Tanya went on to explain how it could be done.  With three daily sessions she could program me to be aroused by seeing mannequins and even pantyhose forms and even more aroused by the thought of being one myself. 

“Really?” I said with a tone of disbelief.

“Absolutely.”  Tanya then added that while I was under hypnosis she could program some triggers that would enable me to be stiff like a mannequin and that I could be posed as well.  Once the codes where programmed they would last about a week and the living mannequin effect could last up to a full day.  She also pointed out that she could make my experience so that I remembered every detail of it or that I could be programmed to not remember a thing.

I couldn’t believe what Tanya was telling me.  And even if I did believe, was this something I really wanted to do.  I thought for a moment and remembered that Matt’s 40th birthday was coming on Saturday.  This could be a really great gift for him.  I asked about the cost.  It wasn’t cheap, $150 for each of the three sessions.  Each session would last around an hour.

When can we start?  Tomorrow.

* * *

With the first appointment scheduled, I headed home to debate how I would present this to Matt and whether this was even a good idea in the first place.

Matt was home and asked the usual questions, like how was my day, etc.  Fine was my answer.  And yours?  Fine, too.

When we went to bed, I laid there thinking about whether I was going to do this and if so, how.

One thing I thought about was whether I wanted to remember the experience or not.  A part of me wanted to know and remember, while another part of me thought it might be best not to know.  In the end I decided it was better to know and remember and to let Matt know so he could modify his behavior and not to something too kinky or that would put me in danger.

* * *

My internal debate continued even as I walked into Tanya’s office the next day.  She was reaffirming and I decided to proceed.  The first step was to decide what she was going to hypnotize me to do and what would the triggers be.  I was surprised at the exact details she could give me.  It was like my mind was a computer that could be programmed. 

Once we decided on the outcome, Tanya dimmed the lights and held up a very small but intense light.  She began speaking in a very relaxing voice and the next thing I knew the lights were back on and the session was over.  We did this for three straight days.  As I left the office at the end of the third treatment, Tanya gave me written notes as to my triggers and asked if I would get back to her in a week to tell her how it went.  She also warned that the hypnosis would wear off and the triggers would be ineffective in seven days.  Matt’s birthday was tomorrow— Saturday.

I headed back to my store to close things down for the day and go home.  I was walking through the store to my office in the back when I walked past our two mannequins, Gina and Tina.  I froze in my tracks as I suddenly remembered my hypnotic spell caused me to be aroused by mannequins.  I looked at both of their faces and felt my body get warm.  Tina was wearing a low cut top and that especially turned me on.  I started talking to Tina like she was once a real woman: Tina baby, what did you do to get into this predicament?  I think I’m going to rip that dress off you.  I was lucky I didn’t speak out loud, because I heard Heather’s voice from the back of the store.

I had to catch my breath and noticed I was breathing really fast.  These two mannequins were really turning me on!  I walked toward my office and found myself aroused again by some of our mannequin forms.  There was a torso form that really got me going.  Her nipples were visible through her shirt.  And then there was the pantyhose form.  I knew this was one of Matt’s favorite because I saw him touching it once.  It now became one of my favorites.  I was starting to sweat and knew I needed to get out of there.

It bothered me that I was attracted to these female forms.  Had Tanya hypnotized me to get turned on by women’s bodies or would I be attracted to male mannequins as well?  I had to find out so on the way home I drove by the Men’s Wearhouse store.  God, I was even more attracted to men. 

I was so horny when I got home!  Poor Matt was sitting in the living room watching ESPN.  He was wearing a polo shirt and some khaki slacks.  I immediately imagined him as a mannequin and got warm and tingly all over.  We fucked right there on the couch with ESPN still playing in the background.  I came and screamed sooo loud!

We had already planned to go back to our favorite bistro in the Napa Valley on Matt’s birthday.  My plan was to give him a card with the instructions on my triggers inside.

On Saturday morning Matt got up early to go golfing with his three best friends.  This gave me time to write his cards and the instructions.  Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Matt,

Happy Birthday!  You are a wonderful husband and deserve nothing but the best on this 40th birthday (even if you are an old 40 something guy now!  Just kidding!).

I wanted to give you something very special for this day and I came across a wonderful idea.  Your gift is me as a mannequin for a day!

It’s true.  I found a woman who is a professional hypnotist and she’s hypnotized me to become a mannequin for a day.  Really!!

Here are the rules:

1.     You have to do this by next Saturday — it won’t work after that.

2.     If you give me champagne to drink and after I take even one sip I will fall limp like a rag doll (please don’t let me fall and hurt myself).

3.     Once I’m limp you can pinch my right earlobe and I will become stiff and can be posed in any way you like.

4.     Make sure you like my pose; because once you pinch my left earlobe I will be totally frozen in the pose for the rest of my time as a mannequin. 

5.     When you want me to be real again, just kiss me on the lips. The hypnotist says I can stay in this motionless state for about 24 hours, which is hard to believe.   If you don’t kiss me within 24 hours from when I drank champagne, I’ll come back on my own (and I’ll be totally pissed off at you, so you had better kiss me at some point).  I have no idea how my body would know to move again at 24 hours.

During the time I’m frozen as a mannequin, I’ll be able to see, hear, feel and remember everything that’s gone on so no tricky stuff or I’ll be pissed.


Love, Peg

We got to dinner and I was nervous, an excited kind of nervous.  We had a wonderful dinner, but I decided to wait until we got home to give him the card.

Once we got home I was so nervous.  At one point on the way back home I wasn’t sure I could go through with it.  But once we walked in the door I knew I should do it.  I had him sit down and gave him the card.  He smiled as he opened it up, then his pupils dilated.  For a moment I thought he was going to ignore my note but then I noticed his expression get more serious. 

Just before we left for Napa, I had added the following post script to the note:

P.S. You can test-drive this fantasy for the next fifteen minutes.  Just give me a glass of champagne.

As he finished the card, he looked up at me with a big smile.  I couldn’t tell but I’m sure that wasn’t the only part of his body that was smiling.  He had a look of wonder.  While he was reading the letter I had popped a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses.

Do you want to give me a glass of champagne?

He stared for what seemed like a long time and then handed me a glass of champagne.  Yes, he said.

I took the glass.  This was the moment of truth.  Would the hypnotic trigger really work?  If not I knew I had to fake it.

But it did work.  Almost as soon as the champagne hit my lips, I fell limp in my chair; the remainder of the champagne spilled on the carpet.  Matt called my name.  I was incapable of answering.  He lifted my arms and they just plopped back down.  I was like a rag doll.  I was hoping he remembers that he only has fifteen minutes.

Matt pinched my right earlobe and I could feel a stiffness immediately overcoming me.  He stood me up and tried various poses.  My god this is great, he mumbled under his breath.

He was goofy; he lifted up my arms and slipped my shirt over my shoulders and head.  With my arms stiff in the air he undid my bra and slipped it up and over my breasts.  I was turned on and topless.

He tilted my head back and put my arms and hands into a typical mannequin pose.  Then he pinched by left earlobe.  He then tried to moved me and found out I was totally frozen.  My god, it worked!  And it was a total turn-on to boot.

After running his hands all over my top half he leaned forward and gave me a big kiss on the lips.  I could move again!  Wow!  I kissed him back, now that I could.

We spent the rest of the evening talking about this new way of doing things.  Matt was clearly delighted with his gift. 

He asked about any parameters of the gift other than the letter.  With a little hesitance I told him it was up to him.  I reminded him that I would know and feel what he was doing to me without me having the opportunity to protest and asked him to be gentle.  I sure didn’t want to be sore when we were done.  He agreed.  And gave no hint of how or when he would use his day with me.

The days went by and although I could tell Matt was excited, we didn’t talk about this at all.  He was busy working on the new cabinet for the shop.  At the end of each day I thought for sure he was going to offer me some champagne and it would all start. 

On Wednesday morning he indicated that he was finished with the cabinet and that one of his friends was coming over in the afternoon to bring it to the shop.  Nice.  I was looking forward to this new counter.  Once we started offering lingerie items a few years ago, those items continued to grow in sales.  This added counter would serve to separate that department from the rest of the store and to be a place to display our goods.

I headed to work around eleven.  This was Heather’s day to open the store.

It was a bright day outside, which was good for window shopping.  Sales were busy.  I kept waiting for Matt to come with the new cabinet.  When it came to woodworking he was a perfectionist so it wasn’t unusual for him to be late in coming.

Around 4:30, Heather left for the day.  We closed at six and typically the evening traffic was light.  Matt still wasn’t there at six, so I locked up and went into my office to do some paperwork.  On the way back into my office I stopped to look at Gina and Tina.  I had been aroused all day looking at these two mannequins and our other mannequin forms.

Hmmm, I said out loud.  Maybe I should get you girls naked and change your clothes.  Put you in something a little sexy and maybe a little slutty.  God, I couldn’t believe what I was saying. 

I took a deep breath to compose myself.  What if Matt came in then?  Plus Heather just changed them both yesterday.  I walked over to the torso form with the tight fitting shirt.  Now you, honey, I could quickly change.  In a matter of seconds I whisked the shirt off her top, exposing her pert breasts and nipples.  I began to caress them as a flush came over me and I began perspiring.  I took off her skirt and moved my hand between her legs.  I wanted to call this mannequin by her name but realized we had only given names to Gina and Tina. 

I looked at this form’s naked figure.  Her breasts reminded me of my old college roommate Joyce.  I got to see a lot of Joyce’s breasts.  She always got up first and seemed to spend half the morning with just a bra on top.  My horny body imagined Joyce to have gotten into some type of trouble and ended up losing her head to become a torso form.  I gave her a full embrace.  From now on you shall be called Joyce.

After I calmed down, I dressed Joyce in a new sweater top but kept the same skirt.  Her nipples still showed through the fabric of her sweater.

By this time I had forgotten all about Matt.  My attention turned toward the pantyhose form.  What nice shapely legs you have.  I think I’m going to call you Beth.  Beth was my dearest friend.  She was married to David, one of Matt’s golfing buddies.  Beth had great legs.  She ran everyday which didn’t hurt her figure, either.  I imagined what Beth could have done to be punished by being turned into a pantyhose form.  Beth drove really fast.  Maybe she was arrested and it was this or jail.  The more I fantasized, the more excited I became.  I touched Beth’s knee and moved down to her crotch.  I could hardly breathe.

I was rudely interrupted by a knock at the door.  It was Matt and David bringing the cabinet.  I hardly breathed as I went to the door to let them in.  Matt looked at me funny.  I’m sure I looked guilty.

They got the cabinet set up in a hurry because David had to run off to a business dinner.  Matt had outdone himself; it was so beautiful that it could be termed art as well as furniture.  Matt reached over and put the pantyhose form on the right side of the cabinet.  My first reaction was to say that Joyce never looked better, but I bit my tongue.  Instead I told him how beautiful it was and thanked him for doing it.

You are welcome, he said.  I’ve got to run and get one more thing.  And he went back outside.

While he was gone I ran my hand across the new cabinet.  It was so smooth and the wood grain was so beautiful.  Then I glanced at Beth’s firm buns and her upward pointed legs.  I had put her in a pair of dark tan pantyhose.  The contrast against the wood was magnificent.  I gasped for air.  I was getting turned-on again.  I wanted to caress Beth’s thighs, but a popping noise behind me interrupted me.

I turned around to see Matt pouring two glasses of champagne.  Oh my god.  At this moment this was the farthest thing from my mind.  He’s going to make me into a mannequin right here in my own store.  I had assumed it would be at home.

“Did I surprise you?” asked Matt.

“Yeah.  I guess it’s been long enough that I had gone about my business.”  The reality of the situation hit me quickly.  I was going to be at Matt’s will for the next 24 hours.  On one hand I trusted Matt, but on the other hand it didn’t.  I had made a promise.  I guess I have to keep it.  Wait! I’ve got things to do in the next 24 hours!  “Matt, I’ve got a haircut appointment tomorrow morning.”

“Already canceled it for you!  I checked your calendar.”  He sipped the champagne and handed the glass to me.  “I’ll be good to you.  Don’t worry.”  He came close and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead and then my cheek.  I started to relax.  I looked at the clock and it was seven o’clock.  I lifted the glass to my lips and took a sip. 

The second the champagne hit my throat I collapsed like a wet noodle.  Lucky Matt was there to catch me and ease me into a chair.  My head flopped back with my eyes wide open.  I had questions.  What was he going to do to me?  I figured I was going to be standing with Gina and Tina in the middle of the store.  This made me a little nervous.  What if Heather figured this all out?  It would be so embarrassing.

“Peg.  Thank you so much for this.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.  You are so special to me.”

These words relaxed me.  Matt knelt down beside the chair and caressed and kissed my forehead, ears and neck.  “I’ve got to be careful not to touch your lips and wake you up prematurely.”

I had forgotten that he would eventually wake me up!

He lifted me up out of the chair and took me back into our storage area.  “I’m assuming you can hear me, so I’ll talk to you.  Having you limp like this isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be so I’m going to move on to you being stiff so that I can pose you.”  With that he pinched my right ear. 

Immediately I knew I was stiff.  Matt tried to stand me up, but it was harder than he thought it would be.  He straightened out my legs, and then moved my upper torso so that it was straight up.  He then moved my arms and head accordingly.  I wobbled back and forth.  When he touched me I could tell that I was very stiff and rigid.  I was wearing a tan sleeveless turtleneck top with a black skirt and matching scarf.  It was a hot day so I wasn’t wearing hose of any kind — just some black shoes with four-inch heels. 

Matt untied my scarf and gently pulled it around my neck.  He then pulled it across my face.  The silk fabric was a real turn-on.

“Time to take your top off.” Matt lifted my arms straight up in the air.  He was careful as he pulled the turtleneck off over my head.  The rest of the garment followed and again felt very sexy going across my skin and bra.

“Oh you wore my favorite bra, maybe I’ll let you keep it on for a while.”  The favorite bra was a wonderful fitting sheer bra that was just a little darker tan than my skin.  Matt loved it when I wore it because the cups where sheer enough for you to see my nipples through them. 

Matt started to caress my breasts.  “God, they’re already getting hard.  There feel like hard moldable clay.   My fingers leave imprints for a few seconds.  This is cool.  With that he spent what seemed like forever fondling my tits.  “I’m sorry honey, but the bra has to go.”  My arms were still up in the air and at that point Matt moved them down to my sides.  He went behind me, undid my bra and let it slide down my arms.

He continued to play with my boobs.  He moved my arms in every direction.  They stayed in whatever place he put them.  “Honey, I’m sorry but I just enjoy the various views of your tits when I move your arms.”  He pulled out his digital camera and took pictures.  This made me nervous.  Surely he wouldn’t post my photos on some mannequin website.

He forgot that I don’t like calling them tits.  Nothing I could do about it.  The more he played, the less he talked.  I was beginning to feel like a doll rather than a woman.

He was finally finished and put my bra back on.  This was tough for me.  I really needed to wiggle my boobs and get the bra in place, but I couldn’t do it.  It was a little uncomfortable.

Matt went behind me and unzipped my skirt and wiggled it over my hips and then down to my ankles.  He had to lift me a bit to take it totally off.  He took my shoes off, but quickly found that I couldn’t stand without my heels.  He leaned me against the wall.  My panties matched the bra.  He then turned me to face the wall and fondled my buns in the same way he did my tits . . . or boobs I mean.

He slipped my panties off and I was confused.  I understood being topless, but I wasn’t getting bottomless.  I figured he would be posing me as a mannequin by now.  Then he spoke: “Well honey, we’re going to make you into a pantyhose form.”  A pantyhose form!!  What the hell!  How are you going to do that without killing me?  I was having second thoughts.

Matt went to the other side of the storage area and came back with a dolly that we used to move boxes.  He turned me around so that I was facing him and lifted me on to the dolly.  The blank look on my face masked my emotions inside.

“Hmm.  I wonder if you’ll get cold?  Maybe I should put a top on you.  But you look so sexy this way.  I’ll chance it.”  I had no idea what he was talking about.  He wheeled my out to the back of the store where his new cabinet was sitting with Beth on top. 

“Let me show you what I made.”  He proceeded to explain it to me.  He WAS going to make me into a pantyhose form, but he WASN’T going to cut me in two.  He opened the door to the left side of the cabinet and lifted off the top of the cabinet.  He reached to the back bottom of the cabinet and lifted out a piece of padded wood.  It was hinged to the back top of the cabinet.  I didn’t understand at first, but he lifted me off the dolly and laid me on the padded wood.  The upper portion of my body fit perfectly.  I could feel padding around my shoulders and my head stuck out of the wood.  The lower part of by body was exposes with no support, although I was so stiff I didn’t need support.

He then gently lowered my upper body down into the cabinet.  Before he did that he crossed my arms just under my breasts.  In a few minutes I was upside down in the cabinet with my buns and legs sticking outside.  The door to the cabinet was open, so I could see Matt’s legs and the rest of the store.  Matt moved some pieces of wood around and I knew that I was closed in here to appear that I was a pantyhose form.  This wasn’t what I had in mind.

I wondered how he would disguise my body to pass for a pantyhose form.  I guess an upside down pair of legs would be the least thing someone would expect to be real.

He put newspaper around my waist.  I wondered why, only for a few minutes.  Matt had a plan.  I was being made to look very “un real.”  First, Matt gently shaved off all my pubic hair.  This was a sensitive part of my body; I started to worry that he would hurt me.  He was very tender and careful.  When he first started he moved my legs apart.  I was doing a spread eagle in mid air.  After a bit he put my legs together and brought them forward like I was kneeling.  This gave me the best access to the back of my snatch.  This process totally aroused me.  Under normal circumstances I would have been wet.

He then completely shaved my legs.  He used some nice smelling shave cream and a razor.  I was more turned on with each stroke of the razor.  When he was finished he wiped me off with a semi-wet towel.  God this felt good and then applied some Vanilla lotion.  My mind had changed, I was happy to be a pantyhose form.

Next Matt used some sort of plastic tape to cover my stuff.  He rubbed his fingers between my lower lips for a good fifteen minutes.  This just keeps getting better and more erotic.  I couldn’t see what he was doing, but when he moved to my feet I guessed he was putting some sort of plastic cap over my toes.  They obviously couldn’t look too real.

He rubbed my legs and gently posed me.  I believe the pose was just like Beth’s next to me with my left leg sticking straight up in the air with pointed toe and my right leg bent at the hip and knee.

Then I felt a brush.  He seemed to be painting me.  Was I going to be a different color, I remembered seeing these forms in black or white.  After the paint dried for a few minutes, he spoke again and told me this was a special rubberized paint from England that he bought over the Internet.  As it drying I could feel it tighten and harden.  It was like letting soap dry on your face. 

Matt brought out a floor mirror and positioned it so that I could see my form.  God, I looked just like Beth.  Matt had made me into a pantyhose form.

He leaned down and pinched my left ear and closed the cabinet door.  I thought this was the end of me seeing any thing, but the door had a window with a sheer curtain.  I could see a small bit of what was going on. 

“Well Peg, it’s 10 o’clock and I need to be heading home to get some sleep.”  With that he turned and walked out of the store.  This must be a joke.  He was leaving me to be a pantyhose form in the store all alone all night long.  Unbelievable!

* * *

There I was all alone in my store.  It was dark.  I probably would’ve been colder except Matt’s process of turning me into a pantyhose form had literally heated me up.  I wished he had at least put some pantyhose on me, but then I remembered he had said I needed to completely dry overnight.  At one point I heard the heater click on and a breeze came across by crotch and legs.  It started me at first but then it was almost like being caressed.  I enjoyed it.

After a bit I became lonely and questioned my decision to do this for Matt.  For some weird reason I became less lonely when I thought about the real mannequins — Gina, Tina, Joyce and Beth.  They were frozen like this all the time and had spent many nights alone in the store.  They had also been left naked for significant periods of time.  It had only been a few hours for me. 

My mind started imagining that the torso form was really my college roommate Joyce and that the other pantyhose form was really my good friend Beth.  I was beginning to feel much less lonely.  After all I was with my friends.

I dozed off to sleep a couple of times.  At one point a siren outside awakened me.  After a bit the traffic outside diminished to an occasional car.  I was guessing it was three or four in the morning.

I kept thinking about my friends Joyce and Beth.  Joyce lived in Phoenix and would occasionally come to visit.  She had met Beth a few times.  At one point I had a dream.  Heather and Matt were having an affair and had conspired to get rid of me and take over the store.  Joyce was visiting us and she and Beth had found out about the plot.  Matt and Heather had drugged us all and had permanently turned us into store fixtures.  It was a graphic horror dream as I watched them behead Joyce and bisect Beth.  I cried for them and me.  I would be a pantyhose form forever! 

When I awoke, my heart was beating like a bouncing ball.  It took me a few minutes to relax and realize the only real thing was that I was hypnotized and Matt had turned me into a pantyhose form.  The reality was almost as bizarre as the dream.

I slept again and woke up to the sounds of traffic outside and light coming into the store.  It was morning!

I was glad the night was over, but wondered what the day would hold for me.  Would Matt just leave me here all day?  Would he come back and try to do something else with me?

There was a click in the front door.  I could see that it was Heather.  She was coming to work.  I briefly thought about my dream of Heather and Matt having an affair but quickly dismissed it.  Heather had a new boyfriend, plus Matt had commented on Heather’s big ass.

Heather put her stuff in the office and came out to get things ready to open.  At opening time she propped open the front door.  It must be a nice day outside.

Eventually (way longer than I would have thought she would), she noticed the new cabinet and the new pantyhose form.  “Wow, this is nice.  Matt sure did a good job.  I wonder if Peggy got to see this before she went out of town.”  So Matt must’ve told Heather I had to go out of town.  Hmmm.  I wonder where she thinks I am.

After a few minutes, Heather noticed to door to access my top half.  I panicked, but it was only for a short time.  Matt had locked the door and she couldn’t get in.  Through the sheer curtain I could see her looking in.  Our faces were just a foot away from each other.

Heather commented out loud about how beautiful the new pantyhose form was.  I was flattered.  My hours of exercise to firm up my thighs and buns had been noticed.  “Let’s get you dressed,” she said.  This worried me too.  Surely my skin wouldn’t be as hard as a real mannequin.  Wouldn’t that alert Heather that I was different?

In my peripheral vision I could see Heather opening a package of pantyhose.  It looked like they were black.  She very quickly pulled then over my legs and snapped them around my waist.  She quickly smoothed then out over my legs.  I was dressed.  I felt less exposed.  But it happened so quickly.  Clearly I was nothing more that a store fixture to Heather.  I had done the same to the other mannequins.

The morning went on with minor store traffic.  It picked up around lunch.  One customer actually asked about hose.  Heather came over and gave a nice sales pitch.  Evidently my pantyhose were control top because she used her hands to touch my butt and upper thighs to demonstrate the shaping power of the hose.  Even though the touch was brief, it was exciting.  The pitch worked and the woman bought three pair.

I think it was just after noon when Matt stopped by.  It excited me to see him.  He asked Heather how it was going and even asked about her new boyfriend.  She complemented him on his work as they walked toward me.  The stood right in front of me and carried on a conversation.  It was so weird.  I was there but I wasn’t.

Matt let Heather know he wanted to look over the cabinet and Heather went to the back of the store.  He got out his keys and unlocked the door.  When he opened it a wonderful bath of warmth and sunlight came in on me. 

He whispered, “How are you doing, Honey?  You look so hot.  Did you get cold last night?”  I wanted to scream, but my face just stood frozen.  He caressed my upside down breasts and shut the door, saying that he would see me later.

The afternoon was uneventful.  Heather did get to make a couple more of her pitches about the wondrous shaping affects of these pantyhose.  But no one bought it.  I craved someone touching me.

At what must’ve been six, Heather closed up the store and left for the day.  As I remembered, that meant my 24 hours was up in just an hour.  Did Matt have anything else planned?

After what seemed like about 10 minutes, someone came into the store.  “Honey, I’m home.”  It was Matt.

He touched the tip of my toes and ran his hands down until by waist.  It felt so good.  He slowly took off the pantyhose.  It felt so good.  He used the pantyhose to snake through my snatch and legs like a silky snake.  It felt so good.  I was turned on.

He firmly gripped my hard buns and then leaned forward to blow on my sex.  God, this felt good.  Then I heard a whirring sound.  Matt had found the vibrator in my nightstand drawer and had brought it with him.  He gently ran it through my legs and then over and over the plastic strip that covered my lips.  Maybe it was pent up demand, but I had the quickest orgasm I’ve ever had.  If only I could tell Matt how good he had done.

He unlocked the cabinet and rotated me upright.  I felt whole again.  He reached behind me and undid my bra leaving me completely nude.  He took a few pictures.  I imagined what I looked like.  This shiny smooth pantyhose form on the bottom and realistic topless women on the top. 

Matt took me into the back room where it was private.  He pulled the plastic strip off my sex.  It hurt when he tore it off, but it was a good kind of hurt.  He dropped his pants and pulled me toward him.  I was turned on again.  I could feel his penis between my legs.  It felt good.  My folded arms kept him from getting too close to me. 

He eventually did something about my arms when he leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips.  I immediately felt the stiffness go away.  Matt stepped back and smiled at me.  I blinked my eyes and slowly moved my arms.  I smiled.  “That orgasm was wonderful.”

He thanked me and asked what I thought about the experience.  I told him I loved it . . . most of the time.  There we times I was unsure.  I thought I would be just a mannequin and never dream I could be made into a pantyhose form.  And although I had doubts, it was great.  He came close to me and rubbed my shoulders.  I told him about my fantasies with Joyce and Beth.  That seems to turn him on as he rubbed me more.

After a few minutes of talking I noticed that my legs were still frozen in place.  When I mentioned it to Matt he said it was probably the plastic coating and I would need to soak it off in a warm bath.

I thought and asked Matt if he wanted to have sex with a pantyhose form.  What did I mean?  He asked.  Well you could cover my top and make love to my bottom.  Matt declined.  “Nope, I want to make love to all of you with the added turn-on of your bottom half having been and looking like a pantyhose form.

“OK,” I said.

With that he laid me across my desk and made love to me.  He commented on the contrast between my soft breasts and rock hard plastic buns.  With the coating covering my waist I was pretty much straight as a board.  I reached down and felt my hard buns and thought of Beth and the other mannequins.  I beat him to orgasm. 

Then there was the challenge of getting me home to take a bath when I couldn’t bend at the waist.  We debated some options.  In the end, I decided to get dressed.  My top half was easy.  I had enough mobility to put on my bra and shirt, but there was no way I could do my bottom half by myself.  Matt suggested pantyhose and a skirt.  It seemed practical.  The pantyhose going over my slick legs still turned me on.  He followed with my skirt.  Out in the car Matt had laid back the passenger seat.  It took a little maneuvering to get me in there but eventually we were successful without getting me too bruised up.

At home Matt poured me a nice warm bath and he then undressed me and slid me into the tub.  In just a few minutes my legs were able to bend and my whole body could be immersed into the tub.  This was heavenly.  I stayed there for about a half hour. 

When I got out, Matt was there with a glass of champagne.  I think he was hoping it would work as it did before— but to no avail.  I was once again a real woman.  We made love again, which was the first time in many years we had done it three times in one day.

Lying in bed that night, I reflected on my willingness to get involved with my husband’s fantasies.  I still think he’s a little weird, but I can live with it.  I kind of wish I had some bizarre fantasy that I could have him get involved with, but I don’t.  If I did have a fantasy it would be to make love on a remote tropical beach.  Something that we did in Costa Rica a few years ago. 

When I went back to work the next day (and every day since then for that matter), I view the mannequins in a different manner.  I still think of the two forms as Joyce and Beth, even though Joyce and Beth have both been in the store and stood next to their likenesses. 

Every now and then Matt asks if I would like to visit the hypnotist again.  I’ve told him he needs to wait until his next big birthday — which just happens to be in a few months.


What's Next?