Come in.
Come closer, donít be afraid.
I am want you wanted, arenít I?
Come into the light.
Look into my eyes.
I promise, they wonít look back.
You have seen to that.
No, these eyes can only stare blankly into space.
Look at them, closely.
Now look at my face, how smooth my skin is.
You want to touch it, but donít, not yet.
Can you see my lips, how red and moist they are?
They will never talk back to you.
Never argue with you.
Never tell you an unkind thing.
They wonít move at all.
I know thatís what you want because you made me like this.
You and your special ray gun.
Now step back.
Look all over me, I canít stop you.
You control me, remember?
I have to remain forever posed the way you like.
Do you like my dress?
Of course you do, you dressed me in it.
Look how it hugs my body.
How it slides over my curves, my hips, my waist, my breasts.
Itís all right.
You can look at my breasts.
Stare at them if you want with that long male gaze.
My eyes canít keep you from doing that.
My head canít turn to interrupt and embarass you.
Youíd like to touch my breasts, wouldnít you?
But stop, not yet, slowly.
There will be time for that.
Walk around me.
Look at me from the back.
Iím frozen in place for you.
My arms and hands are delicately posed, unmoving in space.
So feminine you made me.
See how my figure flares out at my hips.
And my dress falls gently over my ass to the middle of my thighs.
Now go down, further.
Watch how my legs seem to pour into my shoes.
And those high, high heels you like so much.
Poised there on my glass base.
Look at how shiny and pointy my shoes are.
The shoes that you slipped onto my feet after you paralyzed me.
Now stand up and feel the bulge in your pants.
It wants to burst out doesnít it?
But wait, not yet.
Slowly take your hand and gently stroke my hair.
Youíve taken the time to do my hair just the way you like it.
Feel how soft and touchable it is.
Now run your hands down over my neck onto my dress.
You want to touch my breasts.
Do it now.
Feel how round and firm they are.
And I canít stop you.
You have frozen me here and now you have your way.
All I can do is stare blankly into space, not moving even my eyes.
Feel how hard my nipples are through the material.
Mmmmm, that feels so good, but I canít squirm in the slightest.
Now move your hands down over my waist and hips.
Stand behind me and rub my dress up and down over my ass.
You couldnít touch my ass before, even though you wanted to.
Now go down my legs past the hem.
Down to those spiky heels stuck firmly on my base.
Feel how hard those spikes are.
Now feel how hard your spike is.
Bring your hands up my legs.
Feel the sheer stockings, how smoothly they glide under your hands.
And up, up my thighs under my dress.
Thatís what you want.
I canít stop you.
I canít move.
How youíve wanted to do that to every skirt in the office!
Now you can.
Youíve dressed me without panties, of course.
Move your fingers up and touch me.
Touch me.
Feel the wetness, how slippery I am.
Oh yes!
Mmmmmmm, oh that feels incredible.
Look at me, look at me.
Iím screaming on the inside!
But you have paralyzed me.
I canít move.
My face, my arms, my body held rigidly in place by your power.
Outside Iím posed as the perfect, well-dressed society woman.
Inside, a convulsing maniac!
Time to throw off the mask!
Stand up and walk behind me.
You know what to do.
Place my arms beside me.
Lower the zipper of my dress and pull it to the floor.
Unlatch my bra and gaze at the two perfect melons awaiting you.
Yes, kiss them, suck them.
Your pants are bulging, ready to burst.
I stand before you just as you imagined me, garter, stockings, heels.
Now use your wildest imagination.
Pose me as seductively as you can.
Thatís it, yes!
Now turn the switch.
The switch, you know where it is.
My pedestal begins to rotate slowly, slowly.
As I turn and turn before you, pull down your pants.
I canít see you.
Sit, watch, feast your eyes on every inch of perfection made just for
My arms and legs fixed in place for your pleasure.
My eyes staring motionless into the emptiness of space.
Every bit of me your frozen treasure.
Now take that enormous sausage in your hands and...
Well, Iíll let you handle the rest.