Magical Mall Mannequins - 1

by Q

Part 1

    The closing time announcements found Rebecca saying farewell to the customers at the main entrance as they checked out of the department store into the night. While the rest of the mall closed at 9 PM, Rebecca’s employer usually closed at 10, something the mall’s owners only allowed because the store was their largest “hub” client and drew a third of the people who shopped there.

    And Rebecca’s visual merchandising wizardry was one of the big reasons why so many people came to the store.

    The front lights and signage went off at the time the store closed, but there were always a few customers left still waiting to pay for their purchases. From the front doors, Rebecca could see the store staff checking the departments and making sure there were no customers left in the sales floor or the restrooms. Most people had no problems with leaving the store at closing but you never knew when someone thought they could decide when the store closed for them.

    The last customers carried their bags past the smiling sales associates at the door. Over the walkie, associates were reporting their areas all clear until the entire store checked out as being clear of customers. At that point, the manager on duty locked the main doors, officially closing the store for the night.

    "Good work everyone," the manager called over the PA system. "It looks like we broke our sales goal by twenty six thousand. Now, let’s get the last tidying up done so we can get out of here." While all the associates were excited to get out of the store at last, the manager turned to Rebecca with a smile.

    "Another fabulous job by your models today, Rebecca. That extra effort and displays really got people into the store. The rest of the mall said we could not even meet our goal from last year, but we manage to beat both last and this year’s goals. After today, no one is going to have any problems with the new work schedules and budget you are planning for the rest of the year. Thank you and thank your models, too, when they leave."

    "No problem. I’ll go and let them out for the night after I give them your thanks. And I will have the new budget to you at the start of next week." Unlike the other store staff, Rebecca and her models could leave at different times after closing, without cleaning up the store or asking for permission.

    "Sounds great. See you later." The manager headed off to walk the sales floor the final time and do his personal check while Rebecca made her way to the hidden doors leading to the front displays.

    It was time to get her girls out for the night.

    Rebecca was not actually an employee of the store, and neither were her models. The way the contract was written, Rebecca ran a modeling agency that employed the models, while she and the agency were contractors to the store. However, the store tended to treat her like another senior manager, with keys and parking spot and use of all the stores assets to help her do her job. Since her visual presentation of the store was responsible for the store’s major successes since she was hired several years ago, she was allowed to do what she wanted as long as the store got no complaints and still enjoyed the increased business. Since Rebecca was very good at her job and as long as the company did not interfere, she had no problems.

    Stopping next to one door, she opened a hidden panel and started turning the controls inside. That activated a series of large curtains to come down and cover the exterior displays along the walls and the two interior displays, shielding them from onlookers on the other side of the glass fronts. The way she went about her business was something even the store did not need to know and definitely neither did the passersby. After waiting for all the telltales to report the curtains were in place, she closed the control case and entered front display.

    "Alright ladies, the store is closed so it is time for you to get moving and ready to leave for the night," she said to the motionless tableaux.  Rebecca made sure the door and curtains were completely closed, though her models would not move anyway just because she had spoken to them. Walking to one side, she took a look at the frozen figures arranged in different poses. They were one group of women she had working for her as mannequin models.

    Rebecca was still in her mid twenties but had already been managing models for three years, since she had graduated from college with degrees in business administration and psychology. Business administration allowed her to run her own modeling agency very well and rise up in the ranks at the department store faster than anyone else in its history. Psychology was where she learned the meditative and hypnotic techniques that she taught – and used – with her models, making them the best mannequin models in the business. Her own experience working as visual merchandiser for prepping displays and as a model had given her the skills to do the job right.

    Like most of her models, she had a slim, long, and lithe figure. Her brown hair was kept short and her green eyes was set in an oval face upon a figure dressed in business attire that any upscale retail manager would wear. She wanted to project that professional air that allowed her to better convince people of her plans as well as keeping them from questioning her. That included the models, some of which needed more convincing than others at first about using hypnosis.

    "All right, ladies, Bandeau Ballet," she addressed the mannequins.  While her models’ hypnotic trances allowed them certain amount of awareness and could let them move in emergencies, using the trigger they all had been given worked better when gradually waking them up. Of course, Rebecca had been careful about tying her triggers to her voice mostly and making it so they would sound like phrases the store might use but not really guessable by any casual passersby. "Bandeau, girls. Time to wake up and go home."

    The ten models (there were normally ten in each of the two front displays, and five in each of two interior display cases, though it could be less, or as today, more than that number) woke at different rates; some fast and some slow. Either way, they acted like they were waking up from a deep sleep, which they were, and they each got into the stretches at their own pace. The group was modeling fall fashions this time, which only hid their gorgeous physiques. Rebecca was slightly disappointed that it was out of normal season for an exterior swimsuit display. Even though some of the models were her age, she was the one calling the shots with them, and if the store had let allowed it, a swimsuit display in the middle of fall would have been fine with her.

    One of the faster ones to revive was a tall brunette named Jody, whose long legs were covered with jeans that seemed like they were painted on and looked wonderful in heels. She was a new model, having started out a couple days before, and she already looked like she was getting into the swing of things. Jody and a young Asian model named Amanda, who had an equally marvelous physique, were at the back of the display behind the other models and out of their immediate line-of-sight. Taking the chance, Rebecca walked up to the two from behind and before either really could say anything, she leaned next their ears and used one of their triggers. Both girls started to stop again but Rebecca immediately said "Act normal," to them, causing the pair to continue appearing as if they were waking up. Resisting the temptation to give either a caress, Rebecca moved on to the next models, repeated the triggered actions until all ten models had returned to their hypnotic state but were acting like nothing unusual had happened. As far as the security cameras might have recorded, Rebecca had just personally made sure the mannequin models were all right and nothing seemed out of place.

    "Ladies, it is closing time, and time to leave. Great job on the display today. The crowds really loved it, and the store managers really loved it too. They want to thank you for giving them one of their biggest days ever. Now, just you can head back and get changed, and head out. Those who need to talk to me can do so when I get back to the office from waking everyone else up. Everyone else can go. Enjoy your weekend; I will see you next Monday." A chorus of goodbyes came in reply. Cassie, a good friend of Jody’s who had come with her at the same time, just waved.

    "Yeah, we will," Kelli and Jade said together. Jade’s Mediterranean features and dark hair made her a close resemblance to pre-Fantastic Four Jessica Alba, while Kelli might have passed as a younger Tyra Banks. Both had been in a rush today, arriving from their yoga course in a hurry and probably thankful that their displayed garments allowed them keep their exercise outfits on without disturbing the line of the clothes. Rebecca had been impressed, too. The white leotard had shown Jade’s physique to its best effect, and the swimsuit-style outfit that Kelli wore convinced Rebecca that both were prefect for the swimsuit displays in spring. She liked the two so much that, unknown to both younger girls, they were actually five minutes later leaving than they thought because Rebecca had frozen both in standing poses in the dressing room so she could appreciate the two privately.

    "No problem, Becky," Gretchen replied. The statuesque blonde was one of Rebecca’s best (and most influential) models. She had held one of the more difficult freestanding poses, with her arms out to her sides. It was not how a mannequin model would normally be posed, but Gretchen had the figure, the skill, and no complaints on being posed that way for long periods of time.

    "If the money stays this good, anytime." The last was from Maria, a tall Hispanic beauty that already had become a favorite of the store and crowds. If the others in the window had perfect 10 figures, which was something Rebecca looked for when interviewing, Maria had an 11.5 at least. Rebecca had focused a lot of attention on her, making sure she was entirely under the post-hypnotic suggestion.

    "I might. Just make sure your schedule is free in case I need you to come in," Rebecca said nonchalantly. She already knew what their weekend days were like, but no sense giving them other ideas. "Anyone, enjoy your time off."

    Having finished with the first exterior display, Rebecca repeated the routine to the other exterior display and two interior displays. If she did not get a chance to retrigger her models in the displays, she always managed to catch them off-guard, especially in places where the cameras could not see. Rebecca knew all those places, and also knew which ones she could use for the retriggering. Tomiko and Karen almost made it out of the store before she could get to them, but there was no way Rebecca was going to let them out without an effort, which finally succeeded. Both girls had the well-toned bodies of fitness models rather than fashion types, and looked very nice posed in the display nearest to the outdoor activity section. They were also two of the models she had scheduled in as extra today to enhance the display, so it was not surprising that she almost missed both of them.

    After seeing the models quickly leave, since everyone was eager to start on what they thought were their plans for the next few days, Rebecca spent a couple minutes in her office to finish up last minute paperwork. She did not want to be interrupted over the long weekend, when her assistant Iris would be running things (having been well instructed on what had to be done;) Rebecca did not want to deal with a pile of work first thing when she got in next week. Finishing up, she left her office and, saying warm goodbyes to the rest of the sales staff, left the store.

   As she drove her car out of the parking lot and heading to her spacious loft, she already knew what she would find there.

Part 2

   Rebecca’s loft was closer to a studio-style condo with high ceilings and plenty of open space. It was located in a part of town that had been a factory district years before and was now being turned into up-price residencies for professionals. There was still lack of interest by average buyers, so Rebecca was able to enjoy her large condo at a reasonable cost, in a fairly unpopulated part of town that still had almost no crime, few neighbors to pry into her affairs or fight for parking spaces, but yet had good access to the more lively places in the city.

   Renting a large empty former warehouse next door for her agency’s office space made everything perfect.

   She stopped at the supermarket on the way home and got the usual week’s shopping done quickly. The one downside to her job was the long hours on the days that she worked meant 24-hour markets were a lifesaver. It also meant she could not shop at the fashionable clothing stores as often as she liked, especially since she had other things to do on her days off, but that was what online shopping had been invented for.

   Turning into her street, she looked at her office across from her loft. One of the bright lights facing the street was flickering and that told her that, as expected, there were cars parked in the space inside the building. Having her models park their cars inside the building was safer for everyone than on the street and caused fewer people to get curious. This part of town had very little foot traffic but there was no sense in not being safe. She herself drove into the office building and used the remote to close the garage doors. Making sure she had everything, Rebecca entered the office space of agency and immediately went into an unmarked door next to the main door that looked like a supply closet. The stairs led up to a tunnel running across the street to her loft, which was nice since it made everything nice and private.

   Unlike visitors, she did not knock on the door first but silently unlocked it with her keys and therefore did not cause a reaction. After checking the security system on both buildings to make sure nothing was wrong, she dropped her bags on the side table and clicked on the lights.

   Rebecca could have let her basic unconscious suggestions cause her girls to come to the loft, however the suggestions had already done other things, like commanding all her models who were not working that weekend to try to clear their schedules of anything else. A few could not but Rebecca was pleased to see everyone from closing tonight had done so.  Getting them to the loft was relatively simple, but she was always thrilled at being able to put her girls into trance and have them act, even think, that they were awake as they followed her suggestions blindly like they was their own idea. None of them even knew the difference between being awake and being instructed to act normally while still in trance. No one else knew the suggestions, only Rebecca, which made her smugly happy in the way being the only person who knows a secret can be.

   "They probably think coming here and standing around like statues in the dark is still their own idea without thinking twice how weird that really is," Rebecca thought to herself as she looked at what the lights revealed. "Even the poses and outfits they chose would seem to be their idea."

   Asha and Paige were standing nearest the door, posed absolutely still, because the trigger sound of the door knocking or the bell ringing from the office or the alarms had not happened. Both had the lean, toned, look of fitness or aerobic models and were often favorites of store for swimsuit and fitness wear sets. Each had on high-heeled leather boots and tight designer jeans that showed every detail of their legs and butts. Asha’s white tank top contrasted well with the Indian’s dark complexion, while Paige still had a noticeable tan from the summer leftover that suited the dark leather vest over the green shirt the blonde had on.

   Both were completely in a trance state, only appearing to be awake when a knock or bell summoned them to answer a call, returning to their frozen state of entrancement when the interruption was over. They also returned to their identical poses, legs placed apart, shoulders wide, standing with their backs tall and straight (Asha being slightly taller than her partner,) heads held high and arms held as if at attention, bent to the side and behind their backs.

   Facing the door to the loft next to each other, they looked like guard statues. Rebecca smiled as she walked to the two models and ran her hands over the faces and chests before taking a quick visit to the crotches of their tight jeans.

   Suggesting to Asha to ask for a couple weeks off to visit family before traveling to see some friends at the same time Paige supposedly took a vacation to see the playoffs was a stroke of genius. Nobody would suspect that they were not where they said they would be; anyone inside the agency that might think otherwise was soon ‘convinced’ to change their minds. Asha had really seen her family for a bit, but instead of going on to visit old friends she secretly returned to the loft earlier in the week at the same time Paige was supposed to start her vacation. Since then, both had been acting as guards, mannequins, artwork, and helpers for Rebecca and they would continue to do so for a couple more weeks before returning to being mannequin models for her back at the store.

   Now they were held in their trances, allowing the other models to come into the office and the loft, obeying Rebecca’s orders, answering alarm calls and emergencies (there had been none but Rebecca was careful if that might have happened.) When Paige and Asha awakened and went back modeling, Rebecca would have another couple of her models who happened to go ‘out of town’ at the same time replacing them, but these two were still among her favorites, enough so that she made sure they would regularly hit the gym when awake to stay athletic and fit.

   Pleased that none of her touching or petting had gotten a reaction from Asha or Paige, Rebecca ran her hands up and down their rigid bodies from neck to crotch one last time. Without any more commands to them from Rebecca and without any of the prearranged triggers, the two models remained as still and immobile as the mannequins they usually played. She widened their stance slightly, patted them on the cheek and left her two girls to continue gazing at the door.

   "Trance arise," Rebecca called into the next room before she entered it. She missed seeing her models, standing there in the dark at attention but looking like they were going about their daily routines, suddenly stop acting normally and let their blank-eyed entranced selves appear. But her surveillance video system would have caught the exact moment that happened so she would not miss anything in reply and she could always make it happen again if she wanted to. "Glamorous marvel," was her next trigger phrase.

   Inside the main living space, standing in two frozen rows facing each other, were the mannequin models that had closed tonight. They were not scheduled to work again until next week and Rebecca had managed to have all of them clear their schedules for the long weekend. Each of them still had on the clothes they had left the department store in, obeying the planted suggestion commanding them to come here and stand still in the dark.

   The exceptions were Kelli and Jade, who had immediately stripped their outer clothes and were posed motionlessly in their yoga wear. Like Jody and Amanda, the two were facing each other, Jade next to Amanda while opposite them Kelli and Jody stared back. Beyond Jody was Tomiko, facing Karen. Those two were Rebecca’s pick for the next ones to take a break; both were in identical poses as Asha and Paige. Nearest the door and Rebecca were Cassie and a more experienced model, Felicia. Beyond Felicia and not far from Kelli was gorgeous Gretchen, while Cassie’s neighbor and line-mate with Karen was Maria.

Thirty-six living mannequins stood their facing each other, unblinking, all blankly staring into their counterpart’s vacant eyes.

Walking between the two lines, Rebecca stood in front of Jade and Kelli. "Jade, Kelli." The mention of their names had gotten the two models’ attention, though there was no immediate reaction. "Go to the posing pedestals next to the far wall, stand next to each other, and return to your display poses."

   "I obey," The two girls each replied in a monotone voice before heading to the wall. Kelli had to turn while Jade went straight ahead. They stepped up onto transparent plastic posing stands like those mannequins would actually use, standing next to each other facing out. Kelli stretched herself out high, with both arms behind and over her head, which was tilted slightly back even as she threw her chest out. Jade brought both arms up over her head and leaned her whole body forward, with her left foot behind her, flat to the stand, and her right leg up on her toes as if she was about to go into a gymnastic tumble routine. Both women then froze, posed in their stances.

   Watching the two models take their poses on the stands next to the walls attracted Rebecca’s attention to the two figures posed next kitchen/dining space. Ellen and Carlotta had been with the agency for six months and while hypnosis techniques Rebecca had learned from reading Dr. Torrence’s books did not take long to sink in, Rebecca always made sure that any models still with her at six months when they decided to signed to a long term contract would be hypnotically locked into their roles. Ellen and Carlotta, who had just graduated from college, were looking to break into the modeling world.  Rebecca considered them worthwhile; now she would make sure they were locked in by having them spend a two weeks in a training course where the hypnosis and suggestions would be reinforced to make them into perfect mannequin models.

"Ellen, Carlotta, go to Asha and Paige and give them pleasure until I say otherwise."

"I obey," they stated in unison once again.  The two girls, looking fetching in their outfits, headed to the doorway to carry out the command. Rebecca laughed as she thought how Ellen and Carlotta would do their best to make Asha and Paige feel good, and how Asha and Paige would be unable to react or even realize what the two younger girls were doing.

Rebecca then thought about what else she would do before she took a break to get a well-deserved bath and then begin the second inning of the night’s stimulating acts.

Part 3

Walking over to Maria, Rebecca took a long look at the frozen model. Maria held a very ordinary pose, standing up straight while holding one arm across her chest under her breast with that hand touching the elbow of the other arm. Her other arm was bent at the elbow with the hand raised near the chin; fingers held like it should be holding a glass. Maria had her mouth open, as if in the middle of talking, while her eyes looked straight ahead at her invisible partner.  Maria’s legs were posed slightly apart, with one behind the other. Black pumps, a short black leather skirt and matching top showed that Maria had planned on going clubbing following her work at the store until Rebecca’s triggered command had swept that idea from her mind. The sexy outfit accentuated her slim, curvy, figure and her elegant make-up had made the mannequin model an object of lust and desire to men and women alike.

But tonight she was Rebecca’s plaything; no matter how pretty she looked in the clothes that she wore now, there would be changes.  Rebecca spoke to the transfixed model, giving her new instructions:  “Maria, when I say today’s date to you in your present state of mind, you will make sure you restore then yourself to this exact same outfit and make-up so your appearance will be just as you are now.  Picture yourself and then remember every detail.  Understand?”

'I obey,' she said after a few seconds.  The monotone reply thrilled Rebecca as it showed the type of absolute control she had over all her models. She could also have ordered one of the other models to undress Maria, but Rebecca decided to take this time to do it herself.

Straightening Maria’s arms, Rebecca brought them close to the model’s body so she could remove the top without ripping the fabric. The black silk low-cut bra Maria wore was quite enticing but after caressing the model’s magnificent breasts and feeling the nipples through the thin material, Rebecca opened the front clasp and let the undergarment fall open, exposing Maria’s chest to glorious view. She then moved down to the skirt. The tight short skirt was slipped off after the wide belt was taken away and the closure unzipped, then the panty and hose set. Lifting one foot carefully at a time to take off the pumps as well as the hose and panties, Rebecca finally finished by removing the jewelry her motionless model was wearing before leaving Maria as naked as the day she was born.

Adjusting her arms until they were behind the model and clasped together, Rebecca widened Maria’s leg stance. “Maria, you will now be able to feel what is happening to you. But you will also remain in whatever pose I put in and will be unable to move or do anything at all to react on your own. Understand?”

'I obey.' Maria said again simply. Rebecca had a wicked smile on her face as she let her robe fall open, slipped one hand down to Maria’s crotch and started to massage the passive model’s nether regions, while the other caressed the model’s firm breasts. Before she got to the clitoris, Rebecca could feel Maria’s juices starting to flow.  The model’s pose remained unbroken as instructed; she continued to stare vacantly ahead and remained still even as her body started to respond. Grabbing both of Maria’s hands in her own, Rebecca continued to rub the model’s breasts and crotch with Maria’s hands also, occasionally bringing the lower hand up to Maria’s lips and letting her taste her own juices while rubbing her own body against Maria’s statuesque curves.

Slowly, Rebecca moved Maria’s hands faster and faster, slipping a couple of the model’s fingers into her vagina and then speeding up the rubbing until a sudden massive flood of liquid over the model’s hand told her that the climax had happened. Even during the ecstasy of the orgasm, Rebecca’s control over her held Maria completely still as the other woman never broke her pose, her stare, or her trance. Rebecca continued using the other woman as a mannequin turned sex doll for a while, sometimes on herself, until finally she stopped. Both of Maria’s hands had been used as improvised sex toys, and were completely covered with her juices, which were also smeared over the model’s legs, chest, arms, and face as well as some in her hair.  Maria looked and smelled like hot sex, but the model never once reacted out of her trance or pose but remained the perfect display mannequin. She did look like she needed a quick clean-up, though.

“Tomiko, Karen,” Rebecca’s commanding voice caused both models standing at guard to listen. “Remove your clothes. You will take Maria to the bathroom and clean up together. Be quick with it and when you dry off, take her to my room and stand guard with her. Maria, you can no longer feel anything. You will remain in whatever pose you are, oblivious to everything except my voice, until I say otherwise. Your mind will become completely blank; time will not pass. Understand?”

'I obey,' the three models said. Then Tomiko and Karen came awake from their stances as both grabbed Maria, lifted her up still in her last pose, and carried her stiffly away toward the guest bathroom. Maria remained as mindless as the other two but she stayed frozen in position while the other two carried her. She would not do anything on her own for a long while.  Rebecca toweled off the moisture from her own skin as she wondered what to do next.  Her hand seemed to have ideas of its own as it continued to caress her breasts and lower torso for a while.

That was a pleasant interlude but there was something else to do.  Rebecca went to her computer and opened a new window. There were limits to what she could do and that was true of giving her entranced models technical instructions on how to setup their computers. However, one of her girls had proven to be quite the closet geek, enough so that Rebecca had firmly locked her in so she could provide tech support for her employer as well as work in her mannequin displays. Eileen was constantly on the lookout for other attractive techies to bring to Rebecca’s notice. So far, she had been unsuccessful but not for lack of trying. Sadly, she had made previous plans for this weekend, which put a damper on things but at least she had told Rebecca and the other models how to handle typical problems if they happened.

Rebecca’s private website was only available to her and her collection of models. She given all her models webcams and by hypnotically programming them to log onto the website whenever at home, the webcams would record their actions -- or non-actions -- and allow Rebecca to see them and control them. So far, all the models who were not available over to be at her house during the weekend were either doing what was needed for their lives or were posed motionless before their webcams, repeating their poses and their hypnotic programming as needed. Rebecca was pleased to see the girls she had an eye on were patiently waiting for orders. She could still give them orders since none of the webcam models have anything planned, but it was not very pretty to see a model come straight in while they were still eating dinner.

She clicked on some of their names and typed her commands on the keyboard that would be sent to the models’ computers. Calling would have been easier but this way she could send commands to several models all at once.

* * *

Leanne and her roommate Colleen were both standing at what Rebecca called storage mode: Straight and tall, legs together, arms down at the sides and eyes at infinity. Their trances made them look at their computer screens, waiting for a trigger or command to come. Leanne was an exotic beauty of half-Hawaiian, half-European blood with the toned body of a swimmer/surfer that she was. Colleen was the image of the Irish lass, with long red hair pouring down her back and the classic long lean look of a model. Both were wearing casual attire with Leanne’s tube top looking not out of place.

Beeping from the computer got both models’ attention and, only moving their eyes, both ladies read the commands from Rebecca that came over the screen. After understanding the commands, both women bent down to the keyboard and tapped their reply to Rebecca without ever moving their legs. Then they turned and walked toward their apartment door and waited.

Rebecca had used some of her profits to buy an apartment building where she could move some of her models looking for places to live into and get them in a place where she could use them easily and they could follow her commands without the neighbors finding out. The super and the non-entranced residents only knew that the people who lived on the top three of the five floors were good neighbors and residents who no one ever complained about. They kept some odd hours, but that was all.  Rebecca made sure of that and also made sure she stopped at the apartment building from time to time to visit with her models.

There was a series of knocks on the apartment door.  Both models waited until another patterned series of knocks, a code, happened before opening the door and allowing Vanessa and Marilyn into the apartment. Vanessa was a very tall, lithe, brunette while Marilyn’s dark complexion and equally lissome figure would have been striking anywhere; here, the runways of Paris, or from her parents’ home in Jamaica. Both also had the emotionless expressions of being in trance on their faces; their words when they spoke were as monotone as those of Leanne and Colleen. Both were dressed more like they were going out on the town than Leanne or Colleen, with Vanessa’s high-heeled boots making her even taller then she was already.

'We obey Mistress’s commands,' both newcomers said after the door was closed. 'We are to bring our deliveries to her tonight, after the programming session.'

'We obey.' Leanne and Colleen replied in monotone, then turned and walked toward the bedroom suite with the other pair following. The four models went on until they neared the bathroom, next to a closet in the wall before the entry to both bedrooms, and stopped. Leanne opened the closet door and stepped back.

Two young women stood unmoving inside, in storage mode, back-to-back, each facing a closet wall. Both the blonde and brunette had blank stares while their mouths moved silently, repeating entrancing mantras. The blond had on a light gray tank top, very dark grey short skirt, and sandals. The brunette was dressed in a black halter top and exercise shorts tied with a white cord, leaving her midriff bare, revealing her flat toned stomach. She stood in barefoot, her sneakers kicked to one side.

Both ladies had first interviewed for Rebecca’s agency as models, but she had found them unsuitable for her high modeling standards. Both had breast implants and the blonde’s many piercings had failed to meet Rebecca’s requirements for display work. But both had otherwise pretty decent physiques, so Rebecca had entranced them before hiring them to work for her in other roles. They also were new to the town and neither had very many close friends or families, all who were far away. They officially shared an apartment in the building and worked for Rebecca, but Rebecca was thinking of how to use them ever since she hired them so they had remained entranced and frozen for a while now, being programmed while also serving as the personal toy mannequins of the other entranced models. Often the two were posed in a closet of models whose awakened consciousness did not even know that they were there. Only a post-hypnotic command in their subconscious kept them from seeing the two girls standing there when they used the closet.

Both pairs of models lifted one of the girls; the blonde by Leanne and Colleen, the brunette by Vanessa and Marilyn. After standing the two girls before the computer screen, where they remained, the four models toyed with their poses and bodies for a while. Than Leanne went to the computer and started a program. All the entranced girls and models than stood in storage mode before the screen as the program deepened their trance.  Occasionally one model would wake up briefly to change the poses of the others before slipping back into their own trance again.

Finally, the program ended. Like someone had pressed their start button, a pair of models took each girl and carried them out of the apartment. The two girls were still staring vacantly ahead as they were each put into a truck for the models’ drive to Rebecca’s apartment building.

* * *

Rising from the computer, Rebecca stretched out to exercise her muscles. Taking a look at the direction of the bathroom, she decided that the long bath could wait until later; the best way to freshen herself up swiftly was not by a bath, but via some deep self-hypnosis and meditation. If she wanted to have energy to last the whole the weekend, she needed to relax properly first.

Making the decision, she rapidly walked toward the row of posing pedestals on the side of the loft while removing her various pieces of clothing and lingerie. By the time she got to where Kelli and Jade stood posed on display, Rebecca was completely nude and several of her models in the immobile chorus line had pieces of her wardrobe strewn over them. Stepping up on the pedestal next to Jade, Rebecca arranged herself into a challenging pose, leaning forward while standing on one leg while the other leg stretched back and bent up; one arm stretched forward, the other stretched back and holding the high foot. Looking at the clock on the other side of the room, Rebecca started repeating her hypnotic mantra that she perfected when she had freeze-modeled. It worked well now as well as it did back then, calming her mind and pausing her movement in a way that was both pleasurable and meditative; soon Rebecca was standing mannequin-still, posed like one of her entranced models, though her mind was aware and conscious of what she was doing even as she felt time slow down around her.  Minutes stretched out; she didn’t care.

Rebecca kept her self-hypnosis pose even as a pinging from the computer sounded when a new email arrived for her. The email was short, questioning if Rebecca wanted to do a practice of her gallery display for the "Beauty in Still Life" gallery over the weekend. It was the sort of thing that Rebecca would not pass up the chance for when she read it.  But for almost the next hour, she was in a very different place, one where the luxury of tranquility had overcome all those mundane interruptions.  Eventually she drifted out of her trance and stepped down off the platform, fully rested as if she’d spent a whole night asleep.  It was time for her to have some fun with her girls.


Part 4

Across town from the night’s fun with Rebecca, her assistant Iris opened her eyes as she woke up to her alarm right after dawn. Getting out of bed this early on the weekend was not fun for Iris but she needed do it, since someone had to set up the living mannequin displays at the store when the boss was taking time off. And since she could play the boss while Rebecca was not there, there was some fun to be had as well.

Such as with the two frozen models who currently served as adorable living decorations beside her front door. They, like the remaining girls scheduled for the weekend shift, would make for a breathtaking display in the store that Iris would enjoy creating. Leave it to Rebecca to let her in on the little secret of the origin of the lifelike mannequins, though Iris could not (since Rebecca had programmed her not to ever) reveal it to anyone else.

After checking her email to see if anyone had to switch shifts, which did happen even with the models of this agency, Iris went off to start her day, making sure to give Jan and Ana the post-hypnotic commands that would get them started as well.

Across town, a number of beautiful young women were waking up even before their alarms went off. There was something that they knew they all had to do and the ladies, all fit and fabulous, started to get themselves prepared for Rebecca’s gallery showing even if they had no idea why they were actually doing it.



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