Mannequin for Hire

by M.P. 2/16/98

Millie had just been laid off from her job. She had worked for the firm for ten years and was pissed that she had been replaced by Sally. Sally was a young girl that had just joined six months earlier, and rumor had it that she had been more than friendly with the bosses.

Alone now in her apartment, Millie sat in her frumpy bathrobe, face slightly wet from crying. On the floor was a recent copy of the Times, spread out like a blanket where Millie had dropped it. She had been steadily looking for work since the layoff, but there wasn't much work she could find. Her age, she was almost 45, was another big disadvantage. Luckily, Millie had always taken care of her body and she appeared younger than she really was. At 5'8, with dark brown hair and eyes, Millie could have passed for a super model. She had large well rounded breasts and her body was perfectly tanned.

Those hours at the salon have paid off, she thought to herself as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hands traced small circles around the tips of her breasts as she opened the bathrobe. Next she let one hand slowly move down her body across her flat stomach and into the cleft between her legs. Millie was surprised how wet she was and then slipped her fingers into the hollow of her pussy. With the other hand she continued to massage her nipples, making them grow stiff and slightly larger. After several seconds she brought herself to orgasm and then closed her robe, satisfied for the moment. Millie went to the sink and rinsed off the remaining juices on her hand, and then went back to the pile of newspapers that waited on the floor.

In the Times were the usual ads for High Tech computer jobs and Nursing, all jobs that required degrees of some sort. And then there were the jobs that were menial labor, that paid next to nothing. Those would never do. When she was about to call it quits an ad caught her attention:

Tired of the same old job? Not getting anywhere in your field?
If you are attractive and want to make easy money, then come to us.
We are a growing company in the field of visual merchandising.
Call today 1-800-555-1966. Ask for Mr. Keith.

What the hell, Millie thought, it was worth a try. She went to the phone and dialed the number. After speaking with several operators, Millie was finally put through to Mr. Keith. On the phone, Mr. Keith sounded like a combination of Lou Rawls and James Earl Jones. Millie was entranced by the voice and fantasized of a large muscular man, like Schwarzenegger on the other end of the line. She made an appointment for that afternoon to visit with Mr. Keith, and was happy to know that the place was not far from her apartment. Millie put on her best blue dress, one that was not too short but showed off her body very well and was just a little tight in the right places.

She arrived at the shop at 4:00 sharp and was impressed by the beauty of the merchandise being sold.  Dresses and Lingerie of all colors were neatly hung on racks and were marked by size for easy selection. Millie decided that if she were hired she would have to do some serious shopping here herself. It was while she was looking at the dresses that she noticed the mannequins in the store. They were stunning. Millie walked up to one of the mannequins. She was a blond with small breasts and a long lean body. Her tight little ass was well rounded and her legs were perfect, like a dancer's. The blond was dressed in a tight black mini dress, and with her short blond hair styled in a straight cut, it made her look incredibly real. In fact all the mannequins in the store, and there were several for that matter, were all very realistic.

"Hello there; you must be Millie," said a familiar voice.

Millie was at first scared by the sudden entrance of Mr. Keith, but she took a deep breath and then turned to face him. Mr. Keith was no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Millie was still impressed. A middle aged man with salt and pepper hair, Mr. Keith stood about 5'7" and relatively handsome. He had large blue eyes that twinkled slightly in the bright light of the shop. He extended a large hand to Millie, who took it gratefully.

"I see that you like my shop, very much," Said Mr. Keith.

"Yes," Said Millie. She was a little embarrassed by the slight squeak in her voice.

"Don't be nervous my dear," Mr. Keith said. "I know that we will get along famously."

Millie was put more at ease now by Mr. Keith's friendliness and continued the conversation:

"I didn't know what to expect, Mr. Keith, so I made a small resume' of my past employment."

"We can discuss all that later, Millie," said Mr. Keith."And by the way, please call me Donald."

"O.K. Donald," said Millie. "I have to admit that I love your shop; everything is so beautiful, but I never noticed it before."

"I used to be upstate, Millie, and felt that I could do more business here in the city," Donald said. "Don't worry about convincing me of your qualifications; I've already decided that you're perfect for the job. If you'll follow me into the workroom you can meet the others and we'll get started."

Millie followed Donald through the store and soon they came to small oak door with a sign on it marked "Shop". They went into the room and Millie was surprised at how large the room really was. The shop looked like something out of one of those Hammer horror movies of the sixties. There were several lab tables loaded with bottles and beakers of multicolored liquids. The walls were adorned with panels and dials, and in the center of the room was the strangest sight Millie had ever seen. It was a large tube connected to several smaller machines by wires and hoses. Inside the tube was a young girl. She was very beautiful and quite naked. The girl had dark black hair and bright blue eyes. Her body was well rounded but not fat,with large breasts and a slightly round belly which was very sexy and wide hips that flared out over a generous ass. Her legs were rounded and very muscular, which lent her the look of a large doll.

"Are you ready Sybil?" asked Donald, speaking into an intercom.

"Yes; see you in thirty days, Donald," said the young girl with a smile.

Donald Keith activated some switches, the machine began to make a loud humming sound, and small jets of smoke began to fill the chamber.

"What are you doing to her?" asked Millie, who was beginning to get frightened.

"You have nothing to fear, Millie, this is the position you're going for. When we're done with Sybil I'll explain everything."

They turned back to the large tube, which was now beginning to clear. Inside the tube it appeared that nothing had happened but when Millie got closer to the girl she noticed that Sybil was not breathing and that her eyes had glazed over slightly. She had moved her hands and arms into a pose that gave her the appearance of a store mannequin. She stood with one leg slightly bent forward and the other perfectly straight.

"Prepare process two," said Donald.

Next two men in lab coats walked over to the machine and entered commands on the computer console. The machine again began to hum loudly but this time the chamber filled with a light grey powdery cloud. After several seconds the sound of a vacuum started and the grey cloud was sucked out of the tube. Then a panel opened in the base of the tube and a rod with a rounded plug on the end of it came out of the floor and inserted itself into Sybil's small pussy. The rod masked her womanhood and added to the appearance that she was a figure made of plastic. Next the rod lifted the girl off the floor base and was attached to a small panel of sheet glass. Then the chamber opened and the once-human display figure of the girl Donald had referred to as Sybil was lowered onto the floor in front of them. Millie could not resist the urge to touch the new figure and was surprised that it felt like any other mannequin she had ever seen. She was cold to the touch and her even-colored skin had a slightly grainy feel. Her hair had a waxy sheen to it like a wig, and the rest of her body was stiff and hard.

"Excellent work men." Donald said to the techs. "Now, Millie, I owe you an explanation." He continued. "About five years ago the cost of mannequin figures almost doubled from the European manufacturers, and the quality of them was turning terrible. So the lab boys and I discovered this process and decided to make our own mannequins out of living girls. And the nicest thing about it is it isn't permanent. We make arrangements with the girls and every month we rotate the girls so that they get some time off and the customers see different poses; everyone is happy."

"It won't hurt will it?" asked Millie, starting to imagine herself instead of Sybil standing there like a statue.

"Not in the least," answered Donald. "If you don't believe me I'll get one of the girls to tell you herself. Claire, the blonde you were admiring before, her time is up tonight and she can tell you herself. Jenkins, go bring in Claire and prepare the machine for demannequinization," said Donald.

Two minutes later the man Donald had sent out came back into the shop with the figure of the blonde. Millie went to the tall mannequin, touched her face and then the rest of her body. It was, as she had guessed, nothing but cold lifeless plastic. The glassy blue eyes stared out straight and looked at no one in particular. She lifted the skirt of the black mini dress, slightly ashamed at being so bold. Under the the tight clothes the blonde wore no underwear, and the support rod entered between her long legs. At closer examination, Millie could see the faint lines of the girl's sex as it was plugged with the narrow rod. Amazing!

Jenkins placed the stiff figure in the chamber, and removed the black dress. Naked now, the blonde still had the appearance of being only a mannequin. With her hands pressed against the glass she gave the impression that she was trapped and wanted to escape. The rod, now completely visible, was the only thing that gave her support in the narrow chamber. The panel opened again in the floor and the rod was released from her sex. All in the room could hear the subtle pop of the dildo as it was released, and then the blonde was standing, legs apart, in the tube. The techs entered more commands into the machine and then it began its work. The chamber began to hum again and a blue powder cloud entered the tube. After several seconds the vacuum started and sucked away the blue powder, then a fine mist of liquid was sprayed on the girl's body. The techs pushed more buttons and then the tube was bathed in a bright blue light. Ten seconds later the light diminished and the chamber opened.

Millie stood with her mouth open, disbelief in her eyes, as the once inanimate figure of the blonde walked up to them. Donald handed the unclothed girl a robe and gently kissed her on the cheek.

"Welcome back, Claire," said Donald. "You did an excellent job this month, sales of your outfit have been the best in the store, so I'm giving you a raise this month."

Claire was ecstatic, and kissed Donald hard on the mouth.

"I know what else you want dear, but we can discuss that later," Donald continued. "Claire I want you meet Millie. She is going to join our little family, I hope?"

"Hello honey," said Claire. "You're going to love this job; it's the easiest work I ever did, and the pay is great, almost $1000 a month. It's very restful too, you don't feel a thing."

"That's what I wanted to ask you," said Millie. "How long have you been doing this?"

"About five years now; I was one of Don's first models," Claire continued. "One thing Don probably didn't tell you is while you're under the preservative you don't change or get older, only during 'live time' as we call it, do you age."

This sealed it for Millie.  She had always dreamed for this kind of opportunity, and now here it was.

"Where do I sign up, Donald," said Millie with a wide smile of anticipation.


Ten years later, Sally, the woman from Millie's old office who had taken her job away, came into Mr. Keith's boutique. She had gotten fat from the lazy habits she had acquired in the office. She had seduced and married and recently divorced the boss there. Sally was trying to make a return to the night scene, and was finding it increasingly hard. She had taken so many things for granted over the years, her promotion in the company, even how she had ruined that little nobody Millie from the secretarial pool, and then when she landed the boss she thought she was on easy street for the rest of her life. Not only was her personal life falling apart now but her body had begun to show the years as well; her hair had thinned drastically and she was beginning to see wrinkles on her once perfect face. It was no wonder why her husband had started cheating on her. It was ironic he had cheated on her with another girl from the same office. But at least she had the final laugh; she divorced him and got a nice settlement. But all the money in the world could not spare her the loneliness.

She started to look at the merchandise in the store and then stopped, her mouth wide open in disbelief. She looked at the dazzling mannequin before her and knew right away who it was. The figure was Millie, still young, still beautiful and unchanged over the years. Sally touched the figure of Millie and even though she was cold Sally knew deep inside that it was the same person. She slowly hung the dress back on the rack and then left the shop, vowing never to return.

Millie had won after all those years. When Sally was gone, she would still be there, for all to enjoy and she would profit for herself and Donald for a long time to come.



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