By Rotwang

The door opened and a tall woman with a ridged forehead walked in, moaning and groaning, past the inviting bed towards the bathroom.

The stern-faced Klingon woman looked at herself in the mirror and wearily stuck out her tongue at her reflection.

She removed her wig and the little hygienic towel stuck on her forehead by the sweat it was destined to catch.

"Klingon's don't sweat !" She said wearily while removing her dentures.

Discarding pieces of her heavy leather uniform, Marlene struggled to release her aching breasts. She had a big B or a small C depending on who you asked. But with all the wire, tape and padding they looked like D's.

Gargling, she tore the construct from her breasts and rubbed them, relishing the relief. She peeled of her nose and smeared some of the dark paint from her face. While reaching out with her right foot to turn on the tap of the shower.

After a thorough shower and scrub, she looked almost normal again.

Except for the red bags under her eyes and her tired expression, she was a pretty young woman with intense eyes and a quick cocky laugh. She brushed her short hair. It was growing back and gaining color again after she had cut and bleached it when she'd gone through her "Tank Girl" Period. She'd even taken up smoking for a while, just to be in the part.

Marlene dragged herself to her bed and fell down like a ton of bricks.

Barely four hours later, she woke up under the nagging buzz of the alarm clock. And she made the same Monday morning promise she always made to herself ... "I'll never party again..."

She got up, eyes closed and fumbled her way towards the shower and rinsed herself all over again in an attempt to wake herself.

Then it was a matter of going to her make-up table and finding her glasses and wig. Some light make-up, a blouse, skirt and jacket and she looked like thousands of office employees getting ready all over the country. Marlene loved her double-act, playing a sort of female Clark Kent by day and being a "Wild Thang" at night.

Just as she was about to leave, the doorbell rang. She opened to a man with a UPS uniform, holding a long package in his arms.

"Sign here." He said holding out his clipboard."

"What is it ?" She asked.

"I dunno, nothing marked on it." The guy said, tugging at his cap in greeting and leaving.

Marlene held up the package and shook it. It had a faint metallic ring to it.

She tore open the package and opened the box. Inside was a chrome-plated left arm.

Almost in trance, she removed the arm and examined it. She opened it and carefully removed her jacket and undid the buttons on her blouse, sliding the arm over hers, and it was a perfect fit !

She closed it and admired the way it had been constructed, with rubber and real steel, carefully chromed and polished to a high almost blinding sheen. She rubbed her fingerprints off it with her handkerchief.

Once she'd closed all the clasps and hooks and buttons, she had a robotic arm. She stretched it and held it close to her other arm. There was no appreciable increase in size, the whole thing carefully constructed to her exact measurements.

"What the hell ?" She said to herself, realizing she was going to be late.

She bolted back up the stairs and dove into her wardrobe, the one with the kinky stuff. She grabbed a handful of clothes and stuffed them in a bag and almost jumped down the full flight of stairs.

She reluctantly removed her new arm in the car and got dressed again. And then she stuffed the arm in the bag under the back seat.

If Marlene was a born actress, she a rough time keeping her impatience hidden inside her. After all, she was the quiet, conservative young woman the direction liked so much. And she almost wanted to throw her papers up in the air when she saw it was time to go home.

But she didn't go home and dashed off downtown instead. In a quiet alley, she got rid of her blue ensemble and got into some suitably scant black lace underwear, a leather miniskirt and a lycra top, which covered her shoulder, just at the point where metal and flesh met.

While removing the arm earlier, she had noticed a few buttons inside and by switching them on, activated the blinking lights and the moving parts. There were probably sensors inside since the arm seemed to make a whizzing noise every time she moved. Intrigued, she continued to explore her arm and discovered a plug and an extension cord, like some kind of interface cable.

"Cool !" She said to herself and dumped her wig. She looked like she had a dark-brown crewcut with blonde tips.

The door of the cybercafé opened and the guy behind the counter saw a tall woman walk in, striding sensuously towards a computer on shiny black stiletto-heel thigh-boots. And after the first step, he noticed her shiny metal arm. He kept on staring as she planted herself before a computer and reached for a cable inside her arm. She looked at the monitor and keyboard and seemed to look for something.

She turned towards him, lowered her mirrorshades and invited him with a quick toss of the head and a wink.

"Hiya ... Kurt." She read his badge saying "Hi, I'm Kurt."

The guy smiled and almost blushed.

"Say, Kurt, where can I jack in ?" She held the plug up and smiled wickedly.

"Uh ...." Kurt went.

"I really have to hack into some bank, because my account is drying up and I need more cash for my surgery."

She oozed badness and she loved it. She waved at him with her metal hand.

"Uh ..." Kurt said and swallowed. "There are no ... stuff provided for ... jacking in ?" He knew what she wanted but couldn't believe it.

"Well, I'll just seek my business elsewhere." She said and glided back to her feet, kissed Kurt on the forehead and smiled.

"Uh ..." Kurt repeated himself and stared as she just waltzed out.

Kurt blinked a few times and grabbing his pants ran towards the bathroom where he stayed for a few minutes and returned with a satiated smile.

Marlene played with her new arm all week, wondering who had sent it. She had a new persona to add to her collection, Short-Circuit, cyberpunk extraordinaire and expert hacker. She'd even bought an old Commodore SX64 computer to carry around as her cyberdeck.

But next Monday morning came another package, this one somewhat bigger.

She tore it out of the UPS man's hands and ripped it open.

"Wow !" She said when she saw a replica of her right leg with a six inch heel.

Minutes later, she had two cyberlimbs. Again there were blinking lights and moving parts as well as a soft pumping sound every time she made a step. She compared and found out it matched her boots' heels perfectly, so she wouldn't have to wait for the other leg.

By day she was a model employee and at night, she showed off her new identity in clubs and other fashionable places. And every day her anticipation grew for next Monday.

The third Monday she received a steel corset, so tight, she had to lie down and struggle with it for several minutes to close it. An hour later everything that had more calories than water ended up in the trashcan.

Marlene loved the corset since it was the first piece she could wear all day at the office. And after six days, it began to fit quite nicely, enabling her to set the notches a bit back. And there was a lot of room to spare, judging by the number of notches.

The next part was her long awaited right arm. Topped with golden fingernails like the left, it had an LCD screen in the forearm and flat plugs underneath that would obviously fit into something, but she didn't know what.

"Uh ... " Kurt said as Short Circuit walked in again, followed by a relieved gasp. He smiled and waved limply at her.

She winked back and showed off her new arm.

Kurt pushed his pelvis forward against the desk and sighed when she licked her left middle finger and pushed it against her right arm, making a sizzle noise and smiling in that disturbing fashion she so good at.

And too much for Kurt who went suspiciously often to the bathroom when Short Circuit was around.

Next Monday was left leg time.

Marlene looked at her new pair of legs, she knew whoever sent her the legs was a real artist, because the way optical corrections had been added to make her legs look longer and her hips broader.

And by now, she could shift her corset another notch, giving her a superheroine-like figure.

"This is an incentive Weight Watchers should take note off." She said to herself and just kept on posing in front of the mirror.

Again it had been a long wait for next Monday, but it was worth it. The smallest package yet and inside a chrome pelvis, tight and sculpted to give her figure as much justice as could be given. And it locked into the corset, adding to her new improved physique. Although sealed, she had a deep cleavage in her behind to stuff in a g-string in a most flattering manner. And the shutter-like seal around her pussy pressed the most sensitive parts of her anatomy, making her horny as hell with every slight move she made.

"This one'll never come off again !" She swore to herself. "Well, most of the time..." She said a second later.

Sunday evening, Marlene lay in her bed and just enjoyed her new exterior and the way it could pleasure her so much.

And she felt like a kid on Christmas day when she woke up a second before the bell rang. She was so happy, she didn't even slip into a gown to get the huge parcel the UPS man held with his mouth wide open.

"Thanks .." She said in a flirty pixie-like style.

"Uh ..." The UPS man said.

She sighed and slammed the door shut. "Why does every man turn into a Beavis and Butthead every time they see me ? Have they never seen a cyborg ?"

Marlene glanced into the package and shook her head and grabbed her crotch. Whimpering and heaving she rubbed her sex and turned bright red. She danced around the room and just raised her middle-finger : fuck you ! to the office. She would be sick all week if need be.

With care, Marlene took out the breastplate. Breastplate indeed, with its D-cup with golden nipples. This was the only disappointment. Obviously, the designer was a male with typical male fantasies, but no regard for the poor women which had to lug such big things about. But when she looked into the box she saw a full set of replacements representing about the first quarter of the alphabet.

"Thanks whoever you are." She said somewhere above her.

Encased in the closest-fitting "clothes" she had ever seen, Marlene just cried with joy. She placed her hands to her face and stared at her image, shaking her head. Adorned with a generous C-cup, she reveled in the exquisite weight of the suit and the way it almost bonded with her body. She wanted to sleep until next Monday, so that time would flow more quickly.

She felt relieved to have called the office, since she would probably have exploded of anticipation. She would run through the house and scream in frustration, urging and pleading time to go a little faster. And at night she would toss and turn in frustration, howling and growling and throwing her pillow against the wall.

One time she even got out of her chrome suit and took out the latex suit that turned her into a close facsimile of Sil, the haunting female alien from Species, just to get her mind off it. But after a minute, she would've run out and ripped a passer-by to pieces so anxious was she to get the next piece.

But Monday morning there was no ringing at the door. And Marlene only vaguely became aware of it. She felt confused and attributed it to her sleepiness. She wanted to roll over and catch a few more zees, when her body refused. She lay in her bed, slowly waking up to the situation.

"Good morning." Said a voice nearby.

Normally, she would've jumped out of bed and have a look, but being paralyzed and numb she couldn't even bring up the presence of mind to realize she was completely out of it.

"We'll start by initializing your primary systems." The voice said.

Slowly it dawned to her that the light above her should be brighter somehow. Whatever ...

"Okay, engaging primary power system." The voice said and Marlene felt an internal click, but there wasn't much of a cognitive response.

"Now we activate the primary processors." The voice said.

Marlene suddenly became aware.

The world shifted around her and after a second of disorientation, she knew she was being put to a horizontal position.

A man came into her field of vision.

"What is your designation, unit ?"

"Womandroid, 69 series, unit number 219-45-24, name Marlene." Her voice sounded hollow, and with that electronic fuzz that made it totally artificial.

"Uh ..." Marlene went deep inside. She felt like a distant, but privileged guest inside her own body. But it wasn't her body anymore...

"Just do an actuator test, Marlene."

Her moves were razor sharp and with the precision of a Swiss clock. From the corner of her eyes she could see how she raised her arm which stopped with out the slightest hint of a nervous tremble.

"Would you like to see yourself."

"Yes, thank you." She said in that silky robot voice that turned her on so much.

"Follow me, the man said and Marlene followed moving her body in ways Marlene wasn't sure how she did it.

And inside that expanse of nothingness that surrounded her consciousness, Marlene wanted to scream, kick, bite and do something to express the way she felt. Keeping the Tex Avery wolf in her mind, just with her head pasted over it.

"This isn't me !" Marlene said aloud in her mind. "No way I look that good !"

A perfect chrome "10" ! She could've walked out of a comic book.

But it was her face and her slight mannerisms in posing herself. And her face, with the light and the way the artist had captured her expressions, distilling a single one, so versatile, she could use it for all situations.

If there was something like a mental orgasm, Marlene had just achieved one of a magnitude that would've rocked the planet.

"Engage self-satisfaction unit on level one."

"Yes, master." Marlene answered, listening to her own voice without any control.

She felt her pelvis arch back, a click and her pussy just glowed with pleasure. She didn't know how, but this was all the Christmases EVER put together along with all the nice summer days and all the best sex ever rolled into one, only a tad better.

She could see the man behind her smile in a way Marlene knew he felt along with her.

"Set to level two." He whispered into her ear and Marlene thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

If Marlene had had a facial expression after level five it would have been a tired and frozen stare of pure delight that would've required a tow-truck and about four years to wipe from her face.

She prayed there wasn't a six, she wouldn't survive it, but then again, it might be worth it.

"Now, how good are you with another unit ?" the man said.

Marlene took some time off from her recovering to get a good look at his face. He had dark hair and a well-groomed goatee, adding to his sharp and handsome face.

"Look here." The man grabbed her gently by the arm and turned her about.

"Hello, Unit 219-45-24, or should I say Marlene ?"

Another Womandroid had entered the room and just posed herself to her best advantage, much as Marlene had done before the mirror.

She shifted her pose and a chrome dildo slid out of her crotch.

"Pastafazoola !" Marlene went in her head and did the mental equivalent of fainting and keeling over.

"My unit designation is 478-66-71, but you may call me Vicki."

"You may interface with each other." The man said and retired.

As a panel opened and revealed her insides to Vicki, Marlene just decided to unplug her ability to wonder and just went for it ...

(Just to get in the mood play something dramatic, like Also Sprach Zarathustra, Tchaikovski's 1815 overture or just reenact Wagner's ride of the Valkyries' scene in Apocalypse Now ! in a sexual way to get in the mood.)

Marlene woke up in her bedroom, wearing nothing except a keychain. From the corner of her eye, she could see her metallic alter-ego posed in a corner of the room, and on the dressing table a phone number ...

And for the rest of her life, Marlene felt a million volts go through her spine when she heard just the slightest hint of scraping metal even if it was just cutlery ...