Part I - The Pleasure Palace

by Niki

Paul and I were just about to realize a dream that I've had for a while. We were about to board an airplane bound for Las Vegas. We weren't going there to gamble, but to visit the Pleasure Palace, a well known house of pleasure where all your fantasies can come true. I've been reading about this place for years in different men's magazines and finally got up the nerve to go out there and experience it for myself. Apparently, the thing that makes this place different from other brothels in Nevada is the fact that you can fulfill your fantasies with live girls or robotic women. The robotic women are exact replicas of a real women in every detail, but they don't get tired, they do exactly what you instruct them to do, and they are very clean. The live women also have a reputation for begin extremely beautiful and clean as well. Certainly not your average run of the mill street corner hooker.

We arrived in Vegas about 2am their time. That is usually when east coast flights arrive. We were very tired and decided to go straight to the hotel. The next morning Paul and I got up about 10am, had a big breakfast and decided to head for the casinos for a little afternoon entertainment. We spent about 4 hours at the casino. Neither of us is much of a gambler, but we knew enough about black jack to bet small so that our money would last longer. By the time I left, I was down about $40, but had an enjoyable afternoon so I wasn't all that upset about it. After the casino, we decided to grab a quick bite, then head back to the hotel for a shower before going to the Pleasure Palace.

As I got out of the shower, I started to recall all of the magazine articles that I'd read and all the pictures that I have seen of the Pleasure Palace. Supposedly this was like Disney World, but all the rides had something to do with sex and pleasure of any and all kinds. I toweled off quickly and put on some jeans and a nice shirt. I called Paul in the next room and I told him that I was ready to go whenever he was ready. He told me to that he'd meet me by the elevators in a couple of minutes. I headed for the elevator to wait for Paul. I could hardly control the budge in my pants just thinking about what we were about to encounter. Paul finally came out of his room and we headed downstairs for the rental car. The ride over to the Pleasure Palace took about 20 minutes. The conversation in the car was weird, Paul and I had been the best of friends for years, but we never really discussed our fantasies with each other and we were by no means interested in each other in a sexual way. What we did agree on was that we would go our separate ways once we go to the Pleasure Palace and we would meet back in the lobby at a designated time.

Finally, the moment arrived. I could see the sign from about a half mile away. I was a very large sign standing atop a 20 or 30 foot signpost. From the sign, there was no indication of what type of establishment this was, but anyone who has ever read a men's magazine was well aware of what went on inside. I quickly parked the car just inside the main gate. There seemed to be about two or three hundred other cars in the lot. "A busy place", I thought to myself. I opened the front door and Paul and I entered. Inside there was a small lobby with a ticket window. Inside the ticket window was a rather plain looking women in her forties. Paul whispered to me, "I hope they all aren't like her." Standing in a darkened corner of the small lobby was a rather large man. He was probably six foot five and two hundred and fifty pounds of mostly muscle. "I guess he's the bouncer", I said to Paul. The women in the booth asked us for identification to make sure that we were over twenty one. She then asked us how much time we would like to spend in the Pleasure Palace. Paul and I decided to buy a two day ticket which allowed us entrance for all of tonight and all of tomorrow. "That will be five hundred dollars for the two of you", the woman said. We had called ahead so we were well aware of what this little excursion would cost. We quickly put our cash on the counter and received our entrance tickets. Paul turned to me and said, "Are you ready?" I answered, "May all of your dreams come true."

He opened the door in the small lobby which led into a much larger room. We were greeted by four incredibly beautiful women. They were all wearing little white outfits much like a playboy bunny. "Good evening and welcome to the Pleasure Palace" said one of them. Another asked if she could get us a drink. We both ordered a beer. The third woman asked us to be seated for just a moment while she described all of the attractions, different rooms, and the way things worked in the Pleasure Palace. She started in with, "My name is Jennifer and I'll be your hostess for the evening. Your pleasure is our utmost concern here, however you must be aware of how everything works. Down hallway 'A', you'll find several different large rooms. Each room has a strip show going on inside of it. About every five to ten minutes the girls on stage switch. This is one of the best ways to see what kind of girls we have to offer. About every twenty to thirty minutes, all of the girls currently assigned to the room form a lineup in which you can pick which girl or girls you would like to get to know better if you know what I mean. There are usually more than enough girls to go around and if you don't see one you like, just wait for the next lineup or go to another room. Once you make a selection from a lineup the girl will lead you to her private quarters. You may stay in her quarters as long as you'd like provided you still have time on your entrance ticket." By the time Jennifer had finished explaining what we would find down hallway 'A' our beers had arrived. Paul and I looked at each other with excitement and couldn't wait to get going. Then she said, "Wait! There is more, a lot more for me to explain." She continued, "Down hallway 'B', there are live sex shows going on. Depending on your fantasies or sexual orientation, you'll want to follow the arrows along the ceiling and the floor to make sure you get into the show that interests you most. Just to give you an idea, the shows categories include, one man and one girl, girl on girl, group sex with either many men and one girl or many girls and one man and if you prefer we also have homosexual shows as well. Under these show categories, there are many variations as well. For example, perhaps you'd like to see a one on one show with a man and a woman. You can see this where both of them are naked, wearing Lyra, or wearing latex outfits. You could choose the same variation for girl on girl shows or group sex shows. Just make sure that you follow the arrows to the appropriate show. The rules for these shows are that you cannot join in, you can only watch. If you are interested in a particular girl, you must wait until the girl is available in the Stripper room or has been designated as available. The big screen behind you shows all of the locations and current availability status of all girls and men that are working tonight. There are screens just like this one located throughout the palace. If you are interested in a particular girl or girls, just press their name on the screen, then return here to the main lobby to meet them. They will then take you to their private quarters." At this point the bulge in my pants was becoming quite noticeable to Jennifer and the other three women standing before Paul and I. Jennifer continued, "Before you go on your way, let me tell you about the third and final hallway. Down hallway 'C' you will find most of the robotic women that we have. Actually the robotic women are scattered throughout the different hallways, but hallway 'C' has only robotic women. If you'll look at the big screen behind you next to some on the names you see a small "R". That indicates that the man or woman is robotic. You will not be able to tell the difference between a real man or woman and a robotic one. The only time that you will be able to tell the difference is if one of the robotic women or men is in the "off" position. When they are in the 'off' position, they are frozen in place much like a mannequin. When you start down hallway 'C', the first room on the right contains all of our robotic women that have an available status and that are in the 'off' position. You can walk around, look at them, even touch them. If you find one that you'd like to take back to their quarters, just notify the attendant in the room to activate them. Also in hallway 'C' you'll find many booths where robotic women and men are engaged in different sexual activities. Just like hallway 'B', these might be girl on girl shows or group sex shows or any of the other categories that we talked about, but all of the participants are robotic. In about half of the shows, the participants have been switched 'off'. Our guests that prefer the robotic women have indicated that it is just as arousing to see a scene while they are all switched 'off' as it is to see a scene where they are in full motion. Before you make your decisions as to where you would like to go, let me give you one of our electronic beepers. These are two way beepers so you can reach me if you need me or we can locate you are in case your entrance ticket time runs out. The buttons on the top are pretty self explanatory. We find that using beepers are more effective that calling names over a loud speaker, especially in setting like the Pleasure Palace." "Do you have any questions before you go on your way?", asked Jennifer. I have one question, "Why would someone want choose a robotic woman when there seem to be plenty of attractive real women here?" Jennifer answered, "Some people find the robotic women particularly arousing. Also they do exactly what you instruct them to do and they don't get tired." "Can you tell the difference?", I asked. "No" said Jennifer. "In fact, I'll bet that you didn't know that I am a robotic woman". "You are not!", I said. Paul interrupted with, "Prove it to us." "OK, I'll prove it to you" returned Jennifer. "Mandy, could you switch me 'off' for about thirty seconds." Mandy was one of the other three girls that were greeting us with Jennifer. Mandy went over to a nearby counter, grabbed what looked like a television remote control, pressed a few numbers and buttons and instantly Jennifer froze. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I got closer to Jennifer to examine her body. She didn't have pulse, she didn't even have a heartbeat. Mandy told me that it was OK to touch her. I didn't waste an opportunity to grab her breasts, I even touched her sex through the white silk G-String that she was wearing. Everything looked and felt normal, but she was not moving. Her eyes were open, but they did not blink. She was stiff as a board. I could have picked her up and nothing would have moved. I asked Mandy what Jennifer is feeling right now. Mandy said, "When a robotic woman is put in the 'off' position, her body immediately immobilizes itself, but the mind is still aware of its surroundings. Jennifer can see and hear us, but she cannot speak or move right now. In fact she doesn't really care what we are doing because her body feels as if it is going through intense orgasm after orgasm right now. Most of our robotic women don't mind being assigned to scenes where they are in the 'off' position because they enjoy them even more that the real thing." Mandy pressed a few more numbers and buttons on the remote control and Jennifer suddenly was re-activated. "Well how was that demonstration", she said. "Do you now believe that I am a robotic woman and that you can't tell the difference between real and robotic?" "I believe you now", Paul said. "I have one more question", I said. "How does it feel when you are switched 'off'?". "Didn't Mandy explain that to you", she asked? "Yes, but I'd like to hear it from you", I said. "Well, it feels quite incredible. I can still see and hear you, but I can't move at all. After a few seconds, my body feels intense pleasure. The pleasure then subsides, I become aware of my surroundings again and then the pleasure comes back. Its kind of an endless cycle." "How were you created?", I asked. "Well, I used to be a real woman." "You're kidding!", I shouted. "No I'm not", she said, "I got a job here several years ago. I performed in many of the strip shows and sex shows. I enjoyed my work very much, but I found it tiring sometimes and I wasn't always in the mood. I had to exercise to maintain my figure and it is very expensive to live around here. One day I was voicing my concerns to my supervisor. My supervisor asked if I had ever considered getting robotics installed. I had no idea what she was talking about. She said there are different levels of robotics that you can have installed into your body to help you perform better on the job. The Pleasure Palace doesn't require people to have them installed, but it helps. The first level of robotics allows them to control your sexual desires. It is simply a computer chip installed into you brain which increases or decreases your sexual interest. Basically it controls how horny you feel. So on those days when you just aren't in the mood, they can make you feel like you're in the mood. The second level of robotics involves sexual attraction. I was never attracted to women when I first came to work here. That kind of limited my job duties, I could only perform in heterosexual sex shows and I could not be selected by other women in the strip shows. This level of robotics installs another computer chip into your brain and it makes you feel attracted to members of the same sex or anyone who you were not previously interested in. The third and final level of robotics is to make someone completely robotic. This is the level that I selected. In this level, they make a copy of your actual brain and transfer the copy onto a computer chip. They then remove most of your human organs and parts and replace them with electronic parts and circuitry. Your skin is reformulated with a slight amount of latex to prevent aging and damage. The skin is then reshaped to remove any blemishes you might have had and to increase and decrease particular areas such as the stomach, breasts, butt, and legs. You can become an exact replica of who you used to be or you can choose a completely different look for yourself. I selected the full robotics option because I enjoyed my job so much and I wanted to become as attractive as I possibly could. The only drawback to choosing the full robotics option is that you must live here at the Pleasure Palace. They don't want to take a chance on you breaking down somewhere outside or having your battery run out. It would be kind of difficult to explain to people. We do get to go outside and we even travel occasionally, but usually not without a technician, just in case. I have been fully robotic for over four years now and its great. I don't feel any different than I did when I was a real woman other that I don't get hungry, I don't use the bathroom, I don't get tired, and I desire sex much more often than when I was a real woman." "Is this a permanent change?" I asked. "Yes it is permanent, but I can't image having things any other way." Jennifer responded. "Well enough about me." She said. "Let's fulfill your fantasies." "You might have just done that", I said. "What do you mean?", she asked. I explained that I wanted to talk to her some more about this robotics process after I'd seen some shows. Paul couldn't believe his ears. "What the hell do you want to talk to her about robotics for?", he shouted. Obviously Paul didn't understand my secret desires. Jennifer whispered in my ear, "I'm no more than a beeper away."

Part II - The Decision

Jennifer and the other three girls left the lobby area and headed down hallway 'C'. Paul turned to me and said, "What do you think?" I told him that I thought we should start out with hallway 'A' to see some of the strip shows. He agreed. As we headed down the hallway, Paul suggested a room that currently had three different strip shows going on inside. "Does this look OK?", he said. "Why not", I answered. We entered the room around 7:30 pm and had a seat along one of the sides of the stage. Paul seemed to be very interested in the woman on stage and was beginning to make facial expression at her. As for me, I started to think more and more about Jennifer and the other robotic women. "I have to see her again", I thought to myself. About twenty minutes into the show, the MC announced that it was time for the lineup. Most of the other men in the room were anxious to pick out women that they had been looking at for some time. Paul had also made a selection. About twenty five women paraded from a curtain behind the stage to form the line up. When we originally entered the room, we were given a number, the MC draws numbers to see who picks first from the lineup. Paul had number 19 and I had number 20. When Paul's turn rolled around, he selected an extremely beautiful blond girl. She had long legs, was very skinny, and had a very nice chest. She was wearing a very tight white body suite made from spandex or Lyra. When my number was called, I declined to pick as many other men also did. I told Paul that I was going to hold out for the next line up. He responded back, "Suit yourself." Before Paul headed off to the girl's private quarters, we agreed that this would be a good time to split up for awhile and meet back at the lobby at 1am.

Paul wasn't out of the room for two minutes before I had decided to go to hallway 'C' to look at some of the robotic women and to find out more about them. I started to recall that Jennifer said the first room on the right down hallway 'C' contained robotic women who had an available status, but were switched 'off'. As I entered the room a beautiful Asian American woman greeted me. "Good evening. Welcome to the robotic room.", she said. "Can I help you find something?", she asked. "I'd like to look around for a few minutes if you don't mind.", I responded. As I gazed around the room I noticed about four or five other men and two women looking closely at some of the robotic women. "This room is amazing", I thought to myself. There were probably forty or fifty women standing perfectly still, that matched every description possible. Some were white, some were black, some were Asian, some were Hispanic. Some of the women were naked, some were clothed in evening gowns, but most were dressed in rather skimpy outfits using all kinds of material from cotton bikinis to leather and latex to Lyra. I walked up to one that I found particularly attractive. She was tall, dark hair, and had a moderate sized chest. She was perfect in all aspects. She was wearing long latex stockings, with 3 inch high heels, and a black latex thong teddy. She also had on latex gloves that went up almost to her shoulders. I visually inspected every inch of her body. It was perfect. The Asian American woman in the corner shouted to me, "Go ahead and touch her. Its OK." I didn't waste any time. I grasped the girls buttocks and her breasts. She felt incredible. I even put my hand near her sex which was currently covered by the latex teddy. She was warm and slightly damp. I looked into her eyes. She had a very seductive look about her and she looked very satisfied. I called to the Asian woman in the corner. "Could you activate this one?" "Just a moment", she said. She took a quick look a piece of paper and then picked up her remote control looking device and aimed it at the girl. A moment later the girl was looking right at me and said, "Well hello there. How are you this evening?" "Very attracted to you", I responded. "Perhaps we should go to my private quarters and discuss this further?", she said. I simply nodded. I could not speak. I was so overwhelmed by this seductive, incredibly beautiful woman that was now taking my hand. "My name is Christine", she said. "What's your name?" "My name if Jeff", I answered. "Have you ever been to the Pleasure Palace before Jeff?", she asked. "No", I responded. "Have you ever had sex with a robotic woman before, Jeff?" she asked. "No", I responded. "You are in for a treat.", she said. As we walked to her private quarters, both sides of the rather narrow hallway were line with windows looking into to rooms with people having sex. Some of the rooms contained people having sex, but no one was moving. She told me that all of the people in all of the different windows were robotic. Some people in some of the scenes have been switched 'off' simply for effect. I asked her if she enjoyed being switched 'off' and she responded that she loved it. "It is a period of pure ecstasy", she said. 'Time has no meaning. Sometimes I'll be switched off for three or four days in a row and I don't even realize it." I then asked her if she too had once been a real woman? "Oh yes, everyone here, I mean all of the robotic people here were once real men and real women. They can of course create a mechanical body, but it is the human mind that makes the robotic people what they are." "But I thought your mind was a computer chip?" I asked. "Well, technically it is, but it contains all of my memories, thoughts, and feelings from my whole life. No machine can replicate that experience." she said. We finally reached her quarters. It was a small room off of hallway 'C'. The sign on the door simply read, '114'. I asked her what that meant and she said it was just a room number. The robotic women don't actually have private quarters, this is just a room that we use. When we walked inside, she asked what I would like her to do? "This is going to sound weird, but could you switch yourself 'off' for about five minutes?" "No", she said, "But you can switch me 'off'". She walked over to a small night stand near the bed. She opened the top draw and pulled out another one of those remote controls. She told me to press the numbers '6591' and then press the deactivate button. "What does that mean?" I asked. She said it was her unit number '6591' and then the command that she should follow, 'deactivate'. "Are you planning on re-activating me anytime soon?" she asked. "Yes, but I just want to observe you one more time.", I answered. "One more time before what?", she asked. "One more time before I make my decision.", I answered. "What de-", her speech stopped in mid sentence after I pressed '6591' and then pressed the 'deactivate' button. She was once again frozen stiff. Just like the first time I had seen her. This time however she wasn't as seductively posed like before. I observed her body, her beauty, how the latex hugged every curve of her body. My decision was final.

Part III - The Transformation

I reached for the beeper which Jennifer had given me and I pressed the 'call' button. Within a few minutes there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and Jennifer was standing there. "Yes sir, can I help you?", she said. "Please come in and sit down." I said. Jennifer noticed Christine standing near the bed and that she had been switched 'off'. "Is there a problem with Christine?", she asked. "No, there is no problem. Jennifer, I have decided that I would like to work here at the Pleasure Palace.", I said. "That was a quick decision.", she answered back. "Its not a quick decision. I've known about what you do here for years and I've thought about it many times." She told me that perhaps we should go to her office before talking about this anymore. "Would you like Christine to come?", she asked. "Sure, why not" I said. Jennifer picked up the remote control and pressed '6591' and then pressed the 'activate' button. Moments later Christine was moving again. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked. I told her that I would explain it to her later and I hopped she wasn't mad at me for switching her 'off' in mid-sentence. She wasn't mad, she told me that she was programmed not to get mad at anyone, especially customers. The three of us walked to Jennifer's office. When we arrived Jennifer asked exactly what I meant by wanting to work there. I told her that my fantasy was to dedicated my life to the pursuit of endless pleasure and that I was fascinated by the robotic women. She asked me about friends, relatives, and my job. I told her that I didn't really have any relatives or friends other than Paul and that my job wasn't that great either. "Do you want to become fully robotic?", Jennifer asked. "Yes", I answered. "If that is your desire, then so it shall be", Jennifer said. She took out some papers from her desk. "You'll have to fill out some employment papers as well as a release form before we can begin. By the way, what about your friend?", she asked. I asked Jennifer to please beep him and tell him that I was fulfilling my fantasy and that I would meet him tomorrow. "Is this what you meant earlier when you said I was already fulfilling your fantasy?" , Jennifer asked. "Yes", I responded. "I didn't realize that you transformed real people into robotic people. I thought that all of you were created in some lab. "Not quite", she responded. "Before we begin, I'll need to ask you some questions and tell you a few things.", she said. "First, this process is irreversible. Once you become robotic, there is no going back. Second, we will have to program a few things into your mind. You won't get angry with customers or fellow employees, you won't share any of our secrets with people outside of the Pleasure Palace, and you won't have a desire to leave. Also, once you have been roboticized, you will be programmed to please people sexually in every way. If you thought you were a good lover before, just wait until we install your program. All of your thoughts, memories, and feelings will be intact. Do you have any questions? Are you sure you want to do this?" "The sooner the better", I told her. "Now, do you wish to look the same as you do now or would you like to choose a new look for yourself?", she asked. "I would actually like to choose a new look. I would like to become a robotic woman.", I told her. "Interesting choice.", she said. "We do occasionally switch people's races and genders. It can easily be done. What characteristics would you like for yourself?" "I would like to have blond medium length hair with mid size to large breasts, a nice firm butt, and long legs.", I told her. "Excellent choice. We can never have too many blondes in the Pleasure Palace." she said. "Would you like a dark complexion or a light one?" "I would like to be tan, but not too dark", I told her. "OK, that seems to be everything. Shall we begin?", she asked. "Please follow me into the 'changing room' as we like to call it." she said. "The process will take about seven hours to complete." I followed her into the 'changing room' which was on the other side of the building. Christine followed us. When we entered the room, I saw what looked like operating tables, many computers, and several long metal tubes. There were three other robotic women in the room. They appeared to be switched 'off' Jennifer told me that these women were just created and their skin was drying. All of them are former employees who needed a little lift in doing their job. "Now that you are going to become one of us," she explained, "I can tell you that most people that come to work here, sooner or later end up being roboticized. Most of the time it is by choice, but occasionally it results from someone having a bad attitude. We can correct their bad attitude in their new computer program. Jennifer introduced me to Tim. Tim is the technician who transforms all of our robotic women and men she told me. Tim asked me to remove all of my clothes and showed me a syringe loaded with some type of serum. "This serum is devised to loosen your skin a little and to prepare your organs for transplant. Once the injection has been made, you must follow through with the entire process or you'll die. Are you sure you want to do this?", he asked. "Please do it before I change my mind", I told him. He then injected me with the serum. I told him that I felt nothing, but perhaps I spoke too soon. Seconds after the injection, the bulge in my pants became bigger than it has ever been. "We have discovered one side effect for men with this serum.", Tim explained. "It produces an extraordinary amount of sperm in the male body. The serum should take about five hours to complete its mission. While we wait for the serum to take full effect, I'd like Christine to help you get some of that sperm out of your system." I looked at Christine and she once again displayed the incredibly seductive look about her. Jennifer said, "My three hours are almost up, do you mind if I join in?" "What three hours?", I asked. Jennifer told me that all robotic women and men must have an orgasm every three hours or they will automatically be switched 'off'. "A nice perk to the job", I interjected. "You'll know soon enough", she responded. Just then I felt an incredible need for an orgasm myself. The sperm inside me was almost becoming painful. Tim told Jennifer and Christine to take me to their quarters for the next few hours to help get rid of the excess sperm.

We headed quickly to their quarters. My mind was completely enthralled with what awaits me behind their white satin and latex thongs. The next four and one half hours were completely draining. The serum made me feel insatiable. Usually I would feel tired and need rest between orgasms, but this serum made it possible for me to do it over and over again with no rest. The girls needed no rest either. They were masterful in what they did. They worked together on me like they'd been doing it for years. They kept telling me that I would understand soon.

Eventually I became weak, and couldn't take anymore. They told me that the serum was probably almost finished going through my system. They decided that it was time to head back to the 'changing room'. When we got there, Jennifer and Christine both wished me good luck and said they would see me soon. I wondered where they were going. They both walked to the other side of the room and stepped into a little foot machine on the floor which clicked along their ankles. Tim flicked a switch and they both immediately switched 'off'. He said that they were simply recharging. Human men don't tend to wear them out the way robotic men or someone taking the serum wears them out. The machine that they are hooked up charges their battery. Their ankles serve as the charging point because it is an area that protrudes from the body, but wouldn't be noticed as much. He then asked me how I was feeling and if I was ready to proceed. "I feel a little weak and shaky right now." I told him. "That's perfectly normal. Its just the serum. Please put this on.", he said. He handed me what looked like a bathing cap made out of silver stretchy material. The bathing cap also had a plug right at the top that he hooked a wire into. He asked me to lay down on this table that had a recessed area almost made to fit the human body. He then placed me into a shinny bag like thing, like a big potato sack, that covered my entire body except for my head. "When I switch the machine on, you will see a laser light. It won't hurt you, please ignore it and try to sleep.", Tim told me. The laser light extended itself from another machine mounted on the ceiling. The light felt a little funny, but it didn't hurt. After a few minutes I did drift off to sleep. The next thing I remember is hearing Tim's voice, "Jeff, Jeff, wake up!" I couldn't see anything, I couldn't feel anything, I couldn't move anything, but I heard Tim. "Yes Tim, I'm awake.", I said. "How do you feel", he said. "I don't feel anything. I can't even see you. Where am I?" I wondered. Tim said, "I have disconnected your brain from your old body." "OK, but where am I?", I asked again. "You are inside my computer.", he answered. "Inside, your computer?" I shouted. "I have copied your brain onto my hard drive and right now all that exists of you is your brain. Your body is almost finished. I'll let you know when I'm ready to proceed.", he explained. "Go back to sleep for now.", he told me. I drifted off again and tried to think about what I would look like once the process was finished. A little while later I felt a wave of pleasure come over me. I wondered if I was still dreaming, but the pleasure was too incredible and felt too real to be a dream. It took control of my thoughts, this was the most unbelievable orgasm that I had ever had. The pleasure subsided for a little while and then returned. It was even stronger this time. I began thinking about what Mandy said about robotic women who have been switched 'off'. I got even more excited thinking about that perhaps I am now a robotic woman. Suddenly the pleasure went away and I could see now. Tim was standing in front of me. "Jeff, I have temporarily interrupted your pleasure program to tell you a few things. First, you are now complete. I know you can't move or speak and you're probably anxious to see yourself. You are a robotic woman and I have fully charged your battery. A battery charge usually lasts about two days. When I activate you, please try to remain calm. You'll have a chance to try out your new parts in a little while. Your unit number is '7368' and since Jeff isn't a very sexy name for a female, your new name is Julie. I have completed your first and second level robotic programs so you will immediately now be attracted to men and women with the same desire as you used to have only for women. You also have been programmed to be a pleasure servant following the rules as set by the Pleasure Palace. You have all the knowledge you need to pleasure people in the most incredible ways possible. You program requires that you have an orgasm every three hours or less. If you don't follow the program, you will automatically switch to the 'off' position for an immediate orgasm to occur. When I analyzed your brain, I found that you have an extreme fetish for latex, rubber, and Lyra. Right now you are dressed similar to the way Christine was dressed in a latex outfit. Are you ready to begin your new career?" "Yes, Yes", I thought to myself. "Activate me, please!" Tim took out one of those now familiar remote controls and punched in '7368' and then pressed 'activate'. Seconds later I was free to move. "How do you feel", he asked. "I feel incredible!", I shouted. I looked down at myself and noticed my high heels and latex stockings. I was also wearing a black latex g-string with a zipper up the front. I put my hand down near my sex to feel how smooth it was. An instant wave of pleasure. I then noticed my enormous breasts being restricted by a tight latex brazier. I felt my breasts and another wave of pleasure came over me. I began to walk around a little. Every step that I took felt pleasurable like something was rubbing me just the right way every time I moved. Tim said, "I need to test your 'off' switch." Before I could say OK, my body froze. I became stiff as a board. I was aware of everything around me, but couldn't speak or move in any way. It was quite an erotic feeling, but nothing compared to the orgasm that hit me seconds later. I started to fade, I didn't care what Tim was testing. I was in my own little pleasure world. A moment later, Tim re-activated me. "My god, do you have any idea what that feels like?", I asked him. "Only what the other robotic women tell me.", he responded. Tim asked me to walk to the other side of the room where he had a little chair looking device. He told me there were a couple more items to take care of before I could go into service. He asked me to sit down. The seat of the chair fit my ass almost perfectly. Suddenly a cover came out of nowhere and hooked to the front of the chair. The cover almost look like a steel pair of panties. My legs were still exposed, but my butt and my sex were encased in steel. He then attached a similar steel device to my top half. It looked as if I were wearing a steel bra. He told me that this device was used to clean the women once they've been with someone, but I should be cleaned anyway. Seconds later he pushed a button on the control panel. Two warm, wet rods extended from the chair. One entered my sex, the other entered my butt. To this point in my life, I had done all the entering, now I was being entered. It was incredibly pleasurable. I started to fade out again with intense orgasm, but as abruptly as it started, the machine stopped. "All done", Tim exclaimed. "You are now ready", he said. "There aren't any company meetings or memos or schedules. Whenever we want you to know something, or be some where, we will simply enter the information into the server and you will instantly have the knowledge. Where do you think you are supposed to go now?", he asked. "I feel as if I'm supposed to report to room '114'", I responded. "That's right", Tim said. "I programmed you to go to room '114'." "So I guess I'll see you later, Julie.", Tim said. "Thank you very much", I replied, "You have made my fantasies come true."

As I headed to room '114', I could swear that I saw Paul out of the corner of my eye. "How am I going to tell him what I've done?", I thought to myself. "I'll deal with that later. He won't be looking for me until tomorrow anyway." I knocked on the door to room '114'. "Come in" some voices shouted. It was Jennifer and Christine. They were already engaged into each other, but were just killing time while they waited for me. "We want to thank-you for joining us and welcome you to the family", Jennifer said. "How about a three way before you go on your first assignment?" "I can't think of anything better to do!", I shouted. For the next two hours Jennifer and Christine showed me what being a robotic woman was all about. They didn't need to show me because I was already programmed to know what to do, but they said a stupid computer program is no match for experience. They had toys , boy did they have toys. After awhile I suddenly felt compelled to go to room '413'. I thanked them for everything and told them that I would see them later. Jennifer was also to go to room '413' with me. When we arrived, there were two robotic men already in the room. I noticed that one wall was all glass and that you could see right into the hallway. Somehow I knew that we were about to engage in a sex scene for all to see and that momentarily we would all be switched 'off'. Phil, the designer of sex scenes entered the room and explained what positions he wanted all of us to assume. After a few introductions, we all moved into position. Jennifer removed all of her clothes and laid down on the couch. Phil asked one of the men to begin having sex with her and he wanted her to kiss me while she was having sex. Phil asked me to get down on all fours next to the couch facing Jennifer. The other man pulled my latex g-string to one side and began to enter me from the rear. This was the first time that I had ever been entered in my new sex and I can't imagine anything feeling better. As soon as all four of us started to moan a little, Phil took out his remote control and froze the first man having sex with Jennifer. Jennifer knew her turn was next and gave me a quick smile and a lustful look just before she froze. The man behind must have been frozen next because I no longer felt him pumping. Phil looked at me and said, "Good luck on your first assignment Julie, see you in a couple days." Seconds later, I froze. I was still aware of everything and everyone, but I couldn't move or speak. "Is this really the life I chose?", I thought to myself. Then the first wave of pleasure hit. "Yes, this is the life I have chosen at the Pleasure Palace."

-End of First Chapter-


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