Don't Get Stiffed by Your Roommate

by Nicki

I grew up in a small town in Kansas, but always had big dreams of moving to New York and becoming a famous model or actress. One day while working at the diner, a man started yelling at me for spilling coffee on him. I think I was probably day dreaming of bigger and better things at the time, but the whole experience made me realize how badly I needed to get out here and do something with my life. When I got home that evening I decided that my time had come. During the next two days, I managed to sell my car and pack up a few valuables before my big move. I made a few calls to friends and my boss and told them that I was leaving Kansas and heading to New York. The next time they see me, I thought to myself, I'll be famous in one way or another.

When Friday finally came, I picked up my last paycheck at the diner, closed my bank account and headed for the greyhound station to catch a bus to New York. The bus ride was long and hard, but it gave me time to think about what I'd like to do with myself. I was very attractive and had an almost flawless body. My good looks will either land me a job or land me in trouble. "I've got to be smart", I thought to myself. While reading the New York Times on the bus, I found a classified ad for an apartment in Manhattan. "Single female wanted to share apartment", the ad read. When the bus finally arrived, I took a cab to the address and hoped for the best. I climbed the stairs to the third floor apartment and knocked on the door. Inside I could hear two women talking and laughing. Finally the door opened and I was greeted by a gorgeous woman, probably in her late twenties or early thirties. "Can I help you?", She said. I'm here about the roommate ad. "Oh, I'm sorry, I've just found a new roommate." I could see another woman standing in the background. She too was slender and had gorgeous looks. "I do seem to go through roommates quite quickly though", she said softly, " they either get tired of me or they get a great job and decide to move up town. Is there some number where I can reach you just in case things don't work out here?", she asked. I guess so, I said and handed her my pager number.

I walked away disappointed. The apartment looked great and the woman seemed so nice. "If had just flown to New York instead of taking the bus, I would have been here two days earlier and maybe I would have gotten that apartment" I thought to myself.

I finally did find an apartment. I was a studio apartment in Queens, but the neighborhood wasn't all that terrific and I still hadn't found a job. About three and half weeks later, my pager went off with a seemingly strange phone number on it. It was the woman at the first apartment I had looked at. At first I had no idea who she was, but then recalled that she said her name was Kelly and she had placed the roommate ad. Kelly told me that the other girl just didn't have enough money to live in Manhattan and decided to move out. She offered me the apartment if I wanted it. "Want it? Of course I want it!", I told her. The place I was staying in now was a real dive and I'd do almost anything to get out. Let me gather my things and notify the landlord and I'll be over tomorrow night. "No problem!", Kelly said.

The next day, I arrived at Kelly's just like I said I would. She was very glad to see me and showed me to my room. "I usually work odd hours", Kelly said. I start about 5pm and come home whenever the customers leave, that's usually around midnight. "Where do work?", I asked. "In a little boutique on the west side of town. Its called "Naughty or Nice". We have a fantastic collection of different items. You should really stop by some time. You'd look great in some of our 'naughty' wear. This was the first time another woman told me that I would look great in anything before, but I just let the comment slide.

A couple of days had passed when I started to notice that Kelly wore many flimsy little outfits around the house. Sometimes I would even catch her naked. I began to think that maybe she was doing this on purpose to somehow provoke me. I finally got up the nerve to just outright ask her if she was doing it on purpose. "Well Ok, you caught me.", she said. "Working in a boutique has really ruined my flavor for men. They just don't understand how a woman works and they certainly don't look as good in leather or latex lingerie. She walked up closer to me and asked,"Have you ever thought about being with another woman?" As she asked me the question, she gently rubbed my arm. "No, not really, but I guess I'll try anything once", I said. Kelly's face lit up with a big smile. Give me five minutes and then come into my room. I had no idea what she was up to, but I was pretty sure she wasn't going to show me her Barbie doll collection. After careful thought, I decided to take Kelly up on her offer. I knocked on the door and entered. Kelly was sitting on the bed, wearing a beautiful black latex teddy. She also wore latex stockings and had gloves that almost went up to her shoulders. I began to shake with nervousness as I entered the room, but I was also somewhat excited as my dampened pussy was beginning to tell me. She didn't say a word, but managed to touch me in all the right places. Eventually she kissed me . It felt wonderful. Very different from a man's kiss. I liked the woman's kiss better I decided. Hours passed as Kelly and I performed every sexual act that we could think of on each other. I couldn't believe how wonderful everything felt and how at ease I became being with another woman.

I couple of more weeks passed and our sexual relationship became very intense. I would search for a job during the day and Kelly would go to her job at night, but at the stroke of midnight, she would usually come through the door with new and exciting outfits for each of us to wear that night. I had always been a levi's and cotton underwear kind of girl, but Kelly was changing me. She introduced me to latex, leather, different kinds of panties, bras, corsets, and so on. During one of our sexual encounters, Kelly asked me if I had ever considered shaving the hair from around my sex. "No, I never really thought about it before", I told her. "Would you like to try it?", she asked. "You mean now?", I responded. "Sure, why not." Kelly took me by the hand and lead me into the bathroom. She sat me down on the edge of the tub, spread my legs and began to lather my sex with some shaving cream. Her gentle touch and the warmth of the shaving cream felt great. She proceeded to take out a razor and shave my sex completely bare. When she was finished, she told me that I would have to shave myself every two or three days if I didn't want any stubble to start appearing. I couldn't believe how smooth my skin felt. This was a totally new experience for me. "I think I like this" I told Kelly.

One night, Kelly asked me if I had found a job yet. "No" I responded. I think I'm close on a couple things, but no firm offers yet. "Why don't you come work for me", she said. You'd be great at selling or even modeling our outfits. I know you'd enjoy the 'naughty' room. I gave the idea some thought. I guess I could look for a job during the day and then come to work for you at night. Ok, I'll do it.

The next night I reported to the boutique at about 7pm, just like Kelly had asked me to. After a short cab ride to the shop, I finally entered. The initial foyer area must have been the 'nice' part of "Naughty or Nice Boutique". Mostly cotton and silk lingerie and night gowns. Things that old married women would probably wear. Kelly finally spied me from across the room. "Hey, I'm so glad you made it!", she shouted. Kelly walked briskly over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. "Here's to the start of a great career here at the 'Naughty or Nice Boutique", she said. I started to blush. Its just a temporary job I told her. Just until I can find something during the day. "Actually, once you've been here for a little while, I think you'll find it hard to leave.", Kelly said. Let's go into the back room and I'll show you the 'Naughty' section she said. I looked around the store and noticed that there weren't any other customers. Kelly held the curtain for me as we entered the back half of the store.

Immediately upon entering I noticed several mannequins posing in different seductive positions while modeling the 'naughty' clothing. "Now I see where you get your sexual energy", I said to her. I think this would drive me nuts all day too looking at these women. I mean, I know they're not real, but they do look sexy. "There are real enough!" Kelly said. She pointed out two mannequins along one wall. They were sort of kneeling on a couch. One mannequin was wearing white silk stockings with a matching bra and a g-string. The other was actually wearing black latex stockings and had a huge strap on dildo attached to her g-string. They were positioned so it looked like the one woman was about to push her artificial friend into the other woman. "But wait!",Kelly exclaimed. "Wait until you see this!" She picked up a little remote control on a nearby table and pointed it at the woman with the dildo. She pressed a couple of buttons and the woman started to move. She grabbed her own breasts and massaged them for a few moments. Then she began to grab the hips of her would be partner right in front of her as if she was pulling her closer. Kelly pointed the remote at the other woman who was bending over slightly and activated her. She immediately let out an electronic sounding scream of pleasure and began back up against the dildo. "She can't actually enter her because they are both sexless", Kelly explained. "But they do rub each other and kiss each other." "How is this possible?", I asked. "Well, they have little motors implanted at the appropriate joints in their plastic bodies. They also have a small speaker that allows for an electronic voice. A computer chip implanted in the back of their heads sends signals to the motors to go through endless patterns of erotic movements. I can override the program that causes the erotic movement and have them do simple things like walk in a straight line or change their poses too." Kelly then turned to another mannequin on the other wall and activated her. The mannequin looked at Kelly and said "Hello mistress, how may I pleasure you?" "You've got to be kidding me!", I shouted. "They can pleasure humans too?", I asked. "Well that wasn't the original intention. When I created them, I thought they would make good runway models for fashion shows, simply walking back and forth in front of the crowd, but the idea didn't go over very well with the fashion community. So I thought to myself, what am I going to do with mannequins that can actually move and speak? The answer came to me as I was masturbating one day. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time so I decided to see if I could make one of the mannequins perform sexual acts on me. Wouldn't you know it, they could. It took a little extra programming, by the other shop owner, but now I have interactive mannequins that can actually pleasure people." Kelly pointed her remote control at the two mannequins on the couch and pressed a button. They were now frozen again and no longer moving. She then looked at the mannequin that spoke to her and said, "No pleasure now thank you, but please change your pose." The mannequin did as instructed and then became motionless once again.

"Wow!", I exclaimed. "That gets me hot just thinking about it." I told Kelly. "Good", she said. I have a little warm up exercise for us before you start your real job. Kelly asked me to get undressed. "What if a customer comes in?", I asked. Don't worry about it. Theres a bell that sounds back here if anyone should come in. I quickly stripped off my panties and my bra and stood naked before my new female lover. "Ok, I'm going to strap you down to that table right there." Now things started to sound a little kinky, but I guess I've known Kelly long enough that she wouldn't do anything bad to me. As she fastened the straps around my arms and legs, my nipples started to become hard and my pussy aiked for attention. "I'll be right back", Kelly said. While I was waiting in sexual anticipation, I started to look at some of the mannequin women. They were all beautiful and looked happy. They seemed so real. Just then I spied a mannequin in the corner wearing a latex looking bikini with a g-string and stockings. The mannequin looked a lot like the other woman at the apartment when I first arrived in New York. She was looking down at the floor, but had one hand running through her long blond hair and the other hand on her thigh. Then I thought, that's silly, how could that possibly be her. Theres no way someone can be human one day and then become a rubberish plastic mannequin the next day. My thoughts went away and I again began to anticipate my lover's return.

Finally Kelly emerged from the other side of the curtain. She approached me and had a big lustful smile on her face. She stood about five feet from the table that I was strapped to and began to undress herself. I was now more excited than ever before, but couldn't touch my lover because I was strapped down.. As Kelly pulled off her panties, I noticed that she was sexless. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Kelly, what happened to your....", I shouted! She smiled and giggled for a moment. "Oh, I forgot" she said. At that moment she sat on a small chair, squeezed her thighs together and I heard a pop sound. Instantly she removed a very large, odd shaped dildo from her sex. "This is a little something I wear when I'm at work.", she said. "I'm such a horny person, I just have to have a little something to keep me going. No one even knows that I'm pleasuring myself while doing silly things like dressing a mannequin or counting money. Would you like to try one?" she asked.

All I could do was nod my head yes. Kelly slipped her dildo back into her sex. With another pop sound, she was again sexless and feeling great. She reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out another one of these dildos. This one was for me. The dildo looked like a typical dildo on one end and the other end was v-shaped and made of hard rubber. Kelly approached me with a very lustful look in her eye. She took my dildo and placed it in her mouth, lubricating every inch of it with her saliva. She then used one hand to open my lips and used the other hand to slide the dildo into me. As it slid in, my body rocked with pleasure. The feeling was intense. I then heard another pop. "You're in", Kelly said. She then climbed on top of me and began to rub her sexless area against mine. The dildos in each of us rubbed harder and dove deeper into us. The pleasure again was intense as we both screamed with orgasm. I started to become a little frustrated because I was still strapped down. I could not touch my lover like I wanted to, but I guess this was just another of her games. When things settled a bit, she lay beside my body and gently rubbed my sexless area. "This is a great invention", I told her. "You can wear one of these all day and no one would ever know." "That's right", she said. "Just wait until I switch the batteries on!"

A few minutes later as we lay there she looked at me and said, "I think its time for you to begin working." Work, I thought to myself, Oh yeah, I am here to work. Kelly stood up from the table, but did not yet release me. "Before you begin work, I have one other little invention that you might enjoy too.", she said. She went back to the drawer and pulled out a large plastic container of something. "This is sex wax", she said. "Its not the kind for surf boards, it's something a little different. When you rub this all over your body, your skin begins to tingle and feel tight. Its quite an erotic feeling and just one more little thing to take your mind of work. Would you like to try some?", she asked. "OK", I responded. "Kelly hasn't steered me wrong yet", I thought to myself . "Every little thing she has done to me or with me has been a great experience so far. I'm sure this will be equally good." "Great", she said. Kelly took out some rubber gloves and then opened the container. "What are the gloves for?" I asked. "Well it feels great on your skin, but if this gets on my hands, I won't be able to write or do anything like that. It won't look good in front of any customers." "Well what about me?" I asked. "Tonight I don't expect that you'll have to do any writing. I just want you to relax, enjoy yourself, and get acquainted with the store and maybe even play with some of the mannequins." "Sounds good to me!", I proclaimed. "Lay it on me", I said. Kelly started with my feet. She carefully spread the warm cream over every inch of my feet, even between my toes. She then proceed up my legs. Since I was still strapped to the table, she had to lift me occasionally to get the underside. I helped out by arching my back at times. Eventually she reached my sex which still had the dildo buried inside. She rubbed the cream all over the dildo and the inside of my thighs, then my butt and then moved to my stomach area. Already I could feel some tingling in my skin. This was going to be an experience I wouldn't soon forget, I thought to my self. "How long does this last?" I asked her. "It lasts for a pretty long time", she responded. "You'll never feel the same again." Again I got excited. She began to now spread the cream over my hands and arms and then finally my breasts. My nipple instantly went erect at her touch and the feel of the warm cream. "How do you feel?", Kelly asked. "I feel great", I responded. "I think you are almost done" she said. "Let me go pick out an outfit for you to wear tonight. I'll be right back.", she said. As Kelly left the room, I began thinking about how much she has taught me about sex and about myself in just a few short weeks. My body felt great and I would never have known about this side of myself if it weren't for her. When she returned she was holding a rather slinky outfit. She had a red latex g-string with a matching corset as well as latex stockings. Since I was still strapped down she asked me to arch my back and lift my butt once again. As I did, she slid the g-string around my butt and clipped it on the side. I almost orgasmed again at the thought of still wearing the dildo and being covered in sex wax and that no one would ever know. She then undid the straps that held me down on the table. As I sat up, the dildo shifted inside me and another pleasure wave shot through me. She handed me the stockings and asked me to put them on. I did as she requested. I had never worn latex stockings before, but they felt great. So tight on my already tight skin from the cream. When I had finished, she helped me put on the corset. She was careful not to touch my skin because she didn't want any of the cream on her hands. "There, you're dressed for work", she said. I looked at myself in a nearby mirror. I looked fantastic. "Tell you what", she said, "Why don't you hang around back here for a while, you know, get acquainted with types of outfits we sell, and I'll go watch the front of the store for a while." "Ok", I said. "One thing though, please don't sit down", she said. "You'll get sex wax all over everything if you do". With that she dashed to the other side of the curtain. I started to wonder, if this sex wax is so bad to get on your hands or anything else, why did she put it all over my body?

After Kelly was gone for a while, I began to look at the different types of outfits that she had in the naughty area. Some of them really turned me on. Then I began to look at the display mannequins again. They looked so real. I approached the one that had the strap on dildo attached to here g-string. I placed my hand on the g-string and pulled it to one side to see what was under there. Nothing. I guess I wasn't surprised. She's a mannequin. I guess deep down I was hoping that she had a pussy and could be switched on to complete the task that was about to do. As I walked around my skin started to get stiff, much stiffer that Kelly had originally led me to believe. I walked over to the mannequin that looked like her old roommate, the one who had talked. The resemblance was remarkable. I touched her skin. It was cool rubbery plastic, so it couldn't have actually been her. I took a quick peek under her bikini bottom to see what was there, but she too was sexless. Just then a terrible thought ran through my mind. These women, I mean mannequins, all look so real. They don't look like mannequins at all because there are no joints. They are sexless and they have rubbery plastic skin. I am currently sexless because of this dildo and my skin might feel rubbery to someone because of this cream that is all over it. My skin was getting tighter by the minute and it was starting to hinder my movement. Am I in the process of becoming one of these mannequins myself?

I screamed for Kelly! Kelly came running back from the front of the store. "Whats wrong?", she asked. "My skin is starting to feel very tight and its hindering my movement. My knees can't bend anymore and its hard to move my arms too. I think I'm having some type of allergic reaction to the cream!" "Don't worry, its feels funny the first time, but its just doing its job. Soon you'll feel like you've never felt before.", she responded. I turned and looked at her and said, "Kelly, you'll probably think I'm crazy for saying this, but that mannequin in the corner, the one who spoke to you, looks a lot like that woman who was at your apartment that first day we met." Kelly took a quick glance to check out what I was looking at. "Yes, that's her", she said. You mean it looks like her, I said. "No I mean, that's her.", Kelly repeated. She's already been mannequinized just as you'll be very shortly. "What!" I screamed. Mannequinized! Yes, I told you that she didn't have enough money to pay her rent, so she's working for me just you are. I don't work for you, I said. Yes you do! You signed the W-4 and everything. Don't worry dear, the process doesn't hurt as you are feeling now and besides you'll stay young and beautiful forever. I think you'll really enjoy it after a while. I tried my best to run or at least walk out of the store, but it was useless. I tried to raise my arm to punch Kelly or at least push her out of the way, but my arm became stiff and froze before it fully extended. My entire body was almost stiff at this point. The only thing I could move was my head because she hadn't put any of that cream on it. "This whole thing was a set up from the start", I yelled. "Yes it was", she replied. "I'm sorry to have to do this to you, but I really do think you'll enjoy it. I needed more mannequins for my business. I find that transforming naturally beautiful women like yourself into mannequins is a lot better than using those stupid clunky plastic things with joints that fall off every five minutes. Living mannequins like you, are so much prettier and life like, plus they sell clothes a lot better too. Whenever I come into this room I know that I am not alone. I know that there are many women in here, enjoying their new bodies and new lives. Plus I still have sex quite regularly with most of them." "You mean that all of the mannequins, I mean women in here are alive and can see us?" "Yes", she responded. "They can see us, they can hear us, they can smell us, and when you touch one of them, they can certainly feel you too. All of their senses are still working. The protective rubbery plastic coating on the outside of their body prevents damage, aging, and so on, but unfortunately it restricts all movement too. The tiny motors and computer chips that I have implanted in them are the only means of movement for them." "How do they stay alive without food and water and exercise?", I asked. "Well, I've given them an injection which slows the body systems to a rate that is just enough to keep them alive, but they don't have to eat or go to the bathroom anymore. The plastic coating helps to hold them up so its not a strain on their muscles." With every passing word Kelly was saying, my body became stiffer and more rigid. At this point I could no longer move an inch. Kelly walked up to my body and moved my arm back down to my side. She also removed my corset. The breast cups of the corset had shaped my breasts in a perfect way. My nipples were frozen in their erect position. Kelly knocked on my breast with her hand. The sound it made was like knocking on hard plastic. I began to cry at my demise. Kelly looked at me and wiped the tears from my eyes. "Its going to be OK", she said. "I haven't even shown you the best part yet". I thought to myself, this woman has taken my life and there's a best part to it? She walked over to the table and picked up the remote control looking device again and pressed a button which activated the vibrating motion of dildo sealed inside my body. Seconds later the tears were washed away with orgasm. Now this part I liked. Kelly quickly turned the vibrator off. "What are you doing?", I asked. "Before I can put you into pleasure world, I must finish mannequinizing you. I have to give you the injection to slow your body's systems and I have to apply cream to your head and face. Tomorrow I will implant the computer chips and motors." She proceeded to take out a neck corset and placed it around my neck. "This will keep your head in place as I complete the process.", she said. Suddenly I could no longer move my head around and even talking was difficult. Kelly took out some scissors and a razor and began cutting off all of my hair. When she was finished, she took the razor and shaved the rest. I was now completely bald. I still couldn't move my head because of the neck corset, but Kelly assured me that everything was OK and I looked great. At this point I didn't really care how I looked, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I'd even work in that diner for the rest of my life if she would just let me leave. When she was finished removing all of the hair from my head, Kelly took out a paint brush and began painting my face and my head with the sex wax. Moments later, my whole face and head began to tingle just as the rest of my body did earlier. When she was finished, Kelly left the room for a while. I could do nothing but look at my motionless body in the mirror. I wanted to scream or cry or do something, but the sex wax had already hardened on my face and the rubbery plastic made it impossible to move. About forty five minutes later, Kelly returned to the back room where I was being prepared. She knocked on my face with her knuckles. Again it was like knocking on hard plastic. My eyes darted back and forth as they were still free. Kelly looked at me and smiled. You're almost done my dear. I do hope you like your new body. She then proceeded to remove the neck corset. The area of my skin under the corset was the only area of flesh on my body that hadn't been turned into rubbery plastic by this mad woman. She disappeared from my vision for a moment, but then returned with a syringe in her hand. "The final phase", she said. "This injection will put your body into a kind of suspended animation. Your mind will still work and you'll be able to see, hear, and feel, but your body will never move under its own power as long as this chemical is still in your system. If you don't want to do this, tell me now", she taunted. A sharp pain shot through my neck momentarily. Then a warm feeling set in. Kelly applied the last of the sex wax to the area of my neck that was previously covered by the neck corset. "There your finished for now!", she said. "You are probably experiencing that warm feeling and a bonding with the plastic that is now your skin", she said. "I'm going to go home now and let you dry and let your skin fully bond with the plastic polymer. You should be good and solid by tomorrow and then I'll install your motors and give you your first modeling assignment" She turned and headed for the curtains that separated this room and from the rest of the store. A moment later she came through the curtains once more. "I almost forgot a few things", she said. She picked a latex bra and put on me. She then adjusted my pose slightly and even put a slight smile on my face. My vision had now become fixed because of the injection and I could no longer move my eyes. "There, you now at least look as if you are enjoying yourself", she said. She then rubbed my sex for a few moments while staring right at me. The dildo still sealed inside me was driving me nuts. I wanted to orgasm so bad, but I couldn't. She then pointed the remote control at me and started the vibrating of the dildo. Instant relief. I began to orgasm time and time again. I didn't notice when she left and eventually I faded out.

The next morning Kelly returned, but this time she wasn't alone. Another woman was with her. The two of them walked up to me and inspected my whole body. I was still orgasming inside. Kelly pointed the remote at me and stopped the vibrator. It took my a while to regain my consciousness. The other woman who I hadn't seen before took out a knife, almost like a scalpel. She began cutting the rubbery plastic, which was once my skin, in certain areas. I felt no pain, but I couldn't really see what she was doing either. Occasionally she would pass in my field of vision with a screw driver or some wires in her hands. "She must be implanting the motors and computer chips in my body", I thought to myself. This went on for several more hours. I couldn't feel pain, but I could feel the woman touching certain places on my mannequinized body. Finally she stood up and said, "There, you're done". She then called for Kelly to come from the front of the store. Kelly moved the curtains aside and entered the back room where I stood motionless. "Wow, good work!", she said to the other woman. "You covered the incisions very well this time. Lets test her out." Kelly picked up the remote control and pointed it at me. "" I heard myself say. "I don't require pleasure now, but you may change poses", she said. My body shifted itself. I had no control over its movement. I felt trapped. My body moved whenever she commanded it to move with the remote control. Every time I tried to speak, nothing came out. Sound only came out when the computer chip in my head wanted to make a sound. "Walk over to Monica", Kelly commanded. My body started walking toward the old roommate who had been mannequinized just before me. When I got close to her my body stopped. "Place your left hand on her ass", Kelly commanded. My left hand moved as she requested. "Place your right hand on her breast", Kelly said. My body moved as she commanded. Kelly then pointed the remote at Monica and pressed a button. "" she said. Kelly responded by saying, "place your right hand on the new girls ass." Just then, I could feel Monica's touch on my butt. It felt wonderful. "Place your other hand on her hip", Kelly commanded. Monica did as she asked. Monica and I were now embracing each other while we looked into each other's eyes. Kelly pointed the remote at both of us and turned off the power. I felt the slight electric current running through my body die. "Well there's another one for you Kelly!", the one woman said. They both turned and walked through the curtains chuckling. All that I could do was look at Monica and wonder what she was thinking. As the hours passed, I drifted in and out of sleep. Kelly had not turned on my vibrator so I wasn't orgasming like last night, but my body did feel wonderful.

Days seem to pass and I began to accept my fate and my new body. Occasionally she would place me in the store front window. I enjoyed that because I watch the people passing by. I began looking forward to Kelly coming over and activating me or changing my pose. Every few days she would change my outfit and activate my vibrator and send my body orgasming into another world. Occasionally I would pleasure her, but more often I would simply watch her seduce more and more young beautiful women just like me. One by one they became mannequins too!


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