Robo Girls

by Niki

Chrissy and I had been friends for years. We went to college together in Michigan. When we graduated, we decided to fulfill our dreams and move to Los Angeles. I got a job with a local bank and she worked with an engineering firm. Two girls with good paying jobs and living in LA. Things could not have been better.

About a year had passed and Chrissy and I had pretty much gotten into a routine. We would go out on weekends to local clubs and often come home with dates. Neither minded and somehow we were pretty respectful of each others privacy. Occasionally we would stay home on a Friday or Saturday night and rent porno movies just for the hell of it. To this point, Chrissy and I were very much heterosexual, but after watching several porno movies over the course of a few weeks, I think we both became curious about each other.

One night when we rented one, about half way through the movie, Chrissy jumped up, looked at me and said, "I know why we like these movies so much! Because we really enjoy the lesbian scenes. I think weíve just been kidding ourselves about wanting to see the men. Jennifer, you and I could go out and get any man we want right now."

She was right. Both of us had killer bodies and could go get any man right now. So why were two gorgeous women staying at home on a weekend night and watching porno flicks? Because we were too embarrassed to admit to each other that weíd like to experiment. Eventually Chrissy turned the movie back on and sat down on the couch. But this time she sat a lot closer to me than usual. One thing lead to another and ended up having our first lesbian encounter with each other.

The next day was really weird. Chrissy and I tried to pretend like nothing had happened and just go on with our lives, but we both knew that it was too good to just be a one time thing. Weeks seemed to pass since that first encounter and we had our usual weekend dates with the boys at the clubs. I think at this point, I had conceded to being bi-sexual. Nothing felt as good as having a manís eight inch pole ramming me from behind, but Chrissy had a gentle feminine way with me as well. Surprisingly we never had an encounter with ourselves and men at the same time.

One day, I came home from work and found a note on the kitchen table. Chrissy had written that she was going off to do something that she needed to do. She was sorry for leaving so abruptly, but was too ashamed to tell me about it. She closed the note by saying that sheíd be in touch in a few days. She also had left a check for four hundred dollars, her half of the rent money.

Days went by and I racked my brain wondering where she went and what she was doing. Things at the bank were going rather well so I decided not to get another roommate right away, plus Chrissy could come home at any time.

About two months later, I got a letter from her. She wrote, that she had fulfilled her wildest fantasies. She also wrote that she wouldnít be coming back any time soon. She ended the letter by saying, 'I love you and I miss you, but Iím doing what is best for me right now.'

I felt sad and depressed, almost betrayed. We had been friends for so long and now sheís gone off to do something that she canít tell me about. I noticed that the letter was postmarked in Los Angeles, so wherever she is, it canít be all that far.

The letter came on a Friday. I had no date that night so I decided to go to the movie store and rent a porno just for old time sake. The store had a new series called "The Robo Girls" Part I and II were out so I settled on part III. I got the tape home and watched the first couple of sex scenes. Iíll have to admit that it was pretty good. When the third scene started, something looked strange. The actress wasnít anyone famous, but somehow she looked familiar.

"Itís Chrissy !!" I shouted. I watched carefully, paying close attention to her face and the familiar body. I rewound the scene several times. It was definitely her!

I decided. I couldnít believe what I was seeing. My best friend and long time roommate had made a porno movie. She starred in 3 of the movieís 7 sex scenes, 2 with men and 1 lesbian scene. She looked absolutely stunning and she looked like she was enjoying her new career too. Could this be her secret passion that she was too afraid to tell me about? I wanted to tell her that this was OK. I didnít mind that she did this, but I didnít know where to find her. That same night I went back to the movie store and rented 2 more of the ĎRobo Girlí films. Chrissy appeared in both of them. The credits at the end of the films didnít state her name, but then again, most people who do these types of films use some sort of stage name.

The next day at work, I made a few phone calls to PVC Pictures who apparently made the Robo Girls series of porno flicks. Twice no one answered. On the third try, the person told me that they could not give out any information about the actors and didnít care that I was her roommate. She did say that if I thought I were sexy enough that they would be willing to interview me for a future role. I jumped at the interview thinking that it might be my only shot at finding Chrissy.

Four days later, it was time for my interview. I got up early that morning and called in sick to the bank. I decided to wear a very tight latex mini-dress which accentuated my curves. Underneath I wore a white silk g-string and decided not to wear a bra. I put my light brown, shoulder length hair into a French braid and used a little more makeup than usual. I had no intention of doing anything even remotely sexual while there, but I figured I should at least look the part.

Finding the address was difficult. It was an unmarked building in a part of LA that I wasnít very familiar with. I parked my car right in front and walked up to the big metal door. I pressed the buzzer and waited a few moments for a response.

"Yes?", came a manís voice from the intercom.

"Iím Jennifer McKenzie. I have an interview", I said.

The door buzzed with no further conversation. Inside, was a staircase lined by old brick walls. Walking up the stairs seemed to be the only option since no one cared enough to greet me. When I got to the top of the stairs there were three doors, but only one was open. An office door with a well dressed, but rather sleezy looking guy sitting behind a desk.

"You must be Jennifer", he said.

"Yes, and you areÖ.", I responded.

He looked me up and down and even walked behind me. "Oh, Iím sorry, Iím Larry Wilson", he said. "Why donít you have a seat Jennifer."

I took a seat in the big leather chair that was facing his desk. He again took his position behind the desk. "So what brings you here?", he asked.

"Iím very interested in adult films", I said. "I love sex and I love watching adult films. I figure that I could have the best of both worlds by becoming an adult films actress."

"I see", he said. "And why did you pick PVC Pictures?"

"To be honest with you, itís tough to get an interview with some of the more well known movie companies."

"It shouldnít be that tough with your resume", he said.

"My resume?" I thought to myself. I didnít bring a resume. OhÖÖ Now I get it.

"You know we are a new company and we only produce one line of movies", he said.

"Well I donít know anything about your company, but I do know that you produce the ĎRobo Girlsí feature films"

"Have you seen any of the ĎRobo Girlsí films?", he asked.

"Yes, Iíve seen three of them", I responded.

"Do you like what you see? Can you imagine yourself in those scenes being balled by three guys at once, swallowing half a pint of cum with the rest dripping off your pretty face or finding yourself attached to one end of a double dildo with another woman gyrating on the other end?"  He seemed to relish the description.

I wanted to get up and punch this guy in the mouth right now for talking to me like that, but I was here for a reasonÖto find Chrissy, so I decided to smile a little and answer his very rude question. "Yes, Iíve thought about it.", I responded. "Your pretty forward about this arenít you Larry?"

"Well if youíre not interested in getting down and dirty and you canít handle a little rough talk, then perhaps weíre wasting each otherís time", he said. "Besides, its true, that is what youíd be doing", he continued.

"No, no, I can handle it." I said. "Iím just not used to it. Please, go on."

"Jennifer, have you ever been with another woman before?", he asked.

"Several times", I responded.

"Thatís good.", he answered. "Most of the girls that come up here have never been with another woman. It may look natural in the movies, but itís an acquired taste if you know what I mean. Do you have any commitments that might get in the way of your work schedule here?", he asked.

"Well, I do have a full time job," I responded. "I thought I could work at night or on the weekends."

"No no no", he responded. "We film all the time. And when weíre not filming, the girls are posing for magazine ads or doing promos for the internet orÖ.just posing.", he continued. "Besides, if I hire you, weíll pay you more than enough so that you can quit whatever job you have. There is some filming going on right now in one of the studios. Would you like to check it out?", he asked.

"Sure", I responded. Iíve got to make contact with Chrissy quick if sheís here and then get the hell out of here before I get raped by this guy or worse, I thought to myself.

Larry stood up from behind his desk and began walking toward the door. I got up from my chair and followed him. When we got into the hallway, he jingles some things in his pants pocket and eventually pulled out a set of keys. He fumbled with the keys for a moment and then opened one of the other two doors that I saw when I arrived. As we entered, I noticed that the temperature dropped several degrees and everything was dark. He walked ahead of me. He held out his hand and pushed a large black curtain to one side. I didnít notice the curtain because it was pitch black to begin with. On the other side of the curtain, the room was still dark, but there were bright lights shining on what looked like a bedroom set for television or the movies.

No one was on the bed, but there about 10 men standing around talking to each other. Many were holding clipboards and coffee cups. Some were wearing headsets.I noticed that there were three women and two handsome men standing apart from the rest of the men. These were obviously the actors and the other 10 men must have been part of the film crew.

The women were dressed very seductively. One was wearing a short sleeved black, one piece latex outfit which was high cut like a bathing suite around the pelvis area. Another was wearing a white lace bra with matching panties and the third woman had a purple latex or leather suit which covered her entire body including her head except for her legs. A zipper ran from above her crotch to just above her butt. The men were wearing plain white T-shirts with boxer shorts. I quickly scanned the entire room, but saw no sign of Chrissy.

Suddenly, a loud buzzer sounded and everyone moved into place. Two of the women took their places on the bed. The two men removed their boxer shorts and laid down next to the women on the bed. Then a man, who I guess was the director, shouted "Action". The third woman, clad in purple latex, watched intently through the eye holes in her latex covered head as the two men began pounding the women.

The woman with the black latex outfit was sitting on top, moving up and down on her partnerís rod while the woman in the white lace outfit was being explored from behind with her partnerís one eyed lens. My eyes were fixed on the action on the stage. I had never watched anyone have live sex before.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm. It was Larry just trying to get my attention. "What do you think?", he said.

"This is getting me hot just watching this", I responded.

"Would you like to join in?", he asked eagerly.

"Not today", I said firmly.

"Shall we go back into the office and talk some more?", he asked.

"Can we just see the end of the scene?", I replied.

"Sure", he said.

The action continued for about ten more minutes, ending with both men spewing all over the partnerís faces and breasts. When it was over, the women got up, toweled off and walked away from the set. They vanished into the darkness of the room. The men stood still while stroking their members, waiting for their next victim. The woman in the purple latex approached the stage. The loud buzzer sounded again and they were off. One of the men unzipped the womanís outfit and slipped his member inside of her while she took the other man in her mouth.

I turned to Larry and asked if we could watch for five more minutes. He nodded Ďyesí.

This scene didnít take quite as long as the first. Both men again gave the woman a bath with their cum. I was amazed that they were able to do that. I had never known a man that could cum twice that quickly. When the scene was over, the latex-covered woman slipped the mask off of her head and began to towel off. It was Chrissy!

"Oh my god!", I said loudly.

Larry looked at me and asked, "Whatís wrong?"

"NothingÖnothing", I responded.

"Do you know her?", he asked suspiciously.

"NoÖ no I donít", I said. It was obvious that I was lying, but Larry didnít pursue the matter.

He motioned for us to leave the set and walk back towards his office. He offered me a seat. Before he sat down, he picked up his phone and called someone. The conversation took but a moment. All he said was, 'do it'. Then he turned his attention back to me. "So, would you like to be in one of our movies?"  Larry asked.

I still hadnít regained my composure from seeing Chrissy. I looked up, half smiled at him and said, "Iíll need a few more details."

"Ok, well we can offer you a salary of $35,000 per movie and $1,000 for every photo that appears in a magazine." He paused for a moment to observe my response. "Do we have a deal?", he asked.

"I donít knowÖI donít know, let me think about it for a few days.", I said.

"How about if you let me know in a couple of days. Weíve got another picture scheduled for next week that I think youíd be perfect for."

"Ok, Iíll call you in a couple of days and let you know.", I responded. I was still visibly shaken, and began to rise from my seat.

Larry took out a business card and handed it to me. It was a shiny silver card with only a phone number written on it. "Thanks for coming by", he said. I said nothing else and headed for the door. I walked briskly down the stairs and out the door.

As soon as I swung the big metal door open, I stopped dead in my tracks. Chrissy was sitting on the hood of my car. She was wearing some faded jeans, a red tee-shirt and a leather jacket. I said nothing, but ran up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss.

By this point tears were filling my eyes. "Why couldnít you tell me?", I asked.

"Lets go for a ride and weíll talk", she responded.

We both jumped in my car and began to drive. "Where should we go?", I asked.

"Letís go home", she responded. Most of the drive was silent. I had so many questions, but I figured that she would explain when she was ready. "Did you see my scene?", she asked with a big smile on her face.

"Yes, yes I did", I responded.

"Itís absolutely incredible", she said. "I feel so -sexy- now. I love having sex with all kinds of men and women and in every conceivable position. Iím either posing for pictures or shooting sex scenes almost every day.", she said. I remained silent until we pulled into the apartment driveway. We both got out of the car without another word and walked into the apartment.

When we got inside, I turned and looked at Chrissy and said, "I love sex just as much as you, and I have no problem with the fact that you have made this sudden career change, but what about me. What about all of the years weíve been friends. You could have at least called."

Chrissy looked back at me and said, "Well if you miss me so much and you enjoy sex as much as I do, then why donít you come work at PVC Pictures? We could be together everyday and you could enjoy nothing but pleasure 24 hours a day like I do."

"NoÖno way!", I said. "I enjoy the pleasures of the skin, but Iím not going to show my butt off to the world or shame myself by having cum squirted in my face with cameras rolling six inches away. If just one person saw me in a film like that, Iíd be ruined."

"Well, what about me?", Chrissy said. "You just said that you have no problem with me doing it. Are you ashamed to be with me now?"

"No, its just not for me", I replied.

Suddenly, Chrissy stood up very straight and changed her tone of voice. "Jennifer, Larry asked me to go out with you. He wants you to work for PVC Pictures very much."

"Well, Chrissy you are just going to have to go back to Larry and tell him that Iím not just a piece of meat and his movies will do just fine without me in them."

Chrissy then grabbed my arm and lead me into the bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and looked right in my eyes. "Jennifer, do you notice anything different about me?"

"Well your butt looks a little firmer, and your breasts look a little bigger. Come to think of it, you face has a slightly more pronounced look as well. Have you had surgery?", I asked.

"I guess you could call it that, major reconstructive surgery is more like it. I need to tell you where Iíve been for the past few months and what has happened."

"Iím all ears", I said.

Chrissy continued. "The day that I left here, I had gotten fired fired from my job at the engineering firm. I guess I should have seen it coming, my work had slacked off a bit. I wasnít angry with them for letting me go, I was angry with myself. I decided that I didnít want to face you after what had happened. Our relationship was going well and I felt ashamed. I decided to go back to Michigan for a little while and collect my thoughts. I never made it to Michigan.

On my way to the airport, I ran a stop light and broad sided another car. I was hurt, but not too badly. The guy I hit happened to be Larry Wilson. He was shaken up, but not seriously hurt either. While we were both at the hospital having our cuts and bruises looked at, Larry approached me. He asked me if I knew that I had totaled his car. I did know. He asked me about my insurance information and if I thought it would cover the damage on his Mercedes. My insurance expired the month before and I never renewed the policy. I kept meaning to, but I could never find the time.

Larry then told me that I could go to jail for several years for not having insurance and for getting into a serious accident after running the light. He then added insult to injury by telling me that I would owe him about $50,000 for the damage on his car. He then made me a proposal. He told me that he would drop the charges so that I wouldnít go to jail, and he wouldnít hold me responsible for the damage on his car if I accepted his proposal.

I was in tears at this point and didnít want to listen. He slipped his business card into my hand and asked me to call him if I changed my mind. The next day, I met with a lawyer. The lawyer confirmed everything that Larry had said. I was responsible for paying for the damage and I would probably go to jail for two or three years. I thanked the lawyer for his time and then called Larry back.

Larry asked me to meet him at his office, PVC Pictures. He explained to me how people come to work for him. Many of the more famous porn stars ended up there because they were getting up in age and wanted to remain active in their careers. Some of the porn stars were street walkers before meeting Larry.

"And then thereís me. Someone who owed Larry a lot of money and could potentially go to jail."

"So what was his proposal, work there and make movies?", I said.

"Yes, thatís part of it" Chrissy continued. "Do you know why we are called the ĎRobo Girlsí Jennifer?"

"The video box said it was because you make love so feverishly, its almost like robots."

"Thats partly true", Jennifer said. "Actually, we are robots."

I just looked at Chrissy with confusion. "You are robots?", I said. "What does that mean?"

"You asked me if I had some surgery done and the answer is 'yes'. My whole body is now robotic. I have a computer chip for a brain, rubber covering metal for skin, and circuit boards, wires, and metal rods for a heart, lungs, and everything else."

"What the hell are you talking about", I shouted. "You're the same Chrissy I've always known! Ok maybe your breasts are a little bigger, but that doesnít qualify you as being a robot.", I said.

Chrissy simply turned her back to me and flipped up her long blonde hair. "Look at the back of my neck.", she said. I leaned over and looked. "Do you see two little diodes stuck there?", she asked.

"Yes", I responded, unable to believe what I was seeing.

"Thats were I get battery recharges and new programs are loaded into me." She then said, "Feel my skin" I did.

"It feels kind of odd - soft and clammy", I said.

"Its rubbery plastic", she said. "Underneath that is an alloy metal."

I started to get scared and moved away from Chrissy.

"Its still the same me", she said. "I just have a battery instead of a heart. I still think the same way, I just have a chip board up there now."

"Does it hurt?", I asked. "No, not a bit. In fact, I feel better than I did as a flesh and blood human.", she replied. "I feel much more erotic and my sexual desires have increased ten fold. Iím sure a little programming had something to do with that, but what the hell. I enjoy my new body and my new career. I was just as scared as you when they did this to me, but now I wouldnít want it any other way."

"Why did you let them do this to you?", I asked.

"I had no choice, remember. It was either become a robo girl, or go to jail and be in debt for the rest of my life."

"At least youíd have a life", I responded.

"I still have a life. Iím here. I call my parents every now and then.", she said.

"So what now?", I asked.

"Well, as I said, Larry would like you to join us", Chrissy said.

"What are you kidding me? Iím not going to be turned into a robot.", I responded.

"Actually Jennifer, you donít have a choice. When you went down to see him today, he like your look. He liked you a lot. Your body is perfect for adult films. You would make a great robo girl.", Chrissy said.

"Well thats nice, but Iím not going and I do have a choice. Iíll call the police and expose the whole thing.", I said.

"Jennifer, please donít do that. Larry will remove my battery permanently if you do that. Iíll be a motionless mannequin until the end of eternity if my battery is removed or runs out."

"How will he know?", I asked. "Weíll do it right now. Weíll get the police and then go down there and get him."

Chrissy suddenly froze. It looked as if she were about to say something back when her body frozeÖit just shut itself off. She looked awkward. She was frozen solid. I shook her and even moved her around, but nothing. I started to cry. Then as suddenly as she froze, she was switched back on.

"Jennifer, Iím sorry about that. Larry and some of the other people have the ability to turn me Ďoní or Ďoffí as they see fit. Larry was probably giving you a sign that he already knows about your plan. What I hear, he can also hear. What I see, he can also see through his control panel."

"My god!", I said. "Chrissy, what Iím about to doÖI do out of love for you. Letís go see Larry."

Chrissy got a small smirk of gladness on her face. She knew I would soon be joining her.

We got back in the car and headed back toward PVC Pictures on the other side of town. I turned and looked at Chrissy, seeing her in a new way, as a robot. "Are you sure it doesnít hurt?"

"No, it doesnít hurt a bit.", she said. "Your body, as you know it now, is nothing compared to the pleasure you will experience once youíve been roboticized. Do you remember when I froze for a few moments back at the apartment?"

"Yes", I answered.

"During that time, I could still see you and hear you. I felt you when you touched my skin. That sensation is one of the most erotic feelings youíll ever have. I love it when they switch me off! I think I orgasm more when Iím turned off than when Iím making movies. Most of the time when we do photo shoots for porn magazines, weíre all turned off. All the girls and guys in the scene are completely motionless. Its wonderful!"

I had started to become aroused by what Chrissy was telling me. I could feel my sex becoming damp, but at the same time I was scared. We finally arrived at the building. Instead of parking right out front, I parked in back of the building. I figured that my car would be there for a while. Chrissy lead me in through a back door.
We climbed the stairs once again, but this time we ended up in some type of lab instead of Larryís office. Larry was sitting in front of a control panel and writing something on a clipboard. As I looked around the room, it looked partly like a hospital operating room and partly like a computer lab storing mainframe computers.

"Welcome ladies!", Larry said. He approached Chrissy and thanked her for her work. He then took out a remote control, pointed it at her, and pressed a couple of buttons. She froze instantly. Stiff as a board and rock solid. As she had said, a motionless mannequin.

"Chrissy!", I shouted.

"She can hear you, but Iím afraid she canít respond.", Larry said. "Chrissy has been shut off for now. That little excursion to your apartment, took quite a toll on her batteries. Especially since I didnít get a chance to recharge her after her film scene earlier. Jennifer, Iím glad youíve decided to become a robo girl. I think youíll find life here to be quite pleasurable."

"Iím doing it for Chrissy, not for you!", I said, looking over at her standing there stiffly.

"Thatís a noble thought", Larry said. "Actually youíll be 'doing' all of us in just a few short hours", he said with a laugh. "Jennifer, your transformation will be in several stages. I guarantee that you will feel no pain. In about five or six hours, you will be fully roboticized and you will begin your new life as a robo girl. Would you like to see some of our other girls before we begin your transformation?"

"Sure", I responded.

"Follow me", he said. Larry walked to the other side of the room and pushed a large curtain to one side. He revealed about 12 girls standing there in various poses, all completely motionless. "This is where a lot of our girls are stored when theyíre not performing. They are quite comfortable right now."

As I looked at the girls, all of them were dressed in very seductive outfits from leather to lace to silk to latex. "They look like a bunch of mannequins", I said.

"Thatís because they are turned off right now", he responded, "like your friend Crissy is.  Even though they cannot move they are still experiencing vast pleasure."

"Oh-Kay," I said, not quite believing him.

"You must be a little nervous right about now, so the first stage starts with you emptying your bladder. Please use the ladies room over thereÖ and take your time, it will be the last time." He closed the curtain that hid the mannequin like women.

I headed for the bathroom as he instructed. I did have to go. As I entered the bathroom, I sat down and began to think about what was about to happen to me. Could I really go through with this? I came to the conclusion that I had to do it. I had to do it for Chrissy. Besides, if things are as they keep telling me, I might even enjoy this. I was getting a little turned on by seeing those women frozen in place.

I returned to Larry and said, "Now what!"

"Please sign these papers stating that you are giving your full consent to this process and then remove your clothes", he said.

I quickly scribbled my name a few times. I then looked up at him and said, "You know this contract doesnít say anything about blackmail in it"

"Whose blackmailing you? I thought you wanted to do this?"  Even so, he made a point of looking back towards Chrissy.

I simply sneered at him and then started removing my clothes. I felt a little self conscious at first, but did as he instructed. I pulled the latex mini-dress over my head. Instantly, my nipples turned erect from the cool air. I then removed my silk g-string and placed it next to the dress.

"Wow!", Larry said. He stopped what he was doing and simply stared at me for a few moments. "Never have I seen such beauty", he said.

"Oh, come on! Just get on with it.", I said. "Iím not your personal love slave."

"Not yet my dear, but soon", he replied. Larry took me by the hand and lead me over to what looked like an ordinary shower stall. "Please step inside my dear", he said. "This will shower you with a chemical which will remove all of your body hair." He closed the stall door and turned the shower on. As the fluid washed over my skin I started to cry a little as I saw every hair on my beautiful body fall to the floor. A few minutes later, he returned, turned the chemical off, and opened the stall door. With the exception of having no hair on my head, I looked pretty good.

"My assistants are going to scoop up all of the hair that you just shed and preserve it for you. When your skin has been transformed, the hair will be re-implanted in your head and around your sex. The next step for you is to begin the transformation of your skin. Please put this on." He handed me a shiny silver catsuit. The suit was incredibly tight. It had no zipper or buttons, but was unbelivably flexible. I had to fit my whole body in through the neck opening. It was difficult to get into, but I pulled and stretched and finally got into it. I noticed that there was a plastic notch, square in the middle of my back. I didnít know what that was for, but I was sure Larry would soon show me.

He stepped back a bit and admired my body as it was accentuated even more in this super tight second skin. He rubbed his hand along my thigh and up my stomach. Eventually he reached my breast. Before touching my breast, he stopped and said, "Plenty of time for that later, when you actually like me."

The thought of him touching my breast, let alone having sex with me almost made me sick to my stomach. I knew he was going to some how alter my mind so that I wouldnít have this negative attitude toward him, but I didnít want to think about that right now.

Larry grabbed a hose off a nearby table and attached it to the plastic notch in the suit. He then turned on an air compressor. What little air was left in the suit, was now sucked out through this hose. My body and this suit were becoming one. The suit got tighter and tighter. I felt some pinching when it squeezed me in the wrong spots, but it felt a little erotic too. The suit met the curvature of my breasts exactly. My breasts started to look like shiny globes, complete with erect nipples. The suit even provided definition around the curvatures of my pussy and my butt. It was like it had melted into my orifices.

I now had shiny metallic looking skin that covered me from my toes to my head. The only area of skin that still looked like me, was my face. The hood attached to the suit didnít cover my face. I raised my silvery hands to look at them. They felt weird, but wonderful. I could feel the air through the suit. It was like it was now part of me. I did not want to admit to Larry that I was getting any pleasure out of this.

"How do you feel my dear?", he asked. "I feel fine", I responded.  Actually I felt a lot better than that.

"Does it hurt?", he asked.

"No, just a little tight in some areas,"  I said, fibbing.

"This suit is made out of a metal alloy. This will be your skin soon. The inside of the suit is coated with a chemical which is breaking down your skin composition as we speak. The alloy is bonding with your skin and soon they will be one. The problem is that metal alloys are toxic to humans once they reach the blood stream so I must begin the next phase of your transformation immediately."

He brought out what looked like a mannequin stand and began attaching my body to it. "Soon you will find it difficult to stand up, so I donít want you to fall over. This mannequin stand will help you.", he said. He grabbed my now metallic feet and placed them in some buckles. He then inserted a dildo into my butt to hold my torso up. "Feels pretty good doesnít it", he asked.

"No not really", I said. I lied; inside my body was going crazy. I almost orgasmed on the spot when he placed the dildo inside me, but I prevented myself from doing so. I donít know why I was fighting this at this point, but I was. I was letting him do it to me, but I was pretending as if I wasnít enjoying it. The mannequin stand restricted my movement somewhat. I could no longer walk around, but then again, I didnít want to walk around. The artificial member felt good inside me.

He then said, "I need to give you two injections into your neck. This might pinch just a little." The first prick felt more like a shot. In fact it was a shot. He said it was a chemical that would numb my body so I wouldnít feel any pain while the electronics were being installed. The next prick felt like a tube had been inserted into the back of my neck. "This tube is probing your brain cells so that the computer can duplicate your brain onto the computer chip. It might feel funny, but it wonít hurt you.", Larry said.

He was right, it did feel funny.  It tickled inside my head.

"The brain duplication process takes about thirty minutes. Iím going to do a few other things while that is working. By the way, that first shot was an anesthetic. In a few moments you will become immobile and will feel nothing. By the time the chemical wears off, all of your human nerve cells will have been removed. The only way youíll be able to move then is through the battery powered robotics in your body."

The chemical that he injected into my body was starting to take effect. I was getting drowsy and I was starting to lose my sense of touch. I also found it difficult to talk coherently. My mouth wasn't listening to my brain any more.

He walked back toward me with another needle attached to a tube. He injected the needle squarely into my right breast. I felt nothing and I said nothing to him. He then injected another needle into my right breast again. Again I felt nothing. That probably would have hurt like hell, but the chemical prevented any feelings.

My body soon became slower and I was losing all control over my movement. I could watch him do these things to me, but I couldnít move or say anything.

He repeated the same process with my left breast, injecting two needles. After the needles were injected into my breasts he walked to a machine and pressed a few buttons to turn it on. "One of the needles in each breast is removing the flesh and fat and the other needle is injecting saline solution. I decided that your breasts were a little small before, so this should help you out."

I felt nothing and I couldnít move. I couldnít even react to his comment. I wanted to tell him that my breasts were just fine they way they were, but that didnít matter now. I felt less human as each moment passed. While the needles were in my breasts and the probe was going over my brain, he inserted two more tubes with needles into my butt cheeks and my thighs, removing flesh and injecting saline solution. Obviously he was reshaping parts of my body to his liking.

Just when I thought he couldnít attach any more tubes to me, he approached me with one more tube. This one he inserted into my pussy. Instantly shock waves ran through my body. I could no longer feel or move my extremities, but this I could definitely feel. Eventually I became so overwhelmed with orgasms that I fell asleep.

When I awoke, all but one of the tubes and hoses had been removed from my body. A nearby mirror revealed a tube sticking out of the back of my now metalic looking head. As I looked closer, I noticed wires running from my head to the console. He must have duplicated my brain already. I must now have a computer chip in there.

"Yes you do now have a computer chip for a brain." I heard a voice say. Larry walked around to the front of my motionless body and said, "Good morning! Did you have a nice little nap? Youíve been out for about two hours. Since you are now linked into my computer everything you see, I see. Everything you hear, I hear. And everything you think, I am aware of.  You know, Jennifer, your ultimate undoing was when you squeezed your beautiful body into that suit. As soon as those toxins began to seep into your system, you had to finish this process otherwise you would have died."

'Thanks for telling me now,' I thought.

"When you were a flesh and blood woman, you might have beaten me at this game. You might have been able to save yourself, forgotten about me and gone on with your life. You could not have saved your friend Chrissy, but you could have saved yourself from becoming a machine. But look on the bright side, your beauty will be preserved forever. You will experience nothing but pleasure from here on out. You are now a machine built for one purpose: sex."

I wanted to cry, but I couldnít. My body was frozen in place. My eyes had become fixed in one position. He was right. I was nothing but a machine now. Why did I agree to this? I should have just accepted the fact that the real Chrissy was gone. I didnít have to do this. I then began to think, maybe deep down, I wanted this. No!? Larry is implanting these ideas in your computerized brain, I told myself. Or is he? I couldn't tell anymore.

"Jennifer, I donít mean to interrupt the conversion that you are having with yourself, but Iím ready to begin the next stage.", Larry said. "Iím going to remove your body from the mannequin stand and place you on this table."

With that, he unbuckled my feet from their supports and slowly removed the dildo from my butt. Again the pleasure was intense. My body began to fall backward, but Larry caught me just in time. He lifted my motionless body onto a table next to his console. He again came into my field of vision.

"Jennifer, I know you can hear me and see me. Iím going to have to disconnect your battery for a little while so that I can install the remaining electronics and robotics into your body. You wonít remember any of this. On the count of three, Iím going to shut down the power for a few hours. When you awake, your body will no longer have any flesh, blood, or bone inside of it. You will then be completely robotic. Ready? 1Ö2Ö3


sadflj;kj;ljÖ.Initiate boot up proceduesÖ aldkjflakjdsfoweroiua9asd8f761afcvÖChecking all systemsÖ. salkajsdf0987wtr;h5oiurtqwrÖBoot up successfulÖActivate brainÖasldfkjouwerljsf098ÖBrain activated

(Light begins to fade in and soon vision is fully restored)

"Well hello Jennifer!", Larry said. "Your done! You have been successfully roboticized and you are now the latest addition to the cast of the robo girls. Congratulations."

I could see and hear Larry talking to me, but I still couldnít move. My body had regained its sense of feeling, but I was still frozen stiff. I had a tingling feeling all over me. I felt great, but I wanted to move.

"Jennifer, I havenít turned you on yet, but I know that you can now see, hear, feel, and think for yourself. Those things never stop, even when your turned off. Are you ready to begin your new life?", he said. I could see Larry pull the remote out of his pocket and aimed it at me.

Moments later I was free to move. I sat up slowly and began to visually inspect my body. "It wasnít a dream was it?", I said.

"No my dear", Larry said. "You are hereÖyou are aliveÖand you are very much a robot."

I slipped my legs on to the floor and began to take a few steps. "Do you have a mirror?", I said.

"Right over there", he replied.

As I walked toward the mirror, my body felt like it never has before. I walked with a slight jerking motion, but that would soon go away. As I observed myself in the mirror, I didnít look as I expected. My skin was shiny silver and I had no hair. Larry had increased my breast size quite a bit, enhanced my butt, and trimmed down my thighs. I looked pretty good except for the fact that I was silver. "Is this it?", I questioned Larry.

"Well I havenít coated you with your artificial skin yet or re-implanted your hair, but otherwise, thatís it." I took my now metal hand and touched my face. Larry must have transformed my face sometime while I was sleeping. My skin was a shiny metallic alloy, but it was soft and flexible in some areas. My breasts felt firm, but like normal breasts, but I could feel more liquid inside of them than before too. It must be saline solution I thought to myself. I could feel a slight movement of saline in my butt when I walked around too. The feeling was quite nice.

"Before, you get too used to your new look, lets finish you off", Larry said. "Come with me." We walked over to another area of his lab. "Iím going to turn you off while I apply your artificial skin.", he said.

Before I could get another word out, he had already pressed the button on his remote and my body froze instantly. No matter how hard I tried, I could not move. My vision became fixed, but I could still see and hear everything that was going on around me. He walked away for a moment, but then returned. He was wearing overalls and a mask. He looked like he was going to paint a car, but I realized he was going to paint me.

He didnít say anything more to me while I was deactivated, but placed contact lenses in my eyes. I could no longer see anything, but could still hear him moving around me. He turned on some machine that sounded like a power sprayer. Soon I felt cool liquid being applied to my body. He started with my feet and meticulously worked his way up my legs. He eventually worked his way up my torso, over my breasts, and all over my head. I could feel him posing me so that he could get all around my arms as well. He could move my arms and they would stay in whatever position he moved them to, but I had no control over them myself.

When he was finished, he removed the contacts from my eyes. He rolled a full length mirror up to me so that I could see myself. I again looked like a human woman. No more shiny metallic skin. Without hair though, I thought I was looking at a naked mannequin, but I quickly realized that it was me.

"Iím going to let you dry for a couple of hours and then Iíll be back to do your hair.", he said.

The feeling of being totally motionless was becoming erotic for me. I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror for those two hours and let my mind wander.

Moments after Larry left, he soon returned. "I almost forgot", he said. "When I was installing your robotics I implanted five tiny computer chips into your body. One in each breast, one in your butt, and two in your sex. These chips will vibrate ever so slightly, but it should be enough to pass the time while you stand there. I have to manually turn them on the first time, but from now on, they should automatically engage when ever you are turned off. Ready?"

He pressed a couple of buttons on his remote and instantly I felt the vibrating. Slowly the feeling grew in my body and within a minute or two, I had the most earth shattering orgasm of my life. The feeling continued over and over again until I was no longer aware of anything except my body and the next orgasm.

Larry must have walked away and I donít know how long he was gone, but he returned some time later with Chrissy in tow. She looked and moved normally. She again was wearing the jeans and tee-shirt that she was wearing earlier.

"So it really worked huh?", she said. "Sheís not a living mannequin like the others?", she asked Larry.

"No sheís not.", he said.

"Lets see her move", she said.

"Let me do her hair first and then get some clothes on her first", Larry replied. I couldnít figure out what they were talking about so I decided to wait and see what was going to happen next. Larry slipped some kind of helmet type thing over my head. It was quite heavy and very tight. The machine then buzzed quite loudly on my head and pinched several time. He affixed a similar device to my crotch. This time I felt no pleasure, it was like I was using an epilady. This went on for a while and then finally stopped. Larry removed the helmet from my head and removed the other device from my crotch. I looked at myself in the mirror to see what happened. I now had hair. It was the same hair that he had removed earlier. The hair style he chose was a little more slutty than I would have chosen for myself, but then again I am now a sex machine as he keeps reminding me.

"OK, now she has hair. Letís see her move", Chrissy insisted.

"One more thing", Larry said. He took out an outfit for me to wear. It consisted of a waist cut black latex corset with a matching latex g-string. The g-string had a zipper that ran from the top of my crotch, through my legs, and to the top of my butt. For easy access, I guessed. The two of them dressed me in this outfit and then stepped back to admire their work. Larry took out his remote control and pointed it at me. At the press of a button, I was free to move again.

I immediately lunged for Chrissy to give her a big hug. "Not so fast", she said. "Walk around a little. I want to see your body move", she said.

"Iím the same as you, a robot." I said. "Whatís so interesting about it?"

"Jennifer, I have to tell you something", she said. "I lied about everything. Larry is not a porn hustler. Heís my boss. Iím not really a robot, Iím just a good actress. I was never fired from the engineering firm, you are my engineering project."

With that I lunged for her again. This time I had no intention of hugging her. As soon as I cocked my arm back to slug her, I froze solid. Larry had turned me off.

"Jennifer, Iím sorry I had to do this to you," Chrissy continued. "Iíve been trying to create robotic women for some time now, but my experiments seemed flawed somehow. I tried using artificial skeletons and all kinds of other things, but they didnít work. Eventually I decided that we needed a real woman in order to have a realistic shell of a body. And you canít duplicate personality and emotion with a computer. All of those women that Larry showed you earlier, the ones that looked like mannequins, are my failed experiments.

Somehow once we scanned the brain the computer chip couldnít signal the body to move. So they are still living, but they will remain motionless forever. Iíve made arrangements to sell them to some lingerie and department stores. I think they are pretty happy though. They have the same body composition as you and their vibrating chips do work. So even though they arenít moving, they are constantly exploding inside with pleasure. It's the least I could do for them.

About two months ago, I had a breakthrough in my research. I was pretty sure that I had discovered my failure and how to fix it. I needed a human subject to try it out on. I chose you because you seemed to love sex so much and I figured eventually you would like being a robotic woman too."

Chrissy was right. I was starting to get used to my new body and I did enjoy it.

"Jennifer, Iím going to reactivate you now.", Larry said. "Donít get any funny ideas or Iíll turn you off and sell you as a mannequin with the others." Larry pressed some buttons and I was again free to move.

"So what do we do now?", I asked. "Well I was thinking we might just try out your new electronic body. Make sure its functioning correctly.", Larry said. He had a twinkle in his eye. The three of us walked to the other room where the mock movie studio was. When we reached the bed, I got on my hands and knees hoping for an intruder from behind. Larry was kind enough to oblige me. He carefully unzipped my g-string and slipped his member inside of me. Sex had never felt so good.

Chrissy got underneath me and began and pulled my breasts from their latex housing. Larry began to pound harder and harder into me when suddenly I froze. I had my hands stretched out, my back was arched and I was looking back at him when it happened. I donít think Chrissy was aware that I had been shut off because she kept licking my breasts like there was no tomorrow. Larry slowly removed himself from me and sprayed his love milk all over my butt. The feeling was wonderful, plus my vibrating chips were starting to kick in.

When it was over, Larry began to rub his spent member back and forth between my butt cheeks, lubricated by his own juices. Chrissy moved from underneath me, still unaware that I had been shut off, and began to lick his sticky juice from my butt and from his member. While her head was down, lapping up the remains, he injected her in the back of the neck with the syringe of anesthetic.  I recognized it immediately but could do nothing to stop him.  Besides, Chrissy kind of had it coming to her, after how she had tricked me.

She rolled off of me and onto the floor in shock and with a slight amount of pain. She looked at him and screamed, "What was that?"

"It was the first anesthetic that we give people just before they become roboticized," he said. "I thank you for helping me discover and perfect the process of creating an ultimate love machine, like Jennifer, but darling I donít need you anymore."

I remained in my frozen position on all fours while this conversation transpired. I could feel the remains of his cum dripping off my butt, but I could not move a muscle.

"Larry I beg you , please donít do this to me. Please donít roboticize me", Chrissy pleaded. Her voiced had already started to sound tired and slow.

"Iím sorry my dear. Remember how we thought up the robo girls idea? Remember how we knew that Jennifer would take the bait? All of that talk made me start to think about the real robo girls. All along I had you in mind. Jennifer is, and you will soon become, my personal robo girls."

Chrissy started to get weak and could no longer argue or plead with Larry.  Her body was freezing into immobility.

Larry pointed his remote at me and turned me on once again. I got up off the bed and gave him a big kiss. I knew that a few short hours ago, kissing Larry was the furthest thing from my mind, but any and all human touch was welcome now. I was a sex machine!

Larry asked me to help prepare Chrissy for the process. It was a little more difficult this time because she was immobile and couldnít assist, but it was inspiring just the same. The programs in my head told me exactly what to do. Soon I would have a robotic partner.

Chrissy was roboticized a few hours later, and hasn't complained about it since.

You could say that she really got into her work, or maybe her work got into her.

Larry went on with his engineering and would occasionally invite some young unsuspecting woman to the lab. In a few short months, there were ten robo girls. We spent our days deactivated in mannequin like poses. We spent our nights making movies, posing for pictures and pleasing Larry and the other crew members in whatever fantasies they could come up with. In a way it was like a dream come true.

If I hadnít met Chrissy back in college, I would never be where I am today.  I hope she feels the same way....

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