Merchandiser 5.0


For months, Suzie had been working on her company’s latest software package, and it was nearing completion. All that really remained was the testing at the end of the week before the first beta releases would be sent to a select few customers. The new package was to be called "Merchandiser 5.0", a virtual reality simulation package for clothing stores. With this package, the store would supply several scanned photographs and blueprints of its interior, input some desired displays and the software would plan out the rest… from where the racks of clothing would be located to the dressing of the store mannequins.


Finally, Friday arrived. It was time to put the product through a few tests. Suzie insisted on personally supervising all phases of the testing. Early that morning, she decided to inspect the mock store that was to be photographed and scanned into the new system. The mock store was based on a real customer’s location, and to be a true test, had been fully stocked. She decided to spend some extra time in the mock lingerie department. After working long, hard days on the project, she welcomed the momentary distraction. While distracted, she did not notice the array of photographers approaching her area. The multitude of flashbulbs brought her back to reality and she headed off to the computer lab where the tests would be run.


Hours passed. Slowly, the mock store blueprints and photographs were fed into the system. Just before noon, Suzie made one last program change and then entered the commands that would activate the virtual store generator. Minutes later, the system began displaying new merchandising concepts. They were astonishing. Department by department, the system generated concepts that left the observers awestruck. It generated imagery that was simplistic and captivating, with one exception… the lingerie department. Isles, racking and displays were plotted and displayed, but the system left a forty square foot area completely unplanned. Suzie was disappointed, but excited at the same time. The system worked… all they had to do was determine what had gone wrong with the lingerie department.


The group decided to head to lunch. At the last moment, Suzie begged off. She wanted to go over the results of the tests and the data that was entered into the system. Everyone in the room knew that once her mind was set that there was no changing it, so no one tried to change her mind. As everyone else left for lunch, Suzie returned to the mock store’s lingerie department to inspect the area that Merchandiser 5.0 failed to plan. She was comparing the photographs of that area of the department to the data entered into the system when the entire store went dark. Outside, Suzie heard the telltale clap of thunder. It was so close that it shook the building. Seconds, later, the lights blinked back on. She waited a few seconds, half expecting another thunderclap overhead. Instead, she heard the steady beat of a heavy rainfall hitting the roof. She had to check on the systems in the computer lab. No doubt, they had probably rebooted themselves, but she needed to check. She quickly counted the remaining photos and printouts to review. There were only three or four left. The systems could wait another few minutes.


She stood in the area that Merchandiser 5.0 left blank and went over the last of the photos. Unexpectedly, the lights dimmed, but did not go out. Seconds later, they resumed their normal illumination. Suzie decided to head for the computer lab. She took a step toward the mock store exit and gasped. A new display of lingerie had appeared in front of her. She looked all around her and saw that the entire department had been rearranged. In fact, from her vantage she could see that the entire store had been rearranged to the concepts that she had earlier seen displayed by Merchandiser 5.0! She was now standing in the center of an erotic lingerie display. She then realized that she was standing on a raised platform. Another thunderclap shook the building. The lights dimmed again. When they returned to normal again she noticed another change… She was standing in front of a panel of three angled mirrors. The lights dimmed again. Her pulse quickened. She felt that something else was about to happen and that she should leave the mock store now. The lights returned to normal just as a bolt of lightning crashed down near the building. It was so close that she could feel her body tingle from the electrical discharge. She had had enough. She stepped forward to leave the pedestal. Her right foot moved, but her left was rooted in place. Had she caught her foot on something, she wondered? She looked down to her left. There was no longer a shoe on that foot. It was bare… but somehow different. It was reflecting the overhead light. It was pale. The cuticles had a painted appearance. She couldn’t wiggle her toes. She started to panic. She looked to her right and noticed that her right foot now had the same appearance as the left. The lights blinked again. She screamed. Her thighs and ankles were now bare, with that same glossy appearance as her feet. She became aware of the tingling sensation she felt earlier. It was rising through her torso, spreading upwards through her body. From the mirrors, she watched the clothing disappear from her body and her skin tone change to a surreal pale color. As the sensation spread through her torso, she watched her breasts and chest transform. She was on the verge of a panic attack when the sensation increased. She felt warm and lightheaded. The sensations intensified in her breasts and sex, trigging an insatiable feeling of lust. Staring into the mirrors, the insatiability increased. She felt the tingling flow down her arms and into her fingers, and with the sensation, her limbs also changed into a rigid, inert substance. As the sensation flowed up her neck and to the edge of her consciousness, she realized what was happening to her. Merchandiser 5.0 was turning her into a mannequin. Because the photographs of the department included her, it could not plan out the entire area without a proper mannequin to display merchandise. Merchandiser 5.0 must have determined that she was a mannequin because she had been in some of the photographs! She watched as her face became firm, her lips hardened into a smooth, pale red surface and her eyes turned to reflective plastic. Somehow, the transformation captured the lust that was filling her mind in both her facial expression and the gleam in her eyes. No longer able to move, she stood on her platform, an inert, plastic mannequin, and a very anatomically detailed one, at that. Finally, she felt the building orgasm wash over her. The glow somehow seemed to become part of transformed state and she realized that Merchandiser 5.0 had some interesting applications. If only she could…


Merchandiser 5.0 wasn’t quite done yet, and Suzie knew it. Unable to resist the changes being made to her, she waited, staring into the mirrors that revealed an unblemished, shiny, lithe body on the verge of ecstasy that standing in front of them. She felt the tingling sensation return. Merchandiser 5.0 was now going to dress her. Surprisingly, it chose a fire red body stocking for her… perhaps to accent her jet black hair. Next, a new sensation… she felt her legs shifting under her, widening her stance. It was her new poser subroutine, the modification she made just before starting the test program. Next, Merchandiser 5.0 manipulated her left arm, placing her pale, plastic left hand against her hip, followed by her right arm moving up and behind her head, her right hand throwing her hair backwards. Merchandiser 5.0 had planned this mannequin well, Suzie would definitely sell her wares well.