Silver Elegance by Track4

Eileen was searching for the ultimate costume for the upcoming harvest bash. The bash was always the event of each year. It was like a combination of the old Earth customs of New Years Eve, Mardi Gras and Halloween rolled into one. Guests had been invited from all the nearby systems to the Pleasure Planet. If it was like last year there would be over a million sentient beings at the partying. The resort was large, covering over 600 square kilometers. It would be filled to capacity for the week long festival.

Eileen walked past a plain looking store front. She glanced in and saw several mannequins. One mannequin was dressed as a silver robot. It could not be a real robot as they were usually more functionally structured. The few human shaped robots she had seen or read about were usually covered in syth-skin. She was struck by the beauty of the mannequin. She walked in and examined it closely. Smooth silver material covered the mannequin from head to toe. The material felt firm and warm.

"Can I help you?" asked a gray haired gentleman.

"I am looking for something for the Harvest Festival. Do you have a costume like the one this mannequin is wearing."

With a twinkle in his eyes the gentleman responded. "This costume is available for purchase or rental."

"But it doesn't seem to be in my size. The legs are way too long, the waist too narrow and the shoulders too wide."

"My dear, this is a bio reactive material. Adjustments can be made automatically."

"It appears to be just one piece. Would I have to take it all off or use the bath room?"

"No, my dear. With this control you can phase the material. The seams then appear." The old guy pulled a hand held unit from the belt of the outfit. He punched in a code and a seam opened from the navel, running through the crotch to the tailbone. He punched another code and the seam parted to reveal a slit ten centimeters wide. "The seal remains open for ten minutes. Then it automatically closes and rephases to it normal appearance." He hit another code and the seal split opened up on the front to the neck. Even the belt split apart at the seam. "This is how you get in and out the outfit." He pulled the hood of the stretchy material over the mannequin's head and shoulders and peeled it down off the mannequin's featureless body. "The boots are part of the outfit so you don't need any other accessories. Here, try it on. When you are ready, just shout and I will punch the code to seal the suit."

Eileen was handed the cool slippery material. She walked back to a dressing room and stripped off her technician's jumpsuit and underwear. She pulled the boots/leggings up her body. The material felt sensuous against her skin. She pulled the hood over her head and wiggled her shoulders into place. The suit was too large as it hung from her.

"Okay," shouted Eileen "seal it shut".

Instantly the suit closed. For a few moments there was still slack in the suit. Then the suit seemed to shrink. Heels formed on the boots and grew to twelve centimeter spikes. She was forced up on her toes. The waist shrank until her waist was squeezed tightly. As she was squeezed, she stood up straighter and suit squeezed her breasts, hugging every square millimeter of her skin. She could see her erect nipples outlined in detail through the material. She seemed taller as she stood even straighter. The high heels made her legs look longer.

The hood hugged her head tightly. Her short curly hair seemed to disappear under a smooth metallic dome that covered the top of her skull. Her jaw was held shut and her cheeks pulled in to enhance her cheek bones. The material continued to tighten until every curve of her face and ears was visible. She looked in the mirror and saw that her eyes were now unblinking silver orbs that seemed to glow.

Eileen walked from the dressing room and strutted up to the old guy. He punched in another code. As slit opened for the mouth and Eileen could move her jaw.

"This feels wonderful", announced Eileen as she rubbed her now metallic hands over her skin.

"Once you learn the codes you can have some fun with this outfit. Here is the manual."

"But how much is this? I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it."

The old gentleman smiled. "They are really quite cheap considering the quality. I have a way of replicating them that keeps the costs down. The whole suite with control and manual is only 300 credits. You should come back once a year for a maintenance check, but that is only 30 credits."

That was more than she intended on spending, but the suit was so wonderful that she would work it out somehow.

"Let me get my credit chit from my clothes."

Eileen got the chit and the gentleman was entered the transaction.

"Don't forget to read the manual. There are some operating instructions that are quite important for the suit to serve you correctly. Most important is to charge the unit at least weekly."

"I'll read it tonight. Can I wear it now?"

"You should read the instructions first. Why don't you change?"

Eileen reluctantly returned to the dressing room, keyed the open code and removed the outfit. She pulled on her old jumpsuit. It felt strangely rough next to her skin. She returned the inactive suit to the gentleman who packed it into a box. Eileen left the shop with her box and rushed home. She wanted to wear the suit this evening.


The old gentleman watched Eileen walked away. He walked to the back of his shop and approached a silver undulating glob that sat in a corner. The blob shapeshifted to the form of a 6 foot silver man. It spoke.

"You have now placed another of my spores with that woman. May she enjoy her experience."

A 10 centimeter globe of silver emerged from the silver man's abdomen and fell to the floor. The form shifted. The old gentleman smiled and picked up the small silver shifting mass. As he lifted it is became a silver jumpsuit like the one Eileen had bought. The new suit was pulled onto the mannequin. They were ready for the next customer.


As soon as Eileen got home she was the paged to help with a problem back at the spaceport. A plasma controller was acting strangely. Her expertise was needed. She dropped the box on her couch and hurried off to work. When she finally got home she was exhausted. She showered and dried off. With a towel wrapped around her she brought the suit to her bed. She remembered how wonderfully it felt. She skimmed through the manual for the command codes. A quick reference card listed common commands. She hung her towel over a chair and put on the suit. It was slightly baggy as she reached for the controller. She double checked the command and keyed the code to seal the suit.

The suit sealed shut. In moments she was being hugged firmly as the suit shrank to her body. She lay back on the bed and moaned at the comfortable feeling. She did not even open the mouth slit. She wanted to be completely held by the suit. She turned off the light and quickly fell asleep.

Eileen woke the next morning. She started to yawn and was surprised when her mouth would not open. She saw her silver gloved hand reach up to her face. The suit. It still hugged her pleasantly. She reached over to the control unit. She checked the card and entered the code to open the crotch of the suit. She was startled by how cool the air felt on her only exposed skin. She reached down and stroked herself. Before she thought about it she was stroking herself frantically. Suddenly her hand was pushed away from her. The suit sealed shut. She was confused until she remembered that this setting sealed the suit shut after ten minutes on its own. She giggled at herself. Within moments she had entered the command code for the suit to open all the way.

Eileen hung the suit in her closet. Her own skin had a glow and smoothness to it she had never noticed before this. She slipped on her silkiest undies and bra. The material seemed to glide over her skin. She pulled on a standard jumpsuit and was almost out the door. She returned to check the manual. She placed the remote control in its place on the suit's belt and plugged the suit in to check. She left the manual on kitchen counter and went to work.


Eileen was exhausted when she got home that night. She had worked fourteen hours on a faulty fusion injector system. She was sweaty and ready to relax. She stood under a hot shower and worked some of the kinks out of her shoulders and arms. After toweling off she slipped on a short robe. She thought she should study the suit's manual before she did anything else with it.

The manual made no effort to explain how it really worked. She saw a section "For First Time Users" and quickly flipped to it. She read that there was a two week break in period. "For the first two weeks it is recommended that the user wear the suit for at least one hour in each twenty-three hour day. However, one should not wear the suit for more than eleven hours at a time during the break in period. Once the break in period is completed the suit can be worn as long as it is charged." No reason was given for the this rule.

Under the "Expanded Command Codes" section Eileen found the codes to alter the suitís appearance, transparency and rigidity. The codes could be stacked into a macro so that complex combinations could be used. She also read that part of the suit's bio-engineering processed all her excretions and kept the suit fresh. No cleaning was necessary.

"My god" thought Eileen "This was almost as complicated as initializing and operating a ship's fusion core." The technician in her wanted to know how it all worked. As she thought about the break in period she realized she had a problem. She wanted to wear the suit for the all-night party on the second night of the festival, but that was only eight days away. If she wore the suit for the maximum time each day maybe it would adapt quicker. She knew that most engineers always were conservative on their estimates.

Eileen pulled the suit on and sealed it shut. Ecstasy filled her as the suit's tightness held her. She checked the manual and adjusted the transparency value to zero. The suit became transparent. She stood in front of a mirror and saw herself. Her minor skin blemishes were gone. Her skin seemed to glow with vibrant health. Eileen saw that her hair was a smooth skullcap over her head. Her breasts were more prominent and perfectly shaped. She looked down at her feet. The now invisible heels held her heels high in the air. It was as if she were walking on tiptoes. The curves of her legs looked wonderful. Even her firm ass looked better shaped and tighter. Though invisible the suit still held her waist in its narrow embrace. Eileen looked better than she had ever looked.

The only part of her suit she could detect with her hands was the place at the belt for the remote control. She slid the control into it place on the belt and it clicked into place. The next moment the control became transparent. To anyone else she would appear nude. She slid the remote back out of it place and it appeared in her hand. As Eileen stared at herself she found she was more than just excited, she was aroused. She moved to the bed and laid back against the headboard. She keyed the command to open the crotch and mouth slits. Placing the remote on the night stand she relaxed and stroked herself. The sensation was wonderful. She reopened the crotch slit three more times before she fell asleep.

Eileen awoke the next morning rested and sated. She unsealed the suit and hung it back in the closet, making sure it was plugged in to charge. She donned her usual work clothes, eat and left for work.

Each night Eileen arrived home and slept in the suit. She was wearing it for about 10 hours each night. On the sixth day she picked up her packed bags, caught the shuttle and rode the passenger ship to the Pleasure Planet. She got herself set up in her resort room and donned the suit. Setting the transparency to zero, she then pulled on a new bikini she had bought that would fit her suited figure. She grabbed a towel and dashed off to the swimming area.

The swimming area was a series of landscaped lagoons with fine sandy beaches and tropic foliage. As this was an adults only area, there were some people wearing little or nothing. The nudity taboos were relaxed here, but people from other culture often wore more conservative swimwear. Eileen found a lounge chair and stretched out in the sun. The suit had given her a better body and she wanted to try it out. Based on the appreciative stares she got she knew she was a knockout. She felt the warmth of the sun soak into the suit and her body. She fell into a restful sleep.

The sun was setting when Eileen woke. She loved how she felt, but knew she needed to remove the suit. She returned to her room. She unsealed the suit, showered and put on her shortest party dress. She attended the first night's party and had a wonderful time. She was pleasantly exhausted and drunk when she returned to her room. After a quick shower she wanted to put on the suit, but she did not want to push the break in period just yet. She crawled under the covers nude. Her skin felt dry and rough as she slid around under the covers. She had grown so used to sleeping in the suit that she felt uncomfortable. Finally she drifted off into a restless sleep.

Eileen slept late the next day. The big costume party started the 1500 hours and ran through until day break the next morning. Eileen ordered a late breakfast from room service. She lounged around in a dressing gown and ate her food. At 1430 she took another shower and slipped into her suit. She entered the command code for the full silver robot look. She left the mouth sealed. She wanted to be a mystery women. She snapped the control into its place on her belt and set off for the party.

The dancing had already started. The dance floor was crowded with guests doing various vigorously movements to the pulsating beat. Eileen was at no loss for dance partners. Her costume attracted a lot of invitations. She danced for two full hours. She felt hotter as she spun and jumped to the music. The suit somehow kept her dry but the heat was getting to be too much. She finally waved off invitations and took a seat at a table. She keyed the command to open the mouth slit. The slit opened as a wide glass was placed in front of her. The edges of the glass were covered with salt. She took a sip and was found it to be some combination of delicious fruits and alcohol. She expected it might have a delayed kick, so she sipped slowly. The night progressed into more dancing and drinking. Everyone was having fun. Eileen liked playing the mute robot. It seemed to attract a lot of attention. She did not have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Eileen was feeling no pain when she staggered into her room. She fell on top of the bed covers and was quickly asleep.

Eileen woke with a headache. She raised her hand to her forehead. When she saw the her silver gloved hand. She sat up abruptly and was rewarded with a throb from her head. She looked at the clock and saw it was early afternoon. She had been wearing the suit for over 23 hours. She needed to get it off. She grabbed the control and entered the code to open the suit for removal. She looked down and saw the seam appear, but not open. Moments later the seam vanished. She entered the command again with the same result. She entered code to form the mouth slit, but there was not reaction at all.

Eileen needed help. She walked to the door with the intention of getting assistance from the front desk. As she stepped out into the hall she felt the suit move on her body. She thought it might finally be a delayed response to her commands and stepped back in the room. She looked in the mirror. The suit was now transparent from her neck to her middle thighs. As she stared at her reflection she felt and saw the waist grow smaller. Her normal sixty-five centimeter waist was now no larger than fifty centimeters. She felt her feet shift and saw the heels rise to almost twenty centimeters. She was standing on her toes with her ankles very straight.

Eileen felt herself pulled into a straight backed standing position with her feet about thirty centimeters apart. The suit became rigid. Eileen could not even move her eyes. She could see only herself and the room in the mirror. Eileen hoped that the resort used living maids and that her maid would summon help. Eileen breathed shallowly and tried to pass the time. Her whole feet were very uncomfortable in their rigid tiptoe position.

After an indeterminate amount of time there was a knock on the door. A voice announced "Maid Service". Eileen would have sighed relief it she could. Eileen watched as the maid entered. The maid gave a quick look at the statue she saw and went on to clean the room. The maid took a featherette duster and ran it over Eileen. Each contact by the duster sent strong sensuous vibrations through Eileenís entire body. The five seconds of contact was enough to send Eileen into a explosive throbbing orgasm. Eileen lost track of everything.

Eileen finally relaxed from what seemed like hours of countless orgasms. She was sexually drained inside the unmoving rigid suit. Eileen had been booked for a week. Each day the maid came in and dusted the statue. Eileen spent longer and longer periods of wondrous sensual pleasure after each dusting. Eileen thought she would have passed out from lack of water and food, but she could not detect any feeling of dryness or hunger. She realized that she could not even see her own breathing.

On the day Eileen was to check out several men entered in resort uniforms. They looked around the room, packed up her things and placed her and her luggage on a cart. She was wheeled to a storage area. A while later she saw herself being packed in a crate with her luggage. All this handling sent Eileen into a series of orgasms that lasted for hours after the crate was sealed.

The next sight Eileen saw was the lid of the crate being opened. In looked the old gentleman from the shop where Eileen bought got the suit. A silvered covered male also looked into the crate. The old gentleman spoke.

"You must have overworn the suit, my dear. I normally doesn't bond to its host for several years."

The silver male spoke in a deep resonant voice. "Your overuse of the suit so soon has caused my spores to mature into limited self-awareness unusually quickly. We can release you from its hold, but you will never be able to wear a similar spore in the future. This spore's immature imprint is on you and any other spore that you tried to use would be rejected. If you choose to retain this spore it will be bonded until it matures in about fifty years. During this stage of the process it will react with you and your surroundings as it has for the last few days. It will no longer respond to commands from the remote control device as it has outgrown the basic programming I imprinted on it. You will have only brief periods of free movement with long period of forced immobility. You will not age, suffer illness or require sustenance during that time." He placed his hand on Eileen's neck and the hood loosened.

Eileen worked her jaw. She thought only briefly before she smiled and responded.

"Seal me in."