The Vial

by Mr. Freeze


Karen wasn't happy with her long time boyfriend Rob. She had a feeling he was two-timing her and yet she loved him. She loved him more than anyone she had loved before. Therefore like so many times before, she pushed back her paranoia and dressed for their dinner engagement. Karen was not an overwhelming beauty, yet she showed herself very well. She worked out regularly; an hour plus of weights and aerobics practically everyday. Her naturally blonde hair was always well kept and her figure was slim and firm. She was particularly proud of her legs and breasts. Her legs were long and lean with strong calves and nicely shaped knees. Her breasts were round and firm and as such she rarely needed a bra.

Tonight for dinner she thought she would put her suspicions about Rob to rest. Tonight she would dress to the 9's; 4inch heels, black silk mini-dress and stockings showing the slightest flirt out from under the hem of the dress.

Karen entered their regular Chinese restaurant that they had frequented for the last 3 years. Tommy Chow, the owner, greeted Karen with a smiling yet confused look. "Are you staying for dinner?" Tommy asked. "I'm meeting Rob, Tommy." she replied. Again Tommy shot Karen a confused look and nervously queried, "Tonight… are you sure tonight Karen?" Karen started to confirm her intentions when she spotted him sitting at a booth in the back of the restaurant. "There's Rob now, Tommy… thanks".

With great stealth, Karen sneaks up behind Rob and quietly leaned over to his hear and whispered "boo". Rob tears his head around and shoots Karen a stunned look. "What's the matter darling, am I late?" Karen asks. "Uhh… late.. no… you aren't late. Are we…uhh…is there umm why are you here?" Rob stammers. "We are having dinner toni….", but Karen is cut short by a devilishly beautiful brunette that has taken a seat next to Rob. "Rob… you fucking bastard… who is this?" Karen fumes. But before Rob can muster an answer, Karen is out the door. Outside, Karen is beside herself in anger. "I need to think and walk this off…"she groans. "How can I get him back? I want him to pay for this embarrassment. He cares about nothing but his dick. He's a dick. He's a fucking dick!!"

"Excuse me Ma'am.", inquires a short, unusually dressed black man. "I couldn't help but over hear your troubles" His accent sounded Caribbean she thought. "I might be able to help." He offered.

Help, how can you help?" Karen quizzed. "I am a man of the dark sciences. I can help you with your revenge." He answered, "What would you like done?"

"What would I like done? That guy is such a prick, I'd like him to see what it feels like to be a prick." Karen laughed. The short man looked concerned. The darkness of the evening seemed to dwell in his face. The man pulled out a small vial of what looked like plain water and quietly said a few words, words that Karen didn't recognize. He then handed the vial to Karen and said, "This is your wish. What is done cannot be undone. Give his this potion, and when his becomes aroused, he will become like his penis, stiff and hard and will remain like that until he is released. But I caution you," his face grew even darker, "justice is blind and what is done cannot be undone" With that the man turned on his heels and strode away.

Karen chuckled nervously, "What a strange fellow… could this vial actually have something I can use to even the score with Rob, or is it just water…" She shook the vial. It looked like water yet it was much heavier than it should be. Karen finished walking home only to hear the phone ringing as she entered.

"Hello?" said Karen. The line was silent. "Helloooo.." Karen tried again. "I need to talk to you.." It was Rob. "What do you want Rob?" Karen's temper grew short. "I need to see you… tonight" was the response. Karen held up the vial and stared at the contents. "Are you there?" Rob asked impatiently. "Yes…I'll be right over" and with that Karen hung up the phone.

Upon arrival to Rob's apartment, Karen kicked the front door to get Robs attention. "Come in…look, I'm sorry about tonight I didn't mean…"Rob started but was interrupted with "Yeah…whatever" "Can I get you something to drink, Karen?" Rob offered. "Let me get them." She replied. Karen strode past Rob to the kitchen where he kept his booze. He caught a glimpse of Karen's extraordinary legs and was immediately turned on. Karen knew that she would have to get him aroused if this was going to work. She opened two beers and added some of the contents to Rob's beer. Here is where it was going to get tricky, she thought. She sauntered over to Rob and sat close to his on his sofa; so close that her breasts were rubbing up against his shoulder. "Here's your beer" she smiled coyly. "Now tell me Rob, does she have as nice legs as mine?" she hiked up her dress a bit. Rob sipped his beer and pretended not to notice. "And does she keep herself in as good a shape as I do?" She pressed her firm breast into his forearm. "And does she selflessly do things like this for you?" Karen started to undress Rob. First she unbuttoned his shirt and gently started to lick around his nipples. Then she put her hand in his pants and massaged his hardening member. Rob's mind was reeling. Karen had never been this aggressive sexually before and it really turned him on. He started focusing on her long, silky, shiny legs and all he could think was "I'm so hard…what a great body…I'm so hard…what a great body…I'm so hard…what a great body…I'm so hard…" The thoughts spun endlessly in his head.

Karen noticed something unusual. Rob wasn't moving. He wasn't moving at all! She could feel that his prick was as hard as stone, but so was the rest of him. He was breathing, but it was barely detectable. His arms and legs were stiff as plaster. He looked normal, in fact he looked quite happy, but just wasn't moving. "Wonder how long this will last?" Karen thought. "Maybe I should stay the night and see." Karen moved into the bedroom and settled down for some rest.

Karen fell into a restless sleep. She dreamed about a world full of people turning into sex statues. It was at this point Karen woke up, horny and wired. She went back in the living room only to find Rob exactly where he was before. She felt his arms, legs, back; they were all as stiff as iron. She was really turned on by the sight of Rob helpless in a sexually aroused position. Karen undressed Rob as well as she could and laid him back on the couch. She couldn't seem to move his limbs, so she did the best she could and mounted him. "What a turn on," she thought, "my own life size sex doll!". Karen started pumping her hips is a slow rhythmic motion. Inside Rob's head the thoughts kept turning "I'm so hard…what a great body…" but now there was an extra factor. Rob could feel Karen's rhythmic pumping on his dick. Karen was getting more and more aroused, her hips moved forward and back faster and slightly jerkier.

All of a sudden Rob reached an explosive orgasm and with that Karen felt an unusually cool semen fill inside her. Karen thought, "I'm so high…I'm cuming… I'm so high…I'm cuming… I'm so high…I'm cuming… I'm so high…I'm cuming…" and she became as stiff and rigid as ice.

Rob reached up and felt Karen's breasts. The nipples were fully extended and hard as marbles. He didn't really notice that Karen had become a statue and kept pumping his hips. Up and down she rode him. "Come on Karen, help me out" He smiled. "Why did she stop" he thought. But he kept on pumping. The friction paid off, for a few minutes later Karen was orgasming and crying out in release.

Tired and spent, they laid on the couch together. "Did you run out of energy early?" Rob quipped. "What do you mean" Karen replied. "You stopped moving for the last 5 minutes of our sex." He replied. Suddenly a moment of panic hit Karen. 'Justice is blind, what is done cannot be undone.' Had her plan backfired? Would she forever pass this on to any partner in the future? Was her dream coming true?