Friday the 13th: Micki's Last Adventure

Finally, after years of incredible adventures, personal sacrifices and emotional distress, the final cursed object from Uncle Lewis' manifest had been recovered. It was finally time to enjoy a normal life. For Micki, this meant deepening her relationship with a close friend whom she had met about a year ago. His name was Tom, a university professor who had an incredible talent for cybernetics. He was considered the top scientist in the field by his peers. Micki had met him after recovering a cursed object at a local university.

It was late. The night was perfect... clear skies, with the temperature in the mid 70's. Micki couldn't remember the last time she could actually enjoy her surroundings, the skies always seemed cloudy and oppressive while she, Johnny, Ryan and Jack were pursuing Lewis' cursed objects. Micki and Tom were walking through the park, hand in hand. "You seem more cheerful than I've ever known you.", he said. "Today, it seems like all of the clouds in my life have finally parted. I actually feel light on my feet and want to return to the better times before I came to work in that awful antique store." This surprised Tom, "You said that you've worked there for over 7 years. If you felt that way, why did you stay for so long?" "It's a long story." she answered. "I have the entire weekend to listen to it, if you care to talk about it." Micki's heart jumped. This sounded like an invitation and she wasn't going to refuse. As they walked to Tom's house, she began recounting the almost unbelievable tale of the last 7 years of her life.

She took a break once they reached his house. He lit a fire in the fireplace and motioned for Micki to make herself comfortable on the carpet in front of it. While Micki was settling into place Tom brought back some chilled champagne. The warmth of the fire, the champagne, Tom's company... it all seemed so perfect. She finally felt at peace. She didn't ever want to leave this place. She didn't want to darken it with the memories of what she had been through. When Tom asked her to continue, she told him how she felt, that she was in a state of bliss and didn't want to disturb it. Tom nodded understanding. They cuddled on the rug, enjoying the heat from the flames, and the heat from each other. Soon they were naked in front of the fire. Tom was running his hands through Micki's long, rich, red hair. Micki couldn't remember the last time anyone had devoted this much attention to her. From behind her back, Tom reached around and handed Micki a small, velvet covered box. "What's this?" she asked. "Open it." Inside the box was a small highly polished silver key on a chain. "This key is what interested my in robotics. It belonged to the first wind-up robot I ever owned. I like to think that it has brought me good luck as well as served as an inspiration... as you inspire me. I want you to have it." "I don't know what to say. It's lovely!" She replied.

Tom helped her put it on. "Promise you won't take it off for the rest of the night." He asked. "Certainly.", she answered, looking for some sign in his eyes that the night would get even hotter. She was not to be disappointed this night. The fire had finally died down and they ventured to Tom's bedroom. He was slow and firm with her. She responded to his every touch. "Have you heard the old tale about lovers who climax as the clock striked midnight? If either or both make a wish in that instant just before the clock strikes midnight, the wishes will come true. It's just about midnight now." "Is Tom kidding me?" she thought. After so many people's wishes had turned into nightmares over the last several years, did she dare to make a wish herself? She decided to give it a try. After all, this night had been perfect to this point. There were no more cursed objects to worry about, so what could possibly go wrong? He started handling her a little faster, then a little slower. She felt it building up within her. Just before it overcame her, she made her wish... to never have to leave this person. BONG... the clock struck midnight, Tom erupted and it finally overcame her. She hadn't orgasmed like this in a very long time. After snuggling for a few minutes longer, she retired to the master bath for a shower.

In the shower, she tried to remove the key from around her neck to protect it. She couldn't seem to get her fingers around it... or was it actually stuck to her body? She showered in spite of it. After toweling herself off, she examined the key and chain in the mirror. It seemed to have an aura around it. At first she thought that it was a reflecting the lights from the overhead, but then it struck her... the aura was expanding away from the chain and key, actually beginning to envelop her. "Micki", she heard Tom's voice and stood straight, like a soldier at attention. Tom entered the room. "It's begun. Let's see just how well this works. Micki, turn and face me." Micki suddenly jerked and slowly pivoted on her feet to face him. "Accompany me to back to bed." She stiffly moved her legs and walked up to the bed, never bending her knees, never moving her arms nor hands nor looking around. She pivoted on her feet again and slowly sat on down on the bed, placing her hands on her thighs. She sat with her back straight, looking into the distance. "Lay down." With jerking arm and leg motions, she maneuvered herself to the center of the bed. "Spread you legs apart." Micki's body jerked again, followed by her legs slowly parting in a mechanically smooth manner. "Look up into the mirrors, Micki." Her head moved a little until she was staring straight up into the mirrored ceiling. Micki was a prisoner inside her own body, a body that was slowly changing. She didn't understand, but she felt compelled to do everything Tom instructed. Now was she was watching her body change. She was completely enveloped by the aura she had noticed after taking the shower. It seemed to be glowing even more brightly. She noticed the key resting on her chest. It was now sticking out of the center of her chest, just above her breasts. The chain was no longer visible.

The aura began to dim... sinking into her body. She began to notice her body change... the lights from the room were actually reflecting off of her. She couldn't feel her feet and focused her attention there. They had become highly polished, just like the key protruding from her chest! The affect slowly moved up her body. First her ankles, then her thighs, her sex, her hips. She felt herself growing cold. A tingling sensation was rising up her body just ahead of the transformation. Now her breasts were gleaming chrome. Her chest and arms followed. Inwardly, she panicked. She felt the changes reaching her very consciousness. What was to become of her? "Micki, I wanted you to know something before the transformation is completed. Your Uncle Lewis had competition, before he did away with it. You see, my father used to deal in cursed objects, then tried to revolt against his master. He was punished and Lewis took his place. Before my father's untimely demise, he gave me a gift... a wind-up robot. Some years later, I discovered the power of the 'curse' behind it. It lead to the discoveries I have been heralded for in the scientific community. When we first met and I learned who you were, I planned to avenge my father's demise, by condemning you to the role of a wind-up servant. You will soon be fully engulfed by the transformation. You will cease to have an identity of your own and will be unable to move freely unless I wish it. The key that is now in your chest is the 'key' to your existence. If it is removed, you will be frozen in position until it is replaced. You see, normal remedies to the curses don't apply to you. The condition you are in is quite permanent. Enjoy you last few moments of self awareness." The transformation reached above her neck now. Her lips became smooth chrome, then her cheeks, her eyebrows and eyelashes and eyelids. Her eyes were to complete the transformation, but first she watched her long, red hair be consumed, each strand now finely defined chrome. Finally, her eyes changed. She was startled to actually be able to watch the change. At least she would not be - .

"Rise servant." The gleaming female form lying on the bed slowly sat up and swung its legs over one side of the bed with uncanny smoothness and precision. It slowly stood. "Prepare a breakfast for me of bacon and eggs." The servant stiffly walked to the kitchen and prepared the master's meal. After serving her master, he instructed her to remain in a corner of the room, poised with the serving tray in front of her. The servant moved in calculated fashion to the indicated corner, pivoted around and stood straight at attention with the serving tray held perfectly level just below its gleaming breasts. The master walked up to the enslaved form of Micki and removed the key from her chest. "Pleasant dreams.", he said with a wicked laugh, as the servant's vision suddenly became black.