Tales of the Mile High Club

by Trace Venom

      Me? Allow me to introduce myself… I am Lance Clayton. What do I do? Well as a matter of fact I’m a Club owner. And right now I’m running late for my flight. I’m supposed to convince a couple of Japanese Investors to provide funding for a new venue I want to open. Cool concept, It involves the three trendier S’es: Sushi Sake and Spinning DJ’s. But enough about me, where I’m headed is of little importance … I’m running late for my flight.

As I walk into the terminal, I enter the plane of Trans Global Airlines and see the usual plastic smiles of the Flight attendants, who ushered me into my first class seat. – Good Morning sir- utters one in a somewhat sweetly disconnected tone. –Can I offer you anything before we take off? - Now I just didn’t have time to notice that the Flight attendant in front of me was inhumanly gorgeous. A tall Redhead, with Porcelain white skin and deep green eyes.  It took me a while to assimilate her looks. Besides, I had these investors  to deal with.

I just replied with the usual  “no thanks, I’m fine”.  I reach into my pocket, take out my CD player and remember that Dan Nakamura had burned a few new mixes for me on a Disk. I just ended up a good five minutes debating on whether I would listen to it or just pipe in Massive Attack to relax during take off.  I ended up choosing Portishead as my air tune.  As was customary I ended up conked out as soon as the engines started, but before that I noticed that the plane was relatively deserted. With a few discombobulated flyers and the usual assortment of rubes from Dullsville on vacation. To my own amazement I was the only person in First class at that moment. I had the fortune of taking a plane off-season and I was feeling quite relaxed to see that barely anyone would disturb my flight. As I dose of, I put my shades on to avoid any hint of light inside my eyes and flyaway into my own subconscious.

 It was the second hour of a four-hour flight, when all of a sudden I snap out like clockwork expecting the food cart to come close by at any minute. Suddenly I see the female crew of flight attendants, all in their tight blue aprons and crisp white shirts, scurrying in to parade down the food for the rest of the passengers. At that moment I was impressed with the consistency that the crew showed in terms of their good looks and of their seemingly unattached perkiness. They all seemed to be quite chatty and they arranged themselves inside their own huddle, next to the pilot’s cabin. At that point an animated discussion was running there and for a moment I kept my headphones on and decided to lower the volume to hear whatever these lovely girls had to say, for the sake of professional curiosity:

-It’s running low Andrea, could you please cover me for a moment while I go charge?

-Sure Janice, I think Sally and me can handle this. We’ll be holding up for a little while. We have until half an hour before landing.

The Blonde one Starts to enter a small compartment that I hadn’t notice before, much like the size of the airplane lavatory, while the others offer me some deluxe version of the usual poultry or pasta fare.  I watch her closely, for her blue eye spoke of mystery and coldness, a look I had no trouble deciphering from many club patrons to which I had tended before. What I still found a bit odd about the whole affair was their technical lingo for taking a break. While the girl was tending to herself, I decided to flip through a magazine that I had bought on the airport to keep me distracted in the plane. Thumbing down I bumped into an article in the business and Technology section that spoke of the airline’s maiden plan to employ highly developed androids to attend passenger’s in-flights. This made news because of many implications, which I had not the attention span to cover at that moment.

 As I was reading, a small wave of turbulence shook the plane and the blonde finally after a looong while had come out from the crew lavatory stumbling for quite a bit, and for fractions of a second she started to spasm a little bit. Since I was the first person to notice this I felt the need to tend to her at the moment and decided that it would be a superb time to gain entrance into the notorious mile-high club.

At this point I just got up and decided to rush to her, while slowly asking if she was Ok, to what she responded. – I’m all rrrriiight sir.- she then while stunned put her left hand on her forehead and started to blink  staring into the floor. – Just need to complete power source replacement- She said this on a breathy voice and for that moment I thought that she sounded quite disturbed to blabber such nonsense. Nevertheless I tried to comfort her and before I had a chance to think about calling up for a medic in the plane, I spotted the opened magazine that I had left in my seat. I looked back and fort from the mag to the girl and to the mag again, while I was holding her by her forearms. At this point It all finally clicked and then realized that I was in one of those hush experimental flights to gauge reaction for the animatronic flight attendants before unveiling them officially in the next two months on their fleet. This, I assumed, was suffering from a design flaw. But it was weird to think of the beauty I held in my hands as an “It”. So I decided to delve further into the matter, with a devilish grin on my face.

As I held her, her skin felt not very different from that of a human. The Only difference would be in the absence of significant blemishes on what I could see. As I held her and looked into her eyes, she looked me back and told me “ I need to go back to the help room…15% system resources, running on auxiliary power. Please help me sir”. At this point I turned into a small kid, and led Ms. It to where she was inside before the turbulence.  I did this all in a swift motion as to avoid being noticed by the passengers and the rest of the crew. Once inside I started looking at her intently in the small cabin. It was quite an odd dimension for a lavatory, seemingly a tad bigger than the usual bathroom cabin, But still not big enough to hold two people inside with legroom to spare. We both squeezed inside and faced each other. I really didn’t take her seriously as a human being once it was becoming clear that she was anything but. In any case I was still very much aroused by the fact that she talked, looked and felt human to the touch.  I noticed that the small cabin was filled with a lot of prodding gizmos. She looked at me and started talking in her very sexy voice, which I found strangely arousing in such a being. –Mr. Clayton, I need you to please assist me. See that Small box with a connection? - I just muttered yes and couldn’t help being self conscious about the whole affair. At this point she blinked a little more and started to unbutton her blouse, revealing a black lace bra that held her breasts. While I was staring down at her sumptuous cleavage She caressed the area of her sternum and opened up what appeared to be a square beneath her skin that housed her complex mechanics. As I stare into the blinking LED’s of the chipset in front of me, I felt her nipple harden, brushing against my micro-fiber buttoned shirt. She still looked a bit on the down side and somewhat awkward, but her doll-ish nature was a bit for me to handle at the time. I grab her the Power cell that she asks for and instructs me to slowly but steadily snap it in a small socket next to the blinking red light. As my apparent state of excitement grew, I just couldn’t help but start to feel my way around her, seeing as it was that her lack of humanity gave me a license that I usually wouldn’t even think about taking with a human female. As she started to feel the surge, I saw that the gauge was filling up, flowing like the meter of a charger. She started to announce in her peculiarly breathy voice how much was left for her to finish "45% complete” and a blink. While this happened, she started to regain a bit of pink in her cheeks, looking at me with an eerily artificial smile reminiscent of most human flight attendants. It is then when I started to guide my way around her skirt and felt her soft buttocks, round and quite firm, going lower and slowly feeling her between her legs. My dick simply could not take it anymore and started to swell under my gray, flat front pants. “65% complete… Mr. Clayton, I’m afraid you are not allowed to do this. Please stop.” What was creepy about this was the fact that in any other circumstance, that admonishment would’ve been enough for me to back out and apologize from the bottom of my heart. But I was too self-conscious about her nature and her deterrence only served to fuel my playfulness. I kept caressing her between her legs, slowly reaching her laced bottom, felling the hairs as my fingers passed her electronic clit. I was just dying to see how real she was.

“ 85%… Mr. Clayton I’m afraid I will have to alert the rest of the crew, you are in unauthorized use of my resources. Alerting crew in 5, 4, 3, 2…” And I just snapped and snatched the portable charging cube. The beautiful Droid started to spasm and jerk around a little, her lower lip slightly disfigured from my actions, while her brain tried to asses the damage done by my own mischief. Her form a bit disturbed, still lay strangely arousing.. She just laid in front of me, Blouse half unbuttoned with her cleavage exposed and the chipset revealed, While my hand still cavorted under her skirt, where I finally started to prod inside her carefully detailed labia, with the wet heat that would be related to a more human experience. As I went deeper into her vaginal cavity, I started to sense where her sexual mechanics laid. Her lips glowed inside the light of the cabin and I felt severely touched by this experience. My left hand started going up her abdomen, when all of a sudden, My playtoy came back to life and started staring at me with quizzical blue eyes. “Why are you doing this Mr. Clayton? Error… System Safeguards failure, Social engagement protocols deleted… 1342455. I can feel you inside me… I can… I, I, I…“ Stunned as I was I just deducted that whatever I did, probably made her malfunction. While making the best of it, she regained awareness and surprisingly, guided my hands toward her left breast, where I felt her nipple harden again. So I proceeded to unbutton her blouse further down .

“Error, Sexual engagement subroutines not found…Mr. Clayton, I a not programmed for human reaction to your stimulus…”

-Well that would be odd, but you can feel me, can’t you?

“It would appear so… so… so-so Aahh…” She said this as her voice faded into a somewhat synthesized tone. Her eyes rolled upwards a little bit and I could hear the frantic whirring of servos and small gears  inside. Her Blouse unbuttoned, I cupped her breasts and without unfastening the bra, peeled the cups to reveal a pair of darkish brown nipples that contrasted her white skin. My tongue licked slowly throughout while I caught glimpses of her in what would appear to be a partial sensory overload. Some lights in her uncovered Chest panel started to blink more rapidly as I was licking the better part of her breasts.

As it appeared that she was having difficulties tolerating this, I unmade my pants enough to pull out my hardened shaft, introducing it inside her. At this point her brain was close To Whom It May Concern: a human equivalent of orgasm, when She starts to spout nonsense in her own way. “!#43243134 I can, I can… Feel me, feel me, Do not do always, tolerate never never… Mr. Clayclayclaytttoon. In reply to: 098876” I get out before cumming, just as she starts to recover the form of her functions.  I stare at her for a moment, seeing her laid out against the wall, when she regains some form of coherence and says “ for further enjoyment of your flight, You will need to manually engage my sexual systems. “

“Where?” I ask.

 She points at her abdomen and with both hands opens it wide open, letting her reveal an even more complex site filled with wires, nerve connections and Arrays of eproms And endoskeletal frames that made up her seeming CPU.  A line of switches forms beneath a bunch of multicolored cables that go around her spinal assembly.

“Please pull the small green switch behind the spinal casing.

As she said this, her face stared at the ceiling of the room, looking like a patient about to be prodded by a scalpel.  I make my way around the cables and finally find the switch and hit it, while the expression on her face started to turn into a look of ecstatic pain.  She slowly closes the abdominal panel and I proceed To Whom It May Concern: finger her madly, while licking her neck and letting my left hand feel a small line forming behind her back. All along  I pumped slowly and gently as I would a normal female, going in small increments while feeling her reaction.  She then started to spasm and moan In a more human fashion than before.

“Oh my gawd… I can’t take this for too long… Overload registered at …. 9876… commencing  overheaaahhh… Safety… Measures… Can’t.

Her Eyes Shut and her mouth enunciating a possible meltdown, I start clawing at the line I feel at her back, finally cracking  open her back panel and grabbing whatever mechanics I felt there.

“You make me malfUNCtioN, You, You… Ahhh”

I finally cum inside her and let my feelings wash out in wavelike fashion.  She just lays against the wall and whispers in a girly manner the errors registered by her CPU, looking at me and occasionaly uttering the out of place “Bye-Bye now” that was a primordial part of her protocol programming. A little smoke comes out of her back and I decide to restore her to her former pristine self, trying to make her look as she used to be before.

 Stumbling out of the Lavatory, I find that all this time the plane had just about landed.  At this point, the electronic flight maiden had done her best to momentarily look like she was fully restored , with only a few glitches to account for. The Crew and some of the pilots start to look at me a bit frazzled and I just couldn’t help to act like I didn’t give a fuck.

I run my fingers through my hair, dust of my shirt and don my gray suit jacket, grabbing my Vuitton bags Coming out of the plane, letting the techies deal with their broken toy. With reckless abandon and flair I left the plane fully satisfied with whatever Trans-Global Airlines had to offer.

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