Mind Magic


Northern Chill

Chapter 1:

                      The keyboard clattered loudly as the slender teenager looked at the images that were available at the website he was at.  If his father Bill had walked in on Gerry at that moment, the teenager knew he would be told to get off the site selling adult sex toys instantly followed by a long lecture on how Gerry can look at whatever he wanted when he was living on his own.  In fact, it was a scenario that had played out several times in the past but Gerry learned to tune out on the words early on.

                       “Man, I can’t believe how good looking the Bambi doll is...she’s fucking incredible!” Gerry thought to himself as he stared at the picture of the dark haired, real doll that was on his monitor screen.  The site touted the sex toy’s amazingly realistic features and how the owner of the doll would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a real woman when it came to making  love.  The dark haired teenager thought some of the site’s claims were complete bullshit but the sight of the doll’s glossy boobs and inviting pussy was causing Gerry to absently rub his groin with his right hand.

                       “If I only had the money to buy one of these babies, all those taunts from the guys at school wouldn’t bother me in the slightest,” Gerry thought as he knew the money in his bank account was far less than what the site wanted and his father insisted that he keep a certain amount of money in the account for his freshman college year in the fall.  Gerry knew college would be a big step for him but it also represented a whole new group of women that would ignore him in favor of the athletic jocks that they would see.

                      “Gerry?  Gerry, are you in there?  Wake up!  I’ve got a job for you to do!”  his father called out from the other side of Gerry’s bedroom door.

                      “Ummm, uhhh, yeah, Dad.  Just give me a minute or two to get dressed, ” Gerry replied though he was already fully dressed for the day.  Quickly shutting down his computer, the teenager made several noises to make it seem like he was getting dressed before going to the door and opening it with a wide yawn.

                      “Yeah, Dad, what do ya want?  It is a Saturday, ya know!” Gerry muttered as he absently scratched his side with his right hand.

                     “Hey, take it down a notch, OK?  The delivery company dropped off the boxes of stuff we bought at the estate auction last weekend and I need you to go through all of the boxes and let me know exactly we’ve got from the auction.  Some of the stuff I bought sight unseen so there might be some valuable items in a box or two.   I’d help you but the head office has called in all sales managers for a meeting that is supposed to last most of the day.  Most of it is pretty easy but there are a few boxes that need to be opened and gone through.  Just jot it all down on a piece of paper and we’ll figure out what to do with it next week, OK?”   Bill told his son before turning and heading towards the front door and a taxi outside that was already beating its horn.

                     “Yeah, but...but, Dad, where should I put it after I’m done?” Gerry called out as he knew his father was underplaying what the chore entailed.

                     “Talk to ya tomorrow!  Bye!”  Bill called out as he pulled his jacket on and hurried to the side of the cab door.  Less than a minute later, Gerry was alone in the house and with both cars in the shop for minor repairs, a day that promised nothing but tedious work.

Two hours later.....

                  “....hell would he buy so much stuff sight unseen?  Fuck!” Gerry muttered out loud as he prepared to dig into another old chest that was part of what his father had purchased.  So far, for every nice thing he had come across, Gerry found junk like a box of old clothes, scrapbooks filled with old newspaper articles and other stuff that belonged in the dump.

                 “I think when Dad gets back from his meeting, I should talk with him about avoiding these kind of things in the future.  Awww, fuck!!!” Gerry grumbled as he opened the trunk up and had the lid fall completely off to the floor as the chest seemed to disintegrate to pieces.

                 “Christ!  Now I’m going to need to vacuum all this..cough..dust and crap up...cough....this day keeps getting worse and worse!”  the teenager grumbled as he brushed the dust off his arms and chest.  Sighing, Gerry reached down and started to pull the items and chest remnants out of the pile and saw the chest looked like it contained several old suits that looked like they hadn’t been worn in decades.  Gerry was about to toss the stuff inside and head upstairs to get the vacuum when something caught his eye from the bottom of the mess.  Squatting down, he saw what looked to be an expensive looking wooden box sticking out from under the bottom of the chest remnants.

                 “Hmmm, looks like Dad got lucky and got something that is worth something after all.  This must have been hidden in some sort of false bottom in the trunk and no one noticed it until now,” Gerry thought to himself as he sat down on a nearby chair and started to examine the box in question.  After a few moments, Gerry found a small metal button on the front of the box and managed to open it when he depressed it.  Gerry figured there would be jewelry or something similar inside but what he saw surprised him immensely.

                 Inside the box, Gerry saw what looked to be a small silver rod with the tip made of a dark red substance.  Underneath, Gerry found several books and what appeared to be some kind of diary maintained by the rod’s owner.  Intrigued by what he had found, Gerry put everything back in the box and headed upstairs to look the stuff over in his room.

                Over the next couple of hours, Gerry read the books and diary intently and it seemed that with every page he read, his eyes widened in amazement and disbelief.  According to what he read, the rod was actually some kind of wand that belonged to a supervillain that called himself “Matter Master”.  The wand enabled Matter Master to do a wide variety of things from changing animate objects to inanimate items, mind control over opponents, size changing of objects and a lot of other things that were in the manual.  Going over the diary, Gerry learned that Matter Master (who apparently was an accountant named Jack Johnson) had clashed more than once with superheroes in his exploits but had managed to avoid capture on every occasion.  However, after one encounter with a hero called the Mentalist, the man wrote that his memory seemed to be eroding steadily day by day and his plans for world domination had already been completely forgotten.  The last entry in the diary consisted of ramblings about buying food for the cat and wondering if the weather was going to get better.

               At this point, Gerry would have tossed everything in the garbage and dismissed it all as the ramblings of a senile old fart but there was something to all this stuff that seemed to indicate there was truth in what he read.  Remembering the scrapbooks he had found, Gerry brought them to his room and started going over them.  To his surprise and amusement, Gerry saw that Jack had collected clippings detailing his clashes with heroes during his career of villainy.  On a few of the articles, Gerry saw there were a few hand written notes by Jack such as “bitch” written next to a photo of  a heroine flying in the sky and “broke two ribs” next to a picture of a man punching a green and silver clad figure.

              After another hour or so, Gerry closed up the books and took a seat on his computer chair.  Debating what his next step was going to be, Gerry started visiting his favorite love doll websites though he wasn’t really focusing on what was on the screen.  “Well, what do I do with this?  I don’t tell anybody about it...they’ll probably take it away and tell me it was all bullshit!  I could try and get money and power with it like this Matter Master guy did...who the fuck am I kidding, though?  I’m not a guy who can go hand to hand with a hero who can toss a car into the air with his little finger!  Fuck, I’d get killed or locked up in a prison cell faster than it took me to read all this stuff.  Man, I want to do something, though...I can’t be a guy who gets mocked by all the women all his life.  Hell, I can’t even get a date on a Friday night!” Gerry thought to himself as he rubbed his eyes and tried to figure out what to do.

             As Gerry stared at the computer screen and the image of Dee Dee, the newest Real Doll, appeared on the monitor, a plan began to form in the dark haired teenager’s mind.  A way to use the power in a way that wouldn’t attract a huge amount of attention but satisfy his most basic desires.

             “Awww, shit, I’ll never get done downstairs if I keep daydreaming at this rate.  I better put this stuff out of sight, for now,” Gerry muttered as he stood up and quickly moved to put the scrapbooks in his bedroom closet and the box under his bed behind a few pieces of dirty laundry that needed to be cleaned.

            “Starting Monday, things are going to change for me..and for a few other people as well,” Gerry muttered as he patted the box before hurrying back down the stairs.

Monday afternoon...at the local high school...Gerry’s last class of the day


             “Now, I understand your regular science teacher was supposed to be giving back your tests today so I’ll do this now and briefly discuss the results afterwards,”  Miss Braswell intoned from the head of the class.  As Gerry half listened to what the auburn haired teacher was saying, he couldn’t help but mentally notice that despite the thick looking glasses and conservative attire, Miss Braswell was a very attractive woman with nice looking tits and a butt that looked really sweet.  Gerry mentally wondered if he could adjust his plan and Miss Braswell would be the first step in it.  He had the wand with him in his backpack but there was no seeming opportunity....

             “Now, as you can see, some of you fared rather poorly in the test and your teacher left me a note that three of you should stay after school for remedial help.  Brad Simpson, Carl McArthur and...”  the teacher intoned before being interrupted by the bell ringing signifying the end of the day’s classes.  “and Gerry Crandall are all asked to stay behind today!”

             “Awww, fuck!!  The one test I didn’t bother studying for and this has to happen!  Damn!” Gerry thought to himself and clenched his test paper tightly in his right hand.

                “Uhhh, Miss Braswell?  Uhh, sorry, but me and Carl have to be on a bus in fifteen or so minutes to go to our next football game.  The coach has always told us that we can do this stuff on the next school day,”  Brad said as he raised his hand and started to stand up with his fellow football player Carl.

                The teacher sighed.  “I don’t understand a school where a sport takes priority over education.  Brad, Carl, take me to your football coach right now!  Gerry, stay here and read the first six pages of chapter seven in the text!”  Miss Braswell said before sighing and heading out of the classroom followed by Brad and Carl, who were openly smirking.  As the door closed behind them, Gerry got his backpack out and pulled out the wand that was inside before glancing up at the bulletin board at the front of the classroom.






             I think that message needs a little changing,” Gerry thought as he stood up and walked over to the chalkboard....

Fifteen or so minutes later.........

                “...coach sounds like those young men are here just for football.  Gerry?” Miss Braswell muttered as she entered the room and saw no one sitting down.  A moment or so later, the teacher was enveloped from head to toe in a beam of silver tinged energy that emanated from the wand clutched in the hands of Gerry, who was partly concealed behind the teacher’s desk.  For the briefest of moments, it seemed to the teacher like her body had come in contact with a live electrical wire.  However, this thought, like most of her thinking, dissipated rapidly in wake of what the teenager in front of her said next.

           “Close the door behind you, lock it and pull down the blind.  Do not scream or shout for help.  Do everything I tell you to do without hesitation.  Walk back here after closing the door,” Gerry said softly with a determined look on his face.

           The teacher did as she was told and stood stiffly before Gerry a minute or so later.  “What are you doing to me?  Please let me go.  I won’t tell anyone about this,”  Miss Braswell said plainly.

           “I’m doing this because I have the ability now to change my world.  Tell me what your first name is and if anybody will notice you going missing,”   Gerry intoned as he brushed a hair off the teacher’s right shoulder.

               “My first name is Bonnie.  I just moved to the area a week ago.  I’m unmarried, my parents are both dead and my nearest relative lives in Europe,”  the teacher intoned as a fearful look crossed her face.

               “No, but I think you need to have your attitude adjusted slightly.  You no longer fear me and, in fact, desire me to touch you and caress your body,” Gerry said as energy enveloped Bonnie’s body once again.

               When the energy dissipated, Bonnie closed her eyes and when she open them, a look of pure passion was visible on her face. “Oh, Gerry, why don’t you hold me close to you?” she whispered in a soft and sexy manner.

                “Hmm, I think I have some time for that.  Why don’t you take off your jacket and blouse first?” Gerry said as his cheeks flushed a little in anticipation of what was to come.

                A small part of Bonnie’s brain screamed in protest but it wasn’t in control of her body. “Why, sure.  Give me a minute,”  Bonnie intoned before she started unbuttoning her jacket and removing it followed by her white blouse.  After putting the garments on the desk, Bonnie faced Gerry with her left hand on her hip and her right hand hanging loosely at her side.

            Gerry swallowed hard at what he saw.  Bonnie was wearing a black lace bra that barely concealed her nipples and breasts that Gerry ached to touch.  With his left hand trembling noticeably, Gerry placed it atop one of Bonnie’s boobs and and started to rub the soft lace over the breast’s surface.  To Gerry’s surprise, Bonnie grabbed his other hand and placed it over her other breast.  The teacher moaned softly as Gerry rubbed and caressed her breasts and her nipples hardened very quickly in response.

            Deciding to not go too far, Gerry withdrew his hands after a few more minutes and ordered Bonnie to stand in front of her desk.  “Bonnie, I want you to turn your head and read what is on the board to yourself,”  the teenager intoned with a small smile appearing on his face.

               Eager to please the person in front of her, Bonnie turned her head towards the board and her eyes widened at what she saw....







               “Real Doll named Dee Dee,” Gerry said and energy enveloped Bonnie once again.  This time, the changes happening to Bonnie were much more visible as her body started to take on the characteristics of a silicone sex doll.  Blemishes and freckles disappeared as did all of her bodily functions.  In a matter of moments, she could feel her insiders were being replaced by soft material that made her new artificial body pliable but not breakable.  Her skin took on a slightly glossy look and she could feel the same happening to her nylon clad legs.  Bonnie’s mouth formed into a sexy pout even as her eyes became colored features with a frozen look of pleasure.  Bonnie’s breasts seemed to freeze in place as a last breath faded away and her breasts took on the silicon filled features that all real Dolls were noted for.   She sensed that her sex and anus were forming opening made of the same material the rest of her was now composed of and, odder still, ached for something she mentally couldn’t put her finger on.  As her change into an inanimate sex toy neared completion, Bonnie’s mind regained control of her being but she was completely helpless.

               “Huh?  What, what’s been going on?  The last thing I remember was walking into the classroom and then...nothing!  Why the hell can’t I move or talk?  Why does my body feel so weird?  Why is Gerry just standing there leering at me?  Don’t just stand there, help me!”  Bonnie thought to herself as she tried to move but found her whole body unresponsive to her wishes.

               “Wow!  This is one damn fine looking doll!  I can’t wait until I get you home,” Gerry muttered as he walked over and ran his hand over the soft midriff of the Real doll standing in front of him.

              “A doll?  I’ve been turned into some kind of damned doll?  You bastard!  Let me go now!  I’m going to have you thrown in jail so fast when I’m human again!  Leave me alone!”  Bonnie thought to herself even as a small part of her mind reveled in the caresses from the teenager responsible for her current state.

              Gerry had every intention of disrobing his new sex doll and sampling her wares right there but a realization ran over his mind, which was overheated in sexual excitement at the moment.

           “How the hell am I going to get a sex doll that looks just like a teacher out of the school without anyone noticing or raising a fuss?” Gerry thought to himself.

To be continued.......