by Paul G. Jutras

     John Dyke was walking through a construction area while the workers were on break. He tripped on a crack and fell onto an orange construction cone. "Mine." He said, snatching up the cone and walking off. "Anything I touch is mine."

      John continued toward his home on the hill that over looked the city dump. He had owned the property the dump was built on so that he could keep his collection in. Everything he ever touched and took that couldn't fit in his house any longer was there. The hill was high enough that most of the town could see the house itself..

     As it started to rain, a brunette woman started to get her umbrella open when it brushed against him. "Mine!" John said as he snatched hold of the umbrella. The two struggled with it until her grip slipped and she fell on her butt.

     "You going to help me or not?"  The woman asked as he held up her arm. With a grin he grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her to her feet. As soon as she got up, she found he wouldn't let go. "The name's Lois Class."

     "You're mine now!" He chuckled.

     "What?" she asked as a blow to the back of her head knocked her out.  He then scooped up her limp body and carried her to his home.

      When Lois woke up, she found herself in a large steel cage. The type she once saw a Gorilla arrive at the zoo in. She had been stripped of all her clothes and watched her nipples stand erect in the cool air of her dungeon like location.

     "What are you going to do with me?" Lois cried out.

     "You are mine for keepsy." John said with a smile. "Whatever I touch, I own. And I touch you when I helped you to your feet. That makes you mine like all the other women I've touched."

      "What other women?" Lois asked as she stared out of the cage at a series of glass, stone and plastic statues in alcoves along the wall. They looked remarkably realistic, as if.... Fear registered in Lois' eyes as John rolled out a machine in front of her and turned it on.

     A long snake-like tube with a dildo at the end of it brushed her crotch and entered her pussy. Instantly her body froze up from the neck down as the tube began pumping a soft liquid inside of her. She watched helpless as her breasts started to look fuller. As full as she felt between her legs. Waves of pleasure flooded through her as her skin took on a glossy appearance and her eyes became fixed forward in a glassy stare. Lois could not move a muscle.

     "There you go, dear." John laughed as the snake like tube retracted, leaving the dildo deep inside of her. A vibrating hum kept her amused as he opened the cage and lifted her out. She could not lift a finger to stop him; her body remained stiff. He then straightened her arms and legs like a soldier at attention. She had multi-orgasms  as her entire body became one big sensitive pleasure zone.

     "I think you're really going to like this." John said as he set her naked body down upon a display stand. The metal rod plunged up her ass, making her feel like a vibrating butt plug was put in her.  She just stared in her aroused state at a woman made of glass across from her, wondering who that had been.


    "What's with the outfit?" Lois thought as he passed by her in a parka and other winter clothes. She could hear faint moans in the distance and wondered what it was all about. When he returned, carrying his winter clothes, she noticed how hard and erect his penis was.

      "Being new to my collection, I bet you're looking at me and wondering what I was doing." John smiled as he penetrated her with his penis and pushed the dildo even further inside of her. As much as she wanted to jerk her hips about in her aroused state, she couldn't.  "Some of my statues are made of ice and have to remain in my special  cooler." He then put on his coat and left her alone.

      It seemed like an eternity before he returned, although it was only fifteen minutes. He then held up a remote and pressed a button.  She felt herself move, but he was controlling her as her numb arms lifted her off the display rod while her numb legs stepped down from the platform. She could only watch herself helpless as her arms ran over his hairy chest. The dildo continue pulsing inside as she got down on her knees and gave him a blow job.

     "You are a good one." John smiled as she continued to suck the juices out of him. With a button as his only order, she released him and laid on her back with her legs spread apart. He then climbed on top of her and penetrated her vagina while folding her breasts. Between him and the dildo inside, she never had such erotic thoughts pass through her head. She could no longer think of anything that wasn't sexual.

     "You are good." He grinned as he rubbed his hand over her wet crotch and licked her pussy juices off his fingers. "I told you that every part of you is mine."

     "Who cares," Lois thought. "Just keep the pleasure coming though me. That's all I really need now."

     "Look at your face." He frowned as he held up a make up kit. "Lucky for you, everything touched is mine. You'd better fix your face before you go back on display."

     Lois would of wanted to fix her face even if she wasn't ordered to do so.  What she really wanted was her clothes back. She soon found herself resuming her frozen, naked stance in the alcove. Positioned anyway he wished with the display base sending a vibrating rod up her ass, she was soon too lost in pleasure to care about her nakedness.


       As the years came and went, she gave her master many nights of  love. Those nights she didn't have sex, she was stimulated on both sides by her vibrators. She watched as many more additions were added to John collection, but she didn't care. She had the vibrating pulses. Without the need to eat, sleep and release waste products, that was all she really needed.



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