Missing Amy

by tectile

     Robert paced from room to room, trying to decide if he wanted to do this again. The last few times had ended so badly that he wondered if it was worth the pain just to quell his loneliness for a few hours and pretend she was with him once more.

     Anything had to be better than coming home to an empty house day after day, spending dull hour after dull hour sleeping, trying to watch the vid, eating tasteless prepackaged food or drinking himself into a stupor and crying like a child.

     Robert walked into his bedroom and looked at the large metallic coffin shaped unit standing in the corner.  He picked up a  remote from his bedside table and pressed a button. The front panel slid silently open to reveal his beloved Amy.  But of course it wasn't really her.  Amy had left him 6 months ago never to return and this was a beautifully constructed android replica that had cost him almost his entire life savings.  Amy had done some holo modeling a few years earlier so the Synetics corporation had  obtained  some  body scans and been able to produce an exact physical copy right down to the smallest detail.

Robert studied the synthetic beauty standing still and quiet in her storage unit, his finger poised over the button that would bring her to life.  Her hair was dark brown, long and silky, falling to the middle of her back.  Her flawless skin was lightly tanned from the top of her forehead to the tips of her bare toes.  She wore only a short white negligee that hugged her ample breasts and full hips.  Her legs were long and elegantly shaped with just the right combination of toned muscle and feminine softness.

Taking a deep breath Robert made his decision and pushed the button.

For a moment nothing happened until a barely discernible sound could be heard coming from somewhere deep inside the lovely android.  Her large brown eyes opened and stared blankly into space.  Her lips parted and she spoke in a harsh mechanical  monotone, "Amy 61758.  Loading personality profile... System checks confirmed... Starting Amy 61758"

The android turned her head stiffly from side to side for a few seconds as she oriented herself to her surroundings. Suddenly her warm brown eyes focused on Robert's haggard unshaven  face. "Hello Robert. I missed you so much."  She said in Amy's soft pleasant voice.  "I"m  so sorry I left you," she continued, stepping from her storage unit and slowly approaching him.  "Can you ever forgive me? I love you and won't ever leave you again.  Let me prove it to you. Kiss me darling" she said, reaching out for him.

Robert tried to back away for a moment, his mind telling him this wasn't really Amy  but when her hands found his she drew him to her until their bodies were only inches apart.  Her arms came up around his neck and she pulled him even closer until he could feel her firm breasts pressing against his chest.  At this point his mind lost the battle for control  and his lust for the lovely woman standing so near took over.  His physical reaction to the sight, sound and smell of her was unmistakable.  Almost without thought he clutched her to him holding her tight and buried his face in her fragrant hair. 

Amy responded instantly, grinding her hips against him and moaning softly deep in her throat.  His hands found the ties of her flimsy night gown and he quickly untied them ripping the garment off her letting it fall to the floor between them.  His lips found her warm willing  mouth and he kissed her roughly thrusting his tongue deep into its wet softness.  He ran his hands down her back to her firm buttocks pushing her hips hard against his now almost painful erection.

Robert pushed Amy back toward his unmade bed.  The back of her knees found the edge of the mattress and she sprawled out on to the tangled covers.  Robert gazed down at her nude body.   Fumbling fingers tore at the buttons of his shirt and pants as he quickly shed his clothes.  He threw himself on top of her, thrusting his rock hard member deep into her eager velvety wet sex.

Amy's moans increased as he thrust himself deep into her again and again and again. The intensity of his orgasm built and built until it burst through his mind like a tidal wave flushing away all conscious thought. Amy screamed and writhed under him as she too exploded in ecstasy.

After long minutes his raspy breathing returned to normal.  Robert raised himself on an elbow to look down at Amy's lovely face.  She smiled up at him in return and began to gently caress his face shoulders.  

"Amy, Why did you leave me?"  Robert whispered.

Amy's face went slack. Her eyes took on a glassy dead look. "I am not programed with that information" came her emotionless response.

Robert's anger flared up from some dark part of his soul and he grabbed her throat in his powerful hands and began to squeeze.  He felt something break under his grip and Amy's arms and legs began to flail uncontrollably.  He could hear tiny servos whirring and grinding inside her.

"WHy?...Why?...Why you bitch?" He screamed into her contorted face.

As fast as his rage had come upon him it was gone. Robert loosened his grip around her throat and wondered just how much damage he had done to the android.  

Amy's convolutions began to subside and her beautiful brown eyes filled with tears. "Why did you have me built?" She sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Are you going to keep hurting me like this? I love you so much and I can make you happy if you just give me a chance." Amy's face went blank again and the violent convolutions seized her once more.

Robert watched with a mixture of horror and concern as the lovely android wound down like some sort of wind up toy. Then it was over. Amy lay still and silent on the bed.

Robert picked up the broken doll in his arms and placed her gently in the cabinet where she would await the next time his loneliness became unbearable.  

 He lay down on the bed where he had made love to the pale imitation of his lost soul mate and tried in vain to sleep.

In the morning he would get flowers to place on Amy's grave and try to get through another day without her.


tectile 5/1/02

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