The Robo-Lover



Author's note: Some people ask me why I include violence in what is otherwise a happy, and sexy story. I reply that Nova's life and world is a violent and ruthless place. That violence is a part of her life just as eating is in ours. Sadly enough I would like nothing better than to write happy stories of androids and robots, but my sense of realism and style wouldn't let me sleep with it. Perhaps it's my fatal flaw, but I can't seem to be satisfied with a happy ending. Not when the truth is that most stories don't end happily. - Nova



NVA-7 opened her eyes, and her visual matrix slowly focused in on the room around her. A low ceiling in a cramped little apartment. Scattered, spartan furnishings. The place was clean, though a bit cluttered. She tried to rise, when a damage display came into her field of vision.


Systems damaged.

35% lower skeletal and servo motor

15% Memory terminal and data storage

5% internal power

Repairs proceeding.

Systems operating on reserves.

ETA estimated time for repair completion: UNKNOWN

NVA-7 winced, experiencing the pain data that her tactile sensors fed to her Moleculartronic CPU. She thought it almost ironic that someone could design a machine, whose main purpose so far had been assassination, to feel pain from injuries. But she had also been designed to experience pleasure, so perhaps it was a trade off. NVA-7 shut down her tactile sensors in the damaged regions. It would make things a bit more complicated as far as movement, but it would allow her to move without hinderance.

She surveyed her lower torso and leg. The syntheskin that covered her chassis had been torn and ripped in many places and dried fluids that flowed beneath it to keep it warm and supple had crusted and clumped in the damaged areas. Servos in her torso and leg whined and protested, grinding themselves together with a horrid screech of metal on metal. Wiring and tubing jutted from some of the wounds and parts of her internal structure with it's chipsets and LED displays could be seen in her ripped abdomen.

She tried to recall the data that had led her to this condition but found it was irretrievable. Until her memory storage repaired and restructured itself, there would be many lost or fragmented files in her memory. She had trouble even recalling the details of her mission. She knew that yet again she had been sent by The Daikoku Corporation to assassinate someone....But who?

NVA-7 resented her role as a killing machine for the Corporation, a fact that she carefully hid from her creator/owners. But currently she had no way of escaping them. If she tried to run, they would send other NVAs to track her down and render her dysfunctional. She wanted to cry, sensing the hopelessness, but her core programming reminded her of the Bushido ethics which were instilled in her. Loyalty and devotion to one's master was foremost in her program. So she fought back the rising tide of despair and instead tried to concentrate on gathering data on her current whereabouts.

NVA-7 saw a paper on a nearby table. The date read: Wednesday November 5th 2009. She conferred with her timing sensors and came to the conclusion that her last memory was of getting her assignment, and that had been two weeks before today's date. Two weeks of memory that had totally disappeared from her data files. She herself was laying on a soft couch in what appeared to be someone's livingroom. Curious pictures and paraphenelia cluttered the areas. An ancient desktop computer sat in one corner of the room. The display read: Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots newsgroup postings 11/05/09. She thought it was interesting and read some of the postings listed on the screen. Apparently someone named Robotraci had left a picture on the newsgroup. The picture was of a pretty woman dressed in some sort of very shiny chrome outfit and posing sexily. The heading at the top of the posting read: Sorayama Pic 1. NVA-7 recognized the artists's name and work. Since her creators were largely a Japanese firm, they had programmed her with many Japanese cultural references and icons. Hajime Sorayama was one of the most well recognized figures in the Japanese art world. She smiled and turned to a printed picture laying on a low table. She was amused to see a picture of a man and woman dressed in household clothing, yet their bodies were held at odd angles and their eyes were wide-open. She turned the picture over and read the name on it: Shields and Yarnell. The names meant nothing to her. For all of her vast memory and computing power, surprising little of all but the most common media references was stored in her Moleculartronic databanks.

NVA-7 tried to stand and found that she could walk with some difficulty. She limped/hobbled to another stack of papers and looked through them. It appeared to be a story about humans turning themselves into androids. She quickly scanned through the stack of papers. NVA-7 smiled. How odd, that humans would wish to become machines. Her own goal was to become more human, and experience the lives that humans took for granted. The story was titled: "The Offer" and written by someone named Android. She almost laughed. Androids like herself were almost totally unknown to the general public, a secret that the Daikoku Corporation tried to keep as well hidden as possible. NVA-7 noticed that there were several stains on the carpet from her fluids leaking on to it. She calculated that she had probably been carried inside and laid out on the couch. She then paused to consider if she should terminate the person who had saved her. After all, he undoubtedly knew of her android nature, and might now be considered a security risk by the Corporation. There was also the possiblity that this was the individual that she had been sent to assassinate. Her ethical codes resolved the dilemma rather quickly. A man who saves your life is responsible for it for the rest of it. It would be bad form to kill someone who had been kind enough to take care of her, and perhaps he or she could be trusted to keep her secret. It was a risk she was willing to take.

NVA-7 removed her synthe-leather boots and pants to better survey the damage. She then sat on the couch and opened an access panel on her right upper thigh. Inside could be seen her complex skeletal and servo system. Luckily the right leg was totally intact. She removed a shiny silver box from the access and closed it. Upon opening the box she removed a set of specialized tools and began to work at repairing the more serious damage on her leg. Patiently she fused and wired the circuits back together, replacing fiber-optics where needed and debrazing the damaged servos.

The time was: 9:49P.M. when the key turned in the lock and the door began to open. NVA-7 looked up from her work. She blinked as her CPU calculated whether or not to assume a defensive posture. Her conflict resolution index quickly informed her that it was not polite to attack people in a home that was not her own. In any case, the person coming through the door was most likely her saviour and harming him or her was not acceptable at this time.

Jason stepped tiredly through the door. He was around 5' 9", and fairly fit for the youthful 23 year old he was. His smiling features and light brown hair presented a friendly and excited countenance that now looked a bit worse for wear. He shuffled in with a pair of large grocery bags and set them on the table. He headed into the livingroom to see how his guest was doing. He did a doubletake when he saw her half naked and placing a silver box in a panel full of metal and flashing lights on her leg. She closed the panel and smiled sweetly at him. He hadn't seen her eyes before. He nearly became lost in them. They were a beautiful blue that contrasted with her long firey-red, blonde hair. As he looked at them he noticed that there seemed to be a slight luminescence to them, in fact they seemed to emit a subtle light of their own.

"Uh, H-hi!", he stammered awkwardly, "I didn't know if you ate or not, so I brought home some groceries. I usually just grab some take-out someplace."

"Thank you", she said, "In fact I was beginning to get a bit hungry".

Oh that voice!!, he thought. So melodic, like an angel's, and her accent, strange. Like British English but with a smooth sound. He talked to her again, hoping she would bless his ears with her beautiful voice.

"Oh. Well sure. No problem," he smiled,"My name's Jason Matting. I found you after that accident. Well, I didn't think a hospital could help a...."

"Person like me?" she offered.

"Yeah", he said "Uhm, are you feeling better?"

NVA-7 nodded. "Yes, Jason I am. The damage is repairing itself as we speak. I'm sure it will only be a matter of hours before I'm fully restored."

"Oh, well that's good to hear," he replied "Is there anything I can do to help?"

NVA-7 smiled, "I don't think so Jason. But the offer is appreciated."

Jason walked up to her and looked her over. Her skin was a fine golden color with no hint of blemishes, birthmarks, nor anything that might make her skin look less than perfect.

"What's your name?", he asked.

NVA-7 blinked as her processor searched for an appropriate response. It would make him uncomfortable to continually refer to her by her model number, and also remind him of her true nature. She formed a new name quickly from the letters in her model number.

"Nova. My name is Nova", she answered.

Jason couldn't help but smile now."It fits you", he said.

Nova looked puzzled at him,"In what way?"

"Well I mean your hair. It's so bright, like a star going supernova", he replied.

Nova cocked her head cutely to one side, letting the hank of hair that usually obscured her left eye, fall almost over both. "When have you seen a star go supernova?"

"Oh I haven't but if I were to see it, I imagine that it would have the same colors your hair does", he laughed.

Nova blinked, processing the information. She felt compelled to tell him that if he were to look at a star going supernova that he would undoubtedly be blinded and perhaps burned to a cinder from the experience, but her social index reminded her that humans often said unusual things like that when they were speaking.

"Uhm, do you mind if I ask you what you are?" said Jason somewhat furtively.

Nova sighed, she truly hoped he could keep a secret. "I am an android. I was designed as a pleasure/bodyguard unit for certain high-level corporate members." She had not entirely told him the truth. Nova's programming prohibited her from revealing her function as an assassin to non-corporate officials. Even most of the technicians who serviced her had no idea of her true function.

"Corporate? Which Corporation? Who built you?" asked Jason, somewhat stunned.

Nova shook her head, "I'm not allowed to reveal that information Jason. I'm sorry. I'm actually a very big secret, and it's better you not ask too many questions that I cannot answer".

"I see. Ok," said Jason a bit disheartedly.

She smiled at Jason," Can I ask why you brought me here, and what happened? You mentioned an accident."

Jason's stomach tore him away from her beauty, momentarily. He hadn't eaten in six hours and was starting to get the hunger shakes. "Uhm, Nova can we discuss this while I cook up some dinner? I'm really starving." he said anxiously.

Nova sensed his discomfort and smiled as she rose and headed past him to the kitchen. "Why don't I make dinner and you just relax? You look like you've had a long day."

Jason started to protest but when she calmly pushed him into his recliner and set a glass of iced water in his left hand and the TV remote in the other he gave in to her. He watched as she began preparing the meal. She was clad only in a shiny red,leather, sleeveless top, and a very form fitting chrome bikini. The sight of her insides flashing and whirring and the noise from her movements provided a stark contrast that was otherwise a perfect female form. His member roused itself and he fidgeted with his pants to relieve the sudden tightness that gripped his loins.

If he had been any less a polite and gentlemanly person he might have grabbed her and tried to make passionate love to her. She was obviously a machine, or at least possessed mechanical parts like a cyborg. But she was not like the robots he admired. She was soft and fleshy. She didn't move stiffly or stare with a wide-eyed look like the actors on TV did. Still, he had to admit that she was gorgeous and had a gracefulness that normal humans couldn not have possessed. Even with the damaged leg she moved with flowing and sweeping grace that he had only seen in ballet.

Jason sighed as he sank into the chair and watched her. Nova continued to quickly prepare a meal from the items she had found in the bags and shelves. In an hour's time she had prepared a good meal for the both of them and called Jason over to dine. Jason was amazed at the speed at which Nova had made such a large meal. He hungrily dug in and and was on a second plate before he noticed her looking at him. Nova smiled at him.

"This is really good Nova, I can't remember when the last time I actually sat down and ate something at this table was" he said between bites.

"You're welcome. It was the least I could do. Perhaps now you'll answer my questions?" she replied.

"Well", he began "I was on my way to work when I saw the hit and run. It looked like someone in a black Mercedes slammed into you as you were walking along the street. This guy didn't stop either, he rolled the car right over you. I was surprised that you weren't crushed flat when I ran over to see you. You were laying there in a pool of, well blood I guess, and with mechanical parts sticking out. I decided that s hodpital wouldn't do you any good, so I picked you up and ran you home. Since it looked like you were already pretty far gone, I didn't know what else to do so I left you on the couch."

Nova sensed there was something he was not telling her. "Really? That's admirable. So what's the rest of the reason you rescued me, and didn't tell anyone else?" Jason melted under her perceptiveness,"Well, I also...kind of have a thing for robots, and when I saw you....I just couldn't help myself. I thought even if you weren't going to function again, that I'd at least have something to help me feel good at night." He blushed as he felt himself grow embarrassed. He'd never admitted his love for robots to anyone outside of the news/chat group, and then only under a safe, and protective alias.

Nova smiled at him. She had heard of such things. People who loved robots and androids. It was still a common taboo in society to love anything other than the "normal" way. Fetishes like his and others were labeled as being deviant and socially unacceptable. People like him sought refuge in huge chat networks where they could live and play out their fantasies and share their love with other like-minded and accepting people. How sad that the only machines like that were either incapable of loving them back, or so secret as to be thought as Science Fiction like herself.

Nova reached out and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "Thank you for saving me. I owe you a debt I can never repay", she said sadly. Jason couldn't help himself any longer. He reached for her and slid around the table to her. He puts his arms around her and kissed her lips. He was surprised at the wetness of her mouth and the sweet cherry flavor that it had. His fingers caressed the surface of her clothing, sliding on the gleaming plastic of her top. She embraced him and kissed him back deeply. Her hands began to stroke and caress his body.

The two moved to his bedroom where they finished undressing each other. He sat on the bed while she stood next to it. Jason caressed her silky skin and rubbed her breasts as he licked her belly. He raised an eyebrow in surprise when he noticed she had absolutely no navel. He smiled, it was yet another reminder that she was indeed not a human. Nova reached down and caressed his head and kissed him. He reached down and ran his fingers along her sex. It was warm, wet and inviting. He reached out for her and turned her around and layed her on the bed on her back. He began to rub and touch her while she caressed his member. He licked and nuzzled at her hairless sex, and was ecstatic when he discovered that it too had a nice cherry flavor and scent to it. Occasionaly he would glance at her exposed mechanics and be spurred to greater ecstasy as he was fulfilling a deep seated fetish in himself.

She continued to lick and caress him until finally in a rush of heat he reached his peak and spent himself. She smiled at him, licking up the last of his love from her hands and chest, then stroked him a bit more. Jason couldn't believe his stamina. He had been mentally exhausted from work, worry and excitement when he had come home, yet these few hours spent with Nova had seemingly revitalized him. He felt like a 16 year old again, as she fluffed him back to erection. She climbed on top of him and wrapped him in her warm and tight fitting sex. He gasped as he felt how soft and seductive she felt on him. She pumped her hips and thighs slowly on him, building his ecstasy in a deliberate and systematic pace. He enthusiastically joined in, pushing himself in and out of her, watching her moan and sigh like a real woman. His hand came into contact with the exposed wiring on her leg and he felt her shudder with pleasure. Could she feel even inside her body? His question was lost in a wave of bliss as she continued to swallow him in her loving embrace. Finally he reached his peak and grunted as he released himself inside of her. Almost simultaneously he felt her reach climax and his member was covered in her warm, wet juices. He lay back exhausted, and drifted into a dreamy slumber.

Nova looked at Jason, laying asleep in the darkness. Her memory had finally repaired itself and her mission became clear once more. She had already fulfilled it. Her job had been to kill a ruthless senator who had been trying to expose Daikoku's plans for controlling the major businesses in the Pittsburgh area. She had managed to crush him in an elevator shaft by slicing the cable while he was in it. That task fulfilled she had been heading back to base when the drunken man in the Mercedes had run her over. Now that she had the data she needed she could return to Daikoku, to be repaired and reprogrammed.

Something in her hurt as she looked at Jason's sleeping form. She felt a desire to be with him, and didn't want to go back. Was this love? This man had liked her because she was not human. Would she ever meet anyone so kind and trusting again? She thought of staying with him, but her ethics reminded her of her first duty. She was a servant of the Corporation and she had to obey them. Besides, if and when they came looking for her they might harm or kill Jason. She already knew that the Daikoku had no qualms with another person being killed. She sighed sadly and kissed Jason's sleeping form. She quietly put her clothing back on and before slipping out the window looked at him one last time.

"Goodbye Jason. I'll always be in your debt", she said softly, then added, "and I'll always love you".

She made her way in the darkness back to the Corporate headquarters. Only when she was alone in the safety of her coffinlike maintenance unit did she allow herself to cry.