Mistress Mannequin

by V. Du'Arden

[A very impressive first ASFR story from this author, Ed.]

I was sitting at a Mall cafe` table out side of Dellacies, giving my feet a rest and sipping a coffee after spending a pleasant couple hours shopping. I hadn't made many purchases since I mostly just 'window shopped', something I found I could do as I rested by simply admiring the outfits worn by the mannequins in nearby window displays. I wasn't alone in admiring the window displays, and I noticed a tall dark haired woman was also studying the displays with obvious interest.

The woman noticed me watching her and flashed me a warm friendly smile. She nodded toward the display and asked in a sexy husky voice, "They are lovely, are they not?"

Thinking she meant the outfits the mannequins was wearing, I nodded and replied, "Yes, especially the blue and green outfit."

Taking a seat across from me the woman said, "Yes, the outfits are very nice too." She introduced herself, "I am Dellane Andrasen."

I introduced myself in return, "I'm Roannda Parker," and asked, "Have you been doing a little shopping too?"

She nodded and said, "Yes, a little." then ordered an espresso from the waitress that seemed to materialize the second Ms. Andrasen sat down.

I noticed she had only one small bag and asked, "Did you find what you were looking for?"

She took a sip of her espresso, smiled and said, "Yes, I believe I have. And please, call me Dellane."

After a bit of small talk about the weather and shopping Dellane commented on the window display again saying, "For a mass produced product, the new line of Henderson Mannequins are very good, but not as fine as my custom made Mannequins of course."

"Ohh," I asked, "You make mannequins? Is it very difficult to make a mannequin?"

Dellane took a sip of her espresso before replying, "Well, yes and no. The actual making is not that hard, and the preparation that is mostly just time consuming. The hard part is finding just the right young woman to be the mannequin."

Dellane paused and looked me over in an obviously speculatively way, then said, "I have finished the preparation to make my next Mannequin and now I am looking for a suitable young woman so I may finish making the Mannequin. I think you would make a lovely Mannequin my dear. Maybe you would be interested in. . . modeling for me?"

I felt flattered as I said, "Me? You'd like me to model for you? But, I'm not a model."

Dellane smiled and replied, "Ohh, I am not looking for any professional model. My Mannequins are all as you say one of a kind and it simply would not be worth the expense to hire a professional model. I will let the mass production mannequin makers pay the premium such professional models would require. Besides, you are just as lovely as any professional model, nor am I interested in making celebrity mannequins."

I smiled wryly and asked, "Ohh, so, you're actually looking for someone who'll be your model for free?"

Dellane chuckled as said, "Well, that would be preferable of course, but she would still have to be what I'm looking for. As I said, the hard part is finding suitable young women."

She glanced at her watch, then said, "I have to be going now, but I really think you would make a very lovely Mannequin, and I would love to use you to make my next Mannequin. Why not drop by my studio to see some of my Mannequins, and visit my workshop, before you make up your mind. I have been lucky and found another lovely young woman who is suitable and interested in posing to be one of my mannequins, so I will be at my studio all day tomorrow. If you decide to drop by I will be most happy to show you around."

As she stood to leave Ms. Andrasen gave me an embossed business card, and as I accepted it I felt a slight tingling sensation flowing throughout my body. Since small annoying static shocks zapped me several times as I shopped in the Mall I assumed the tingling was just another one, although I did notice it didn't really feel much like a static-electric shock. As I reached to accept the card from Ms. Andrasen I thought I saw something like Chinese characters written on the back, but as I examined the card I found only a simple hand drawn map showing where the address printed on the card's face was located.

Looking up after glancing at the card I watched Dellane Andrasen walking away, and found myself admiring her tall slim figure, so very much like a model, or one of the nearby window mannequins. I was honest enough with myself to admit I had some bisexual leanings, not a lot, but enough that I found some women to be sexually attractive. It's mostly just a mild attraction, and one that I have never acted on, but there is nothing mild about what I felt as far as Dellane was concerned.

As I watched Dellane walking away I found my nipples growing almost uncomfortably stiff and swollen, and I felt myself getting wet. I soon felt so wet I hoped there wouldn't be a wet spot on my skirt when I stood up.

After I got home from the Mall I took a nice long hot bath, and found myself fantasizing about making love with Dellane. After my bath, while I watched some old movie on TV, I found myself fantasizing about making love with Dellane. In bed that night, I masturbated myself to sleep as fantasized about making love with Dellane. I just couldn't seem to get her out of my head, and she was still there when I woke up the next morning.

I had never been so, so infatuated with anyone like this before. I seriously wondered if I could be in love. . . with a woman? As I brushed my hair and put some light makeup on I wondered what it would be like to actually make love to another woman. I suddenly wondered if Dellane was a lesbian or at least bisexual. I really hoped so, as the thought she might find the idea of making love with a woman, with me, repulsive finally dawned on me.

An hour later, after the cab dropped me off at the address printed on Dellane's card, I found myself in one of those light manufacturing industrial 'parks'. I'll never understand why such places are called 'parks'. I looked around a bit without finding Dellane's studio before I thought to look at the hand drawn map on the back of the card again. Returning to were the cab dropped me off, I realized that was the starting point on the map, not its destination.

I soon found the entrance to 'Madam Dellane's Mannequin Unique Studio', which would've been as plain and nondescript as all the other entrances to the small manufacturing shops and businesses in the area if not for the red door and gold old English lettering of the hand painted sign.

Since there was no door bell or buzzer I tried the door, and finding it unlocked, I peeked in then entered a surprisingly large reception area. There were over a dozen mannequins -- very beautiful and oddly life like mannequins -- displayed all around the room. I really felt foolish when what I thought was just another mannequin seated at a receptionist desk as a display, suddenly gave me a big smile and asked if she could help me. I was so sure she was just another mannequin I must have almost jumped out of my skin when she moved and spoke. As the shock of surprise faded I realized I must have been mistaken, although I noticed the very attractive young woman did resemble the mannequins in some odd way.

She had a friendly smile and a soft voice, and had to ask, "May I assist you ma'am?" a second time before I recovered from my startlement enough to respond.

I nodded and held out the card Dellane gave me as I said, "Uhh, yes. Ms. Andrasen invited me to drop in for a visit. She seems to think I'd make a good model for a mannequin."

The young woman took the card and looking me over, she nodded and said, "Yes, I see. You would make a very attractive mannequin. I know you will love the way the Mistress will transform you into a beautiful mannequin as she did for me and the other girls she has done."

Her comment about 'the Mistress' transforming me into a mannequin struck me as odd, it sounded a little too literal, but I shrugged it off as she nodded toward a door and said, "If you go through that door and down the short hall you'll come to the Mistresses workroom. I believe the Mistress is working with the young woman who came in first thing this morning."

I thanked the receptionist and went through the door she indicated. I'm not sure what I expected, but what I found after pushing through the beaded curtain hanging across the end of the hallway sure didn't look like the light manufacturing or craft workroom I guess I was expecting. The workroom was looked about 25 to 30 feet square and about half that high, with bare tan brick walls painted with dozens of large abstract graffiti like symbols, a flat tile ceiling painted with similar symbols, and a tiled floor much like the ceiling, but without the painted symbols. The room was lighted by eight, two foot spherical light fixtures suspended on chains about nine feet above the floor. Along one wall was a workbench on which lay the arms, legs, torsos, and heads of several mannequins in various stages of disassembly. The paint and chemical smells I'd expected to fill a workroom where mannequins were made was absent, and in its place was a pleasant musky scent mixed with a slight but noticeable tang of ozone.

As I entered the workroom I saw Dellane pulling a robe on and tying it shut as she walked around a very pretty young woman standing on a low platform. Although I didn't really see enough to be sure I was pretty sure she was naked beneath the robe. Dellane looked pleased as she carefully examined the young woman posing so motionless, and she didn't seem to notice me at first. As I approached I caught sight of the oddly motionless young woman's smooth sexless crotch and belatedly realized 'she' was actually a very life like mannequin. Despite seeing the life like mannequins out in the reception area I still gasped in surprise at realizing my mistaken assumption.

Dellane looked from the mannequin to me with a big pleased smile and said, "She turned out real nice, didn't she? All I have to do now is add the disassembly joints at her wrists, shoulders, neck, waist and thighs, and she'll be ready to put on display."

Dellane stood back, beside me and asked, "Well, what do you think of her?"

I moved a little closer to the mannequin for a closer look then said softly, "Ohh, it's lovely. . . and so amazingly life like." As took the time to look I saw other details, besides the smooth sexless crotch, that showed the mannequin was not, and could never have been a real living person. The mannequin's navel was just a shallow indentation where a real navel should be, and up close I could now see the slight shine of the mannequin's smooth plastic surface. Then the thin curved metal support rod projecting up from the clear plastic base was an obvious give away the figure was a mannequin as it plugged into her about the same place a real woman's ass would be.

As I stood looking at the mannequin Dellane came up behind me to put her hands on my shoulders as she said, "You will make just as lovely a mannequin as Darleen."

I felt a rush of pure lust as she nuzzled my neck, and nodded 'yes' when she asked, "Mmmmm. . . That does sound good to you, doesn't it?"

All I was thinking of was the fulfillment of my fantasy of making love with Dellane as she asked, "You have already decided to become one of my mannequins like Darleen here, haven't you?"

I nodded again and replied with a passion filled, "Ohhhh, yes. Yeessss," before the oddity of Dellane's question registered on my lust-befuddled consciousness. When I turned to ask what she meant, I knew she couldn't have meant what it sounded like, Dellane took me in her arms and gave me such a passionate kiss I forgot about any questions I had. I gave myself fully to the passion I felt and returned Dellane's kiss and embrace.

I wasn't sure how long we were locked together in that wonderful embrace, but when we finally 'came up for air' I found I really needed some air. I felt light headed, weak kneed, and so joyously happy to learn my nagging fears of how Dellane respond to the idea of making love with a woman, with me, was unfounded.

Dellane gave me a hug and said, "Why don't you take your clothes off, while I move Darleen over to the workbench."  She picked up a robe laying on the floor then gestured to one corner of the workroom as she handed me the robe and said, "You can hang your clothes over there. Here's a drape you can wear after you take your clothes off, if you wish."

Then she stepped up on the platform and lifted the mannequin off the support rod. While Dellane tucked the mannequin under her arm and headed to the workbench I began unbuttoning my blouse as I walked over to the corner where a coat rack stood. After I hung my clothes up on the coat rack, with other clothes I assumed were Dellane's, I slipped the robe on and joined her at the workbench.

I quietly watched as Dellane carefully traced lines around the mannequin's upper thighs, waist, wrists, upper arms at the shoulder then I asked, "Do you usually work in the nude?"

Dellane lay aside the marking tool as she chuckled and replied, "Yes, it is my shop, my business, so I set the dress standards, or I should say undress standards. It also helps the young women, such as yourself, who I invite to become one of my mannequins feel at ease if I am naked too. Besides, it is easier and better for me to work in the nude anyway."

I nodded and said, "oh." I picked up a mannequin's hand off the bench and examined it as I commented, "How do you make your mannequins to look so realistic? I see there's no finger prints, but the lines in its palm and across its knuckles adds a touch of realism that makes this hand look really life like."

Dellane picked up a tool that looked a lot like somekind of high tech cheese cutter, and as she wrapped a hair thin wire around the mannequin's right wrist where she had it marked she replied, "Oh, it is very special process I have developed. You will soon see how I make my mannequins first hand." Then she pushed a button on the tool, which made a buzzing sound, then with a 'pop' the mannequin's hand came off.

Laying the hand on the workbench Dellane said, "It will only take me a few minutes to slice up Darleen so her joint hardware can be installed, then we can begin preparing you for your magical transformation into a lovely mannequin."

As Dellane sliced up the mannequin I had a chance to examine the pieces, saw the mannequin's body was a fairly thin shell or skin of plastic filled with a foam. Dellane's referring to the mannequin as Darleen and talking as though it was a real person struck me as odd, and when she mentioned 'magically' transforming me into a mannequin I began to think that is what she really meant. I felt oddly relieved to see the mannequin was such an obvious, if very life like, manufactured object.

The tool Dellane was using made quick work of cutting up the mannequin into the usual pieces, and after laying out the pieces on the workbench she turned to me with a bright smile and said, "Well, now that, that is done I feel like relaxing a bit before start working on my Roannda mannequin. Would you care to join me?"

I returned her smile and said, Oh, sure. I'm in no hurry to pose."

Dellane opened a cooler beneath the bench, took out a couple bottles of apple juice, and gave me one as she opened and took a drink from the other one. As we drank the juice I was wondering how to go about getting Dellane in bed with me. I never flirted with another woman before and I wasn't sure how to begin without coming across like a dumb cliché. I couldn't think of anything except really bad pickup lines I've had to listen to every time some horny guy wanted to get my panties off, so we just chatted, about mannequins or course, until we finished our drinks.

As we talked she showed me around her workroom, I noticed the platform had five sides, instead of four, and was actually the center of a pentagram set inside a pentagon pattern on the floor. This reminded me of Dellane's magic transformation comment, but since I had my mind on other things I didn't think to ask her if the pentagram and pentagons were anything more then a interesting floor tile design.

I may have had trouble thinking of a way to get something started, but Dellane had no such trouble. After she put the empty bottles away she put her arm around my waist and nuzzled my neck as she loosed my robe belt. Then as my robe fell open she slipped it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Before I knew it I found myself laying on the pentagonal platform with my knees raised and apart with Dellane's face buried in my crotch. As I lay flat on my back, looking up at the ceiling, I noticed for the first time there a pentagon-pentagram-pentagon design that matched the one on the floor. I almost asked Dellane about the pentagram and pentagons, but I decided it wasn't important enough to interrupt the wonderful things she was doing down at my crotch.

In no time at all I was in heaven as I fondled and kneaded my breasts while Dellane's wonderful tongue and lips work 'magic' on my sex, on my swollen throbbing clit. I soon came, then came again, and again, until Dellane finally stopped. Breathing hard, I struggled to prop myself up on my elbows to watch as Dellane walked over to the workbench where she removed her robe before taking something out of a drawer. I saw Dellane slim model's body had high firm breasts, and a slim narrow waist that caused her not overly wide hips to seem to flare out wider then they really were. I was a bit surprised to see her crotch was hairless as a baby's bottom, which caused her simple narrow slit to look more like a little girl's then a fully grown woman.

As Dellane returned I saw the things she got from the drawer was a tan dildo or maybe a large butt-plug, and a bright pink cigar shaped thing I assumed was another dildo. Smiling, Dellane stepped up on the platform and knelt astride my chest with her hairless little-girl-like crotch only a few inches from my face. I didn't need any other invitation to do, for the first time, what I had been fantasizing about doing since yesterday. My first tentative lick revealed how slick and smooth her slit was. With my second lick I pushed my tongue tip between the firm folds of her slit, felt the warm slickness of it's depths, and tasted her salty womanly taste. I eagerly continued licking, and sucking, and probing deeper and deeper into the warm smooth slit of Dellane's womanhood. After a while Dellane turned around to kneel over me with her sex almost pressing in my face as she leaned down to begin licking and sucking at my own slit and clit. We continued in this classic 69 position, a position I have often found myself in with the men I have gone to bed with, until we both had several orgasms.

After her third or fourth orgasm Dellane stopped and said, "Love, this has been a fun interlude, but it's time to begin your transformation."

Then I felt her push something in my pussy, something buzzing and which sent warm tingling jolts throughout my body, triggering a long powerful orgasm. While I shuddered in that fantastically powerful orgasm I felt her pushing something huge into my ass-hole.

Dellane got up and stood over me as that first powerful orgasm faded into an equally wonderful after glow. I looked up at Dellane's smiling face and said, "Ohhh Gawd! That was so fucking good!" as I accepted her hand to help me up to my feet.

As she pulled me up Dellane whispered, "Roannda dear, that was only the beginning of a process that will change you forever."

The thing in my pussy continued buzzing, causing my whole body to tingle in a most pleasant way, but I caught Dellane's odd comment and asked, "Uhhh. . . What? What do you mean, 'change me forever'?"

Dellane said nothing, but began tugging at me, changing my stance, posing me.

Unresisting I allowed Dellane to guide me to the middle of the platform where the mannequin support rod was. Then as Dellane lifted me up a little, and I felt something 'click' against the butt-plug she said, "Ohh, why your transformation into a lovely mannequin, of course."

I felt the rod slip into the hollow butt-plug with a jolt as I exclaimed, "What!!? You are joking, aren't you!? I mean you aren't, you can't really going to turn me into a mannequin, like, like. . . ohhh good Gawd!  The girl, the mannequin you cut up. . ."

Dellane nodded as she stood back and said, "Darleen? Yes, she made a lovely mannequin, and so will you."

Dellane let me struggle for a while, but try as I may I couldn't free myself from the rod plugged into the butt-plug stuck in my ass. She finally touched me and said, "Calm yourself. Cease struggling."

Much to my surprise my growing terror faded and I did as she said. I found I had to stand up on my toes a bit because of the high of the support rod, but it really wasn't uncomfortable if I stood up on my toes. I stared at Dellane as she walked around, looking me over and I asked, "But, but surely it's not possible to turn a person into a mannequin?"

Dellane caressed my thigh, ass and back, then cupped my breasts as she said, "Oh yes, it is possible. I have been making lovely mannequins for over a hundred years, and I must say you have a figure that will make an exquisite lingerie mannequin."

"But I don't want to die!" I wailed.

Dellane caressed my cheek and said, "But my dear, you are not going to die, or grow old. Nor will your beauty fade over the years."

I looked around frantically, my eyes resting on the mannequin I had watched her cut up into pieces; now those pieces were laying on the workbench, the mannequin's unblinking lifeless eyes staring out at me from where it's armless upper torso sat. I protested, "Not going to die!? Well, she sure doesn't look alive to me!"

Dellane looked glanced over at mannequin torso and said, "Oh, I see. Well no, Darleen is not 'alive' as the mundane world would define 'alive', but I assure you she is even more aware of her surroundings then she ever was before her transformation."

"But, you cut her up into pieces!"

"Well, of course," Dellane replied, "Darleen is now a mannequin after all, and proper mannequins require disassembly joints. After I install her joints and mounting hardware Darleen will be ready to display a variety of apparel."

Darleen, or what was left of her, continued to stare at me with eyes of glass.

"Nooo, please don't do this to me. I don't want to be a mannequin!"

Dellane caressed my cheek and said, "But you really do, dear. Buried deep within you is an admiration of the still quite beauty of mannequins and a desire to be like them. It was this hidden desire that first attracted me to you in the Mall."

"No!  You must be mistaken!  I know I don't want to be a mannequin!"

Dellane 'shushed' me, then kissed me once more.

The thing in my pussy continued buzzing away and with the tingling sensation slowly growing stronger I felt myself building up to another orgasm despite my terror. With Dellane watching and caressing my breasts, my back, my belly, my sex I felt myself teetering at the edge of cumming until I slipped over with a long drawn out shuddering moan. This orgasm seemed to go on, and on, and on, and when it did finally end I discovered I couldn't move my body. I could blink and move my eyes, and I was still breathing, but I couldn't speak or move in any other way.

Smiling, Dellane stepped back and began looking me over as she walked slowly around my helpless paralyzed form. Talking more to herself then to me she said, "Hummm. . . Now what pose would bring out your best qualities as a lingerie mannequin?" Then she would move my arm, or my hand and fingers, or turn my head a little. I was unable to resist in any way as I held whatever pose she moved me into. Dellane continued making small adjustments, and readjustments until she was finally satisfied.

I was posed with my back arched a bit and my shoulders back to thrust out my already ample 'D' cup breasts. My left arm was raised as though to brush or pat my hair while the other arm was down next to my body with elbow bent. My torso was turned a bit to the right as my head was turned opposite, so I was looking to the left. My legs were apart, with the left leading the right as though I was taking a step, my weight supported mostly by the rod and right leg. I couldn't move a muscle.

Dellane moved a mirror around and adjusted it so I could see my own reflection and see how mannequin like I already looked posed as I was. Except for my obviously non-mannequin crotch, my soft uneven skin tones and tan lines, and my terror filled eyes, I was surprised how much like a mannequin my still, unmoving, pose made me appear. Dellane looked me over one last time, made a couple small adjustments to my pose, then stood beside me and looked at my reflection as she said, "Yes, you will look quite fetching in this pose wearing something frilly and sexy in some lingerie shop like Victoria's Secrets."

*Nooooo. . . I don't want to be a mannequin! Please don't do this to me!*

Dellane's smile took on a sympathetic tone as she said, "Do not worry dear, I merely make your transformation possible and limit your transformation to that of a mannequin. If you truly have no desire to be a mannequin I can not force you to become one, and you will remain as you are. But just let the magic work my dear, and you will soon be the lovely mannequin I know you really wish to be."

Dellane left the platform and began casting her spell. She first said something in a soft musical language as she ran a hand along each of the platform's five sides. Then in a clock-wise cadence she stepped around the circle from out-pointing triangle to in-pointing triangle, to out-pointing triangle, to in-pointing triangle, pausing in each triangle to repeat one of two phrases as she turned around once in either a clock-wise or counter clock-wise direction before stepping into the next triangle. Dellane then stepped outside the outer pentagon, and repeated what she did along the inner raised pentagon's five sides, along each of the outer pentagon's five sides.

While Dellane did this incantation I hadn't felt nothing unusual, other then the buzzing thin in my pussy and the tingling sensation all over my body. All through these initial preparations I had not, could not, move anything except my eyes. I also didn't feel any strain from holding my rigid pose.

After she finished running her hand along the last outer pentagon side Dellane straightened up, stretched and said, "That seals the work area, now to cast the spells and begin your transformation."

Dellane begin singing, in a soft low pitched voice at first, which slowly rose in pitch and volume, then abruptly dropped back in volume and pitch. As soon as she started singing the buzzing in my pussy intensified, as did the tingling, and I felt an orgasm begin to buildup, become more and more intense with the song's rising volume and pitch. Then when the song's pitch and volume suddenly dropped it triggered the building orgasm, causing me to experience the most powerful orgasm I ever had, but without any outward sound or sign except my rolling eyes and fluttering eye lids.

As the song's pitch and volume built again the orgasmic pressure built up again and when the pitch and volume dropped again it triggered another powerful orgasm. As I recovered from my second orgasm and began building up to a third, I noticed the buzzing sensation was no longer limited to my pussy, it now seemed to fill my entire lower abdomen. I also realized the tingling sensation seemed to be stronger in my hands and feet and it kept increasing with every ecstatic moment.

After I had a sixth orgasm I found I could no long blink or move my eyes, and the expression on my face had slowly changed from fear or dread, to one that could be easily interpreted as lusty anticipation. Although I had experienced orgasm after orgasm, with less time between each one, there was no outward sign at all of the mind numbing erotic sensations filling and wildly surging through my stiff motionless body. When the individual orgasms merged into one impossible continuous orgasm it finally happened. It was like an over-inflated balloon suddenly popped as the buzzing tingling sensation filled my entire body, and I watched as the tan lines faded while my skin took on a smoother than natural tone with a slight shiny plastic sheen to it. I watched helplessly as my navel turned into a simple shallow indentation and my pubic hair simply disappeared when my sex changed into the smooth sexless crotch of a mannequin. I stared with a fixed, unblinking, slightly glassy-eyed gaze at the mannequin standing where I was standing, then I suddenly realized I wasn't breathing, didn't feel any urge to breathe, and that my pounding heart and pulse were now silent.

It was true, I was really a mannequin now, just as Dellane had said I would be.

As Dellane stepped up on the platform I thought, "Ohhh gooood Gaawwd! This is real! She really turned me into a real mannequin!"

As Dellane looked me over, just as she had Darleen, she said, "Yes, and you are a very lovely mannequin, indeed, my dear Roannda."

When she caressed one of my unyielding plastic breasts I felt a thrill of pure erotic pleasure shoot through my body, and when she slowly caressed me from my breasts to my crotch, I thought I was going to explode. Then she continued rubbing my smooth sexless crotch I had an orgasm that made every other orgasm I ever had before seem like weak pale imitations, and I was totally unable to physically respond in the tiniest way.

"Noooo, don't stop!" I silently pleaded when Dellane stopped rubbing my crotch.

She smiled wryly and asked, "Now my dear, do you still think being a mannequin such a horrible fate?" Then she tweaked my hard plastic nipples and triggered another orgasm before explaining, "As you have noticed, you are very sensitive to being touched. The touch of clothing you will be displaying will always be pleasurable, and the touch of living flesh anywhere can give you orgasms so intense they would be unbearable to any living woman." She gently blew on my cheek, sending another thrill of erotic pleasure surging through me, then said, "Even the breath of a living person is as pleasurable to you now as any lover's caress."

With my mind shuddering with the sensations surging through my unmoving plastic body, I stared with my unblinking mannequin gaze at my transformed body as the thoughts, "Ohh good Gawd!

                                Ohh good Gawd!
                                            Ohh good Gawd!
            This can't be real!
                                I have to be having a nightmare!
                                                    I, I can't really be a mannequin!"
But it had happened.


As she did with Darleen Dellane picked me up, unplugging the rod from the socket where my ass-hole use to be, and carried my totally rigid body over to the workbench as though I weighed a fraction of what I weighed only minutes ago. The touch of her warm bare skin against my cool hard smooth plastic body triggered a continuous orgasm that effectively paralyzed my thoughts as totally as my body was frozen by the spell. When I became aware of something other than total erotic, orgasmic bliss I found I was leaning against the workbench as Dellane was carefully drawing a line around my right wrist.

I thought, "Ohh Gawd!

                            She's really going to cut me up into pieces!
                                                    No, no, no, please don't do this to me!"


As she continued marking my body Dellane said, "Oh, don't be silly love. How do you think the visual display people will dress you if you don't have proper joints." Her touch still sent thrills of erotic delight through me as she marked my wrists, shoulders, waist, and thighs. After she finished marking where she wanted to install my joints Dellane used the same tool she used to cut up Darleen's body to neatly slice my plasticized body up too.

Just as she said, it wasn't painful or pleasant, but it was a very odd sensation to feel the hair thin cutting wire slicing through my plastic body. I could not actually see my hands or arms being sliced off, but I could feel it like a tickle or itch as it happened. I was surprised to realized I could still feel them afterward, and it was so 'weird' to feel my hands and arms laying on the hard surface of the workbench. Dellane then wrapped the thin cutting wire around my waist and I felt it slice through my waist as easily and painlessly as it did my wrists and shoulders. When she sat my armless torso on the bench it was a shock to see my severed hands and arms laying on the bench. Dellane sat my hips and legs, upside down, on the bench and I watched as she neatly sliced off both legs an inch below my smooth sexless crotch.

I still couldn't really believe I was now only a collection of unfinished plastic mannequin parts laying on a workbench waiting to have joint and mounting hardware installed. I was piaced so I could watch as Dellane worked on the other partially finished mannequins. She didn't seem in any hurry as she very carefully fitted each hand, arm, leg and torso with metal joint and mounting hardware, and finished only one mannequin day. I soon learned time had a totally different meaning to me now, it would zip by if nothing interesting was happening in my field of view, and it seemed like seconds would pass when the workroom lights are turned off at night, then back on in the morning. I had already been sitting, in pieces, on the workbench for three very brief days when I realized I hadn't thought of, or desired to move at all during the last couple of days, and it was an even bigger surprise to realized I wasn't bored either. In fact it was becoming hard for me to recall what it was like to move, or to feel boredom.

Dellane was working on Darleen, talking to us as she usually did, when she looked over toward the beaded curtained entrance and said, "Oh, that must be Karen." Then she turned Darleen and me so we had a clear view of the transformation stage, and slipped on a robe to cover her normally sexless mannequin smooth crotch. A few seconds later, as a slim young woman pushed her way through the beaded curtain, Dellane greeted her warmly.

Darleen and I watched woodenly as Dellane and Karen made love, then as Dellane transformed Karen likewise into a very pretty mannequin like me and Darleen. It was interesting to see the care with which Dellane posed Karen, and watch how Karen's freckled multi-toned skin changed into smooth blemish free plastic as she became Dellane's newest mannequin.

Dellane then cut Karen up and laid her parts out on the workbench beside mine, before she finished installing Darleen's hardware. As with the other finished mannequins, Dellane carefully packed Darleen's parts and several display stands in a shipping box, sealed the box and carried it from the workroom before turning off the lights for the night. It seemed like the lights were off for only a few seconds before they were turned on again and Dellane and a girl who couldn't be any older then 13 or 14 entered the workroom. By now I knew what would happen and I watched as Dellane made love to this young girl before turning her into a mannequin too, and laying her plastic parts out on the bench next to mine and Karen's.

Dellane worked on me undisturbed to rest of the day, and I soon had all of my hardware installed. My last thoughts, as she packed my parts in a shipping/storage box and closed its flaps to plunge me into darkness, was to wonder where I would find myself when my box was opened a timeless interval later. I wasn't at all worried about my fate, nor was I upset at Dellane for turning me into a lovely mannequin.

In the time since my transformation I've fully accepted my new status. I've even come to realize I am thankful I was changed into a mannequin, and that I really don't want to ever be anything else other than the beautiful Mannequin I am now.

The Beginning

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