The Making of Paula

by Paul G. Jutras

        Paula Johnson got into Apollo Department store early. She was ready to start her new job as a mannequin model . When she arrived in the back of the store, she notice how deserted the place was. The window dressers were just about to get off shift and only a handful of employees were moving about the dimly lit store.

     "You must be Miss Johnson." Miss. Wells said as she walked over with a computer punch card. "I've already explain how the cards works to the other models and I don't like repeating myself. So unless you have trouble inserting it, you're on your own."

     Paula was handed a computer card and watched as the other girls started to strip before her. As Paula started doing to do the same, the cold room made her nipples go erect and her vagina felt wet from the arousal that swept over her. "Anyone else cold?" Paula asked.

   "You do this enough time and you get use to the cold." A model named Brenda said as Paula watched the computer  card slipped into the folds of her pussy like a dildo and remained in. "The cards keep one plenty warm anyhow."


     After watching the other girls put their cards in, she watched as they brought themselves to the brink of an orgasm with the cards inside of them. Paula merely looked at the card, shrugged her shoulders and slipped it into her own pussy. After watching them, she was very wet and was worried that it would slide right back out.

      "Everyone set?" Miss Wells asked as she picked up a remote control from a nearby bench. Each other the girls nodded as they started to hold a mannequin type pose. Paula saw what the girls did and positioned her feet so she'd be as comfortable as possible. She arched her back so that her breasts jetted out more than normal, tilted her head to one side and thrust her pelvis in a sexy manner .  The woman pressed a button on the remote and suddenly Paula's body felt numb. It was as if her entire body had fallen asleep at once. She couldn't move a muscle; she was now as rigid as a mannequin.

      "There you go." Miss Wells smiled as she brushed dust and lint from them. "All set up and ready to be dressed and displayed."

      Shortly after Miss Wells headed for her office to lock the remote away, the day designers showed up to take them out to the floor. As far as they knew, they had never been anything but mannequins. Some were fitted in swimwear and carried off while others when to formal and sports.


       When they finally got to Paula, she couldn't wait for them to dress her. When they tipped her back; however, the computer card slipped out of her and smashed on the floor. Nobody but a disturbed Paula saw it.  As soon as the pantyhose against her naked sex sent a wave of pleasure through her, her problem was quickly forgotten. She watched as a pink turtle neck blouse, black skirt and sandals were place on her in a way that made her really look good.



     Taken to stand with a rod sticking out of it, Paula had the front of her skirt lifted up. The dildo shape end of the rod was then plunged deep into her sex. She could feel the nylon fill her up inside and sending the pleasure level over the edge. "There you go, dear." The girl said as she smooth out her skirt before leaving.

     During the course of day Paula just stared fixed eyed at those passing in front of her. All she could do was stand there, watch and listen. What she heard sent a shiver down her frozen spine. The sound of running footsteps got louder and louder. Two boys, who's dad had just paid for a football in the toy department, was running and tossing the ball to one another. Before Paula knew what was happening, she was knocked from behind and had her frozen face crash into the title floor.

      One of the day time display artists saw Paula had fallen and went over to pick her up. She notice the skirt had been torn by the display in the fall.  "Best see if you're damaged or not." She said as Paula couldn't believe how light she felt as she was carried to the back and stripped of her clothes.

     "You don't appear any worse for wear." The woman said as a pair of men were loading some mannequins aboard the back of a truck. "All we need is to get you some new clothes before taking you back out."

     "Excuse me." A man who's jacket tag read Bob said. "We have an order for 12 mannequins, but there are only 11 here for shipping. Do you know where the manager is so we can straighten this out."

     "The manager is in a meeting." The woman said as she turned toward Paula. "One mannequin is as good as another. How about if you take this one here."

     "If you're sure you won't get in trouble." Bob said as he picked Paula and put her in the back of the trouble. Fear swelled up inside her as she realized that she had just been sold. Not that the remote could restore her without the now smashed computer card.

     Secured with a rod up her solid ash, she heard the truck start off and take off. The bumpy road cause the rod to jiggle inside her and sent sparks of pleasure through her stiff form. As the orgasms exploded inside her, she passed out.

      When she recovered, the sound of the back of the truck being open filled her airs. She and the real mannequins were carried out and set aside against the cold metal wall of another store's storage room. The brush of one of the mannequin's hands against her pussy made her cry out for relief.

     "They really made the mannequins real now don't they." The manager of the new store she was in said as she had one of workers take some wax off the sales self and place it against her pussy. With a rip she screamed mentally as her hair was as smooth as when she was first born. "Much better. Now get her dressed and put out."

     When evening came around at Apollo's, Miss Wells had the mannequin models carried to the back and brought the remote with her. Taking careful aim, she brought the girls back to life.  "You can use the changing room to get your own clothes back on. Leave your work clothes with one of the workers before you go get your paychecks.

     "Miss Wells, where's the girl that was late?" Becky asked as Miss Wells looked around. She then notice the moonlight glimmering off some metal fabrics on the floor. She walked over and found the smash pieces of the computer cards.

     "Looks like her card." Miss Wells said with concern. "We'd better split up and find the her."

      They each took a photocopy of her job photo and searched the face of every mannequin in the store. When they didn't come across her, Miss Wells was more puzzled than ever. "Where could she of gone."

    "Where's who?" The woman who sold Paula asked as she glance at the photo. "Are you looking for the mannequin I sold?"

     "You what?" Miss Wells asked, not believing her ears. "You sold her."

     "They were short one mannequin." The saleswoman said. "I figured we could always get another from the warehouse."

    "That wasn't a real mannequin!" Miss Wells shouted. "She was one of our frozen models."

    "When I stripped her, I didn't see any control card."

    "It fell out and smashed on the floor." Miss Wells replied. "If she isn't restored soon her body will become completely hollow and basically a real mannequin ready to be fitted with pegs and sockets."

     "She's dead?"

     "I don't know. It never came up before."

     "With shipments to several stores today, we'll never know which one she went to in time."

      In her new home, Paula was already feeling hollow and empty inside. She spent the next week wearing only a purple bikini in the store window. At which time the mannequin process had completed and made her wonder why she was still alive. At which time she was taken to the back and had a laser divide her up into section. She was then fitted with pegs and sockets.

     While she was apart, the store had decided to use her lower torso as a pantyhose for, her upper torso as a bra form and put the rest in storage. Although she was sightless with her head in a box on a shelf, she could feel the fabric on her body pleasuring her. She was glad when the time for her body to be made into a whole mannequin came. By then she had started to enjoy the special pampering treatment that made her feel special and began to accept and even enjoy her new immortal life.




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