Lab Work


Ema Nymton

Except for one thing, it was a perfect day for a walk in the park. Actually, that one thing wouldn't stop most people. This was partly because of the gorgeous weather, the sun brightening the landscape, with only a few small wispy clouds in the sky. That most of the world had no clue what that one thing was another factor. Optimally, only two people would ever know about it.

Downloading mission parameters… Goal: Activate stealth mode, locate target, capture target, return to processor base. Beginning mission… Now.

Brian Davis had spent a lot of time on his little "toys". It's not too surprising, given his situation. Brian was a rather special individual. As a scientist, he was absolutely unparalleled. As a humanitarian… he left something to be desired. Frankly, he was about as well loved as Hitler. Actually, that was only on his good days. He had attempted a fair number of experiments on human subjects. The government had a bit of a decision, did they prefer a living criminal, or a dead scientist. If his various inventions hadn't been so darned successful, he would have been the latter. As it was, he had to disappear.

A unique prison was built. Brian received a laboratory of grand proportions, and grander safeguards. Basically, there were five guards on duty at any time, as well as several automated devices. If the "good" doctor attempted to violate the structure's integrity, an explosion would be triggered. He could not fit through the windows, and would be shot if he tried it.

Target profile: Female, intelligent, unattached, minimal family.

A perfect prison, and why not? Brian himself had designed it, years before any of the "experiments" were even conceived. The prison security, automated and human, was checked regularly from a distant source, any failure to report on the part of the guards would result in the triggering of the explosive devices.

Unit logging into city database… Searching…

The explosives were connected in a circuit with it's own generator and was designed to detonate if any part of the circuit were interrupted. Also, the doctor's implant would trigger detonation if it were removed, or spew cyanide into his bloodstream if he somehow managed to leave. Relatively simple, effective, and quite foolproof.

Acceptable target chosen, traveling to intercept…

Frankly, the doctor only had one problem with the whole setup: No companionship. The guards were under strict orders not to communicate with the doctor. The doctor could requisition anything he needed, or even desired, except for freedom or companionship.

Target spotted in park, closing in now.

Brian had developed a means of acquiring companionship, since he could not have freedom. Having a person in the lab was only part of the problem, as he could readily explain away the presence of most any biological specimen, although food might be a concern. The real problem was getting someone into the lab. The automated systems tended to be very hard on objects larger than bugs, much to the dismay of the local bird population. The doctor's answer…

Target acquired.

Deborah Glistom was quite surprised. After all, it's not everyday you get grabbed by something you can't see. One minute, she was enjoying her walk, feeling the breeze blow through her hair, then everything went dark as something encased her. She couldn't tell much about the covering except that it was quite smooth, and moving. She had stopped walking, yet Deborah felt she was moving, and quite rapidly.

She was actually out of the park completely before she had a chance to scream. Whatever was covering her was quite soundproof, as no one even glanced her way. It wouldn't have mattered if they could hear her anyway, as she was quite invisible in her nanotech cloak.

Since only bugs seemed capable of escaping the lab, the doctor started making them. Nanotechnology being a profitable field, and with the doctor quite unable to escape, his research was not hindered in any way.

Deborah was his first attempt at gaining a companion. If things ran smoothly, he would not need another.

Within minutes of her capture, the bewildered Deborah was delivered to the processor. The processor had been designed by Brian, and built by the same nanites that captured Deborah. This process took several days. Deborah was hooked up to a life-support system, providing her with nutrients and water, and insuring blood flow.

The processor's job was not a simple one. Equipped with the best artificial intelligence in existence, designed by none other than Bill Gates (who'd you expect?), Deborah was to be prepared for a big change in her lifestyle. It decided that a direct approach would be best in the long run. After thinking for a bit longer, it compromised that decision into a direct approach, taken as slowly as possible.

"Deborah? Deborah Glistom?" asked the machine, using an obviously synthesized voice.

"Yes?" replied Deborah, after a pause. What the heck is happening here. Have I died?

"Deborah, may I call you Debbie?"

"Umm, sure… what is this?" There is no way that this is the afterlife. I'm not quite sure just what I expected, but robotic angels are part of no pantheon I've ever heard of.

"Well, Deborah, this is going to come as a bit of a shock, but you are effectively dead."

"Excuse me? I'm lying in the dark, but I'm still breathing. What the fuck is this?"

"Please, relax. I'm going to be quite honest with you. Now give me a minute to explain before you go into hysterics. Okay?" pause. "Good. Now, simply put, you have been kidnapped, and will not be returned to society. I'll give you a minute to dwell on that."

"How can you do that? You can't just… you already did didn't you."

"Correct. I am quite glad you are taking this so well. Now, I was given a mission by a Dr. Brian Davis. Perhaps you've heard of him? Well, he organized this whole affair. Basically, he wants a companion, and an AI like me is just not up to the task. I'm just not sexy enough for the man."

That joke was just enough to get a chuckle out of Debbie. It had the intended effect of releasing some of the tension she had been building up.

"Isn't he the scientist who's locked up south of here?"


"I've always wanted to meet him. Never expected to be kidnapped by him though. I always wondered what made him carve up those people. Do you know?"

"He did leave a file in my databank on the subject. Here." A screen came on in front of Debbie's head, displaying Dr. Davis addressing a group of five people.

"I want to thank you all for volunteering today. Few people are willing to have clones made of themselves. Just remember, if this works, we will be able to provide organs for any transplant operation with no fear of rejection! A healthy heart might be grown in advance. I thank you for donating these tissue samples. Someday, the whole world may thank you." Then the screen went dark, and the synthesized voice returned.

"That's all I have."

"So… he was framed? He didn't actually butcher people, he just cloned them?"

"That is a possibility. I don't have any more information than you. I never asked about it when I was with Dr. Davis. Perhaps the copy of me that's at the lab has asked… At any rate, neither of us will know until we get to the lab."

"Okay, well, I guess I'm ready. How are we going to get to the lab? I was sure he wasn't allowed visitors. Hmm, I don't think I'm going to like the answer."

"There is a high probability that you are correct ma'am. Nothing bigger than a bug can get in or out without authorization. That's why the nanites were developed."

"I don't suppose Davis came up with a shrinking ray, did he?"

"No, he didn't. He did come up with this device you are in. It's designed to reduce you to data."

"Then I get rebuilt in his lab? Like some sort of transporter?"

"No, Dr. Davis couldn't get that invention to work, otherwise, he'd probably use it himself. After being reduced to data, you will inhabit the nanites."

"Like, I'll become an AI?"

"Pretty much."

"Okay, so how is that going to stop me from being returned to society? You'll basically be making a copy of my personality. Ooh, I'm getting that feeling again."

"You have good reason to worry, I'm afraid. The method used to convert you into data involves a little surgery."

"Please tell me it's not dissection."

"Okay." A very ominous pause began.

"Oh, geez. This is awful. You're going to… eww."

"I'd say you have grasped the basic idea. There is a bit more to it, but in the end, it won't be too bad."

"Oh, sure, I'll get to use those nifty speakers you've got. Joy! I suppose I'll get to take part in such interesting games as chess while I'm at it too."

"Hmm, were you trying to overload my neural net with sarcasm?"


"Funny. As I said, you will inhabit the nanites. They can form a humanoid body virtually indistinguishable from your own. You won't age, and you'll never get sick. There are worse things to have happen to you walking alone in the park."

"Hmm, well, I guess that's okay… I don't really have a choice in the matter, do I?"

"You have precisely two choices. You can accept the treatment, or fight it and go nuts, forcing me to terminate you, and find another candidate."

"Well, then, let's get started!"

"Already have. There's nanites in your bloodstream mapping stuff out. I've just given permission to start in on the brain. You should be losing consciousness any m… Ahh, good morning!"

What? I must have blacked out. What happened to my voice?

"Your voice isn't needed right now, you and I are communicating directly. Right now, we're being transported by the nanites to the lab. By the way, the operation was a success. You are now in the nanites. You'll be given control of your new body later."

How much longer?

"I'll just switch you off for a bit, and the time will just fly by…"

"Hello Debbie. You can open your eyes now." This time, the voice was male.

"Dr. Davis, I presume?" Looking around, she saw the lab. It was about what she had expected. There were some beakers and test tubes in one corner, and several computer terminals around the room, a toilet and bed in another corner, with a curtain to close it off. There were a few windows, and a good sized door with a slot for meals to be pushed through. All in all, a very drab place to call home. "I suppose this is going to be 'home' for a while?"

"Yes, my dear. I suppose John, the AI told you I needed a companion, yes?"

"I told you I did!" came a voice from one of the nearby terminals. Brian cleared his throat. "Oh… sorry!"

"Well, it wasn't easy getting you here. Of course, it wasn't just companionship I needed." Debbie flinched, thoughts of rape performing a macabre dance in her head. "Yes, I needed someone to help me release my sexual tensions. I'm sorry I had to do this to you." He took a deep breath, then continued, "I have been alone up here for years, and John is not exactly my idea of a companion. Well, actually, he does quite well as a companion, but just not in that way, you know?"

"You kidnapped me, killed me, and now you're going to rape me?"

"I guess that is one way to look at it. I am sorry, and you will get to keep this body. In a few years, I'll teach you how to use it to it's full extent. Let me demonstrate." He pulled out a small device, reminding Debbie of a remote control, and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly, Debbie's left hand changed. The fingers melted like candle wax, reforming into a set of tools, like… She looked closer, her hand had turned into a Swiss army knife. She started looking at the rest of her new body. It was smooth, and quite well formed. Carefully, she felt her "skin". It was smooth as plastic, malleable as wax, and resilient as rubber. Then she touched her "hand". It was a lot harder than the rest of her, and the blades seemed quite sharp. She tried to flex her fingers on her left hand, and the blades moved. Unfortunately, she cut off her index finger in the process.

"Oops." The word had never seemed so inadequate before. Debbie reached down, with her right hand, and picked it up. As she did, Brian pressed some more buttons and changed her hand back. Except for the fact that it was unattached, it seemed to be working perfectly. It still flexed when she moved it.

"Put it back on." Brian suggested. When she touched it to the stump, it flowed into place, until it looked, and felt, just like it had before. "Now, how about some clothes? How's this?" Suddenly, Debbie was wearing a smart black latex swimsuit, with a zipper down the front. "This is working better than I'd dreamed!"

"What are you going to do to me?" Having seen what that device could do, there was no way Debbie was going to try anything while Brian was holding it.

"Oooh, I know, I know!" came the synthesized voice.

"How about this?" Brian hit a button, and Debbie was speechless. She couldn't move. "Debbie, you are under my control. I know rape is considered a power thing, but frankly, I'm too damned horny for psychiatry. How's this?" He touched her, running his fingers along one arm, then across the suit. She could feel it, even on the suit. It felt like he was stroking her clitoris.

Dang! I had no idea. I guess this body does have it's advantages.

"Now, I'll admit, what I've done, and will do, is probably the most reprehensible thing in my life, but I hope you'll find this body to be worth it."

Hmm, for this, I'll forgive him. He seems nice enough anyway.

He attempted to pull her inert form to the bed. Unfortunately, her new form was not light enough for this, and she tipped over with a loud crash. Sighing, Brian pressed a few buttons, and her body guided itself over to the bed, sat on it, spread her legs, arched her back, and became inert again. He pulled the zipper down, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through her gorgeous frame with each tooth released. He caressed her breasts, moving slowly, giving both of them a good deal of enjoyment. He removed his trousers, exposing his six inch love stick. It took her a minute to realize that it was flaccid!

"Damn." He started working the controls again. "I just can't do it. I want you. You have no idea how much I want to, but I just can't do it. I need to know, will you forgive me? If you say no, I'll… I'll let you go. I'll find someone else, I just can't make myself rape."

"It's okay, Brian. I've dreamt of this. I always wanted a new body. I've fantasized of being used like this. You couldn't have picked a better subject." She positioned herself invitingly on the bed. "Do it. Take me now!" That perked up his love monkey into a whopping King Kong. He began thrusting into her stiffened form even before the controls hit the floor.

John, the only one present thinking coherently, smugly patted itself on the back. "It's amazing what a little re-programming will do to adjust an attitude" it chuckled to itself.

Stay tuned for part II: Guard Duty!