Modeled to Perfection

by Heather St. Claire & Paul Jutras

(a wonderful collaborative effort!)

    The owner of Carvahlo Department Stores was in a foul mood. He had just been given the report of his store's latest sales results; the income in all but two of the 27 stores was down, and what's worst, this was a trend that had been going on for more than a year.

     Paul Carvahlo stood up from his big leather swivel chair and walked over to the bar in the corner of his office, and poured himself a drink. But he only took a sip before angrily throwing the glass in the corner. The sound of crashing glass brought his secretary, Melody Poteet, running into the office.

     "Is there anything I can do for you, sir?" she asked nervously.

    "Yeah," he snapped. "Get someone in here to clean this up. And call that research guy I've got working for me, Doctor whats-his-name...tell him I'm going to see him... I want to know what the hell I'm paying him for."

    Within a few minutes  Carvahlo's limousine had delivered him to the lab of Dr. Alan Sorkin, research scientist. Several months earlier, Sorkin had convinced Carvahlo to put him under a research contract, with the promise that he would work to develop products to benefit the department stores.

     Carvahlo came marching in. "Sorkin!" he yelled. "What the hell have I been spending all my money on? I want to see some results, not just a bunch of promises."

     Alan Sorkin smiled. "It's interesting that you show up today, Mr. Carvahlo. I was just about to call you for a demonstration. Step this way, please." Carvahlo followed him into a small room that seemed to be filled with electronic equipment. There was a raised platform, and on top of it, a glass platform like that mannequins are displayed on.

     There was an attractive, big breasted blonde woman standing near the control panel. "Barbara, this is Mr. Carvahlo, he's the one who been paying for our work. Are you ready for the demonstration?"

     She nodded. "Ready, sir!"

     With that, she stepped up onto the glass base, and assumed a mannequin like pose. Sorkin walked up to the control panel, punched a series of buttons, and soon the platform began to glow. Moments later, Barbara was bathed in a glow of white light; when things returned to normal, she had been transformed into a mannequin.

     "Take a look, Mr. Carvahlo, you'll find she's a perfect mannequin in every detail." Carvahlo got over his sense of amazement and inspected the transformed girl. He touched her skin; it was now smooth plastic. Her eyes were glass; she had joints in the right places. He gingerly tipped her forward; she even seemed about the right weight.

     "I know you're a gentleman, sir, so you won't be looking under the dress...but if you did, you would find that her sex is gone.. just an expanse of smooth plastic, like a real mannequin.

     "Well," said Carvahlo." I wouldn't have believe it if I hadn't seen if with my own eyes. But -- What good is this to me?"

    "I'm surprise, Mr. Carvahlo, I really am. You know of the things that your competitors, the Dixon chain is noted for their lifelike mannequins and creative window displays. How can you come up with better mannequins than ones who are actually transformed women?"

      Carvahlo was staring carefully at the new mannequin. "You've got a point... can you change her back?"

      "Just step away from the platform." Carvahlo did as told, and Sorkin punched a different sequence. The familiar glow of the light returned and when it faded, Barbara was restored to human form.

      Carvahlo looked at her... "How do you feel? What was it like?"

     Barbara blinked, and said, "I feel fine, kind of energized. It was a strange experience but nice. I could still see and hear everything. And my skin seemed very sensitive. When you brushed against my arm, I felt... well, I felt a surge of sexual excitement."

     "This is amazing! Is all this portable?" Carvahlo said. Sorkin told him it was; all they would need is the small control console, and the special glass bases, which would transmit the energy that rearranged the girls atomic structure.

      "Okay. But how do I find women will to be mannequins?"

     "That's up to you," Sorkin said. "...But who says they have to be willing."

     "You have a point there." Carvahlo grinned wickedly as he turned from Sorkin to Barbara and then nodded back to Sorkin.  Sorkin once again punched the original sequence of button. When the glow of the light reappeared and faded, Barbara was hard plastic once again. "Nobody but you and me must know the truth."

    "Hey!" Barbara screamed mentally. "I only agreed to be a test subject. I never agreed to be a mannequin for life!"

      When the machine was completely shut off, Mr. Carvahlo picked Barbara up and carried her to his limousine; where he returned to the store and called ahead to have the stock personal waiting for his arrival in the loading area.

     "Well, now, Miss Applecrombee." Mr. Carvahlo smiled to his head visual merchandiser. "Please have Barbara's make up fixed  up and have her placed in a nice display."

     Barbara felt anger welling up inside of her, but her frozen face couldn't show anything but the lust she felt when Miss Applecrombee stripped her of her clothes and brushed against her exposed skin. The merest touch of any part of her was as pleasurable as having her breasts fondled and her pussy stroked. Barbara was amazed to watched as her bra was removed and her breasts remained firmly in place. "That feels so good." Barbara thought as she was placed in a marching military camouflage bra and panty set. Once on, she had a momentary sense of calm that would last until she was carried out onto the display floor. When her anus was penetrated by the display pole; it was like being filled with the best butt plug or dildo she ever felt. She only wished her crotch wasn't completely smooth so that she could be penetrated on both sides.

        At the same time, a young woman walked into Mr. Sorkin's lab. She seemed a bit nervous and appeared to be the perfect new subject for shipment to Mr. Carvahlo's store. "May I help you?" Mr. Sorkin asked with the sinister smile of a mad scientist.

     "Yes." The woman said as she removed her dark glasses, revealing no eyes behind them. It was like some Halloween mask with cut out eye holes. "I was the test subject of an invisibility experiment, but found the scientist had a heart attack before he could change me back. I read how great your theories are in Popular Science and figured you could help me."

    "I think I have just the thing." Mr. Sorkin said, leading her to his invention. "I invented this machine for Carvahlo's Department Stores. It turns mannequin models into perfectly lifelike mannequins for the day and then back when the store closes. If I coat your body in plastic, the de-mannequin process should restore your atoms in a visible state."

      "I'll try anything." The woman removed her wig and started to wipe the make up off of both her face and he hands. "Call me Kristen. I wore my favorite pink bikini under my clothes because if you could help I wanted you to see all of my real body."

     Mr. Sorkin just stood in amazement as her face and hands disappeared. A pair of invisible hands undid the back buttons of her blouse; caused her legs and feet disappear when her pantyhose and skirt off. He watched as her bikini walked over and stood on the glass base where she was asked to hold a mannequin like pose. As the white light bathed Kristen, her plastic skin appeared where nobody was a moment before. When the light died, a perfect Kristen mannequin stood before him.

     "I know you're expecting me to change you back..." Mr. Sorkin said as he walked up to her and lifted her off the platform. "...That's not going to happen. Your now the newest mannequin for Carvahlo Department Stores. At least your beauty is visible now."

        Kristen could only watch helplessly in horror as Mr. Sorkin started to disassemble her. Erotic pulses shot through her frozen form as her head was removed and forced to watch the rest. Even detached, she should feel everything her parts felt. The packing material kept her quite aroused in her crate as she was shipped to the store.

      Driving over to the store himself, Mr. Sorkin took his control panel and glass platform inside. He watched the shoppers going by and saw a young woman with a feathered hairdo, dressed in a blue dress with long white gloves and hat. He walked over to her. "Excuse me, beautiful." He smiled.

     "Beautiful?" The woman asked in surprise. "You talking to me?"

     "You're the perfect image for a mannequin I'm working on for the store." Mr. Sorkin held up the control panel like a camera. "Would you stand on my display disk for a few shots?"

     "I'd be glad too." The woman said as she stood with her weight on her left foot, her left hand on her hip and her right holding her purse up. "How's this?"

    "Perfect." Mr. Sorkin smiled as he pressed the button. The white light passed over her, changing her flesh to plastic and her eyes to a glassy blank stare. He then removed her from the stand and stood her in the corner for some stock member to put in a display. "Who better to look good in Carvahlo outfits than those who buy them in the first place?"

     Arriving just as the store was closing,  Miss Applecrumbee unpacked Kristen's plastic pieces and reassembled her nude body. "You are cute." Miss Applecrumbee smiled as Kristen felt the relief  of being whole once again. She was put in a hand cart and wheeled to the display where Barbara stood.

     "Barbara, honey," Miss Applecrumbee smiled as she stripped off her own clothes. "I'd like you to meet Kristen. The best thing about putting together a display in the back of the lingerie department is that I can have my little fun!" Barbara could only watch as the lesbian virtual merchandiser laid the naked Kristen on her back. She got on top of her, licking Kristen's sexless crotch while rubbing her own pussy against Kristen's hard, red lips.

     Kristen wasn't sure which of them orgasmed first, but Kristen was glad when Miss Applecrumbee got off her and stood her back up. After dressing Kristen in a silk panty and nightie, she was displayed next to Mr. Sorkin's former lab assistant.  A display pole was shoved into the hole where Kristen's sex use to be and made her feel like a dildo had filled her up.

     "If only the pole could vibrate." Kristen sighed to herself as waves of pleasure surged through her.

     After Miss Applecrumbee went home for the night, Kristen and Barbara had lost all track of time. At some point in the middle of the night, they heard the sound of movement somewhere in the store. Barbara's first thought was that someone had broken in to rob the store. Able to see the jewelry section, she watched for a possible thief.

     "Be careful not to knock the dummy over." A man's voice said."

     "Sorry, George, but it'll be over soon enough."

     "Don't use my real name. A security guard could be making his rounds."

     When the two men finished talking, Barbara found some kind of bag falling over her. The bag made her sensuous smooth, hard skin feel erotic pulses through her former sex. Barbara felt herself being tipped back and taken from her display. She could not see a thing, but wondered if the same thing was happening to Kristen or not. She wanted to call for help, but stood as the silent mannequin she was.

     "What's happening to me?" Was all that Barbara could think as fear gripped her.

     Barbara felt herself being carried off the floor; soon she heard a door open, and felt the cool night air against her plastic skin. Next came what sounded like the doors of a van opening. It seemed like they had only traveled a short distance before the van stopped, and she was being carried inside somewhere again.

     When the hood was removed from her mannequin body, she was shocked to see her surroundings; they were very similar to Dr. Sorkin's lab, yet somehow different. As she had guessed, Kristen had been abducted with her. But who had done it? And why? She was about to get the answer to both questions when George Sanders stepped in front of her.

     "That's the George he was talking to! I can't believe it!"

     Sanders was grinning; it was really more of a smirk. "Surprise to see me, Barbara? I be you are!" and then he laughed, and ran his hand over her plastic cheek. She couldn't believe the excitement his touch sent through her, despite the revulsion she felt for him. Until six months earlier, Sanders had been Sorkin's chief research assistant, as well as Barbara's boyfriend. But at about the time she had learned that he had been cheating on her, Sorkin had discovered him trying to steal the secrets of his research. Barbara broke up and George had been fired.

     But unknown to Dr. Sorkin, the damage had been done. "I've got a perfect duplicate of Sorkin's mannequin machine here. My helper, Davy and I put a couple of replacement mannequins in the spots where you two were standing. I'm sure you both want to be changed back to human form."

     He had been pacing back and fourth, staring into her glassy eyes of each of the girls. Now he paused for effect. "I know you can't talk right now, but I know what you're thinking. What's in it for me? Well, you're right. I'm not doing this out of the goodness of my heart."

      Sanders got very close to Barbara, unbuttoned her blouse and placed a hand on her plastic breast. "Feels nice, doesn't it? Well unless you two are both willing to do as I ask you, I will leave you both as mannequins -- forever!"

     Kristen was the first to be returned to human form. She looked ready to make a break for it; but Davy's gun caused any thoughts she might have had in that direction to disappear. It was Barbara's turn next. As soon as she could move again she screamed at Sanders. "You bastard! How dare you---"

     "Now, now, Barbara, let's not get all upset about this. Maybe I'm using you and Kristen, but at least I'm being honest about it,. What did Sorkin and Carvahlo do, but trick you into becoming statues?"

     She sighed deeply. "Okay, I suppose you've got us where you want us. What do you want us to do?"

     "I want the two of you to  help me with a little robbery. The local art museum, as you may have heard, is hosting a traveling exhibit of Hollywood memorabilia. Remember the dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang 'Happy Birthday' to President Kennedy? Well, that's part of the exhibit, and I have a collector who's willing to pay quite a bit of money for it.. Enough that I can spend  the rest of my life in luxury on a remote island.  Anyway, all you two have to do is sneak in and lift it for me..."

    "Yeah, tiptoe in like little bunnies, heh, heh." Davy grunted.

    "Why won't anyone see us?"

    "You wear some period dresses yourselves and hairstyles too. It's a perfect plan." He said. "And if you do get caught in the act, I'll just change you both into mannequins on the spot... they'll think you got misplaced from their display room."

     "But you can't do that!" Kristen said.

    "Oh, but I can, my dear, I can!" George said. He held up a unit that looked like something like a phaser from the original Star Trek series. "You see, I'm actually more brilliant a scientist than that Sorkin. I took his technology and improved on it. This portable ray pistol will accomplish the same thing... change you into a mannequin or back."

     Kristen sighed, then asked, "When do we do it?"

    "Tonight." Sanders answered. "If it's a success, I set the both of you free.. and I might even share a little of the loot with you, if I'm in a generous mood."

     "How do we know you're telling the truth?" Barbara demanded.

    Sanders smiled. "You'll just have to trust me, dear."

     "No!" A voice cried out from the shadows. "You can't! Don't listen to them!"

      "Eric?" Kristen turned to see her former boyfriend step out from the shadows.

      "True love can always find one another." Eric smiled as he held out his own gun on George. "You move that weapon away from my girl right away."

     George just smiled and tossed the phaser over to Kristen's hands. He then pulled out a real gun. "You're choice, Kristen. Do you transform your friend into inert plastic or do I do away with him forever?"

    Kristen turned toward a tearful Barbara and then a serious Sanders. A bright white light briefly shined over Eric as she pulled the trigger. A light that was seen by Eric's three friends waiting in the car outside; they rushed in to see what had happened.  The sight of a plastic Eric standing frozen gave them pause.

     "Barbara! Kristen!" George snickered as he tossed another phaser to his former girlfriend. "Prove your loyalty to me and take care of these intruders!"

      The biggest of the three got a running start and tried a flying dragon kick to knock the gun out of Barbara's hand. Blocking the kick with her arm, she forced him to resume a defensive stance. He glanced back at his two friends who also prepared to fight for their frozen friend.

      "Get him, Alvin," One of the other two said as Alvin charged forward to find Barbara able to dodge his fury of punches. As she landed her fist into his ribs, Alvin dropped to his knees in pain and began to hack up blood. A karate chop to the back of the neck, knocked Alvin out cold.

     Barbara then glanced at Kristen with a mysterious smile. They spun around as one and fired the phasers at George and Davy but watched the rays bounce away just inches before hitting them; and went harmlessly into the walls.

     "Foolish girls!" George snickered. "Do you really think I'd of given you those devices if they could of been used against me. Our personal force fields keep us from being changed into mannequins. Unless you want to become plastic forever..." he paused. "... Don't try anything like that again."

   The two girls exchanged sad looks. "I guess you've got us," Kristen said. George Sanders roughly grabbed the phaser out of her hand and pointed at Eric's three fallen friends. Soon, there was a new set of male mannequins ready for whatever use he could come up with for them. "Maybe I can rent them out to a menswear shop," he thought to himself.

   "Now, I don't have any more time to waste on foolishness!" he snarled. "We have to get to the museum right now...Davy will take a different route and be waiting for us."

   The three of them drove to the museum, and Sanders pulled his car into the back alley where freight deliveries were made. Sanders squinted into the darkness, seeing a delivery van parked nearby. "There's Davy! Let's get going!"

   "I've already got the alarm system disabled, boss....there's only one security guard on duty tonight. Do we just overpower him? Or maybe turn him into a mannequin?" Sanders shook his head. "No, as tempting as that would be, we don't want to let the authorities know what we've got our hands on. We should be able to pull off quite a few crimes with this!"

 The four of them were making their way through the darkened museum, Davy leading the way.  Kristen said, "Hey! I thought you said you were going to pull this gig, and then retire to an island!"

 "Well, I lied about that," he said, laughing. "But I was telling the truth when I said I'd set you free if we pull this off. I am crooked, but I don't think I'm unnecessarily cruel. In fact, let me give you both some useful advice.... I'd suggest you both plan on moving to another part of the country when this is all over. If you are foolish and decide to tell your story, the authorities will lock you in the insane asylum....and I'd also worry about Sorkin or Carvahlo tracking you down. I'm sure they're not happy about losing two such lovely subjects."

  Barbara looked at Kristen and said, "As much as I hate to admit it. the bastard's got a point. No way anyone will believe what he can do."

  "Yeah...being invisible and then being a mannequin is enough for one lifetime! I'm ready to go back to a normal life! Who cares if we have to move to another part of the country!"

  Sanders hissed at the girls, "Well, if you ladies can take a minute from your travel plans, you have a dress to's in the room just up ahead." The plan called for Kristen to use a glass cutter on the display case, and Barbara to actually remove the dress. "Get in there and grab it!" Sanders told them. Davy and I will stand guard out here!

  The case was in the middle of the room, just as they had been told it would be. Working together, the two women quickly opened the case and removed the dress. They thought the men must have done a good job of subduing the security guard; they hadn't been disturbed, hadn't even heard a sound. If all continued to go according to plan, they would soon be free......

   But they knew that wasn't going to be when they turned the corner and found George and Davy waiting for them. Yes, they were just where they had last seen them...exactly. For they were both now mannequins!  Posed as if holding guns, their hands were empty. Standing beside them were two other men.....

  "Mr. Carvahlo!" Barbara cried.

  "Dr. Westin!" Kristen said. It was the man who had conducted the invisibility experiments on her.

   Carvahlo said, "Hello, Barbara; you are going to have to introduce me to your beautiful friend. I know you're both going to be spending a lot of time together....back in my store." He smiled wickedly.

   Kristen asked, "But how did you find us?"

   Westin said, "It was simple dear. While you were unconscious during one of the experiments, I implanted a microscopic transmitting device under your skin. I was already acquainted with Mr. Carvahlo, and had done work for him in the past. When his new mannequins disappeared, he suspected a betrayal....and got in touch with me. We've been monitoring and tracking your whereabouts for several hours now."

  Barbara said, "So now what?"

  Dr. Westin said, "For starters, you can give me that dress." He pointed the phaser he had taken from George at the girls and bathed them in white, plastifying light.

  Carvahlo added, "And we've missed you at the store...I'm sure that Miss Applecrumbee has been especially disappointed."

  Walking up to the two surprised mannequins, he removed the dress from their immobile arms. "Thank you," he said sarcastically; then the stiffened girls were loaded up in the back of the truck along with the male mannequins.

  Back at the store, the lower halves of the male mannequins were recycle into plastic bits, and sold for a nice profit. The upper halves were put in men's wear with nice sport shirts, jackets and ties on them. Barbara and Kristen watched in frozen horror, realizing they were glad the stores used every part of female mannequins. If not as a whole... at least as bra and pantyhose forms.

  "You have always kept in good shape," Mr. Carvahlo smiled at Barbara as Dr. Westin helped her into a green leotard and put her in the sports section. The permanent addition to the store watched as the nightmare got even stranger. The sitting mannequin placed in the towing machine was none other than Miss Applecrumbee. When she discovered the missing mannequins, she had to be quietly silenced too. "Good thing the same thing can be said about her."

 Kristen was horrified when her arms and legs were packed away in storage and she was placed in a window as a limbless mannequin dressed in a tank top and shorts. Kristen spent the next two years like that. Her skin was still sensitive as the last transformation. Anytime she was clothed -- which was most of the time -- she was incredibly aroused. She spent most of the time modeling swim wear and lingerie.

 When her limbs were returned to her, she was moved out of the front window to the storage area. She stood naked and watched as Dr. Westin worked on something at a bench. When he stepped aside, she saw a series of metallic-looking hats on the table.

  "My latest invention," Dr. Westin smiled at Kristen. He turned to watch the naked figure of Barbara being brought into the room too. "The device in these hats will allow you to do robotic modeling as long as they're on your heads and the device is turned on. Lose the hat and you become ordinary mannequins again. Now, we've got to get you in your new outfits and set you up in your newest mobile display. Even the stage rotates around like some of those sit down attractions at Disney."

  Barbara and Kristen both felt horrified at this latest turn in their plastic lives. Yes, they both wanted to be able to move again, but as flesh and blood women, not as animated plastic dolls. Kristen thought they might as well just stick one of those big wind-up keys in the back, and the effect would be just about complete.

  They spent several months in the new window display, which proved to be quite a crowd pleaser. Both were even beginning to reach the point where they were resigned to being mannequins forever, when things abruptly changed one night.

  Although they had no way of knowing it, it was about 2:30 in the morning. Perhaps the quietest time in the bustling life of the city. The power to their hats had gone off with the lights in the window when the store closed, freezing them in position for the night. Both mannequin girls noticed a large black van pulling up in front of their display window. Quickly, four women, all dressed in identical black outfits, jumped out of the van. Two were armed with glass cutters, and soon had a large hole cut in the front window; another was disabling the store's alarm, while the fourth was carrying the mannequins to the van.

  "Now what?" Kristen wondered silently.

  Soon, the two girls found themselves in a dingy warehouse. One of the women took off her ski mask. She was a lovely, long-haired blonde; but neither of the girls knew her. That's why they were even more surprised when she spoke. "Hi Barbara, hi Kristen," she said. "I'm Maude Phillips. You don't know me... I was George Sanders' girlfriend."

  The two mannequin women were filled with feelings of suspense. Maude seemed to enjoy the drama of the situation. But, she soon reached into her pocket and pulled out a phaser. Aiming it at the girls, she quickly restored them to human form.

  "Thank you for freeing us," Barbara said. "Yeah, thanks," Kristen added. "But why?"

  "Well, after George vanished, I went through his things..... found the notes of what he was working on, and I know that he had planned to free both of you. I thought I would make good on his promise. Now, you're free to do whatever you like with your lives....but I will tell you I'm planning on finding a way to make Carvahlo and Westin pay for everything they've done and everyone they've hurt. You're welcome to join us, if you have a taste for revenge."

  Both women looked at each other.

 "Hey, I know you've been through a lot. No need to decide right away. Why don't you get a nice motel room, get some sleep, join me for dinner tonight, and we can talk about it then?"

 "Sounds good!" Kristen said.

 "You bet," Barbara agreed. It's going to be heaven to spend a night between the sheets, instead of standing up in a display."

      THE END (?)

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