Models de Mannequin

Part Two

by Magnus

[This part continues directly from the proceedings in Part One; readers are encouraged to refer to that earlier work for events leading up to those that follow. Ed.]

I thought I had blacked out for a moment as I lay there rubbing my head. Rubbed? It seemed so simple an action, but one I had been utterly unable to accomplish only seconds ago when my whole body was stiff as a statue.

Glancing at the apparition in front of my face, I realized I’m looking at my hand! I can move again!

Wait a minute... My head spun for a moment; things had changed too fast.

I’m not in the back of a truck? I was laying down, but the floor underneath me felt soft and warm instead of cold and metallic. I’m in a bed!

My bed? I thought, then checked to be certain. Looking slowly around, I found myself back in my bed at home, alone, and found it was morning.

"Boy that was some nightmare," I said to myself out loud. My head still seemed dizzy. Something does not seem right. Realizing I was thirsty and swinging my legs out of bed, I stood up and went towards the bath room.

Oddly, I found the light was on and the shower running. I had not left it that way… "Who’s there?" I asked, slowly pushing the door open.

Then the translucent curtain flew back, startling me; I jumped back in surprise. There was someone in there..... It was Derek....My ex fiancée....

"It’s just me," he said, "I thought I’d let you sleep in this morning, you seemed so tired." He went back to sudsing his hair, whistling.

"Huh?" She shook her head to clear it; his presence, while reassuring, was also wholly unexpected. "What are you doing here Derek – I thought we were through when you left me for Caitlyn?"

This was so strange; Derek and I had broken up months ago and now he was here in my shower, just as nonchalant as he could be.



"What do you mean, what am I doing here?" Now it was Derek’s turn to be confused. "We live together… don’t we?"

"I think it’s more like we did live together, remember? You left me for Caitlyn Ash." There was more than a little bitterness in my voice as I spat her name out.

"Who’s Caitlyn Ash?" He said. "Oh I remember; she’s the new ‘guess’ girl, but I still don’t know what you’re talking about, Chris. I… I’ve never met her. I know who she is, now, but I swear I’ve never met her." He sounded sincere, and a bit puzzled.

He must be pulling something on me, I thought as he stepped out of the shower and started drying off. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he grabbed me playfully and kissed me like the old days. What is going on here?

I could feel the passion build between us, just as it always had – was this the same Derek that had left me for Caitlyn Ash?

Going with the flow, I responded, grinding my hips into his, and he spun me around and dropped the towel. Things don’t seem to have changed at all… Derek had always had this effect on me, kind of like a bulldozer. I was wet in a instant as the head of his penis parted my lower lips and he entered. He still knows the way to a girl’s heart, all right!!

Derek began pumping rhythmically from behind while his hot hands fondled my sex from the front and played over my erect nipples. His plunging cock throbbed inside me, insatiable. As I came quickly to a tumultuous orgasm, it seemed to start buzzing –almost like a vibrator would. Buzzing?

Once more my thoughts swirled in confusion. No...It can’t be? Can’t….be….

My vision seemed to clear; I could still feel warm hands on my body as the surroundings changed yet again. The familiarity of my bathroom faded into the mists and I found myself standing very still in a room filled with mirrors with two women fondling me. There was a steel rod attached to the floor that held me upright, impaled there like…
like… a display figure in a window.

My mind tumbled instantly back to my predicament: I had been kidnapped, tricked into becoming a genuine Mannequin, not simply a runway model.

A Mannequin, I can’t believe it. But it was true. I could not move a muscle as I stood there stiff as a board. I knew my skin had become shiny and plasticized, my eyes gazed blankly into space. The insistent buzzing of the vibrator topping the support rod and the pleasure it supplied was the only thing that seemed real to me anymore.

How long have I been here, and who where these women? All I knew was that they looked like the two girls who loaded me in the back before I blacked out. But they had become mannequins too, or was that my imagination playing tricks on me?

I must have been dreaming, then too; but it seemed so real...

I could see that Julie(? or was it Kara?) was fondling my crotch while the other one rolled her tongue over my hardened nipples. Both were very intense, even obsessed.

These two must be really kinky, I thought, to be making love to a plastic mannequin! But my thoughts were being blurred by the experience; I could feel it and it felt so good!

My hardened skin had become so sensitive, I could feel their hands all over me as both girls stimulated me eagerly. Sensual heat began to build within my body, where my sex should be, as Julie (I thought) had a strap on dildo. She was fucking my bare smooth crotch from behind, and the combined sensations were driving me over the brink.

I could not move, but I could certainly feel! The pleasure in my body built and built to incredibly wonderful levels. I knew my next orgasm should happen soon, very soon.

Then the thought hit me... What if they’re still doing this when I climax? From what seemed long ago, Margo’s warning rang clearly in my mind, "No contact with any new models for two weeks; your neural pathways are still unstable. Any more stimulation than you’re already receiving could cause irreparable brain damage."

I wasn’t sure anymore how much I was getting, but it was clearly more than intended. The two lustful ladies continued their seduction, unaware of what might happen to me.

Oh my god, how do I make them stop? Part of me did not want them to stop, despite the consequences. The erotic flood that was engulfing my being was far too intense to ever avert… with mind and body I welcomed the ultimate wave of pleasure that was sure to be my last. Don’t stop – don’t ever stop!!!

Julie and Kara kept caressing me, unaware of the door knob slowly turning behind them and Margo entering the room. Sexual energy hung in the air like ozone before a storm.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??" She shouted at the two girls, but it was too late.

The vibrations began. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The small room suddenly bloomed bright with a luminous glow that seemed to come from everywhere at once – floor, ceiling, even from my own body. The light began to overpower my very soul, and I was ready to accept that for the brilliant joy that swept over my body. The moment could have lasted forever; I became lost in it.

Julie and Kara quickly stepped away from me, feeling only a hint of the climax I had experienced. Margo walked up to them, glaring from one to the other, looking for enlightenment and finding nothing but the truth. Naked as I was, there was no other explanation for their actions. They had been caught, red handed.

"What are you two doing in here?" Margo demanded, determined to totally rub it in.

"UM, AH!! It was Julie’s idea!?" the one named Kara blurted.

"You bitch!" retorted Julie, smacking Kara alongside her head. "You told me about the new girl first…" They glared at each other wordlessly.

Margo looked pissed as she reached into her pocket and removed what looked like a remote control for a video player. "Regardless of whose idea it originally was, you both know the rules and now you’ll be punished."

The girls just kept quiet, glancing at each other angrily. Margo snorted at them; she figured they would at least beg for mercy. "Punishment will have to wait though, I need you two on assignment with your ‘friend’ Chris here."

At the mention of my name, the explosion of my orgasm started to fade and I realized that I still had some consciousness left. Seeing Margo in the room I knew what had happened. I felt sorry for the two seductresses, in a way.

The girls breathed a small sigh of relief, before they caught on.

Margo continued. "Vick from Frederick’s called up and told me she would like to have a set of featureless Mannequins this time, I told her that would not be a problem, that she could even extend the contract for a month without problem." The older woman smiled ghoulishly as she said "I think I’ve just found some volunteers…"

Julie and Kara only looked at each other speechlessly as Margo pressed a sequence of buttons on her remote. Then their expressions of surprise faded into smooth ovals as Julie and Kara’s faces vanished and became completely featureless. "Mmmmm? Mmmmm!" Julie tried to cry, but their mouths had vanished too. "MMMMM! MMrrM!"

Now blind as well as speechless, they groped the air around them for each other as their screams were muffled by their facelessness. Both Kara and Julie were now terrified. Margo quietly pressed more buttons, causing Julie and Kara to stop yelling, assume their programmed mannequin poses, and freeze into position. They remained totally still.

"There," Margo said with a smirk, "I think that will do for part one of your punishment; the second part I will simply decide later." Julie and Kara said nothing.

The panic that had subsided when Margo first entered the room returned as I waited intently for what would happen to me. Amidst all the distraction, I had seen myself in the mirror. I had stayed normal, if becoming a plasticized mannequin could be called normal. At least MY face had not vanished with the others, so I guessed I didn’t have to share their fate after all. I wondered idly what WAS in store for me.

Margo turned to me before she left the room; at first I seemed she had read my mind, and I felt dread again, but she addressed me calmly. "Sorry about the changes, Chris; those two should not have molested you. They know how dangerous sexual stimulation can be. So I took care of them for you. Now they can’t see or hear any more for a while, and they are ready for display...but they can still feel…"

She walked over to the two faceless mannequins and touched their smooth faces, then ran her hand slowly down to each of their sexes. Margo knew they could feel that as she stopped abruptly, letting them crave the next touch which was not going to come soon.

"I’ll think of a more permanent punishment later; who knows, I may just leave them like this for a few years. It would be a lot more quiet around here that way!"

Margo turned to me and looked into my rigid face; her touch on my body was soothing rather than erotic. "I’m glad you’re all right though. I told you before how hard it is to rewrite someones personality; it’s very difficult." She seemed to wait for me to answer, then when I did not continued on her own. "I had a girl who was working for me when we were first testing this equipment. She was nanite impregnated, but not finalised. One of us…" Margo paused, and I got the impression she was talking about herself, "…stimulated her too soon, and she orgasmed on us. The poor girl never came out of it; I felt responsible, took it upon myself to restore her."

Margo stopped again, but I was not going anywhere. She seemed to gather her thoughts and go on. "I used a government artificial intelligence program; we had stolen it to use for our alibi program. So I went ahead and – invented – a personality for this mindless girl, otherwise she would have ended up a vegetable or in some mental institution anyway. We had not yet figured out all the secrets of the process at that time."

Go on, I urged her mentally. This story was getting intriguing. Margo took the hint.

"Her name was originally Emily Hoffman but you know her better as my assistant, Cia."

I was stunned; I had so many questions to ask. My body remained stiff and unmoving.

"So I do have compassion for my girls, as I hope you’ll come to realize." she concluded. "For now you’re going for the Frederick’s assignment too, but I’ll make this as easy for you as possible…" She pointed the remote at me then and I felt a very strange sensation as my features melted into a blank oval like the others had. Oddly enough, I could see clearly though it seemed like my eyes had vanished. "See you in a few weeks" she said.

I wanted to ask questions, thousands of them, as Margo left the room, but how could anyone hear a faceless mannequin?? There was plenty of time to think, however.

Margo’s soliloquy had definitely changed my view of her somewhat. I still despised her for what she had done to me, but at least I knew she’d look out for me for some reason.

It doesn’t make sense though, I mused. Why take all the time to kidnap models and turn them into mannequins that can be changed back to living models again?

Why not just permanently change them? It seemed a lot easier that way, though the possibility or returning to normal life gave me some hope still.

Then I began to be distracted and started feeling flushed once more as control device inside me began its vibrations as programmed; in seconds it brought me to a carefully seasoned mental orgasm. The feeling was terrific, but far short of the unbelievably strong climax from before. At least these orgasms would not cost me my sanity.

Bathed in the warm glow of satiation, I wondered idly if Julie and Kara still had theirs turned on? That would be the real torture; to be trapped inside and not ever to feel pleasure, never again to achieve release...

Maybe that would be their second punishment, I thought, but Margo did not appear to be that cruel.

Time sure went by slow it seemed, or did it? There was no point of reference, no change in lighting or in any of the still figures, including myself, that I could see. After a while I began to get bored with watching the mirror, thinking with everything that’s happened to me so far, accepting the contract, the fashion show, and being duped into becoming a Mannequin, I’m beginning to look forward to this assignment. Anything that will help me to pass the time till I can be free.

Who am I kidding? I’m a mannequin now; that’s all I’ll ever be now! Fading thoughts of freedom still lingered in my mind, merely thoughts now... of Derek’s strong touch.

Thoughts I was clinging to when the elegant Cia and another woman entered the room.

It was Sue! The girl who had been so nice to me at the fashion show, what was she doing here with Cia?

"Looks like they’re all ready," said Sue cursorily as she walked up to me, "Was this Chris Fallon?" Was?

"Yes, that’s her," Cia replied, "the other two are Julie and Kara."

"Oh. The nympho’s… Keeping the pair together?"

"Um yeah, that’s part of it, Margo told me she found these two in here groping Chris when she came back to check on her transformation."

"What’s the other part?" Sue asked.

"Vickie from Frederick’s called she wanted to use featureless Mannequins this time; Julie and Kara volunteered for the assignment. At least that’s what Margo said; volunteered."

The assistant walked over to where my figure stood on its base. "How are you doing, Chris? I hope you are very happy now." Cia said.

As she walked around me she ran her left hand casually over my breasts as if to check for dust… Her touch was feather soft and delicate as it passed over my hard skin. Then she turned to the other mannequins. "We’ll need two roller carts for these two."

"I’ll go get some," Sue agreed, and left the room for a few moments.

Cia walked over to Julie and Kara, the look on her face was one of utter disgust. I didn’t blame her at all. "It’s people like YOU that made me who I am now", she said viciously, stroking each of their vacant faces. She looked ready to tear them limb from limb.

I wonder, does she know what Margo did to her? My thoughts flew. Did she know the whole truth? I wondered how much Margo had lied to her – or to me – as Cia pulled out her own remote and pressed a few buttons with a sly smile.

She addressed the frozen figures of my two seductresses. "I think a maximum skin sensitivity setting ought to do it for you; if the two of you have any brains left after this assignment I’ll be truly amazed." As if to underscore their predicament, Cia stroked their hard, sensitive, bodies coyly with her feathery fingertips.

I could only think what Julie and Kara would experience when they’re changed back...

Cia then aimed the remote at me, still smiling.

I hoped... she would do the same to my settings… I wanted to feel what I had before…

Her face lit up as she pressed different buttons, "Not to worry Chris, I’m just turning down the arousal setting on your control device." Aw, shit! I sighed. "You evidently can handle quite a bit," she continued, "So I thought I’d give you a break; by the time you come off this assignment you’ll be all finalised."

She patted my hardened ass, fondly. "Maybe Margo will grant you some control, too."

That was what I am waiting for, I replied, a chance to be free again, take one of those controllers and get out of this situation. I’d sacrifice a few eons of pleasure for that.

Sue returned with the carts for Julie and Kara, and in seconds had them settled into the padded cradles. An elastic strap secured their rigid bodies in place.

Cia and Sue wheeled them out together and then came back for me with another cart.

"Time to go; ready for your first assignment Chris," said Cia lightly as Sue buckled me in and wheeled the cart out of the door. All I could see at first were the lights on the ceiling. After some time, we went down a hallway full of doors with numbers on them. I counted twenty; ten on either side of us. These doors were all closed.

At the end of the hallway was a partition indoor that led to another similar hallway filled with more rows of doors, but there was more activity here. Along the way we passed a few models coming to and from these rooms. They did not seem to take any notice of a cart with a mannequin figure strapped to it.

"I guess we ought to give you a short tour", Cia commented as we went by. "Right now we’re in the model’s quarters area; where you were before was one of the finalising rooms. There are three levels of living quarters here, so when you come off assignment you’ll be assigned a room – and a roommate."

"Cia, maybe she can room with me; think Margo will go for it?" Sue suggested.

"I don’t see why not." was the assistant’s reply, but her voice sounded doubtful.

I wondered if she was hoping to room with me, herself?



At the end of the next hall was an elevator, once inside I saw that we were on sub level three. Cia pressed for the Basement, which meant we went up, not down as I had expected.

The elevator doors opened onto a typical underground parking area with several trucks backed up to a dock near the elevator plaza. I saw the truck which seemed to be waiting for us; already in back were the mannequins of Julie and Kara as well as three others.

I wondered that if seven was the total order, who would fill that last slot? My question was answered after they had me strapped in the truck. It turned out that Sue was the missing mannequin. I watched as Cia pointed the remote at her co-worker, froze her in position, and placed her on an empty display stand. Working quickly, she undressed Sue and smoothed off her facial features so she soon looked just like the rest of us. Her rigid figure was strapped into the truck next to mine; I wondered if she could see too.

"Well Chris, hope you enjoy your first assignment, I’ll see you in about four weeks." Cia said at last when all was done. She turned and walked away after planting one last kiss where my lips would have been. A deep arousal came over me as Cia closed the door and darkness engulfed us. Part of me quietly thanked her for lessening the effects of the device, making the orgasms I would have less mind numbing while another part of me had hoped to be driven quietly out of my mind with endless pleasure. It was a dilemma.

The engine started with a bass grumble and soon we were on our way, I took this time in transit to try and get some sleep. I think I succeeded but I didn’t dream at all.

A bright light awoke me, we had arrived at the mall and were unloaded. I recognised Vickie Jones from Frederick’s who was waiting for us along with a few of her employees.

Vickie looks like she is very smart, I thought; I wonder if she knows that we’re real?

Together with the other faceless mannequins we were taken into the store. Vickie had decided to display Sue and another model as well as myself in the front window, while the others were placed near the entrance and by the dressing rooms. Three blondes, two brunettes, and three redheads in total.

As soon as we were distributed, two of Vickie’s employee’s came out to the window with a cart of clothes and other preparations. Sue and I as well as the other mannequin were given a nice rub down with a damp cloth then each of us was placed in our final places.

I nearly panicked when one of the girls, whose name tag said ‘Trudy,’ took my arms off and began pulling a sheer negligee over me; I noticed it was black and was slit up to my thigh on the left side. Finally it was sinking in that I was now only a mannequin. It’s a weird feeling having your arms pulled off, and being dressed by someone else while you are just standing there like a statue. I had never thought I would be aroused by it, but the whole experience was affecting me almost as much as Derek had. Perhaps Cia had turned the sensitivity in the wrong direction after all!

Trudy put my arms back on, smoothed my hair into place, and went to work on Sue next. She was dressing her in pearl babydoll nightie, with little blue flowers around the bra cups. I thought that it looked good on Sue. Trudy finished up her work with the last mannequinized model by dressing her in a fountain blue silk nightie and placing white high-heeled pumps with little feather puffs on her feet. Finishing up, she dusted us all off carefully, removing any lint she found, then straightened our clothes again. While working she talked to us as if she knew we could hear her. Or maybe it was just a habit.

"There now, don’t you three look great?" she said, while fixing my hair. "They must have made real hair wigs for you; that’s a nice touch. Too bad they didn’t put faces on you, though, seems a waste not to since you look so real otherwise." She seemed to be kind, but rather naive in a way. Pretty, too. "Well, gotta go now, I’ll be back next week to change you over, ‘till then you’re on your own. Have a good time!" If only she knew…

As Trudy left us alone I could only think how nice it was to have someone to talk to us, but then how weird that was because she thought we were only plastic dummies, but even still it’s good to have someone think we’re real even if we really are anyway!

I could see our reflections in the store window; we did look great on display. I could also see that Vickie and her employees were leaving the store for the evening, turning out the lights as they went. She locked the doors behind her and walked away with a spring in her step. Today had been a good one for her as well; she had gotten the new display in.

I’ve never been alone in a mall before, and never after dark… At first it was spooky.

Time in the window seemed to go by quickly once I got used to it. I think I’ve been here for two weeks, almost; I’ve been keeping track of time by the openings and closings of the store. Sometimes it is difficult to remember because each day is much like the last.

Trudy changed us into some very sexy lingerie this week. Sue’s wearing a fabulous corset ensemble, while the other model is wearing a silk kimono over a bra and panty set. I happen to have been given a white two piece set that is similarly designed to the two piece set that Sue’s wearing. It’s like we are sisters, or something. I don’t know why, but that makes me happy. I like it when people pay interest in what I’m modeling for them. It’s my life’s work, now.

I guess I’ve become accustomed to being a mannequin, after all. I didn’t think I would, but it’s happened. I guess not being able to move and having your arms and legs taken off, having people clean your body, fix your hair, and fuss over every little detail of your appearance can have an affect on you. I kind of came to like the attention.

I wonder every now and then about Julie and Kara; once while being dressed I saw them inside the store, standing close to each other on a raised platform. I think about what Margo will do to them once they’re off assignment; only time will tell. What they did doesn’t seem so wrong to me now, but after all I survived it. Things very much could have gone the other way and I might have ended up like Cia. But was that so bad?

I just hope that Max is looking for me now, but he’s probably been duped by Margo’s computer. It may have told him I won a trip to Nepal or was courted by a Russian prince and now am spending my days in St.Petersburg rather than in a glass case.

Today in the mall is a busy day; must be Saturday. Watching people has become a favorite pastime for me, well, since that’s all I can do is stand still and watch them.

All kinds of people in the world, and I see them at the mall, while they watch me.

Just the other day I saw a man rob a woman’s purse right in front of the store; if it wasn’t for the bravery of another patron the thief would have gotten away. Then a cop happened by and handcuffed the thief. I wonder how his time is passing now.

That’s about the worst I’ve seen so far.

People come and go, some stop and shop; some just window shop. Even guys, though this is a lingerie store. I think some of them are really perverts; they stand in front of the windows gazing in at us, their eyes looking dreamy. I don’t know what to think, what they see in our frozen poses. Some of them do buy things, others only gawk.

This day the P.A. announced once again that the mall would be closing within the half hour. Trudy and the others from the store (Vickie wasn’t around much these days) closed up the same as they did each night, but as I watched the crowds file out towards the exits I saw three men not far from our store.

The only reason I noticed them at all was that they were dressed in black and pointing and gesturing towards the store and at the mannequins – us – in particular. When you spend all your days watching people you can pick out things that are unusual. These were not the typical gawkers.

They soon walked away leaving me wondering if they knew in some way who we really were. Nah, probably just three guy’s who braving themselves to buy their girlfriends of wives some lingerie, or? A custodian passing by with a broom sidetracked my thoughts and I did not worry about them any more. Until later.

The mall turned empty and after some time I fell asleep, as I did every night.

I was jarred awake as I could feel someone touching me. The store remained very dark so that I could hardly see anything. But I heard voices; male voices, close by.

"Shhiitt"! "Careful, don’t knock her over! She’s gonna be very valuable to us."

"Sorry, Mac, I’ll be more careful."

"Don’t call me Mac!!"


Two men were talking as I felt a black sheet being pulled over me. The sensuous feel of the cloth on my smooth, hard, skin distracted me for a moment. This was more serious than just a passing titillation, I sensed, and I pulled myself reluctantly back to reality. Something bad was happening…

Oh my god! We’re being taken from the store! I felt myself being tipped back and taken from the window display. I could not see a thing and knew then how helpless Julie and Kara must feel. For the first time since becoming a mannequin model I wanted to shout and scream but could not do anything at all…

What’s going to happen to me?

(end of part 2)