The Visual Merchandiser and the Mannequin

by True ML

Molly had just gotten a job as a Visual Merchandiser (fancy name; she was a window-dresser) at a big department store downtown which was in the heart of New York city. It was a well known store; many people shopped there, even she when she had the cash. Molly just turned twenty years old and had a figure that most women would die for but she was a bit of a loner - she still had no steady boyfriend and she lived by herself in a small apartment on the other side of the city. Molly did not feel this lack of companionship was any big deal.

It was her the first evening on her new job, she started after the store had closed. The department store done most of it's display work at night but this didn't bother Molly at all because she liked working at night. She rather enjoyed it because she was a night owl and often went to the late night movie shows.

When she arrived at the employee entrance she was greeted by another Merchandiser, her supervisor, also starting his shift.

"Hi my name is Bob," he said by way of a greeting.

"Oh - my name is Molly," she replied back. "Nice to meet you, Bob."

"So this is your first night, Molly?"

"Yes it is," she replied, but he could see that she was a bit uneasy.

"Don't be nervous; you will do just fine!" They were strolling through the darkened store, she following his lead. "Here let me show you around." he said.

As Bob was showing Molly around Bob took a good look at her, (she is a very beautiful lady) he was saying to himself and thought about how she would respond to 'the girls' as he called them. He continued his small talk patter.

"So, Molly how did you get in the Visual Merchandising business?"

"I like to work in display settings. I've always wanted to do this since I was a little girl watching a worker setting up a Christmas time display in some window - it may have even been this store. He did such a wonderful displaying the mannequins and props so that it looked like a real life setting.

That's when I said to myself, 'I will be like him someday.' And here I am."

"That great," Bob replied, "here, let us get to work."

He took Molly up to the front window and that they would be redressing the mannequins. Bob entered the window first and looked around. "Now let's see - Oh, Molly there is some swimware in the stockroom next to here could you go and get it for me? I will start undressing the girls."

Molly didn't pay attention that Bob called the mannequins girls and went to get the swimwear. As she was gone Bob drew a blind across the window and said to the display mannequins:

"Girls, I can't let you move tonight; at least not in front of Molly right away. Give her a week and I will ease her into this; don't want to scare her into leaving. You never know -- maybe she will join you girls."

Then Molly returned and he said to her, "OK Molly you can dress Julie and I'll dress Nat over there."

"You give the mannequins names?" Molly queried back.

"Yes, they are like family to me and I take *very* good care of them."

She didn't ask any more questions at that time and started to dress the one he had called Julie. (My, how life like they are) she thought. The detail in their faces and bodies were so good you would think you were looking at a live girl; they had no obvious joints but Molly noticed they could be moved around so they could be dressed easily. (It must be a new type of mannequin), she thought.

Bob noticed the way she was looking at Julie and said to himself (if you only knew!)

Molly was starting to get turned on as she was dressing Julie. Little did she know that Julie herself was wanting to move for Molly because Molly was turning her by the way she was dressing her. As Molly was placing sand around Julie's feet Bob gave a knowing glance at Julie and said to himself (how is Molly going to react when the mannequin that she is dressing tries to jump her bones?)

Bob somehow knew this by how glossy Julie's eyes got when Molly was posing her. Molly was very meticulous, and she touched the mannequin a lot.

"There, all done," replied Molly, "what you think Bob"

Bob looked, "A great job! You're a natural at this kind of work."

Then Molly mentioned how life-like all the mannequins in the store looked, and asked where they had gotten them. Bob gave her a vague explanation about a struggling artist in SoHo, but said he would leave the rest to next week.


A week had gone by now and it was time to reveal the secret. Before Molly arrived to work Bob approached Julie in the window and said:

"This is the night they we're going to tell her, love." He approached Julie and gave her a spray of some sort of chemical on her face. It had the faint aroma of wintergreen. "There, you be moving in a half an hour." Bob then looked at her straight in the eyes and said "I'll get Molly to start on you first. Try not to scare her too much!" Then he left the window and the mannequin to wait.

Molly then just came in. "Hi Bob, what's first?" She was in a very perky mood tonight. All the better.

Bob said nonchalantly, "I want you to dress Julie in window 5 now. Don't forget to pull the outside curtain across and... if something 'happens' don't be surprised - I'll be right in the next window."

She thought to herself (what is he up to? what could possibly happen to me dressing a mannequin?) She passed it off and entered the display window. The first thing she did was to draw the blind as Bob had said.

Then Molly went up to Julie and started to undress her. Molly was getting turned on again when she was near this mannequin and didn't really know why. There was a full change of clothes for the next scene so she stripped Julie naked. As Molly was taking off Julie's top, Molly just had to touch her breast. All of a sudden, *Julie* reached out to Molly and touched *her* breast. She had moved! Molly took a leap back and almost flew out the window. Then she huddled to a corner of the window and screamed out for Bob to come.

Bob was standing just out of the window waiting for that to occur. He came in quickly and calmed her as if nothing unusual had happened: "Oh, Molly! I see that you've met Julie. I think she likes you; don't you?"

Molly replied in a nervous voice, "Bob - she is moving. Mannequins don't move?" Julie was smiling at her.

Bob then replied, "Yes, she moves; many of the other mannequins around here move too. That is because they are not only mannequins but real girls."

"Real girls," she said in a daze, "what do you mean real girls, Bob?"

"Real, as in 'living'; girls as in 'people'. Yes, these girls came here to me over time. They had nothing going for them in their lives and they were very lonely.

I had the opportunity to offer them eternal youth. You see, Julie was here with me as a 'mannequin' - if you would like to call her that - for five years now. Why don't you stay here with Julie and I will go and finish setting the others up to move around a while. They need a break from being mannequins sometime.

"You are going to leave me with her?" she ventured nervously.

"Oh yes, Molly she won't bite! But she does get excited when others touch her when she is frozen stiff - you probably drove her nuts dressing her..."

Molly was still in the corner as she watched Julie slowly get down from her glass base and started to walk towards her. It was like a dream she was having.

"Hi, Molly. I guess you already know my name," Julie said as she gave Molly helping hand back onto her feet. "Please don't be scared Molly, I'm not some kind of demon - just someone who stands motionless in windows all day!

I don't mind being a mannequin; in fact I rather enjoy it. I don't age at all when I'm frozen plus I get to show off a lot of neat things. Bob has always been very kind to me; he takes very good care of us all."

Molly was still in shock. A few minutes ago she was dressing a plastic girl which she knew was a mannequin and now that mannequin was *talking* to her.

Julie was becoming more animate. "Come on Molly, lets go have some fun!"

she urged the stunned merchandiser, "It must have been three weeks since I last moved at all."

"Three weeks?" Molly replied. "It must be boring just standing there."

"Oh, not at all Molly... We tend to sleep a lot but we do wake up now and then like I woke up watching you dress me. You were very gentile..."

Molly was starting to 'fall' for her; she was an extremely beautiful woman.

"Plus Molly," the animated mannequin continued, "I enjoy watching people gaze at me and wonder how they would look dressed in the outfit I am wearing. Also, some people take pictures of me in the window and some guys I think they get a hard on because the way they undress me with their eyes. It's a real kick! Plus I don't get any older doing this. I've been twenty-two for five years now."

Then as both of them came out of the window, Molly looked around and noticed that all the female mannequins were moving around now. (there are so many of them!) Molly thought as she and Julie were walking to the back of the department store. Some of the girls said "hi" to Molly and said that they enjoyed her dressing them. It seemed that they were all extremely happy as if they were having the time of their life. Maybe they were, Molly realized.

Molly and Julie finally met up with Bob as he was carrying a beautiful mannequin out of the stock room. "My, she is beautiful!" exclaimed both Julie and Molly. "Is she a real girl, too?" Molly asked. Julie knew.

"Oh yes, I just finished her. Doesn't she look just great!" Bob replied.

"Who is she?" queried Molly.

"Oh, I'm sorry -- Molly, meet Becky. She was our last Visual Merchandiser before you and she wanted to be a mannequin too. I was more than happy to help her fulfill her dream." Molly couldn't help to notice how hard and shiny her body looked. Bob must of sprayed her with something. Her frozen expression was one of pure joy.

"So, Bob, why didn't you tell me about this?"

"I didn't want to scare you away, Molly. This was the only way I could get to know you and anticipate how you would react to the girls."

'Bob is right,' Molly thought; if she known the first day about the living mannequins she would have left the store and would never have come back.

Julie was getting impatient, "Come on Molly, let's go into the back room." she prodded while patting Molly's ass.

Bob said with a sly grin, "You know, Molly, that Julie is a lesbian. That's why she got so turned on when you were touching her in the window.

Molly replied, "Maybe I am too; that might be why I have no boyfriends."

Julie got even more excited when Molly said that. "I had a feeling you were getting aroused while dressing me by the way your her hands cuddled my tits." She embraced Molly in a full-contact hug and a passionate kiss that grew in its intensity. Their hands explored each other's bodies with rapid intimacy. Moving hand-in-hand, they headed for the mattress kept in the back storage room.

"Oh, Molly," Bob called to them, "she has to back in her window by seven or she'll freeze up on you." Neither Julie nor Molly really heard anything he said.

Once in the privacy of the back room, Molly got undressed and they both had unbelievably great sex. Molly was having the best time of her life. They licked each other's pussy for over an hour and cuddled together for two hours and brought each other to climax what must have been five times. After the last orgasm, they were both exhausted. Lying there in the darkness, waiting for their bodies to recover, they talked openly like sisters - or lovers.

"Julie, does it hurt being turned into a mannequin?"

"Oh no, not at all. Bob gives you a chemical in a drink like a milkshake, then sprays yor with some kind of fixative; within an hour or so we're turned into rigid mannequins. Stiff as stone statues. It's the best feeling I've ever had! Plus he has another spray that lets us move for a few hours at a time, like now, before we freeze into mannequins again. It's easier to pose us that way."

"But Julie what if you don't want to be a mannequin anymore?"

"I can't imagine that, Molly!" Julie chuckled as she traced her fingers across Molly's toned abdomen. "If I did want to quit, he dips us into another treatment bath that neutralizes all of the chemical from our bodies and we can move again. A few of the women that work in the department store were mannequins before but they wanted to meet somebody and have kids. Maybe someday I would like to be normal again - but not now. This is too much fun!"

They both lay there chatting and petting each other for hours and didn't notice the time passing. "Oh my god!" Molly said, "It's almost seven." Molly jumped up and pulled her clothes on quickly, then and looked over at Julie.

Julie looked back at her calmly. "What's the rush, Molly?" She seemed to be talking a bit more slowly than a few minutes before.

"The spray is wearing off; you'll start to freeze any minute.!"

"Oh Molly, I trust you will take me to the window and dress me nicely."

As they were walking back to the window Molly noticed that all the other girls were getting back on their bases and starting to freeze up into mannequins.

"Oh Molly... can you help me?" Molly turned and looked at Julie. She too was starting to harden up where she stood. Molly grabbed her and rushed to the window with her. By now Julie was stiffening into position and even her speech had slowed almost to a standstill. In the window, There were some clothes set out for Julie to display. Bob must have known that they would be late.

Julie barely made it over to stand on her base and compose her expression. She managed to say: "I -- love --- you ---" to Molly and then was frozen solid.

"Wow!" Molly said, thinking 'a few seconds ago she was moving; now she is a perfect mannequin.' Molly went up to the stiffened Julie and finished dressing her. She gave her a pretty pose in the window. As Molly was brushing Julie's hair she could not resist and gave Julie a big kiss. "I'll see you tonight, Julie" were her parting words as Molly opened the blind to the outside. Almost ready. After picking a few bits of lint off of Julie's clothes she left the window Another day had begun at the department store and the displays were ready just in time.

Molly took a deep breath - she had love in her eyes - and said to herself, 'this is one person that won't get away from me!' There; she had said it.

Bob came up to her as if on cue and asked, "How was your night, Molly?"

Molly could not hold it in any longer; she yelled out: "I am in *love*!"

and she started to dance for joy around the store.

Bob was very pleased; he knew Molly and Julie would get it off together.

"OK, Molly you can go home now and get some rest. I'll see you tonight."

Molly waved her good-byes and as she was waiting to catch the bus she looked at Julie posed in the window and when no one was looking she blew her a parting kiss. There was no reaction from the mannequin figure but within, Julie too was falling in love and blew an imaginary kiss back.

Molly couldn't hardly sleep when she got home; she wanted to see Julie so much again. She said to herself, 'I must be nuts- falling in love with a display mannequin!' Nuts or not, it felt so good to have someone


The evening finally came and Molly got dressed up in her hottest outfit. She wanted to impress Julie. Running to catch her bus, she went straight to the department store. It was just about closing time when she arrived at the store.

"Molly, you're early." Bob observed, "It's not closing time yet."

"I didn't want to miss anything." she volunteered.

"Since you are here, you can help me in the back with the new girl."

"You mean you've got another one who wants to be a mannequin?"

"Yes, indeedy," Bob replied, "they are just knocking down the door!"

They entered a room in the back of the store that Molly hadn't been before. As soon as the door closed a tall girl jumped out at her with the biggest happy face she had ever seen. She was absolutely ecstatic.

"Hold on there!" Molly replied, a bit taken aback by the emotion.

The girl looked back at her and said with a beaming smile, "Hi I'm Tammy!

And I am going to be a *mannequin*! !" Molly was surprised that she was so enthusiastic. At that moment, Bob walked back into the room.

"OK you two, come here. Tammy - it is time." The girl's smile grew even more radiant in response.

Molly said, "what do you want me to do?"

He replied, "you can go get your sweetheart out of the window and bring her here. I'll wake her up for you."

Molly was so thrilled she was going to have Julie alive again she raced to her lover's window. The store was closed by now, so she entered the window. "Hi, Julie," she greeted as she pulled the blind closed. Then she went up to the frozen figure and gave her a big wet kiss. Molly thought to herself, 'nothing like a *captive* audience.' She picked the rigid Julie up and carried her over to a cart. They returned to the room just in time to see Bob posing Tammy. She was stiff.

"My that was fast!" Molly exclaimed to Bob, She's already a mannequin."

"It doesn't take much," he replied, "just a deep swallow and a quick spray."

Molly walked over to the new girl and took a good look at her. "You're even more beautiful now, Tammy." she said, as she looked deep into her azure-hued eyes. At first, they were glancing around and then suddenly she stared straight ahead and a very glossy look came into her eyes like they had just turned to glass. Tammy was now frozen solid.

Bob came over with a new glass base for her. Where her pussy used to be was nothing but a smooth surface. Bob picked her up and put her onto the base and said to Molly: "Molly could you do her makeup and I'll go wake up your sweetheart?" Molly nodded, lost in thought .

Molly still couldn't get over how a vibrant girl was now standing stiffly in front of her. She had all the hair shaved from her head and pussy and only needed a polyester wig to totally look like a mannequin. The makeup was a bit specialized, but part of Molly's training. Mostly eyelashes and mascara, but it gave Tammy an dramatic look. A few strokes of blusher on her cheeks and some attention to her lips. This and that - a half an hour later her face was finished. "There, all done Tammy. You look smashing." Molly was pleased with her work.

As soon as she said that she had a pair of hands on her tits . She spun around and there was her Julie all moving again! They both locked together with a big kiss that lingered on and on.

"OK you two," Bob chided them, "Molly you have to do some work first - then you can play. I want you to take Tammy out to the center floor section and put her into the display with the other girls I left standing there for you. Clothes and everything else I've left out there for you. Julie, you can help her..."

"Alright, Bob," she replied and they both left carrying Tammy on a cart . They got to the to the center display. This was going to be a good one.

"Wow they are all so gorgeous," Molly said as she looked at the other girl mannequins standing nude waiting to be dressed. Most were standing and another was sitting in a chair so perfectly still. It was uncanny how cheerful they all seemed.

Julie looked at Molly and said, "why don't you become a mannequin too?"

Molly didn't know how to reply to that question. "Let me think about it," she finally said. But the possibility was starting to tug at her. She returned to the task and the closeness of her lover.

Julie was more direct: "First lets dress these girls and then we can go play some in back. I want to stroke your pussy so much It's driving me crazy!" She said no more and helped Molly prepare the frozen girls in the display.

"There - all done," Molly said at last. It was a sporting theme, and Tammy was posed standing in white tennis shoes and a short tennis skirt holding a tennis racket in her hand. The others hand different sporting outfits on; one was a runner and another was in a clingy aerobics outfit. They all looked so elegant together. There was no way anyone could tell these were living mannequins.

Bob came up, "My, what a fine job you've done here - they are wonderful! OK, you can go play now for the rest of the night since you did such a great job."

Molly and Julie then went back to the store room and they began disrobing. Molly looked at Julie's figure; she was very trim. "Don't you ever get hungry?"

"Not at all. The chemical in us keeps us healthy and nourished we don't need solid food. I guess it doesn't take much energy to be motionless..."

Molly was impressed; thinking about her unsuccessful diets as she was undoing Julie's top. Then they both jumped in bed and made love all night long. They must have been tired as they both fell asleep.

It was just past seven in the morning and Bob walked in on them, finally rousing his amorous assistant. "Molly." he said, "you two must have had a really great time together."

Molly looked at Bob from under the covers and said, "What do you mean?"

She wasn't sure why she was trying to deny it; Bob know what was going on.

"Well take a look at Julie." Molly rolled over to look at Julie and there she was, frozen solid, but with a satisfied smile on her face. She stared off into space with the glossiest of eyes.

Bob then said, "Take her to the fifth floor to ladies sleepwear and put her on display there. There is no way she'll go back on her usual base today.'

Molly carried Julie over and propped her upright on the cart, covering her naked form with a sheet to discourage prying eyes. Together they went up to the fifth floor. There was a bed in the scene and some other mannequinized girls standing around in night gowns and lingerie. Molly found a sexy teddy for Julie to wear and placed her onto the bed. Julie looked so cute lying there that Molly wanted to play with her all day.

When Molly got home she sat in bed and thought about what Julie said about being a mannequin with her. She thought it over for a while and then said to herself 'why not?' She really had no friends or any family nearby. Bob and Julie *were* her family now. 'I'll give it a shot,' she quickly concluded.

After the decision, the rest was easy. Molly made arrangements with the land lord that she was leaving, so no one would miss her. What there was of her belongings went into storage or to the thrift store. Not much, really.

Then Molly left for the store the last time, When she got there she approached Bob with an expectant look that he recognized immediately.

"Bob, I got a request for you..." she began

Bob looked over at her as if he knew what she was going to say next, and he had his response ready: "Molly, I loose more Visual Merchandisers this way! Each time I hire a new one they want to become mannequins and then I have to start all over again. Cara and Julie and Becky, now you..." Then he smiled, "Yes, you can be a mannequin too."

Molly jumped over and gave Bob a big hug, "Oh - thank you, thank you!"

"OK, Molly, get undressed and I'll go get your lover to help me with you."

An half hour went by and Julie came running up to Molly and gave her a big kiss and said, "I heard that you will be joining us today - what great news! Maybe Bob will display us together in the window once you're mannequinized."

Molly was a trifle nervous as Bob gave her a tall glass with the freezing chemical in it. She hesitated a moment, then drank it all down. It tasted odd. Then Bob sprayed her all over and stepped back to look at his watch.

Waiting for something to happen, Molly became impatient and ventured, "Maybe it didn't work?" As soon as she said that she fell forward into Julie's arms like a wooden indian. Her legs had frozen; they looked like shiny plaster but she felt no pain at all. She had a faint tingling sensation within her body.

Bob stood her back upright and said, "Give me your pretty face," so she did. Just in time; then she was frozen from head to toe It went so fast Molly didn't have time to say another word. She was rigid. Bob shaved her head and bush smooth, then placed a wig on her head - it was a different hairstyle and already she seemed transformed; improved. Molly then noticed herself in a mirror across the room and saw that where her pussy had been was just as smooth as a baby's.

Then he was placed her on a stand just like Tammy had been, a standing mannequin figure to start out with, and Julie came over to her and applied the display makeup. An hour went by and then Bob came in and told Julie to take Molly to window five. Julie picked up Molly and looked her into her glassy eyes and thought 'how the tables have turned, my love.' Molly was now the one being dressed and put on display. Julie placed her on the cart and went to the window.

Molly was happy that Julie was dressing her she watched her rub her hands over her frozen breasts and pussy that it was turning her on again, more strongly. She said to herself 'the next time I move, I am going to fuck you mad!'

Julie was all done with dressing the newest mannequin; Bob checked her over and said: "Julie, she's fine. Please help me with dressing the others." Julie walked away, leaving Bob alone with her. He looked at Molly and said "You are just incredibly beautiful - I could never resist making you a lovely mannequin. You're still a Visual Merchandiser, just now in a more active role than before." Molly noticed just like Bob said that she could fall asleep on a dime so she did.

She awoke to watch Bob carrying a frozen Julie into 'her' window. He said, "She has a habit of freezing up all over the store. Maybe she'll stay put here." Bob placed her beside Molly and then he dressed her. Julie seemed content.

A week went by and then a month; Molly and Julie were always displayed together in the same window, often touching each other in statuesque fellowship. Then one day a young girl came in with Bob; she approached Molly and started to undress her as Bob undressed Julie. Molly the mannequin thought to herself, 'we've got another a new Visual Merchandiser - or another new mannequin!'

And life goes on in the department store. Sure enough, after a few months had gone by the new Visual Merchandiser was on display with them in the same window. Bob woke them up every week so they could experience steamy, highly animated sex together. The next day they appeared extra attractive in their static poses; almost glowing with erotic bliss.

Molly was the happiest 'girl' in the world.

-- End --