Mannequins from Mars

by Paul Jutras

From the inky blackness of space came a large cubical object, larger than a small moon. The metallic giant approached with such speed, the two operators barely had time to put the base on red alert. "Earth, Earth come in Earth." Raymond shouted in the communicator as he stood in his red astronaut suit. "This moon base. We're under attack!"

"I think we're being jammed." Ray's alien partner, Drum. Drum tried to contact the alien ship as he stood in a white ball cap on his bald, yellow skin head. He wore black sneakers and jogging suit. "I can't get through."

The monitor screen watched the whole front of the space craft open up. Four giant blades gleamed as energy surged through them. With the pulling force of a black hole, the moon surface began to rip apart.

"I don't care if we are being jammed." Ray said as the two rushed into their hanger. "It has no identification and is hostile."

"Circuit power is at 100%." Drum said as a large rectangular ship with the words SPACE POLICE written across the side, rose off the crumbling moon surface. "Power levels normal."

"All automatic gun units on target." Ray said, starting a countdown. "Opening return fire."

Streams of multi-color energy twisted around one across as they shot across the black void of space. The impact upon the surface had a negative effect. As the blades grinned to a halt, they slid into the metallic sides, leaving only an empty space.

"What now?" Ray thought they watched a giant asteroid shoot out of the whole like a pinball ball out of a shoot. Both Ray and Drum could only scream as the asteroid rolled across the top of the ship in a series of crushing explosions.

After the front of the ship closed up, the alien craft created the illusion that the ship itself was the moon. A small craft exited it, heading in the direction of Earth.

Taking a woods short cut home from school, a teenage girl looked up to see an unknown object streak across the sky. "Whatever that is, it looked like it landed somewhere around here." She said to herself as a trail of smoke went unnoticed from the tree tops behind her.

A hatch opened in the smooth surface of shuttle and a being driving a mechanical battle droid stepped out. It leapt over the tree tops and landed in front of the girl who froze with fright. "Who... Who are you?" The girl asked.

Without saying a word, a target lock was created and it began to open fire with some strange ray from the robot's mechanical arm. Flying off into a panic, the young girl turned and ran off with the robot in hot pursuit.

"This can't be happening!" The girl screamed. "This has to be some crazy dream!"

Reaching the edge of a cliff the robot cornered the girl. "Get away from me!" She screamed as she reached into her book bag and started to toss things at it. Books, CDs, empty soda cans just bounced off its metal hide. As the robot suit stepped forward, its foot landed on the soda can and slipped out from under its body. As the thing went off the cliff, the girl breathed a sigh of relief.

After running the rest of the way home, the girl tried to catch her breath and forget the whole thing. Her mother was in the kitchen with her father as they helped one another fix dinner. Taking her school books to her room, she collapsed on her bed.

After dinner, the young girl just wanted to forget that anything had happened as she sat on the side of her bed and played with her game system. Electronic characters attacked one another on the screen as she sat unaware that a figure sat outside of the house waiting to attack her.

Suddenly a knock came at the front door. "Mom!" the girl called without getting any answer. "Dad, are you getting that?"

Not getting any answer, the girl turned off the game and went down stairs. As she opened the door; however, the battle robot stood on the porch and got a target lock through the door way. 'I - It can't be." She backed away in shock.

"Keep away from me!" She slammed the door shut and took off through the house. The robot immediately smashed the door down, activated its shoulder jets and followed. The two went straight through the house, out the back doors and soon reentered the woods.

As she started to leave the trail between her house and town, she tripped on a tree root and landed flat on her face. The robot then raised an arm and fired an ooze gun at her. As the ooze covered her body, it took on a plastic appearance.

A hatch then opened up in the front of the robot and the girl stared with frozen eyes at what looked like a mannequin in the drivers seat. "What's your name?"

"Samantha Pizza." The frozen girl said, as the mannequin aimed a remote control and pressed a button. A blue light washed over both of them. When the light died an exact double of Samantha sat in the battle robot. On the forest ground, there stood what looked like a mannequin.

"Not anymore, dear." The alien said. "I'm Samantha Pizza now. I'll just put you in my closet until I go into town."

Samantha was picked up and carried up the back stairs to her own bedroom. After she was placed like a statue in her own closet, Sam 2 removed her alien flight suit and changed into one of Samantha's favorite skirts and blouses. She then sat down on the side of the bed and began to paint her toes.

"What kind of invasion are these aliens planning?" Samantha thought as she stared through the door flaps and saw her double pull out a hand held device from her purse. All she could do was stand there and listen to what was about to happen.

"This is Sam 2 calling mother ship." She spoke with a smile forming across her face. "Green light for phase one, you may proceed with phase two with you're ready."

"Excellent." A voice came across the communicator. "The second ship will be landing in the city before dawn. This will be set up for the pitiful fools know what hits them."

Sam 2 put down the communicator and turned toward the closet. She ran her hands all over her arms and legs as if getting to know them. Samantha could only feel empty inside as she watched Sam 2 seemed to be in erotic pleasure as her nipples went erect and she fingered her own pussy. "Flesh and blood bodies are so warm, and I'm getting so wet." she smiled as she had an orgasm.

At the same time, a hovering glow lowered itself onto a vacant lot between two stores. As the glow died, the ship reformed into the shape of a building. Mannequins dressed in sci-fi costumes and holding ray guns stepped into the window displays and put a sign in the window. HELP WANTED: REQUIRE IN BACK ROOM.

A few hours later Tina, Christine and Kim was doing some shopping downtown, when the noticed the new store opened for business. "If I got a job here, maybe I could afford some of those wonderful outfits the mannequins are modeling," said Tina.

"You go for it, girl." Kim gave her a hug. "If you get the job, maybe we can by your first customers."

Tina walked into the back room with her hips swaying in her mini skirt. Seeing a woman sitting behind the desk, Tina was afraid that her large breasts in her tight T-shirt wouldn't help her get the job. Neither would crossing the nylon clad legs balancing in three inch heels. To her surprise, the owner just nodded to her partner, who turned the lock on the office door.

"What is this?" Tina shrieked, jumping to her feet. Her head barely had time to dart from the locked door to the store owner, when she was sprayed with a plasticizing ooze gun. Her legs instantly hardened too much to move. Her vocal cords paralyzed. Eye eyes glazed over, but she could still see everything clearly. From her poise she could see her finger nails had taken on the same tone as the rest of her skin.

"Just a little work so you won't be recognized by anyone in town. " The owner smiled as she stepped up to Tina. Moving her hands on Tina's face was like shaping a piece of clay. She finished just before Tina's face turned into hard plastic. "You'll look like a whole new beautiful you with my own brand of plastic surgery."

"Hmmm." Kim thought as a remote device fell out of one of the pockets of the window display mannequins, bounced off the display stage and landed at her feet. "What's this for?"

"Maybe the mannequins have robot gears built in and the remote actives an automation program." Christine suggested. "Though you wouldn't think they'd keep something like that on the display figure itself. At any rate, it makes a good souvenir."

After Christine and Kim had finished paying for their purchases, they looked for Tina. Tina didn't seem to be anywhere in the store. Figuring, she didn't get the job and stormed out of the store mad, the two friends decided to leave. Neither noticed the new mannequin put on display in the same outfit Tina was wearing.

Since Kim's house was the closet the two girls decided to stop there. They ran upstairs, giggling to Kim's room where they threw the clothes boxes on the bed and began to tear through them. "I can't wait to see how I look in my new outfits."

"You'll look fantastic." Christine replied as she held up a pair of hose. Kicking off her shoes, she started to slide them up her bare legs. This pair was more sheer than any she felt and gave off a metallic shine to them. No sooner than she had finished pulling them all the way up, than her legs seemed to lock in place.

"What the?" Christine felt numb from the waist down. Normally when her legs fell asleep, her body would collapse to the floor. This time she stuck in place, starring at herself in the mirror. "I think they put the wrong size in the package. They're so tight that I can't move in them."

"You think that's weird," Kim answered. I tried on my new bra and my breasts became completely aroused. "I can't seem to find the hooks to remove it either."

"Th- That's because there aren't any hooks." Christine stuttered in shock. Twisting her upper torso back to her mirror image, she notice there didn't seemed to be a waistband on her hose either. "What's going on?"

"This bra has gotten so tight that my arms can't move!" Kim complained as she noticed her nails changed color to match her skin tone. "We've got to do something before someone mistakes us for a real pair of dummies."

"I got an idea." Christine rocked back and fourth, making herself tip over. Landing beside the bed, she grabbed the blanket and gave it a yank. The packages they bought quickly fell on top of her. Grabbing the remote they had found in the store, she pointed it at Kim. "This should help...I hope."

As soon as Christine pressed the large white button at the bottom of the remote, Kim's arms returned to their normal flesh tone. Kim then took the remote and aimed it at Christine legs. "How's that?" Kim asked as Christina started with a wiggle of her toes. She then bent her knee and sat up, breathing a sigh of relief that she could stand up on her own.

"I'm fine now." Christine said, quickly removing the pantyhose. "But that could happen to anyone who buys anything from that store."

"Like Tina!!" They shouted in unison.

"This remote seems to be the only defense we've got to protect ourselves with." Kim said as she set it down on her dresser beside her TV/VCR and DVD remotes. "I also have a feeling that if call Tina's house, she's not going to answer."

"You think she's still at the job interview?" Christine asked.

"If she's got the job, she's probably in a window display right now," Kim replied. "I think those store owners learn that people in this town look out for one another."

"Do you have the slightest understanding what we're getting into?" Christine asked getting her shoes on, while Kim put on a normal bra and her sweater back on. "We could be going up against some kind of government experiment gone wrong."

"Look, do you want what almost happened to us, happen to Tina?" Kim asked as she swiped her dresser with her arm and knocked all three remotes into her open purse. "Can't risk grabbing the wrong remote when we confront that store owner."

"You're sounding hostile." Christine giggled.

"Hostile." Kim turned to her joking friend. "We're almost turned into plastic display figures and you can excuse me of being hostile? Well forgive me for sounding a little miffed about a friend's life being in danger. In case you forgot, your dancing lessons were almost over back there."

"All I'm saying is that if we're going to help Tina, we need to be clear headed and think things through." Christine instructed. "Raiding the place with threats aren't going to help. Without proof, the police will only lock us up as a couple of nuts."

"You think I'm afraid." Kim turned back and stared at an empty room. At that moment, she remembered that Christine had died two years ago. Kim had often pretended to have conversations when she was troubled, or just needed someone to talk to. She was even seeing a doctor because her hallucinations about seeing her and her speaking back. When she looked in her purse and saw three remotes inside, she wasn't sure what to believe any more.

"Kim!" her mother shouted as Kim came downstairs. "What's wrong with you, honey? You're not eight years old, but your talking to invisible friends like you're out of your mind. You're scaring me."

"I've got to run." Kim simply said as she headed out the front door. Kim had to save Tina. She was the only friend at school who thought she was more interesting than crazy. The only one who stuck by her after Christine's death.

Slipping down the back alley, Kim found the back door to the store to be unlocked. She slipped into a storeroom and moved behind a pile of boxes. To the side of the mannequin who had once been Samantha Pizza. A pole ran up Samantha's rear, riding the nylon of her pantyhose up the cheeks of her butt. Her face was posed with a surprised expression, staring blankly ahead.

As Kim passed the back office, the owner of the store was whispering something to Sam 2. Kim couldn't make out what was being said, but was more concern about finding Tina in the main store. She didn't see any sign of her in the back room, real or otherwise.

There were few people in the shop at this time. Kim couldn't see any mannequins who looked like Tina. Over in casual wear, however, there was a mannequin wearing the same clothes that Tina wore when she had applied for the job. "Tina?" Kim asked, seeing the mannequin sitting at a dresser and looking at itself in the mirror.  The still, stiff, mannequin did not respond.

"I think you're on to something." Christine said as her image appeared in the mirror. "She has the correct body build and clothes for Tina."

"Christine." Kim said, sounding like she was talking to herself to anyone who would be looking her way. "I thought you weren't coming. You were so upset with the idea about my going after Tina on my own."

"I couldn't let my best friend down." Christine smiled. "Beside, I figured you'd need someone to watch your back."

"How are we going to prove if it's her or not?" Kim asked more quietly. "It's not like she has finger prints anymore."

"What about the remote you brought with you?" Christine suggested. "Aiming it at you kept you from transforming completely. Maybe if that is Tina, we can use it to change her back to normal?"

"Great idea." Kim smiled as she dumped out her purse. "Do you remember which one it was. I grabbed all three to make sure we had it. Only they look so much alike, I'm now having trouble figuring out which is the correct one..."

"Perhaps I can help you little thief." Samantha 2 said with a grin. "The boss had me come over when she found one of the remotes missing. Figured you'd be back for your friend."

"Y... You mean that is Tina?" Kim declared. She looked up at the unfamiliar face as Samantha's replacement picked up the mannequin remote. "Who...Who are you. What are you doing to the kids in this town?"

"These kids are just the test subjects." Samantha smiled mysteriously. "When we're done here, your planet's leaders will be the ones replaced. Then this planet will be under our empire's control."

"P...Planet's leaders?" Kim looked up afraid. "You mean that you are..." Kim stuttered.

"Correct." The former mannequin said. "We're from another planet. "We learned long ago that it is much easier to take over a planet by replacing the leaders than by mass destruction."

By the time she had said that, she had activated the remote and Kim was powerless as she watched her arms return to the position they were in when she started transforming the first time. With her elbows bent and fingers separated, she stood up awkwardly. Kim tried to step forward, but her legs were suspended in place.

"Just as I thought." Samantha 2 said with a grin as she tapped on Kim's skin and heard the echo of hollow plastic. "You had tried on some of our store's clothes earlier. Even though you used the remote to return to normal, you were already infected with our virus. It worked its way through your system and now you're only a mere shell of your former self."

"Get her out of here, Tina 2." Samantha 2 said as a girl who looked just like Tina walked over and put Kim on a wheeled platform. She then pushed Kim back to the storeroom; however, both were unable to see the ghost of Christine following close behind.

"You thought you could spoil the take over plans did you, little girl?" Tina 2 asked as she pulled out a dildo and wet it with her own saliva. "I'm no longer the heartless piece of plastic I once was. Knowing how great it feels to pleasure oneself, I got this for you."

Running the dildo up Kim's leg, she inserted it into Kim's rigid body. If Kim thought she felt full by the dildo, it was nothing compared to being slid down a support pole. The pole seemed to pass through her unbroken pantyhose like she wasn't wearing any. It pushed the dildo further up into her, making her feel fuller than she ever had in her life.

Kim was stripped of everything but her nylons, then placed in a full length night gown and bathrobe. She was then wheeled off to lingerie and put on display. "Thanks again for bringing back our transformation device." Tina 2 whispered into Kim's plastic ear. "With you're friend Tina already taken care of, I don't expect the cavalry coming to your rescue."

Back in the storeroom, Christine paced back and forth. Looking at the mannequinized body of the original Samantha Pizza, she kept wondering what she could do to help her friend. "If I could turn you back to normalcy, Kim might have a chance. Even if I could get my hands on one of those remotes again, you couldn't see or hear me."

"What am I going to do now?" Christine headed into the main office. She had hoped to see one of those remotes out, but they must be locked up somewhere. With a large desk and several file cabinets, they could be anywhere.

"Looks like they're not leaving it out for someone to find this time." Christine muttered as she tried one cabinet door and found it locked. "Perhaps I can at least comfort Kim some."

Going over to lingerie, Christine found Kim with a smile still frozen on her face and her breasts still erect. "How's it going girlfriend? I know you can't answer me, but don't worry. I haven't given hope of getting one of the remotes away from them."

"I know I can count of you to save me." Kim thought to herself. "You've always been there for me when I needed you. Both before you died and afterwards. If anyone can find a way to change me back, you will."

"Oooooooooo." Kim moaned to herself as another orgasm hit her. She wondered if Tina was receiving the same surges of pleasure she was. "I hope she finds one of those remotes soon. I don't know how many more of these orgasms I can take in this petrified state."

Christine's body shimmered as the Martian Mannequin who had taken Kim's place walked right through her. "The boss better turn up the heat." Kim 2 said to herself. "We're not used to these bodies or handling this planet's temperature changes."

"This give me an idea." Christine said as she smiled at Kim. "I just may be able to possess you, allowing us to communicate in a mind link. Before risking you or Tina, I think I might test my theory out on that mannequin back in the store room."

Returning to the store room, Christine found Samantha Pizza where she had been abandoned. She moved around behind her and then stepped forward. Whenever Kim was stubborn about doing what was best for her, Christine used to possess her. Possessing a flesh and blood person was quite different from possessing a mannequin. Even if it was once alive. She certainly wasn't ready for the explosion of orgasms that was going on in Samantha's motionless body.

"Who are you?" Samantha's thought asked Christine's thoughts. "Are you one of those creatures that did this to me?"

"No," Christine replied. "I'm a friend here to help. Don't be afraid! You should be able to move with my help. Just leave things to me and we'll get you back to normal real soon."

Samantha's body rose off of the pole and lumbered toward the manger's office. "Do you recall where they put the device that first transformed you?" Christine asked.

"It couldn't be kept here." Samantha answered. "It was some sort of ooze gun built into this battle robot. I think my double left it hidden at my place when she took me into town. Why would you think you'd find it here?"

"What you were hit with must have been something used for outdoor combat situations." Christine told her as she found that Samantha's long finger nail was hard enough to pick the locks on the files. "They also have hand held devices use for close range and small quarters, and some kind of virus too. My friend Kim found once and was transformed like you because of it."

"Samantha 2." The shop owner said as she walked into her office. She went to her desk, unlocked it and pulled out one of the devices. "How did you revert back? Never mind, let me zap you back to flesh in just a second."

As Christine stepped out of Samantha's body, she remained invisible to the shop owner and watched as Samantha was zapped back to flesh. The second she was, Samantha was all over the alien. A quick karate chop; however, sent Samantha to her hands and knees.

"You're the earthling." The store owner said in shock. "How were you moving in your mannequin state? That's impossible."

"Time this creature learn that humans are survivors." Christine squatted down and spun her leg out. The store owner's leg was knocked out from under her and gave Samantha a chance to get back on her feet. Christine wasn't sure who was more surprised, Samantha or the store owner.

Leaping onto a pipe that ran along the ceiling, Samantha was able to dodge the alien leaders next attack and then dropped down on top of her. Samantha's heel drove into the alien woman's chest. When she tried to get back up, Christine gave her a right across against the chin.

"Thanks partner." Samantha smiled as she looked around. She couldn't be sure where her ghostly helper was standing. As the alien tried to kick Samantha in the face, she grabbed the store owner by the ankle and shoved her over her desk.

"I don't know what's going on here, but I don't like it?" The store owner glared as the two started to circle the desk, each trying to get an open shot at the other. At least a shot to go for the transformation remote on the floor.

As the store owner leapt toward Samantha she did a backward flip. As soon as Samantha was back on her feet, she punched the store owner in the nose. "You people aren't taking my town without a fight." Samantha felt confident in her invisible friend's aid.

"Sam 2, Tina 2!" The store owner called out as the office door opened. Instead, Kim's mannequin form lumbered in under the control of Christine. The store owner's eyes just went wide in disbelief that such a thing was possible.

"No!" The store owner cried. "Not you, too."

"I think we've worn out our welcome." Samantha dove to the floor and grabbed the remote as she rolled away from the store owners grasp. Aiming the device at Kim she pressed the button she had seen used before. Instantly, Kim came back to life and didn't need Christine's aid to move any more. The two gave one another a high-five then turned toward their captors.

The three girls quickly took off out of the office with the transforming remote. The store owner was hot on their heels to both get it back and keep them from ruining the invasion plans for earth.

"Time for some more help." Christine said to Kim who nodded in agreement. Kim waved her arm and caught the remote when Samantha tossed it to her. Pressing another button on the remote, all the mannequins displayed in the store suddenly came back to life.

The group of former living mannequins started to tear into Tina 2, Samantha 2 and the owner of the shop. Using the remote to turn the aliens back into mannequins, they began tearing their bodies apart. What they didn't tear apart, they ground up in a giant shredding machine located in back.

"We did it!" Kim declared as she and Tina gave one another a high-five. Christine could only smile as all the girls took off out of the store. Each wearing the swim suit, underwear, or outfit that the aliens had them displayed in.

Taking this moment to reach down and remove the dildos that were placed in them, Samantha, Tina and Kim all found that they were still sexless. That the each had the dildo sealed in them with no way to get it out. No way to stop the orgasms, though now they weren't so intense.

"This isn't all." Tina said. "I haven't had anything to eat since before I was transformed, and I'm not the least bit hungry. It's almost like we've been made over in the alien's image. She couldn't even guess if the actual aliens were sexless or had to eat when in human form.

"We've lost contact with the landing party." A mannequin in the mother ship said as she turned around in her chair before a control board. The lead mannequin sat upon a throne and rubbed her plastic chin. Each movement of the aliens was slow and their stiff joints creaked with movement.

"Is the cloaked ship still at the landing site?" The supreme leader asked in a sexy voice as she crossed her shiny legs high on the thigh. "Is the cloak still operational?"

"The ship is there." The first officer replied. "The cloak is down however; anyone down there can see the ship for what it really is."

A crowd gathered around where the shop had been, but a down space craft now rested. Some near by on lookers gave some of the less dress girls coats to wear. "Say." One man said. "The news has been talking about a lost of contact with our moon base. I wonder if this has anything to do with it."

"Out of the way." A policeman said, making his way through the crowd. "One side, official business, coming through. What do you ladies know about what happened here?"

Samantha and the others quickly explained what they had gone through. Even showed them the plastic remains of their abductors. A story they repeated to the National Guard after the troops had curtained off the town and sealed it up like a plague had broken out. With the physical evidence of the craft on the lot, the news crews were having themselves a field day. Not just the tabloid rags either.

"I suggest you girls stay out of this." The Sergeant said as started to walk off. "You just be careful since it ain't no human. If they know you did this, they may try to seek you out for revenge."

"If they're going to seek us out anyway, aren't we the perfect bait?" Kim asked, barely fearing anything as long as Christine was watching her back. "Seems to me, you need us."

Most of the girls who had been transformed listened to the sergeant and returned to their homes. Only Samantha, Tina and Kim remained. Being the type who respected the dead, they knew they had a chance with Christine.

Inside the military command unit, a soldier offered the three living girls a soda. Search lights passed across the sky looking for any UFO that would come by. The town was so lit up it was almost like it was mid day in the town center. "Do you think they'll come tonight?" Tina asked nervously. "I mean, government space radar hasn't picked anything up before or since the glitch that caused the moon base black out."

"The United States have already taken in the concept that the moon base has been wiped out." The sergeant said as he checked the mobile units space radar. "Don't fret. If anything comes anywhere near the earth's atmosphere tonight, we'll know about it."

The night came and went. At sunrise the girls were sitting up together in a fold out couch bed with the military guarding them. One soldier changed the channel from The Cartoon Network to the news. A report of a meteor shower near the town was reported last night. The government wondered if the aliens could of use the falling rock to hide their ships landing. Or perhaps the rocks were the ships themselves in disguise.

The day went by without incident. As a fog bank passed over the earth in the early evening, figures moved through the shadows of the nearby woods. As the girls peered out the window of the command center, they felt like they were watching some bad zombie movie. The figures were lumbering slowly toward town with no real focus in their eyes.

A strange ooze fired from the aliens weapons as the military returned fire with laser rifles and hand blasters. The soldiers kept under cover as they girls just stared at one another. The pure size of the attacking force was enough to strike fear into them. Even with Christine's help, they weren't sure if there was anything they could really do.

"I'm opened to suggestions." Tina said as a shiver ran up her spine. She watched as blood splattered soldiers went down, only to then rise up as the plastic puppets of their alien masters. With his clip out of power, the sergeant ended up taking a two by four board and beating his own men into pieces as they attacked him.

"I know there is some things I'm not ready to face." Samantha chimed in as she watched the sergeant fall in battle. "Like having my head taken off by a bunch of space aliens."

Kim watched as the remote control rose out of her pocket. "Christine, you have a plan?" She asked as the remote dropped into the palm of her hand. "You think this is the ultimate weapon against them or something?'

"You're not serious thinking of going out there, are you?" Tina asked in a daze as Samantha nodded her head. Samantha knew what Christine could do as well as what they could do with her help. Samantha couldn't see that they had anything to loose.

"Wait here." Kim said, leaping out of the mobile unit and moving watching Tina lock the door behind her. The mannequins raised their guns up as they surrounded her. "This has to do it."

The mannequins started moving at her in an attack formation. "If this doesn't work, what am I going to do?" Kim thought as she waited till they were all close enough. She then pressed the remote's button. The aliens snapped into place, motionless. The empty bodies crumbled apart, their plastic shell making a hollow echo as they hit the ground.

"I'm not going back to being one of your zombie slaves." Kim shouted. "I am a human being, not some display window mannequin."

"Is that so." A woman's voice came from behind her. "The remote has its range limits. My gun; however, has a much greater range. Soon you'll be as fine as the soldiers. As your world leaders soon will be."

"Tina! Samantha! I could really use your help." Kim's voice started to panic. "Christine, if you've ever thought of backing me you, now is the time."

As the supreme commander turned her attention to the mobile unit, the remote floated out of Kim's hand and moved closer to the alien leader. Before she could turn her attention back to Kim, Christine pressed the remote's button and the supreme leader's legs instantly hardened up. "What?" She cried as the hardening sensation rose up through her body, until she couldn't move a muscle.

"That's the last of them." Christine grinned as she dropped the remote to the ground and broke it with her foot. "This time, none of them will be coming back to life."

"I- Is it safe?" Tina asked nervously as she and Samantha exited the mobile command unit. "Are they all taken care of ?"

As the fog seemed to vanish and a light rain seemed to wash the filth from the town, the three girls learned that the alien space craft had both destroyed the real moon and replaced it with itself. If taken out, the earth's tides would do unheard of damage to the coastal cities. Since it did look like the moon, nobody outside of the government and the girls would need to learn the truth.

"Let's just hope that there is no more ships filled with alien mannequins out there." Tina said as she brought up the disturbing though. "Of course after one failure, why would they attempt a second. They must be smart and advance enough to care about revenge."

A week later, a government shuttle launched from the Florida cape and entered the mother ship orbiting the planet. "Much better than our original moon base." The team leader said as he checked the oxygen level and then removed his helmet. "Air's breathable."

As they walked down a corridor, a battle robot moved from the shadows. "Did you think this ship would be left unguarded?" a female voice asked as it raised its arm and fired at the team leader. "Oh, my..." One member began to scream as they scrambled off. The robot's foot crushed the earthlings plastic body and it went after the rest.

The ooze cannon washed over a male and female soldier. Their backs arched, their legs separated and their arms flared outward as they tried to keep their balance. As their skins were coated in plastic, their uniforms melted off leaving them on display in their underwear.

The rest of the troops made their way into a storage room, locking the door behind them. They were shock to see bisected aliens. Bottom halves made into pantyhose forms and the top halves made into stop like lamps. Lamp shades covering their faces. "I hope Dan and Jessie won't end up like these poor creatures here." One soldier looked about the room in shock at all that they saw.

Before anyone could answer, the storeroom doors exploded off its hinges. The soldiers opened fire and blew one of one three mannequin heads. As one soldier was being backed up against a wall, he flipped over the aliens and landed behind them. Swinging his leg around, he took off another alien head.

The battle robot's ooze guns forced the other soldiers to take cover and keep their heads down. As the soldier in the open returned fire, he hit a control panel by the door. A trap door suddenly opened beneath the robot and dropped it into a titanic blender. All the soldiers then joined their friend into forcing the three mannequins on foot into the pit as well.

"That seems to be the last of them." Officer Murphey said as he stepped into the hall and saw that Dan and Jessica's bodies were gone. "Um, guys. I think that we're still in trouble."

"What is it?" Officer Digger asked as she joined Murphey.

"Our two plastic friends are gone." Murphey said on the verge of panic.

From the dark corridor two figures stepped into the light. "Dan? Jessie?" Officer Digger asked. "Is that you? If it is, I'm glad you're okay."

"Hey!" She screamed as she dodged a spray from a hand held ooze gun. "What's the big idea?"

Officer Digger turned to see the glassy look in her friends eyes. "Guys, what happened to you? Talk to me."

"It's no use." Murphey acknowledged. "They're under some kind of mind control."

"We can't find them," Digger argued. "They're our friends. We need to deal with the aliens that are behind their control. Then maybe we can find a way to change them back to their former human states like those girls we left on earth."

"Like they'll ever be completely human." Murphey reminded her. "Remember the exam performed on them? They may be able to walk, talk and breathe again, but they'll never have a need to eat or go to the bathroom ever again."

"You do have a point." Murphey let out a sigh. "Let's go find out what power is controlling their minds. I'm picking up a life form in this direction."

The two lead the other soldiers down a dark corridor and up a flight of stairs. Officer Digger started to loose her breath trying to keep up. "Hold on a second?"

"You're the one who wants to help not leave a man behind." Murphey declared as he at least started to slow down for the others to catch up. When they reached the top of the stairs and thought they found a dead end, Digger stepped on step that caused the wall ahead to raise up into the ceiling with a quick whoosh.

"Ah, Yes." A male mannequin turned with an evil gleam in his eye. "You must be earth's finest. I maybe the last member aboard this ship, but as you people say, one person makes the difference between winning and loosing."

"Attack!" The troop leader ordered as they charged forward with their laser rifles firing. As the leader found his battery had gone dead, he grabbed the barrel of the gun and tried to whack the mannequin across the head with the butt on of the gun. The gun only went through it.

"A hologram?" The troop leader and other soldiers looked at one another. As the computer experts in the troop shut down the mind control system down, the rest found another way out of the room.

"I thought that there was only one of you left?" Officer Digger asked as they were soon surrounded.

"I lied." The mannequin alien grinned as the team surrounded them. "Sort of. We're the last team guarding this ship."

The two groups charged at one another. Fists pounded against one another as two mannequins were smashed on the floor. The lasers riddled the others with holes while avoiding being hit with their ooze weapons. The last thing the wanted was to be made into mannequins by the aliens.

"Okay everyone!" The troop leader declared. "Get those aliens to that pit downstairs. That'll see that they won't be back to bother earth. The rest of you finish securing this ship for the United States. We want to make sure that the Earth's tides don't go crazy."

"Glad to see you're all okay." Jessie gave a plastic smile as she and Dan entered the room. "We found ourselves wandering the ship in a daze. I take it that the same thing happened to us as those poor girls back on earth."

"Take your places everyone." The leader said as neither Jessie or Dan felt bothered by their lack of clothes. They simply took a seat a the controls while their leader contacted there allies. "Earth, this is Space Base 1. We've taken control and dealt with the aliens."

"Roger." The earth base leader replied. He left the mobile command unit and watched as his men carted away the alien shuttle that use to be disguised as a dress shop back to base. "Okay men, pack it up. We're through here."

"Does this mean the aliens won't be invading?" Tina asked as she looked at both old and new friends. "We're going to be safe now?"

"The aliens are finished," The officer reassured the girls. "At least you girls can get a modeling job in any department store in the country."

"Very funny." Samantha said as she looked at her plastic shiny skin and felt another orgasm explode inside of her. She began to cum out the mannequin support pole hole were her pussy use to be. "Guess if we want to avoid being part of some government experiment, we can get used to this."

As the girls returned to their homes and started to get their lives back to normal, Kim found her mother a little more open minded to the weird and unusual. Peace once again settled on a little planet in the universe known as Earth.


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