Mannequins from Mars - 3

by Paul G. Jutras

[Third in a continuing saga of the quest for truth, justice, and the.....  ASFR-ian way   Ed.]

    While the alien invasion dealt with,  Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim are now special field agents for the government.   They had spent the morning on the beach in bikini's and matching toe nail polish. Some barefoot while others had sandals on. Samantha purple, Tina blue, Christine a light brown. Kim was the only one without polish since she didn't like having green nails, even if they did go with her suit. After the beach they all went to the super market deli for sodas and sandwiches. With the aliens gone it was a matter of principle to have as normal a life as possible.

     "Hey, gals." They suddenly heard Dan's voice echoing in their heads. They all looked about in confusion as they tried to figure out where the voice was coming from. They couldn't see Dan anywhere in the super market crowd.

    "Where are you?"  Kim asked.

     "In your heads." Dan replied. "Did you forget about the agency installing those receivers inside your heads for easy contact? 'Course your plastic heads made things a lot easier than regular agents."

     "Oh yeah." Kim would of blushed if she could as they pretended to continue to talk to one another as they knew only they could hear Dan's voice coming through their receivers.

     "Don't tell me that the aliens are back." Christine said in a worried tone.

     "No Martians this time." Dan said in the agency's underground base. "A farming scientist was going to sell his new fuel formula when he passed away suddenly. His widow doesn't know the location of the formula, only that it's on the farm somewhere.  Your mission is to go to the farm and find the formula."

      "Understood, Dan." Samantha smiled, as the girls picked up their sandwiches and drinks before heading out to their white van. "At least this won't be people trying to kill us this time."

      A short time later, the girl arrived at the farm. "What's going on?" Kim asked as she watched a large muscular man in overalls escort a pair of guys off the property. "C'mon gals, let's find out if this has anything to do with our current case?"

      They slowly pulled forward and in front of the main house and got out. "You girls lost?" The handyman asked in a grumpy tone. "The nearest beach is miles away from here. Why don't you turn that little van around an scat."

     "Guess we should of gone home and changed first." Tina felt embarrassed. "Look, I know we don't look like it, but we're government agents. We were called in by Mrs. Frigit to find out about a missing fuel formula."

     "Don't know what you're talking about." The handyman said stubbornly. "Now as I said, I suggest you scat before I throw you off the land."

     "Don't worry." Kim giggled as she whispered to the others. "I'll throw my voice and get us inside: You nitwit, what are you doing letting those agents catch their death out there. Escort them into the house immediately."

     "Uh," The handyman said confused. "Yes ma'am. Follow me."



   "Here they are ma'am." The handyman said as the girls followed him into the house. "The agents you requested about the missing fuel." Mrs. Frigit grinned. They girls just smiled at the little old lady and took their badges out of their purses.

       "They sure don't look it, Jonathan." Mrs. Frigit stared at the badges and nodded in agreement. "What was all that noise I heard going on outside?"

     "Just two city slickers on a motorcycle." Jonathan replied as he removed his straw hat in shame. "I tried to catch them for you but they damn got away."

      "Do you have any clue to where the formula might be hidden?" Kim asked. "Any place he liked to go alone or was known to put things?"

     "If I knew that I wouldn't of called you in, now would I?" Mrs. Frigit said sarcastically. The girls just looked at one another as they realized they'd pretty much  asked for it. "I just hope you girls feel up to handling the case. You all look kind of pale."

     "We're fine." Samantha said, not knowing where  to begin explaining their mannequin bodies.

     At that time the two city slickers snuck over to a window on either side of the living room. They peeked in and saw that Jonathon was still standing guard on Mrs. Frigit. As much as they wanted to get close to her, they knew that they needed to catch her alone.

      "Hey!" Jonathon stood up from the couch and shouted. "It's them city folks again!"

      Jonathon led the girls out the front door where the two suspects took off past a hay wagon and vanished into the shadows.  "We have to stop them before they get to the formula first!" Mrs. Frigit said. "Jonathon, you take some of the girls with you to find them and the rest come with me."

     "Be very quiet, Tina." Kim said as they joined Mrs. Frigit in the wheat field. "Not only could they be hiding in here, but we could get ourselves lost as well."

      "What do you plan to do if we find them?" Tina asked, already suspecting the answer.

     "Scream my head off, what else?" Kim chuckled.

     "What's that down there?" Samantha asked Jonathon as she and Christine reached the top of the a hill and looked down at and old place with a water wheel.

     "That's where the wheat and other items we grow get grinned up and processed." Jonathon said as the girls followed him down to the building only to stop while Jonathon searched his pockets. "Damn, I don't got my key on me."

      "Not to worry, it's unlocked." Samantha said, giving it a shove. They walked inside and started to search the hay loft when they discovered him. As the girls leapt at him, he jumped down into a barrel of water and took off out of the building. "Almost had it!"

     "Hey there!" Mrs. Frigit said as she heard a rustle in the wheat field only to see Kim and Tina standing up. "Stand up and  identify yourself.  Great, it's only you."

    "And him!" Tina pointed to the field's scarecrow as its eyes moved. Realizing he was discovered, the scarecrow took off running. "That must be one of them in disguise; after him!"
      The ground chased the scarecrow throughout the maze of wheat like there was no end to the field. They all felt some relief as the intruder took across open ground and pass several hay stacks. "We've got him now, there's no place for him to escape in the farm yard." Mrs. Frigit declared.

     "We'll head them off at the back." Tina said as she took Kim by the hand and head along the side of the main house. "You go in the front and make sure he doesn't get away."

     "Roger." Mrs. Frigit saluted as she took off into the front of the house.

     "He won't get away." Samantha said as Jonathon and the girls crept through the yard. As the handyman opened the tool shed, they saw one of the intruders, who quickly took off like a bat out of hell. Unfortunately he ran straight into Kim and Tina.

    "Got you!!" They shouted together as they each grabbed an arm and watched their partners catching up with them. "One down and one to go."

     "Not any more." Jonathon said, walking up to the group with the other captured intruder. "I chased the scarecrow to a hay wagon and found this guy jumping out. Thought he could fool me by removing his disguise."

     "What disguise?" The guy asked. "I saw the scarecrow and started running when you grabbed me. I wasn't wearing that pile of straws and cloth."

     "If neither of you are the scarecrow then who is?" Samantha said, realizing that they were knee deep in a true mystery that was more dangerous that they first suspected. "If we go back to that hay wagon, I'm sure we won't find him. He must be long gone into hiding by now."

      "Why are you snooping anyway?" Mrs. Frigit asked the young men.

     "We heard rumors that you were looking to hire on more work hands." One of the men said, still catching his breath. "We only can here for a possible job."

     "Why didn't you just ask?" Mrs. Frigit asked.
    "Every time we tried, your handyman chased us off the land." The partner said as Mrs. Frigit giggled.

    "You two just use the spare bedroom and we can talk in the morning." Mrs. Frigit smiled as she turned toward Jonathon and the girls.  The mannequin girls considered going inside and finding a change of clothes, but the cool air on their plastic skin caused too many pleasurable orgasms for them to care to. "Okay gang, let's go out there and find us a scarecrow."

     After the group split up again, Tina and Kim was moving pass the hen house when they spotted the scarecrow digging. "It's him!" Kim shouted as the scarecrow leapt out of the hole and took off. The girls gave chase around the building.

     They chased the scarecrow into the barn and lost him. As Tina pointed up to the loft, they climbed the ladder and dropped neck deep in hay. The sound of their bodies cracking the hay, caused Jonathon to poke his head up to see who it was. Then The Scarecrow poked his head and the three tried to grab him. They all just bumped heads as The Scarecrow leap down and took off into the night again.
   From the upstairs bedroom the city slickers watched as they saw figures running in all directions across the farmyard. Being too dark, neither of them could tell which figure was which and was no help in figuring where The Scarecrow was going to be lost until they saw a figure heading away from the others.

     "Hey everyone!" One of the slickers shouted as he pointed. "I think I saw The Scarecrow head that way."

     Chasing The Scarecrow into the grain silo, the girls headed to the catwalk on top from two directions. They soon had the intruder cornered and grabbed an arm from each side. They dragged him out to the farmyard and pulled off the mask. "Alright, time to find out who you really are, mister."  Samantha declared as she and the others looked in shock.

     "Friend of yours?" Mrs. Frigit asked. "She looks as pale and sickly as you."

     The four mannequinized agents just stared as they removed the costume and found a living female mannequin like themselves looking back at them. "Alright, miss, who are you?"

      Reaching into the scarecrow's pocket, she removed a pad of paper and a pencil. After some scribbling she tore the paper off and handed it to Samantha. "What's this?" She said as she read it to herself and then looked at the others. "Her name is Sylvia. Seems her birthday happened during the original Martian invasion and she got transformed into hard plastic by a Martian body lotion. Unlike us, her mouth got frozen in a smile and her vocal cords hardened to a point where she couldn't use them."

     "Why try to steal the formula." Kim asked. "If there is one?"

     Sylvia reached into another pocket and handed Mrs. Frigit the formula she had found beneath the ground when Tina and Kim spotted her. She then started scribbling again and handed the paper to Samantha once again.

     "What now?" Christine asked.

    "Says here that she was hoping to ransom the fuel formula to the government so she could buy the chemicals she needed to run the test to change her back to normal. I have to admit I know how she feels about wishing to be normal." Samantha rubbed her smooth sexless crotch. "To feel Mike's dick inside of me instead of this constantly vibrating dildo that keeps each of us in arousal."

      Look, Sylvia, we know how you feel." Kim said with a smile. "If you'd be willing to accept what happened to you, you can have a pretty normal life like us. Perhaps join the agency to get back at those monsters who did this to use."

       "Dan." Samantha said as she stepped away from the group. "We've recovered the formula and have a new possible agent for you."

     "I've monitored your conversation, Samantha," Dan replied. "I have a new case for you. The president has been taken. He was at this meeting when everyone in the room just vanished in a flash before the monitor camera."

     "Hold it a second." Samantha said as her friends all gathered around. "You can listen in on our conversations anywhere too. Even the bath or bedroom?"

     "Uh, yeah I can." Dan said as he realized he put his foot in his mouth. "Don't worry. I only monitor your location in such area. I know women need their privacy."

  "Well talk later." Christine muttered. "Best get back to the city for now."

      At the same time, President Rachel Montez was being carried by the arms by two Martians toward another. The one that seemed the leader smiled at her shock to see the aliens on the Earth after all that  happened. "I hope you're not too surprised?" The Martian grinned. "My small group is all that's left and we're nearly on our death bed. Most on what you'd call life support systems."

       "You're room here is cramped, but its more than your kind deserve for what you've done to mine." The group leader said, not noticing that as The President ran her hand through her hair, she activated a tracking device in her earring.

     "We've got a signal from the president." Dan said as the girls changed into leotards, gloves and boots that gave them both a fighting and sexy look to them. "I'll lock on the signal with your communicators so that you can go straight to her."

     "Roger, Dan."  Samantha said as she led her team plus one into action. They headed back to the city and down into the subway tunnels beneath. "At least it's the subway and not the sewers or you'd be on your own this time."

      "Any idea how we catch a private subway car?" Tina asked. "Even if we can keep tabs on the president's lock, we can't be sure the enemy didn't ditch the earrings or move themselves elsewhere in the city."

     "Afraid we can only work as only Team Mannequin can and hope for the best." Samantha said as they made their way through the tunnel. "You are right about one thing, Tina. The signal is movement. I'm sure of that."

     "Turn to the tunnel on the right," Dan's voice cut in.

     "But the signal is straight." Christine replied as the girls stopped in their tracks. "What's to the right?"

     "When we located the signal in the subway system, we put a jet sled in the abandoned tunnel to the right of you. You can connect to the correct tunnel further down the line and reach the president much faster. There  are enough seats for all of you."

     "Thanks," Samantha said, knowing that Dan included Sylvia in that "ALL OF YOU."

     Soon they were rocketing down the abandon  tunnels after the subway car.  Inside the Martian group leader himself stood guard over the president while his semi-well people guarded the other hostages. Rachel wasn't sure which she felt most. Repulsion or fear. "I doubt anyone will rescue you. Not that we planned to return you alive. You'll die in a live broadcast from our HQ as an example to your world."

     "Take charge, Sylvia." Samantha said, knowing that their new member needed to feel trusted. As she took the wheel, Samantha went from a crouch position to a leap of faith atop the room of the moving subway car.

     The Martian leader heard the sound of footsteps above and signaled for one of his men to watch The President while he went up and checked things out. Soon he and Samantha stood face to face on opposite ends of the car.  "You're one them. One of those girls who keep spoiling our plans for this planet."

      "I thought I saw I saw the last of your kind!" Samantha replied back as the two charged at once another. The Martian swung his leg up and she ducked to avoid being hit. She then shot her arm out and hit the Martian in the chest.

      "You can't be that strong!" The Martian said as they locked fists and watched while neither of them lost any ground.

     "You made our mannequin bodies well!" Samantha said, twisting the Martian's arm and forcing him to break his grip. The started at it again as the blocked each others punches and kicks. Neither doing any better than the other.

      Stepping back, Samantha crouched down and then went into a flying dragon kick. The alien was caught so off guard that it went flying off the top of the car roof. It hit the electrical tracks in front of the car and was squashed by the car itself.

    With their leader dead, the sickly aliens surrendered in hope of getting medical help and a chance to be deported back to their home world. Samantha soon brought them and her team back to The Agency Headquarters to be dealt with. As a show of good faith, they were able to restore Sylvia's voice, allowing her to be officially sworn into Team Mannequin.

      As time went on, The Martians got well enough to return home and formed a peace alliance between Earth and Mars. Soon technology trading and other good will gestures where shipping between worlds allowing Team Mannequin to focus their attention to other problems such as reports of a giant humanoid insect in Florida.

     "At this rate we'll never find the estate that the monster is haunting." Tina complained as they seemed to be driving around in circles.

     "Relax, we'll find it." Sylvia said, feeling relief to have her voice returned to her. Hitting a piece of mud, they went skidding into a gate. When they looked up at the name above the gate, they notice it was the estate they were looking for.

     "Where do you trespassing Martians think you're going?" The grounds keeper asked in an angry tone.

     "We're not Martians, we're government agents transformed by the Martians during the war." Samantha said as she and her team members showed the man their ID. They were allowed in and processed to meet Mr. and Mrs.  Rocks.

     As they headed up to the house a giant humanoid bug popped out from behind a bush. Unprepared for a fight, the girls made a run for the house with the monster after them. They were chased through the front door and around the main door before taking off down the hall and finding them most of the doors locked. As the pounded on them, they did little good.

      As they found one door unlocked, the opened the door to have a trap door drop open beneath their feet. They fell through a chute outside into the swamp where they found an alligator waiting for their arrival. With the creature snapping at their boots, they took off through the swamp in attempt to out run the monster gator.

      "This is getting to be nuts." Christine shouted as they were cornered against the house wall. The wall suddenly spun around and the girls found themselves in the basement where Mr. and Mrs. Rocks were hiding.

     "We're the federal help you requested." Samantha said as she introduced herself. "If you have a map of the house's secret passages, it could be helpful in catching this insect man."

     "Not that we need help catching any kind of man." Tina giggled as Kim elbow her for her bad joke.

     Hearing the sound of the bug monster, the group went to the window and saw a shadow moving about. Before they could investigate, a wall panel slid open and the insect man stepped out into the room. The girls were slowly backed up until Samantha notice the creature was under the chandelier. Taking a knife she cut a rope and dropped the fixture on it.

      "All right!" The girls cheered. "We got it!"

     As the creature's head lowered, the mask fell off and the grounds keeper was seen beneath it. "I guess the butler doesn't always do it." Tina said as Kim elbowed her for a bad joke once more.

     "Why?" Mr. Rocks ask as the girls held the grounds keeper until the police came to take him away.

     "For the land." The grounds keeper mumbled. "Working here all these years I know how much this land is really worth. If I could scare you away, I  could of bought it up for a song."

      "You won't have to worry about property where you're going." Silvia said as she and Samantha slapped one another a high-five. The other girls quickly joined in. "You won't be worrying about room or board for the next twenty to thirty years. We can finally take ourselves a deserved vacation."


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