My life as a robot Ö
By Rotwang (


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Steve was going out of his mind trying to remember what he had done wrong this time.

Jewel had him hypnotized again and he was as stiff as a board, dressed up in tight silver Lycra suit

As far as he could tell, he had treated her right and lovingly. They hadnít had an argument in months and everything seemed to be fine.

He briefly wondered if marrying such a wild girl had been a wise move. Their friends all thought they wouldnít last a week.

To him she had been the revelation, a female Techno-Sexual who shared his tastes. Steve had never been the same since he and his best friend Arnie had visited Forrest J Ackerman when they were kids. Mr. Ackerman was the largest collector of S-F props in the known universe and he had one prop Steve instantly fell in love with Futura, the famous female robot.

He went crazy from then on. Heíd begun collecting posters and pictures of female robots, even comics featuring them. And a few years later, he made the discovery of his life, the ASFR.

One bulletin board message intrigued him. A woman was complaining there wasnít enough attention for live-action stuff. She was looking for someone who could help her make costumes, and she practically lived two blocks down the road !

She turned out to be Jewel Ö

Steve sighed and just waited. All morning she had been busy disguising him with some prosthetic appliances.

And as a result, a cute redhead was staring back at him from inside the mirror opposite him. She had a very short, boyish haircut and bright green eyes. Of course it was all latex, a wig and contacts, but he looked very convincing.

Being stiff and bored to death, he slowly fell asleep only to be woken by a series of sharp tugs.

He couldnít say a word and tried to see what was going on, but it was all happening behind his back, out of sight.

He suddenly remembered Jewel, dressed up in her lovely robot costume he had commissioned for her a few years ago. She became his slave-bot and he loved to command her about, until one day she got angry about the fact that he was really thinking she was his personal slave Ö

There was only one thing worse than an angry Jewel, and that was Judgement Day itself !

Before he could mend his ways, heíd found himself inside the suit he loved so much on her, commanded about by Jewel. And then it all came together ! Steve had always had a fondness for women in robot suits, but to be inside one was the revelation he had never even dared to dream about.

Jewel was onto him before he realized it himself and had two new suits made, two robotic girl twins. And after a ruthless diet and a robotics bootcamp, they couldnít be told apart once in costume.


Steve suddenly realized he was being squeezed into a suit that was a few sizes too small.

Jewel used a special lever to pull his waistpiece as tight as it could conceivably be pulled.

While she was struggling to lock him in, he noticed she had already dressed up his legs and was now working her way up his body.

Steve was convinced that she was choking him this time. There shouldíve been a law against a crazy wife trying to give her husband an eighteen-inch waist !

And then the stainless steel torso clamped shut on him and Jewel let go of a victory cry.

"Like it ?" Her face was stuck in lewd mode and she walked her fingers over his still bare shoulders.

Steve clearly blinked twice for no, in absence of having any control over his body or voice.

He wanted to ask her what she was up to, but he didnít know Morse code, although the prospect of blinking in Morse code to her seemed ludicrous.

"Before you start to worry about what you did wrong, teddy-bear, you didnít do anything wrong."

That was relief of some kind. If only sheíd let him go, because the contraption he was in was so tight, he feared a sneeze might cause it to explode into high-velocity shrapnel-like fragments and kill them all.

"Youíll never guess what I did Ö" She said and crouched before him and pressed a well endowed breastplate against his chest.

"Iíve enrolled you into the robot election in Vegas Ö"

Steve remained outwardly serene, but inside he was going crazy, Manga-style stark-raving havoc and bedlam mad !

WHY ME ? Jewel had a body to die for ! He was a man, he liked being a man and had never even thought about dressing up as a woman ! And now she was packing him into metallic curves and sending him off to compete with a dozen real women in robot suits !!!

If anything, Jewel was the logical candidate. She had a leg up, genetically speaking, in being a woman in the first place ! Why did he have to be squeezed into a suit that even Jewel wouldíve barely able to fit inside.

"You know something, youíre now officially a size smaller than I am !" Jewel said.

Deep inside, Steve found that exciting, but the Charlton Heston in him was still at the controls and tried to deny it all. He sighed as RuPaul was banging at the door to have a go at the controls.

By the time Steve was down to the faceplate, he had again made peace with himself. He had to, as long as Jewel was around to think up kinky stuff for him to do. And deep down, really deep down, he loved it Ö


Once she had released him, Steve was impressed. There was no way that a robot suit could be made more skin-tight than his. And the idea that he fitted inside a suit not even his own gorgeous wife could get into made it even kinkier.

And even with the mask off he looked almost convincing enough to pass off as a cute nineteen-year old girl. Not bad for a 25-year old guy, even the starvation diet seemed worth it Ö

Jewel attacked him from behind and began to bite his earlobe.

"And ?" She asked him.

"If I didnít know better, Iíd swear you gave me a brain transplant into somebody elseís body !" He said.

"Nope, itís all Steve inside." She said.

"And Iíll come out all wrinkly and crooked !" He joked. "Whenís the competition by the way ?"

"Well Ö"

Steve cringed as he knew too well by the tone of her voice what this one meant.

"Itís kinda tonight !"

"Oh Boy !


All the girls were lined up as one of the pageantís organizers had a good look at them.

The first had a suit inspired by Robocop, only sleeker, feminine and very nicely shaped.

The next was clearly inspired by Terminatrix and was crow-black from head to toe. Although she reminded him of a toy heíd had many, many years ago Ö

Next came Steve, who was grateful Jewel had padlocked the mask so he couldnít be unmasked on purpose or by accident.

Besides him stood a bronze robot of a woman with a definite Jules Verne/Victorian feel to her, complete with tiny rivets and bolts.

The next one was a battle-damaged android, with metal and electronics poking out of her naked flesh-covering, she even sparked now and them.

The robot besides her was an anime-inspired white, red and blue female version of the famous Gundam series.

And the last competitor was a very unusual design, somewhere inspired by Asian-Indian deities and motifs like Kali and Shiva. And she had eight arms Ö

Steve watched the competitors doing their tricks. He was fortunately last and tried to stay relaxed.

First came Lady Omicron, the Manga robot.

She was a sleek design with a lot of decorations, vanes, jets, antennae, winglets and pod scattered over her body.

The neat bit was that she managed to lift off on jet engines and flew over the crowd.

Steve shivered. There was no way he could manage something that impressive other than do a very good robotic performance Ö But Jewel seemed confident skill would prevail of showy special effects.

The Police robot was on next, she was perhaps too much inspired by Robocop as all she did was pretty much an impression of what they had done in the movies. Granted she had a siren and a set of lights, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

Suddenly Steve was called up. But it wasnít his turn ! He tried to complain, but Jewel and a few others just pushed him on stage. But he clearly remembered she had been sitting in the audience Ö

Steve was startled and even forgot how to do his moves. He just stood there in an awkward pose and just froze as thousands of people were watching him, hoping his act was worth something.

"Donít worry !" Jewel whispered. "I have a secret weapon !"

She pressed a button and Steve felt the robot-suit fall from his body, while the silver suit he had worn underneath was gone ! Even his make-up underneath had melted ! He was plain Steve, and completely naked, except for a pair of plaid socks.

In sheer panic, he tried to cover himself, but people laughed their heads off Ö Jewel laughed the loudest of all.


Steve jumped to his feet. He was still wearing his suit ! Not the new one, but the golden Mechania outfit.

And then it struck him Ö

This had all been a bad dream !

Suddenly somebody rang the door. Steve had a quick look and saw Arnie at the door. He knew about the dressing up games, but as far as he was concerned, it was Jewel and another girl, as Steve had been unable to admit it to him that he was the other half of the Mechania twins.

He considered opening the door as it would take him ages to get out of the suit and Ö

Steve thought for a moment. If he pretended to be Jewel and take a message if it was destined for him ?

"Hi, Jewel ?" Arnie asked.

Mechania nodded mechanically.

"Is Steve home ?" He asked.

Mechania shook her head.

"When will he be home ?" Arnie asked.

Mechania shrugged.

"Can I come in ?"

Mechania held the door for him.

Arnie went inside and looked around. "Jewel, there is something Iíve always wanted to tell you something and this may be the right time Ö" It was obvious Arnie was uncomfortable and eyeing him up in a strange fashion..

"Iíll be honest, Jewel ! Iím a latent Techno-Sexual, but it took you to awake those feelings in me."

Before Steve could react, Arnie grabbed him threatening to kiss him.

Flabbergasted, Steve braced and waited for the inevitable kiss.

"Whatís going on here ?" Jewel suddenly asked, staring at a lobster-red Arnie holding the golden robo-babe in his arms.

This time Steve didnít wake up Ö