My very own robot

By Rotwang (

Doug opened the two mahogany doors of the closet and waited for her systems to initialize. She raised her head while at the same time jerked her hips back, out of the recharging post between her legs. "Electra ?" He asked. She stepped out of the cabinet and swiveled her head to the right, watching Doug with her glowing red visor. "Go into pose mode." He said. Her shiny metal skin was chrome with dark bluish shadows and bright silver highlights. She opened her long, sleek legs ending in neck-breaking stiletto heels while putting one hand casually on her hip. Doug went over her legs and watched the power port between her legs. He then went over her long fingernails and hand, resting on her well defined hips. Eyes going over her sleek waist and full bosom, he watched her sharp, but sensual face. A special antenna going around her head gave the impression of a short women’s haircut.

He sat down on the bed and pressed the button on his clock radio. "Dance for me." Electra began to move to the tune of the music. He heard her body whiz and buzz as she moved it about. Doug had picked the right song, since she began to move and behave like a lap dancer, teasing him and flinging her shiny body about. "This is KBBL-radio, kay-babble ..." Doug killed the radio. Electra had frozen as soon as the music had died.

He sighed faintly and thought. "Let’s see ..." He bounced himself on the bed and pursed his lips in thought. "Do the bed !" He suddenly said after a few more bounces. Electra nodded mechanically and reached for the big duvet cover and pulled it from under Doug, who swiftly got up. "I’ll see you in the kitchen when you’re done ..." He said.

Minutes later Electra walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Her feet and heels clicked over the tiled floor. "I’ll watch some TV now, just remain on stand-by." She nodded and put herself into a corner.

Half an hour into a movie, Doug called Electra. She walked into the den and nodded subserviently. "Sit down besides me." He said, switching off the TV. Electra skirted the couch by marching along straight angles, until she lowered herself on it. Doug looked at her, staring away at a spot on the wall. "Look at me." He said. Her head swiveled to the left and she watched him impassively. "Kiss me." he said. Electra leaned over to him and pressed her full lips onto his cheek. By now he had reached around her waist and hugged her, moving his head, so he could kiss her lips. He began to peck her face and hug her. "That’s enough for now." He said. "Stand in the corner till I need you." Electra got up and went into the corner and just froze.

Doug looked around and began to mess things up all around the house. "Electra ? Come here." He said. Electra walked up to him and stood to attention, impassively staring at him. "Just clean up the house." He said. Electra began to put everything back with great care.

When she was almost done, Doug grabbed her from behind. He had pulled up his sleeve and was busy shining her chest with it, all the while kissing her neck. Her visor began to blink. "Power low." Said a smooth woman’s voice. "Let’s go to the couch." He said and took a power cable from the table. With care he plugged it in between Electra’s legs and reached for the switch when suddenly, Nancy walked in through the back door. "Are you still fooling around with that robot ?" She had noticed them in the den. Doug looked at her, and at the same time unplugged Electra. "Isn’t it time you started dating real people for a change, instead of this walking computer." Nancy said with a smile. Doug just smiled and watched Nancy. "Hello, Nancy." He said sheepishly.

"End program, Doug." Electra suddenly said and got up, her movements no longer mechanical. Nancy sighed and threw a towel over the frozen staring and smiling Doug. "Doug’s way too much fun to have around. At least he’s nice all the time." Lillian said and opened her helmet. "I don’t know, but I think some shrinks might want to ask you some questions ..." Nancy said and opened the refrigerator. "About me playing robot ? Pretending my robot is a real person and asking him to order me about ?" "Exactly !" Nancy said and poured herself a big glass of milk.

Lillian sat down opposite Nancy. Nancy took the opportunity to check out her hair into her shiny suit. "It’s just that the old Doug was so ..." Lillian was looking for the right words. "So stupid, I guess." "He was cute, though." Nancy said and attacked a slice of the cake she had brought. "Cute, but just plain dumb ! It would never have worked out between us !" Lillian began to remove her gauntlets. "Look, I know this guy ..." Lillian raised her hand and shook her head. "Look, matchmaker, don’t bring me a match !" She began to sing. Nancy leaned back and sighed. "Why don’t you ever trust me ?" She said, hands outstretched. "Remember Ereeq ?" "Oh God, no, that’s way below the belt !" Nancy said. "Eye weel geeve you prresents you ‘ave neverr seen beeforre !" Lillian went. "Okay, you win." Nancy tossed her hands in the air.

Nancy went over to the sink to pour some water into her glass, while Lillian began to stretch herself and yawned. "You look tired." Nancy had noticed it. "I have been standing in a closet all night." Lillian said and her eyes sparkled. For a moment she remembered the crotch of her suit faintly buzzing around her sex. If Nancy hadn’t burst in at the wrong moment. Nancy shook her head. "One of these days you’re going to blow a fuse." She said, adjusting her skin tight white fur and winked at her with her with her big brown animal eyes.