New Body Gallery 4

by Paul G. Jutras

The police sirens echoed through the city as black and whites arrived on the scene. The flat foots climbed out of their cars and aimed their guns at Stan Simon. Stan held one gun to the head of his hostage and another at the cops.

"Nobody move or the mayor gets it!"Stan shouted over the sound of squealing tires. As he looked up, he saw a cop car flying off the second floor of the parking garage behind him. As the car landed in front of him, Paul Remote knocked the guns out of Stan's hands as he opened the door. 

Grabbing hold of Stan's wrists, Paul forced them behind his back and shoved him face down on the hood of his police car. "You are under arrest!" Paul should as he started to cuff the mad man. "Anything say can be used against you." 

"Paul look out!" Ann Roma shouted as she notice something in the palm of Stan's hand. Paul looked to see the man press a switch; which caused the explosives planted in the parking garage to go off. As they place went off in fireballs, they two were knocked to the ground. 

Before Stan could get away, the other cops grabbed him from behind and dragged into the back of a police car. As Paul expected a pat on the back, he found himself being cuffed as well. "What gives?"

"Showboating and no respect for the law." Officer Beer said as he put him in the back of the car with Stan. "You know how many lives you could of cost with your actions? This isn't some 20th century movie where the hero always comes out okay in the end." 

"What are you going to do with us?" Stan asked. 

"You're going to be frozen and have your brains reprogram and updated with current events so you'll be a useful member of society when you get out. This is Mr. Spellman from The Body Gallery. He'll have you answer some questions while we take a blood sample. 

"What Culture would you like?"

1) American







"I always wanted to visit Africa." Stan said, not understanding the question. 

"I'd choose Japanese," Paul replied. 

"Will this be a orsentence?"Mr. Spellman asked the police chief. 


"That does it then." Mr. Spellman said with a smile. He watched as transparent tubes lowered over the two and freeze them solid."We'll have the suits set aside in our special prison window pick up area. Just give the company the prison names and ID's when you're ready to pick them up."

They were put in a men's wear display at body gallery where even their daily dusting sent orgasm relief through their bodies. The guys never knew such erotic pleasure in their lives and while the program set in, made their time that much more enjoyable. 

Twenty years later Chief McDonald picked up the suits and brought them to the prison. As the tubes rose into the ceiling, both Stan and Paul collapsed like rag dolls to the floor. As their bodies flopped lifeless across the floor, police officers worked The Body Gallery's suits up over their bodies. Their toes squeezed together as they were force into their new size 5 shoe size. They worked up into new slim legs and their penis' put in the special pocket in the front; which would force them to pee sitting down.Their arms were long, slim and ending in long painted nails. Their new faces would fool anyone into thinking they were born female. 

"Welcome back to society." New Chief Ann Roma said as she stood in a dark blue skirted uniform, matching hose and heels. "If you look in the full length mirrors we provide, you can see your new self."

"Mercy," Susie said as she looked at her dark brown skin that told her that Africa meant African American and not a trip to Africa. As she sat down on the bench provided, she took the make up case next to her and fixed her face as if she was doing it all her life. "I am a mess. My noes is so shinny." 

"What did you do to us?" Paula asked as she stared with the slits that were her Japanese eyes. "As part of your release, your mind has been reprogram to be classic housewives. Unfortunately, today society view classic housewives as they are seen in the classic black and white TV sitcoms.

"Gee wiz, you got to be kidding." Paula said with a confused look on her face. "Did I say what I think I just said?" 

"You'll get use to it." Ann assured Paula as she looked at Susie. "Your make has already taken into her role. Though we did give her stronger dose to whip her old personality completely clean. You, on the other hand, still remember who you use to be." 

"Time to get dress." Ann said as a pair of females brought out a pair of long ankle length dresses, pantyhose, bras, and pumps. Shortly after the two girls were dressed, Ann's co workers had brought out a series of necklaces, rings and braceletsfor them to put on. 

"Are they ready?" A young Japanese man asked as he walked in with a black man with green dyed hair. 

"Just finished processing." Ann said. "Ladies, I believe your program minds will make you recognize your husbands." 

"It is an honor to meet you." Paula sound herself saying. "I feel like I've know you all your life." 

"To you, you have." The man said as they took the girls off to their new lives of cooking, cleaning and probably learning the old meaning of men liking their wives barefoot and pregnant.They'd soon would be as their lives were only to be the perfect wives. Pleasing their husbands and keeping their houses a showcase.



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