New Body Gallery

by Paul G. Jutras

Sort of a sequel to A New Body Off The Rack, which you may want to read first...

     The Body  Gallery shops had be around for a couple of years. Dealing in body suits and costumes around the country they did well. After an accident where a young woman got trapped inside one of the bought costumes, they nearly went out of business. That was when the company decided to get into mannequin sales.  Dale Spellman, with his love for big busted mannequins, was one of their best salesmen.

     Dale's wife, who was barely a B- Cup, felt inferior to the mannequins and the attention he gave them. Nancy deciding to get double D's was soon being wheeled on a gurney from her hospital room toward surgery.  "I won't be embarrassed, Dale." She said as he walked her to the O.R. doors. "I'll be as beautiful as those plastic dummies you work with."

     Shortly after being put asleep for the operation, Lizzie woke from her cloudy dream state and brushed her hair from in front of her face. As the sleep left her eyes, the twin melon shaped breasts with surgical bandages, roes up from underneath the sheet that covered her.  Then she heard a familiar voice coming to her from out of a fog. "You look beautiful dear." Dale's voice seemed to echo from across a canyon.  She just drifted back off to sleep.

     When Lizzie woke again, it was morning. A quick check of the covers showed that it was no dream. She had gotten the figure of a living Barbie. As the nurse raised the blind, she got a better look at the 40 inch mounds pushed together with the surgical tape. "Ready for some breakfast dear?" The nurse asked.

    Lizzie nodded.

     The nurse moved the tray in front of her and left. Lizzie picked at her food, still weak from the operation. As she brought the food to her mouth she had to relearn how to get pass her larger bust line and reach her mouth. She new that they were going to be with her for the rest of her life and had to get over their newness. She started taking small bites.

     The nurse came back in and took the tray away, informing her that Dale would soon be in to take her home. Being handed her purse, Dale took out her compact and fixed her make up so that she could look good leaving the hospital.

     "How is my wife?" Dale asked as he walked into the room as the nurse was leaving. The nurse just gave him a smile and turned toward the young woman sitting up in the hospital bed.

     "Couldn't be better, sir." The nurse replied. "She can leave anytime."

     As the nurse returned with a wheelchair, Lizzie got out of bed with her new tits swaying back and fourth with each step. She felt like she had to arch her back to avoid being pulled to the floor by the new weight of her jugs. She got dress in the new bra, hose and a backless mini dress with push up bra that made her new breasts seem even larger than before. Since Dale didn't bring her any panties, she could feel the nylon invading the slit between her legs.  "Did you have to pick out this dress to leave the hospital with?" she asked as she stepped into three inch open toe heels. With the new weight on the chest, she wasn't sure if she could balance in her old heels.

     "Just one more thing." Dale smiled as he got down on the floor. She couldn't see him any more than she could see her own feet pass her breasts, but she felt her pantyhose being pulled down. She then began to moan as she felt a dildo pass her pussy lips and filled her up between her legs.

     "Oh, Dale." Lizzie said as she felt herself getting wet. "Don't you think I should get use to walking with these things before we try anything kinky?"

     "Don't you worry." Dale said as she got into the chair and wheeled out to the car and helped her inside. "Since I'm driving, you just get hot until I get you home."

     Lizzie just closed her eyes and let the dildo vibrate and pleasure her. When she opened her eyes again, they were in front of The Body Gallery. Dale out of his side and went around to open the car door for his wife. As she climbed out, she felt stiff.

     "I thought we were going home?" Lizzie asked.

     "You are home." Dale smiled strangely. "When I saw you laying in bed that night with your new DD, I knew you had just the look for the newest line of mannequins. As much as I love you, Mr. Gallery convinced me that you'd serve better as a display piece."

    "You're joking right?" Lizzie stared in horror.

    "The dildo is pumping the plastic formula inside of you all the way home. Soon the seam of your pussy lips will be closed from the inside forever to make you look as much like Barbie between the legs as you do on top with those large suckers of yours."

     Lizzie tried to run away, but found she couldn't move. The tingling in her crotch told her that she was almost completely sealed up. The tingle in her feet made her realize that her toes were fusing together. As her skin took on the sheen of hard plastic, he picked her up and carried her into the store.  She wanted to scream, but found her voice was now history.

     "Sorry it has to be this way dear." Dale said as he place her behind a pole coming out of display stand and sent it up into the hole that was once her pussy. The pole aroused her even more. "Love is love and business is business."

     After he had stripped her naked, he left her vision. He came back with a hand laser and started to slice her up. Each step seemed to arouse her any more. While she could no longer cum, her mental orgasm were better than any physical ones she ever had during sex with Dale. A hole was place in her hard ass so she could be set on the pole on either side and then reassembled and re-dressed. I price tag was set on her wrist.

     Short after the shop opened the next day, she was bought by a young who was opening a small clothing store in the mall. As Dale watched his wife embark on her new  life as a display piece, his boss assured her that the pleasure she will eternally feel will far make up for what was done to her.


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