Body Gallery - Next Generation

by Paul G. Jutras

The year is 3086 and there has been little complaints about Body Gallery and the service it has provided over the last few centuries. In fact, business could never be better.Margaret Tab had arrived home from work so exhausted that she had the car's auto program take her there.

As bad on lives the third world war was, it made as big a technological boost as the first two had done to countries around the world. She walked up to her front door; pressed his thumb print to a panel, and had herself scanned before the door opened automatically. "Welcome home, Miss. Tab." A feminine voice said as she collapsed on the couch and a holographic man began to massage her shoulders. 

"Thanks hon." She said as a computer screen materialized before her from nowhere. 

            YOU HAVE MAIL

"Greetings lucky internet shopper." An electronic voice spoke from all around him. "You have been selected at random to try out our The Body Gallery's new suit line. If you wish, we can get started immediately."

"Interesting." Margaret thought as she kicked up her six inch open toe pumps and flexed her nylon encased toes. Due to the shortage in clothing since the third world war, clothing had become scarce andeven many men were force to enjoy the more feminine side of clothing. "I wonder if it can give me the figure I always wanted without diets?"

Going to the fridge a sensor scanned her presence. "YOU NEED MILK, HAM, AND BOTTLED WATER." The fridge told her.She touched the panel on the fridge and saw she didn't have any plans for her day off. 

"Why not." Margaret thought as she went back to the hovering computer panel and toughed the E-mail ad. Her DNA and a blood sample was automatically downloaded to the company nurse while she started to answer the form that appeared. 

      P or T Suits?

"Doesn't say what either of them are." Margaret thought to herself. She pressed T.

"You have selected a new temporary suit." The company reported back. "Unlike the old temps that dissolved away after so many hours of use, the new ones merely needs to be washed once every 48 hours and continue use can be done without ordering another suit." 

"Sounds good." Margaret thought as she saw a folded pile of flesh materialized on the coffee table. Picking it up, she held the unfolded flesh before her. She then stripped out of all her clothes and went to the shower system designed for both male and female house owners. Pressing female, the auto shower shaved her body hair. She then stepped into the body suit one foot at a time. In the same way he'd pull on a pair of pantyhose.

Her fingers and toes automatically became a bright pink in color and she notice a special new ID had come with the suit. On the back was a computer code that she put in place to so that everything she owned would now except both her old and new finger print.

Slipped on a pair of suntan pantyhose, a purple turtle neck blouse, black mini skirt and gray thigh high boots, she went off to a local bar with a young, handsome man dressed in St. Patrick Day green offered to buy the new body suit being known as Betty a drink. 

"Thank you, my Irish hunk." Betty smiled at the man and loved the feeling of his hand rubbing on her nylon covered leg.Betty invited him back to her place where they started to strip one another of their clothes from the front door, all the way up to the bed. They rubbed one another in a constant lip lock.

As Betty laid on her back, she felt herself being penetrated by the manhood of the strange. Following her new emotions that seemed built into the suit, she rose her hips to meet his penis and was filled even more. Being a virgin vagina, Betty was naturally tight and felt like she was being ripped about when entered. 

The next day, Betty woke with a sticky scum on her legs and inner thighs. The man had already gone hope, but her warmth feeling was still with her. Betty knew that she was going to love this suit and would enjoy being both Margaret and Betty. She picked up the roes he left behind and sniffed it. 

The next day at work sniffed the rose she brought to work with her and everyone knew she had a new boyfriend. Her secretary job was meaningless, but paid the bills. When she got home; she slipped out of her clothes, and into the suit. 

Betty then went back to the bar where Peter was on the same stool as before. Once again she picked to up and he smiled as he tried to kiss her while she fumbled with her purse for her house keys. Once inside, he scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. "I love your body suit looks, Betty," he smiled. 

"How did you know..." Betty began.

"I work at Body Gallery." Peter said as her ran his hand over her hose covered thigh. "It has other functions if you wish to try." 

"Sure." Betty said without thinking. She was feeling so much heat between her legs, she was willing to do anything for relief.She watched as he aimed a remote at her and pressed the button. The room seemed to spin as she felt her air being knocked out of her. 

Moments later, she was a two dimensioncardboard cut out of a woman wearing only pantyhose. The man picked her up and a mental orgasm shot through to her brain. He packed her up and had her mailed to his store. 

"I hope you'll be very happy here." Peter said as she was unpacked and had a hollow hole put into her mouth. The hose was attached to a scuba diver air compressor and began to pump air into her. She felt her breasts perk up first and then the rest of her. As she was restored to three dimensions, she discovered she still couldn't move. "You'll make a lovely mannequin." 

She felt a slight warming feeling as he sliced her wrists, ankles, neck and mid section. She then realized her hose was now forever a part of her. She felt another thrill as a drill put a hole up her ass and her lower torso was settled upon a pole with open sandals on her feet. She them had a thin blue night gown with thin shoulder straps and slits up her sides over her naked body. The material aroused her something awfulas she was put on display in the lingerie department. 

"I can't see why I'm still alive." Betty thought to herself. "While I can't figure if I should be angry or please over what happened, I find myself finding it hard to figure which give me more pleasure. The pole or the clothes. 

As the months turned into years she found she loved being a mannequin. Peter was always paying attention to her like he did the other transformed women. None of the girls had to scrape and save for miss matched clothes; very few looked good on her.Now she always look her best like women did before the third world war. What woman wouldn't be happier.



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