by Paul G. Jutras


Ever since Shawn was a little kid he was interested in the culture of Japan. It didn't matter if the kung fu movies he watched showed a realistic version of the martial art or not. What he wanted even more than to visit Japan was to be a woman. With summer approaching, on his 17th birthday, Shawn tried to talk to his parents about starting on the road to womanhood after his senior year. They went ballistic, to say the least.

Shawn hated the summer as the heat made him show off so much of his hairy body. He became so depressed that his parents were so against his happiness. That was until he was passing by the library and noticed a flyer on a telephone pole. It read:


This is a dream come true were Shawn's thoughts as he ripped the flyer down and took it home to show his folks. His mom was concerned about sending him all the way to another country on his own, but his father just scratched his chin and grinned.

"Okay, you can go," Shawn's dad said, as Shawn's smile brightened until his dad finished the thought he had. "It'll get all this gender changing nonsense off your mind to see how the rest of the world works."

As his parents made the arrangements to send Shawn to Japan, the young man was busy on his own. He bought a Japanese dictionary and phrase book along with a book on proper manners. He didn't want to insult anyone by accident.

The airplane ride was longer than Shawn thought it would be. He had finished the mystery novel he had brought with him and was soon bored. He got so bored by the monotony that he asked the stewardess for a newspaper. Normally Shawn wasn't interested in the news. He was desperate enough to read anything. One small article at the bottom corner of page eight got his attention for sure.

Can't be possible, can it? Shawn thought as he read a story about a female scientist having engine trouble on the way to a meeting of the minds in the U.S. and crashing her plane in the snowy peaks of the European mountains. She had been running late to the airport and flew her plane in her fire engine red evening gown and matching heels. To get safely down from the mountain she used an invention to switch bodies with a male in the local village to tell them of the situation.

When Shawn arrived at the airport Mr. Opsuma was waiting with his former American wife Lesley, their 17 year old daughter Akane and their 13 year old daughter Mina. Shawn bowed politely as he introduced himself and they helped Shawn gather his suitcases and get a taxi to take them home.

"Mr. Opsuma, do you know anything about that article about a woman scientist who crashed on a mountain and swapped bodies with some guy?" Shawn asked with some interest.

"You don't believe that piece of science fiction nonsense, do you?" Mr. Opsuma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Actually I had hoped it was true." Shawn said a bit sheepishly. "Since I never felt embarrassment about who I am, I have no problem in saying that I had always wish I could have been born a girl. I know it must sound foolish to someone from a different culture, but I hope to use the months I'm going to be here to reach a point where my parents can't say no to me when I return home after my 18th birthday."

"Believe it or not, transsexual life has reached beyond the boarders of the U.S.," Mr. Opsuma said with a grin. "We just don't make the big deal out of it on talk shows and such that you do. I think if we make a stop before home, that the lab I work at can help."

Shawn soon found himself passing through downtown Akihabara and to a large science building. Shawn was amazed at the fingerprint, eye scan and voice check point they passed to in order to get to the main lab.

"Professor Opsuma," A young man in glasses said as he bowed and was bowed back by all of their party.

"Professor Goza," Mr. Opsuma said with a smile, "I would like you to meet our exchange student, Shawn. He's a transsexual who is will to help us out with our project to become the best woman he can be."

"That's wonderful," Professor Goza said as he pointed to what looked like an operating table with some kind of sci-fi movie laser behind it. "Please take off all your clothes, including underwear, and get on the table."

"This won't hurt a bit," Mr. Opsuma said as the laser shrunk Shawn from his height of 5' 9" to a physique now 5'4" tall. After that he went over and got a flesh toned pair of panties. "Would you be kind enough to go behind the screen and put this on? It'll make sure you pee sitting down."

"I heard about these on the internet," Shawn said as he took it and got a surprise. When he put it on, the edges of the underwear seemed to merge with his flesh and become like a shaved vagina in appearance. "I never thought that it would feel like actual flesh."

"I have to warn you though," Mr. Goza said as Shawn's host family provided him with A-cup breast forms, a bra and his own clothes to wear till they got home. He was also given some special hormones to take twice a day. "You can only wear the prototype special panty for 28 days without the possibility of infection."

"I understand," Shawn said as he said his grateful good byes and they continued to the Opsuma's two story house, a new building with a lovely back yard and the front of the house almost on the street itself. "It's lovely."

"Thank you," Lesley said with a smile as they entered the house and removed their shoes. "Mina, please show Shawn to Sandra's room."

"Is Sandra living with my family while I'm here?" Shawn asked.

"Our oldest daughter, Sandra, is dead." Professor Opsuma said as he rested his hand on Shawn's shoulder. "She became a police officer after her gradation and died by gun shot in the line of duty."

"The student exchange program was suggested as part of family therapy in getting over her death." Lesley explained. "You know, dear, since Shawn can't go to school by his male name now, perhaps we should call him Sandra?"

"If it'll make you feel better about her death, and is all right with Shawn." The professor said as Shawn/ Sandra nodded an okay. The new Sandra then took her stuff upstairs to her new room and found a computer waiting for her. Sitting down she decided to send a quick E-mail.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just wanted to let you know that I made it to Japan alright and the family is very nice. I will write back when I can but will be kept busy here with chores and picking up my school uniform and such. Don't worry about me. I've never been happier than I am at this moment.


The new Sandra left the clothes his parents packed for him in his suitcase in the closet. She was then given a softer than normal two piece green pajamas, that had belonged to the first Sandra, to wear to bed.

The next morning the professor gave Sandra a special lotion to remove his body hair and smooth his face. He remembered seeing such hair removal projects in the super market back home, but was told this was a special brand made in the lab.

With only a few days before school started, Lesley went shopping. She had a lovely yellow dress with a flower petal pattern on it while Sandra's outfit reminded her of Chung Le from the Street fighter video game. They bought several new outfits which would fit the new Sandra's body better than the old Sandra's clothes did.

After shopping in the morning Lesley and her girls; including the former Shawn, spent the afternoon in the kitchen. As the American Shawn, his mother had bought a microwave before he could learn to cook. Now as Sandra, his host mother was more than happy to teach her how. Not to mention teaching her how to help keep the house clean.

When school did start, he felt like he was pretending to be Sailor Scout in a cosplay show. Sandra wondered if the uniforms skirts could possibly be made any shorter than they currently were.

"Are you ready for school?" Mina asked as she and Akane smoothed the wrinkles out of their uniforms and made sure everything was straight.

"I'll be ready in a minute," Sandra said. "I'm just glad that I had time before school started to learn to walk in the different heights of women shoes. Not to mention practicing make up and getting dressed. Though I'm still getting use to this countries' bathing customs and such."

"Let's go then," Akane cut in. "Be glad you have practiced in those shoes since we walk instead of taking a school bus like you did in America. Luckily, school isn't far from here."

"Just one more thing before you go, Sandra," The Professor said as he picked up his brief case and kissed his wife on the side of the face. "I hope that you don't mind that I did some work on your mind when I shrunk your body's height. You haven't realized it, but we've been speaking Japanese almost the entire time this past week. I made it so you could speak clearly and understand the language as easy as anyone born here to make school easier."

"Thanks," Sandra replied, realizing the words he said were not English. Not sure what to think, she just smiled and bowed before heading off to school. She liked the teddy bear back pack that Lesley had bought her to keep her supplies in.

The school that Sandra went to looked a lot like those in the anime he watched back in America. The students all hurriedly walked in before the main gates electronically closed so that the teacher on duty could catch any tardy students. Sandra was glad not be one of them on her first day.

When Sandra first got home, the first thing she did was to go up to the computer and wrote to her parents back in America. She did miss her real parents, but the Opsuma family was nice and kept her from being lonesome.

Dear Mom and dad

I'm sorry that I didn't write sooner, but I had a lot to do before school started. I want you to know that in some ways school is just how I thought it would be here and other ways it's far different. For the first time I'm actually enjoying gym class and have met many of the opposite sex who admire me. Coming here was the best thing I ever did. I did get the post cards you sent to remind me what the state I came from looks like. Hugs and kisses.


"Still calling yourself by your male name to your parents," Mina asked.

"I don't want them to know that I don't even need the breast forms anymore till I go home," Sandra said with a smile. "They'd probably drag me home and sue your father for doing this to me."

"Grown ups can be so immature to the needs of others some time." Akane said as she sat on the floor with her back to Sandra's bed while Sandra sat on the bed and did her sister's hair. Each had cotton balls between their toes while their nail polish dried. "Come over here and I'll do your hair. You can think of it as your first slumber party if you wish."

"So, you liked gym class," Mina smiled. "Perhaps liking the boys checking you out in that tight white tee-shirt and red buruma you had on."

"Perhaps," Sandra giggled. "I now know why American women wear them under their cheerleader skirts."

"Hi girls, I brought you some cookies." Lesley said with a smile as she came into Sandra's room. "Also, the professor asked me to remind Sandra that tonight ends the 28 days period for wearing the special panty. She must remove it and keep it off for twenty four hours before wearing again."

"I'll take it off before bed,." Sandra sighed, as she had forgotten what it was like to pee standing up. The girls continued giggling and partying into the night, feeling glad to have a day away from school. They partied so long; however, that they all fell asleep from exhaustion and Sandra forgot to take her panty off.

When Sandra woke up the next morning, she felt stiff all over. Her head throbbed and her she could only stare at what was straight ahead of her. "What's wrong with me," she asked. "I never drink, but I think this is what a hang over feels like?"

As Sandra got out of bed, Mina put her hand over her mouth and pointed to a stain. "I think we found the problem with not removing the panty."

"What do you mean?" Sandra asked as Mr. and Mrs. Opsuma came into the room and saw Sandra blushing. "Oh , hi there."

"What's going on?" Lesley asked with concern.

"Sandra forgot to remove her special panty last night." Akane explained. "Now she can't even find the waist band to take it off."

"I don't think that panty exists as anything more." Mina ran her hand over the smooth mound that use to be Sandra's sex. "As you can see, she won't be going to the bathroom now any time soon."

"A scientific breakthrough," The professor smiled. "I knew I was right in having you help with my experiment. Unfortunately, I don't know how to reverse what is happening to you."

Sandra didn't comment, because her body had become stiff enough to be completely mute. Lesley and Mina posed her upright before it became impossible to bend her limbs.

Sandra would of been surprised if she could have heard from her parents since that last e-mail never got through. The student exchange program tried to contact Sandra because her American mom and dad had died in a car accident that night before that message was sent and it took time to track Sandra down since they looked for him under her old name of Shawn.

The never found either Shawn or Sandra as Sandra was now nothing more than a mannequin standing in her own bedroom. Her plastic skin shined well with the spot light Lesley put in and Mina and Akane kept her company after school and whenever possible.

Sandra herself was still aware of everything going on around her and hated it after her new sisters had gone away to live lives of their own. While gone, they forgot that she had ever been real and would treat her as a coat rack sometimes when visiting for holidays. Only Lesley kept her around and treated her like the loving daughter who would never grow up and leave her.

What Sandra liked the most was when she was dusted. It sent the erotic pleasure that remained in her plastic pussy to bubble and surge until she felt a warm orgasm all over. She did miss America. At her angle in the room she could even look out the window to see what season it was. But Lesley always made sure she kept up with the latest fashions as any daughter her age would. She had indeed turned into the perfect daughter.


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