by Paul G. Jutras

Twenty Eight year old, Paula Moon got out of bed as the sun was getting ready to set. Until a short time ago, she'd work nothing but day jobs for the lowest money she could think there was to earn. When she saw an add in the paper for earning big bucks over night, at home and for her own hours; she quit her job and took the new job.

She didn't know at the time it was for a phone-sex girls talk line. The man who installed the phone and looked at her kind of weirdly as he explained how the phone ran through the central station. The switch on the phone told them to route calls her way or not.

Paula was glad when the little man finally left. He gave Paula a creepy feeling that slowly left when she notice her first call coming through on her line. She ease herself into a comfortable position on the couch and spoke for nearly a half hour in a hot, sexy feminine voice. She faked what sexy lingerie she had on and followed the sexy talk sales pitch that was left for her to follow.

When she was done the first call; she felt weird, but only had her eyes on the amount of money she just made. Feeling her bladder a bit full, she turned her job phone off and went into the bathroom. She had her pants around her ankles; when a tingling sensation about her toes made her feel strange.

"Are my feet falling asleep?" Paula wondered.

When she was done, she turned her phone back on and grabbed a beer from the fridge. When she heard the phone ring again, she went over an answered it. "Hi, Paula here."

"Call me Dick."

:So, Dick." Paula said in her sexy voice phone. "What are you wearing tonight?"

"Nothing but my boxers and my own jack off cum." Dick replied. "What about you?"

"I'm stretched out on the couch with my legs wrapped in silky black nylons that ends with small size four feet in six inch heels. I have long nails of different colors and a lacy teddy. I'm holding the phone in my left hand."

"Go on," Dick giggled.

"I have long raven hair that reaches all the way to my firm butt. I have a slim waist and large D cup breasts whose nipples automatically get hard at the sound of a sexy man's voice."

"What does your face look like?" Dick continued as Paula felt this call was getting weird. As she looked at the time and saw what kind of money she was making off of it, she decided to keep playing along with the man. Not like he knew who she really was.

"Well, I've mentioned my raven hair." Paula thought a moment. "I've got ocean clear blue eyes and long lashes. There is a perky little nose and lips I keep covered in ruby red lipstick. Best for kissing the men I might meet on a date or pick up in a local bar."

"What do you drink in the bar?" Dick asked.

"Only diet soda since I want to keep my trim waist."

"You like sex I take it?"

"Can't get enough of that hard rod of a cock in me." Paula answered. "Especially since the doctors says I'm one of those rare women who can't have babies. Sex is so much more fun without the worries."

"I love sex too." Dick seemed pleased to hear. "I'm getting a hard on just by listening to you and wanting to stick my penis into your cunt while French kissing. I just love to watch women cum and the heat it cause when I suck them dry or suck me dry."

"Maybe someday we'll meet." Paula lied to keep the client happy.

"Maybe sooner than you think." Dick said as he hung up. "Maybe we already have."

"Huh?" Paula muttered into the dial tone.

Paula rolled over and looked at the clock. It would be sun raise soon and figured he made enough money on that one last caller to call it a night. Heading into the bedroom she felt like she could sleep until noon. She rolled under the covers and dozed off.

Paula slept pass noon and it was dark when she woke and stretched. Slipping into a fuzzy pink bathrobe, she headed into the kitchen and grabbed a diet soda from the fridge. She was too sleepy to notice that all her beer had disappeared.

Walking into the bathroom she ran a hand along her chin. "That's funny, my jaw feels a bit stiff tonight." She thought as she took off her robe and stepped into the shower. As the water came down on her chest, she watched as her nipples swelled up with pleasure.

"What the?" Paula said in a high pitch screech. She looked down at herself and for the first time was aware of the new weight on her chest as her B cup swelled up into a D. She found it quite hard to see past them enough to find her vagina slit was truly missing between her legs. She was completely smooth down there.  During the search he noticed her long nails were each painted a different color as she was sure was the same with her feet. 20 colors for 20 nails.

Getting out of the shower she ran back to the bedroom, her tits jiggling back and fourth like melons on strings as she moved. Getting to her closet she found her clothes were as gone as was her furniture. The apartment seemed vacant.  Suddenly with no control over her body she found her legs moving themselves two feet apart and her toes fusing together. As the toes fused, her feet arched up like they were molded by a pair of invisible high heels.

When the doorbell rang, Paula tried to move to answer it but couldn't even blink. When it opened up, the man who had installed the phone stepped in. "Hello, Paula..." he paused. "My name is Dick."

The man walked over to Paula and tipped her back. "Happy Valentines Day." Dick said as he fitted a pair of heels on her feet. He then picked her up and Paula felt as light as a feather while she was carried and place in the back of a station wagon.

Paula felt every bump of the road as Dick drove her down town to the closed department store's delivery entrance. He took her out of the car, put her on a hand cart and wheeled her inside. "Welcome to your new home my dear."

Paula felt terror fill her hollow insides as Dick took a saw and disassembled her. He then put in rods and pivot points to make it easier for her to be dressed. Being taken apart wasn't painful and made her orgasm repeatedly. The orgasm only continued as a pair of sexy black panty hose was slipped over her lower torso and a bra was locked onto her firm plastic breasts. As much as she didn't want it to stop, she was glad to be reassembled whole again.

The pantyhose had a hole in the rear allowing the display rod to slide into her butt and made her feel like she had a firm man's dick penetrating her with endless pleasure. She just stared at the mannequins her frozen eyes passed as she was position in place in the lingerie department.

"Perhaps if you ever get moved anywhere in the eye sight of mens wear, I'll see you again." Dick chuckled as he kissed her firm red painted lips goodbye. Paula was still stunned to realize what had happened or the fact that her new job was forever.

45 years later, Paula had been in many departments with many outfits and fashion on her frozen body. She got to love the feel of the fabrics and the looks the men gave her ageless beauty. She especially liked the strapless red mini dress she currently had on. It was so short that it didn't cover her smooth sexless crotch for all the men to see and the perverts to feel. Especially since any man's slightest touch caused her to orgasm repeatedly.


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